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SCO29 – Merkabas and Energy Systems

Mantutia; Michael – Merkabas & Energy Systems – July 7, 2007 – SCO#29

Southern Colorado TeaM, #29
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael
Mantutia Melchizedek, Regional Manager of the Rocky Mountain

Topics: Greetings from Michael
Form a habit of practicing stillness
Focus on true reality
Have peace in your heart
Building Merkabas & other energy constructs
Belief systems
Develop soul reality
Experiment with energies
Transforming individual transforms the world
Producing a ripple effect with your life

TR: Jo Ann

July 7, 2007

CHRIST MICHAEL: I AM Michael, Christ Michael, your Jesus. My human lifetime forever bonds me with mortals of your ilk, with struggle on a backward planet, sullied by rebellion, detained by defaults, betrayed by your Prince into dark times. I know your struggles, for I have struggled with you, along side you in the flesh. I bring you greetings and my love. I wish to convey to you, glad tidings and good wishes and encouragement toward all things bright and beautiful and true. This is your heritage, to enjoy the companionship of angels and spiritual friends. My presence is ever available to all. Through my Spirit of Truth, I am everywhere present. Call on me and you open into my consciousness, which is ever accepting, which is unconditional in its love and giving, which encompasses complete understanding, sympathetic tolerance, and continual encouragement and upliftment. I love you, my children!

My consort, Nebadonia loves you also, in combination, we are your cosmic parents—Father Sky and Mother Earth, as the ancients called us. Our spirits permeate your atmosphere, your planet, your material reality; we are always with you. It is within your grasp at all times, the comfort and consolation of our presence. We encourage you to remember us, for in all your times of struggle, the comfort of a friend is available. No matter how alone you may feel in a moment, you have but to open your hearts and ask and you will feel the presence of a trusted and loving friend. We can only encourage you to remember and to practice this awareness and this coming into our presence, but we can never do it too often, for the human mind is distracted by the multiple details of living, of earning a living, of the complex way that life is lived within your country and your culture.

It is easy to forget what is truly real and good, in the midst of so many distractions, so we encourage you to remind yourselves of us. Habits of practice work well for many, having a regular time of day to sit quietly in prayer and commune within your heart with the heart of the universe. This is a soul-building practice, to bring your awareness into this presence, is to make yourself more real. This is not to say that the things in your life are unimportant, or even unreal, but that when you focus in on what has true meaning and value, you tend to change the way you approach your life challenges. Is it not better my children, to move through your lives and responsibilities, from a heart centered in soul peace? Do you find that you accomplish more, with a growing sense of satisfaction? Do you find that your encounters with others have greater meaning and depth on days when you began by focusing your awareness in true reality?

I hope that you discover the truth of what I have been saying. You are truly offspring of the Divine, of divine parentage and heritage. You cannot fully express yourselves without reaching into this part of yourselves, and when your actions are motivated from this soul station, you are likely to attract more beauty and more goodness into your life. Have you not found it so in your experience? I ask you today, if you are not a daily practitioner of time spent with spirit, to consider that it could be of great advantage, to your life and to your loved ones, and to your feeling of success and accomplishment in life, to make this practice habitual. It is the opposite of an addiction; it is something you increase your capacity for, which enriches, rather than robs you. The more you use it, the better it gets; the more profound will be your experiences; the more sure your sense of self and of spirit. More confidence will be yours, because you are motivating yourself and moving yourself through life, not from the small mind, but from the “great mind.”

My children, it is with the tenderest of feelings, that I share these thoughts today. You are loved, accepted, enfolded in the cosmic family full of Divine love, no matter how you choose to conduct your lives. It is simply to enrich your experience that I offer these suggestions, and it is with great gentleness that they are offered. I still say to all of you, my peace is that which passes—surpasses—understanding. For you to enjoy this gift would be the fulfillment of what I have come here to create. With peace in the hearts of all humans, can there but be peace on earth? I leave you with this question in your minds and in your souls, and I thank you for your attention and your interest, and I bless you with my love. Good day, children.

MANTUTIA: It is good to be here.

[TR: “Mantutia”—I keep hearing that over and over.]

MANTUTIA: It is Mantutia, a Melchizedek of the Correcting Time. Your teacher, Eregon, is not with you today. I am visiting the groups of my supervision, in his absence. I wish to confer with you on a matter

[TR: I’m having a hard time with this guy. Let me focus.]

MANTUTIA: I wish to confer with you regarding Merkabas, energy constructs, and the building and use of them. We have taught these techniques for thousands of years.

In these times of climate change, these Merkabas and energy anchors have a way of tying the fabric of the material, to a layer of spirit energy, as can be anchors of reality, energetic safe harbors. Where you have built them, we perceive them. Some of the energy vortexes on your planet, have been energetically enhanced over time, as people perceived these forces and places, the places became somewhat sacred, and so sacred ceremonies were conducted near them. In time these constructs became easier to perceive because they had been energetically enhanced.

We teach the construction of these vehicles, to any who are able to perceive and work with us. Throughout time, we have not ceased to continue the cooperative construction of there energy forms. You perceive your planet as populated with buildings, cities, communities; we see these light vehicles. We see them persist through time; we see people drawn to them, and contribute to them, by making them their prayer places. We witness you blessing your homes, and the homes of others.

Merkabas are not the only energy constructions; there are other shapes and variations, but all those that work in the light may be called Merkabas. They create a space for interchange, between our dimensions—both are real, and where they come together, reality is blessed. These are spaces of communication; building one is like tuning your radio in to your favorite station. The vehicles remain, as long as they are energetically interacted with by humans whose souls are inspired and who live in the light.

