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SCO30 – Loving Relationships

Michael; Eregon – Loving Relationships – Aug. 4, 2007 – SCO#30

Southern Colorado TeaM, #30
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Michael & Eregon

Topics: Michael comes in fellowship
Share Michael’s love with all
Inspiration of spirit to be loving, giving, merciful, just, kind & fair
Spirit has an affinity for other spirits
Find the spiritual undercurrent of love
Spirit-driven motivation
No justification for unloving behavior
Loving relationships are a priority in life

TR: Jo Ann

August 4, 2007

CHRIST MICHAEL: Greetings! We are with you in fellowship and in spirit. We thank you for bringing yourselves today. Do not be concerned when your core group is small, for these messages have a mission beyond the group, by whom they are received. We speak with you and to you, but it is not only for you. Be at peace, have peaceful hearts, for all is well. I AM Michael. I join you in fellowship and in prayer, and in reverence to one whom we all call “Father.”

I bring you my love, with the intention to send it through you to others, both near and far. By personal meetings and greetings, and by sharing through the archives, I bring blessings to all, for was not my spirit poured out upon all, and all may receive my blessings. By your love for one another, you will know who has received these blessings. The out-pouring of love need not be connected through the name “Jesus.” It was given to all. The spirit of the Father resides in all of you, in each of you and it is this spirit, which receives and perceives the blessings poured out upon you, and it is this spirit, which inspires you to love, to be giving, to be merciful, to be just and kind and fair. It is not exclusive to any particular belief system, to have the spirit of the Father within you, or to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit, which were given to all. This I ask you to remember, as you interact with people at the market, at a meeting, in your home, in your place of business.

Your spirit has an affinity for other spirits, which feel called and directed to follow the leading of the spirit. There is an attraction of like-souls. As you become more and more aware of this attraction, you may find yourselves drawn into partnerships, which may be productive of something higher and more noble, than the original purpose of the meeting, which drew you together. My children, we are all one family. Brothers and sisters may quarrel, but in many healthy families there is an underlying current of love, which is always assumed, even in moments of disagreement. This I would ask you to find in your greater family as well. The undercurrent of love which flows from the Father, through the Sons, to the children, is ever present, it is given to all, received by many, recognized for what it truly is, by some.

We endeavor to increase the number of hearts and souls, who recognize this spiritual current, flowing through the river of all human life. Whereas the Father in Heaven has given his spirit to indwell each of you, so has my spirit—the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit—been poured out upon all. My love is withheld from no one, even among those whose hearts and actions are dark, whose intentions are—at least from time-to-time, evil—the love is given as water flowing through a stream, is given to all, who may draw from it. Some may choose not to; it is their right. The only way to avoid the Father’s love and mind is to withdraw from them, and this you certainly have free will to do.

Can one represent the God of Goodness by uncharitable acts? By becoming spiritual vigilantes and visiting retribution and vengeance upon your neighbors, who also believe and love the Father? I tell you it is not possible, to promulgate the kingdom of love, with acts of anything less than love. When you are in your hearts, motivated to do good, good is done. For those who are motivated to do harm to other human beings, no matter the ostensible reason or justification in their minds, you can be certain this is not a spirit-driven motivation. The Father within and the spirit around will motivate you toward goodness, and goodness does not mean eliminating everyone whom you perceive to be less than good, by your standards. Such actions can only cause more grief, dissention, disharmony and separation.

I do not ask of you to walk up to someone with a loaded gun pointed at you, in the name of showing goodness. If you can do no more than love such a one from afar, that is good, that is good enough. Your prayers for the upliftment of these people’s hearts are worthy, worthwhile, and productive. They can receive, [or] they can refuse to receive the grace, which is poured out upon them—it is their choice—and for some, this is most unlikely to change. The other hearts who perceive differently, even if they have become entwined and entangled in teachings—and there are some among believers of every faith—teachings which motivate them to be less than brotherly toward their human fellows. When the spirit is awake, and these graces are poured upon it, hearts can change and therefore change minds. There is always the possibility of growth and change and return to goodness and light, no matter how far down the path of evil—even iniquity—one has gone. We do not close the door; it can only be closed in the human mind and the human will.

I bring this topic here, to you today, because it is good for you to be reminded that even those who’s motivation is evil, have a spirit captive within them, which is good and true and of the Father. This spirit is working from within such a soul, to turn the tide. Not all will be successful. Prayers, both personally and in small groups—and yes, even worldwide—while they may not change long entrenched views and prejudices, do assure that fewer and fewer people will be ensnared in these mental entanglements, which [try to] justify such unloving behavior. So be of good cheer; keep up your good work, and increase if you can the number of people you love, the number of people you have loving engagements with on a continuing basis.

Do not be afraid of making new friends; you will always find room for them in your life. From the perspective of your angels and the spirit within, loving relationships are a priority in life. Though you may have many other responsibilities, which do not always partake of the nature of interchange and relationship, as you invite more loving encounters into your life, you are shifting your own inner priorities and creating more opportunities for such encounters to continue.

I have always asked of you, love one another—this will not change. Loving one another was what you were put here to do. We will continue to ask you to find ways to love more deeply, more frequently. It is not only for your own benefit that we ask you to do this, but also for the greater glory of God. How wonderful it will be for you to look back from the mansion worlds on your enlightened planet, and know that you have in whatever measure, contributed in your lifetime, to the greater light that is there now. How sweet for your souls to experience the reality of what you are doing now in this life, from some other place in time. I AM Michael, who is also your Jesus, and I love you, my children! It is ever so. Take my peace into your hearts and remember always, it is there to share.

EREGON: This is Eregon, your group teacher. We ask at this time for you to spend a moment in group silence with these energies, in the presence of your so-called, “unseen friends,” for each of you to listen within, and perhaps to share what you might be hearing or feeling or sensing. In a few moments, we will ask for this kind of sharing. At this time we ask the others present to share their impressions of what they have just experienced.

Kathy: I was getting a strong personal message that I need to spend more time in meditation daily…

Lynn: I experienced my mind going all which ways… and a willingness to receive some images that I thought were Nebadonia that was real strong in the beginning. And I have, as Michael suggested last time, I have sat down every morning when I let the dogs out, and I have set this specific time—which isn’t very long—but just getting into a [stillness] pattern every day. I am very grateful for that message. Thank you for that.

J. D.: When we were talking about being sure to love one another and people who are not the same as us, it came to me that …(inaudible)… I can’t love them to death, to our death.

Jo Ann: Do you have anything from your experience that you can share, Don?

Don: It was pretty weird—I kept feeling—I don’t know where this came from, like there was wax coming out of my forehead and dripping down my face. I have no clue what that was all about.

Jo Ann: Okay, let me check-in and see if there are any comments and feedback for what you guys said. Well, I was asked to share my impressions. With my eyes closed, I felt like I could see an energy being with each of you, and Kathy, there was a hand on your heart, and it was speaking right into your ear. Lynn, it was like there was someone across from you in dialog—it was like there was a give and take. J. D., there was a being that was curled up on your lap and hugging your neck. For Don, I felt like it was his angels, because it looked like there were two, and they were coming like around from behind him and then grabbing his hands. I figured that since there were two, it must be his guardian angels. It was different, what was going on with each of you, and it was really quite beautiful. It was like an intense one-on-one.

Kathy: How about for yourself?

Jo Ann: Well, I was watching—that was what I experienced—was seeing that inner vision. It had a hand right on your heart!

EREGON: This has been an exercise for which you were not prepared ahead of time. We will continue with similar exercises, with this group. So when you come here, please be open to types of spiritual experience, to feeling the presence of your celestial friends, in different ways. We thank you for your co-operation. If there are specific questions, I am available to answer them at this time.

Something that you, J. D. asked, is that the spirit within and the person without, are sometimes quite different in appearance. We have asked you to love the spirit, for no matter how “unlovely” may be the actions of a person, there is a spirit captive within, attempting in every moment to bring this person into line with what is the Father’s will for them. You can always be certain it is not the Father’s will for one person to express hostility toward a brother or sister. When you see this, or are experiencing this happening, you are not asked to go and hug the person in the midst of their hostile emotions. Perhaps the most loving thing to do at that point, if you are in their presence is to withdraw. You can continue to pray for the spirit within to begin to have dominion of the mind over the emotions. This can do no harm, and on occasions may do good. Is that a sufficient answer for your query?

Student: Thank you.

EREGON: I will now take my leave. We have much enjoyed our time with you here today. Good day, dear students, and love life until we meet again.

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