We do not choose or prefer belief systems; from our perspective, all God yearning is the same. Some of your beliefs are like shadows that disappear in the light; some of your beliefs are like light chords, which draw you to the light. How you act on your beliefs is a personal—highly personal—choice, every day. We see the lights you emanate from your hearts and souls; this we act with, this we interact with. It is the only part of you that is truly and everlastingly real. Souls with yearning and expression are growing souls, growing the light of God. We encourage you as Michael did, to go within, grow, and enlarge this aspect of yourself, which is your soul reality. This is the purpose and goal of the Correcting Time, then more and more of you, of those who sit in stillness will learn to create these light vehicles, light anchors for homes, personal Merkabas to go about in the light. You will find there are many expressions and ways of using the light for good.

These Merkabas, though they are something you have built, are also a tool that builds. We enjoy these communication spaces, and we invite those of you who have built Merkabas and light anchors in your homes, to open them in invitation to us every once in a while, or even more [often] than that. You do not need to be sitting in formal group in meditation to enjoy the benefits of having a Merkaba or a light anchor in your home. You may draw on its energy at any time. It can even energize your physical form. We are encouraging you to experiment with these energies, or study what others have done if this is more suitable to your personality, and experiment from those points of reference. We are encouraging you to use your Merkabas and light anchors, not only to protect your homes, but also to enhance your homes and the lives you live within them, and the peace of the people who come into them.

This is my message today, in behalf of the Correcting Time. Your text [The Urantia Book] says transforming the individuals will transform the world, and yes, it is true. The transformation begins in the heart and in the home. We would be remiss if we did not encourage this. Energy perception can be fine tuned and increased, by tuning into the energy constructs you have built in your homes. You can use the light anchor here to continually cleanse negative energies, events, people who come through.

We are encouraging you to use these energy constructs in more creative ways. Just as there is more than one channel on your television, there is more than one way to use this communication devise. We encourage you to think in terms of cosmic communications. This is a system with many useful communication streams. Think of it as not something only that you can use, but also that you can learn from and be inspired within. Attempt to imagine and visualize in your mind, some of the energy constructs you have participated in creating. As you begin to tune in this way, those who are perceptive will begin to see variations, permutations, nuances—even those who have very little perception of energy, will begin to increase their ability to be aware of these things.

We tell you again, these things are real. Something that is real that cannot be perceived with the senses is difficult for some to understand, and yet quite acceptable to many others. Those with extended senses may be and often are, asked to help others, to assist others, in the perceiving of these things. Inspiration and instruction will come, when there is a request, so be not fearful or doubtful of your own abilities, for when these things will be asked of you, you will not be working alone.

We ask you to create images of these things, if you perceive them, to share with other sounds and vibrations, that may help them perceive, to bring them here with your meditations… [Jo Ann: Sounds like a specific way for you, Pam!] … and we thank you for your many efforts, for the dedication in your work. That helps to bring others into alignment with the spirit center within; for this we do thank you, and we acknowledge you. You are well loved for your work. We thank all energy workers! We thank all light workers. We thank all those who pray for peace. We thank and acknowledge all those who work for peace in their own homes and hearts.

We assure you that these efforts, where you spend your time and your energies, for something that will produce no material gain, these efforts are worthy. What you seek and work toward as you do this is the higher and greater good. This altruistic movement through life, leaves a …(Tape turned)… Like the image of the ripple that so fascinated Lynn, so are your actions, so is your presence, so is your consciousness in the realm, which you inhabit.

Your commitment and dedication makes it certain that you shall produce a ripple effect with your life. Though we cannot “command” this of you, we appreciate it in every one who produces these effects. Yes, we see them from a perspective you have not right now, and this perspective is as though you added colors to your rainbow. You can sometime see the effects in other’s lives, of the things you do and the ways in which you interact with them. More often, you do not see the effects. We assure you, they are there, nevertheless, and we encourage you to continue seeking the greater good in your choices, in your actions, in your interactions.

We thank you for every time that you do this, for it gives us the material to weave the spirit and the material world together. This is our goal, of not only “we,” but all of us, including you, see that “we are one.” You are “one,” and you are “one with us,” and you are “one with Father.” When this is again felt in the hearts of humans, there will be a great shift, one we will be jubilant to observe and participate in. Ask yourself, are you willing to help create this shift? Every decision counts; every action is of value; every commitment and dedication is noted. The good things that are planned for your planet cannot be accomplished without human cooperation. We are delighted to observe and to share with you, that there is more of this now than we have had for quite some millenniums, and again, we wish to thank you.

This concludes our communication for today.

Jo Ann: I think there might be more—I think that was Mantutia saying that was his part of the communication. Are you hearing anything you could share?

Student: I was in between the two, and then Mantutia came in and the [words] abated. It was about creating this passionate, passionate love of life and to move into the center of the excitement and passion with vigor and enthusiasm, then (words muffled by moving the microphone from one person to another)…. The other thing they showed me, for which I was very, very grateful was that, as Jo Ann knows, a friend of mine was in an accident.

Another student: Your friend showed you what?

Student: Well, they just showed me Lexie’s face, it was kind of an accident, an eleven-year-old, beautiful kid’s face was all gashed. She’s out of danger of dying now, and she’s out of danger of brain damage, but the next thing we have been working on is her beautiful face that’s all gashed. They just showed me her face, completely lit up in golden light, and absolutely perfect! So, Lexie is healed. We’ll see how long it takes to manifest, but she is healed.

Student: It is good to have more than one person that can transmit. It’s an art. I feel like one person’s mind is a filter, but when you have two, then it is in stereo.

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