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SCO31 – Creating World Peace and Goodness

Michael; Eregon – Creating world peace & goodness – Sept. 1, 2007 – SCO #31

Southern Colorado TeaM, #31
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Christ Michael & Eregon

Topics: World faces many challenges
Participation in global issues
View the planet holistically
Changing minds and actions
Creating matching partnerships
Ask for comfort & assistance when it is needed
Create peace, beauty & goodness with intention
“Going with God” is a fact
Exercise of creating a good deed with spirit

TR: Jo Ann

September 1, 2007

Prayer: We thank you, Heavenly Father, for the Spirit that indwells each of us. We thank you, Jesus/Christ Michael, for your life here and for your work for our planet. We thank you, Mother Spirit, for your work and your energy and for holding the material universes in place. We thank you for your progressive plan of civilization, culture, enlightenment and spiritual growth.

EREGON: We are with you, your teachers and friends as you call us, and so we are. We love you, children of light. This is Eregon, your teacher. Again we meet on a summer afternoon, where the beauty of your planet touches even those of us who no longer have physical form. We love the light you produce with your group, the energetic form into which you welcome us, and we thank your for providing time and space in your lives, to be with us and to work for the betterment of your planet. We respect that the time that you have for these things is limited, and we express our appreciation and gratitude for your cooperation in this work unit. For those of you who are here today, this will be a somewhat unusual gathering. We do have a lesson for you, but preceding that, we have a message from Michael, hero and leader to us all.

CHRIST MICHAEL: Yes, my children, I Michael, am with you. This is not strange, for I am always with you. These communications are still somewhat rare among you, and so it is with pleasure that we utilize them in many ways, to greet you and tell you we love you. My children, today your world faces many challenges. It is the goodness and sincerity of many hearts, which will solve them. At whatever juncture you choose to begin to participate, we assure you that goodness and mercy will prevail; and we assure you also, that the work of those mortals now living here is essential to success. We do not step in without your invitations; we do not come to make wholesale changes in your lives or your planet, or the struggles that ensue. We come by invitation and request, to cooperate and teamwork with you, to address these many issues.

Your friend Daniel [Raphael] has begun the model of these teams. Your human hearts are not alone in desire for peace, for calm, for stability, of both the planet and its many people. Your myriad forms of government and belief systems of religion, somewhat handicap you in the global move for peace and beauty and goodness. We see these things from a perspective of which you are deprived, from your planetary viewpoints. We applaud and commend the efforts of those who work toward oneness and wholeness, of perception and accomplishment. We ask you to participate, as you are able in groups and projects that work toward oneness and wholeness.

You cannot continue to perceive yourselves as wholly liberated individuals. You are part of a vast ecosystem; you are part of a vast mental and idealistic system. What one believes, affects behavior; what many believe affects the progress of the whole. The time has come to perceive yourselves and your planet from a more divine and yes, holistic viewpoint. As you have seen the images of your planet from space, have you noticed that the boundaries are not drawn and fenced? A grouping of people by belief systems is not geographic. A grouping of people by political systems is more-or-less geographic, but there are no boundaries in intercommunication between human beings. You have communication systems and media, which make it possible for people to interact with each other, even on opposite sides of your globe.

Ideas change minds; changed minds result in changed actions. This is the progress we hope to encourage, with our continuing and increasing contacts, with those of you who are spiritually hungry and desirous of inspiration. Everywhere is where we work; every mind is the mind we desire to reach—so many souls, crying out for the presence that is already within. And as you reach out with your minds and your hearts and your souls, be assured that there are spiritual friends and resources, reaching out to grasp, to commune, to fellowship, to partner with you. As you create groups to work for peace, we create matching groups. As you create groups to work for justice and fairness and global awareness, we are creating partnership groups to work with these groups: Doubt it not!

For every human organization of high ideals, there is a matching partnership of celestials. The angels delight to assist you. The midwayers work fervently to assist in contact recognition. The teachers stand ready to work with individuals and groups. Melchizedeks function as teachers. We all work with you to accomplish the goal—live your spirit! How can we assist you in your goals? We bring you inspiration, energy, and companionship. Feel our presence now, as we surround you in love.

Come to me, my children, when you are lonely or in despair—I will comfort you, as I have comforted through the ages. Come to me, my children, when you are needy—especially of mind and spirit need. Come to me when you feel despair, when you feel lonely—I am with you always. My love is ever present, and the spirit of the Father Within, gives you the right and the ability to recognize my presence. Do not hesitate to call for help. Do not hesitate to ask for consolation when you need comforting. It takes away from no one else, for it is available to all. It is not sequential; if you are standing in line for my presence, my presence is over all.

The more that souls feel this connection, the more life becomes meaningful and beautiful. We ask you not to delay or hesitate when you feel need of Divine Presence. State it out loud, if it helps you, “I need you Christ Michael,” “I need you Jesus.” “I need to feel your presence, Father.” “I need your help, angels.” These are legitimate requests; you have a right to this assistance. Never feel that you ask too much of us. It is our desire and our delight to work with you in cooperation in your lives, to help you attain your goals of high ideals, to assist you with your daily problems and relationships, to lead you on the paths of light and life.

Yes, you can be the pioneers and the trailblazers, on this path. What you create around you in your home and work, as more and more create this peacefulness and goodness, you cannot help but be reflected on the larger societal levels—even political levels; even national levels; even global levels. As more and more of you create peace, beauty and goodness around you, it is inevitable that these bubbles of golden light energy, as they increase across the planet, uplift the entire planet’s energy. It is true, and you can rejoice that it is so.

Encourage the hearts of your fellows; uplift their spirits as you go through your lives, day-by-day—this is the real work of the kingdom. Peace does not come only from treaties and agreements—it comes from the hearts of those, who would live in peace. You suffuse peace into your very atmosphere. Be not fearful for what tomorrow holds—or next year, or next decade—I am always with you, and a vast retinue of those willing to assist, is available to all of you as individuals and as teams.

We celebrate your willingness, your worthiness, your dedication and the harmony you are already producing in your homes and in the lives around you. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, children. By doing so, you create even more. Your appreciation for the peace and harmony you create in even small moments of your lives, builds greater and greater portions of these bountiful blessings, in which all may partake. We love you, dear children, and are working with you day-by-day. “Go with God” is not simply a greeting or a blessing—it is a fact; it is a fact of everyday life that you do go with God. Remembering this fact enriches your every moment. Be blessed with this. Love us and know that we love you. I have asked you today to be of good cheer and go about doing good, in essence. And this I reiterate: Be of good cheer. Do good daily, as you pass through the world. These things have great value. Thank you, and good day.

EREGON: Yes, it is Eregon—I am still with you. We have a short lesson for you, one that will—we trust—be not too much to ask. We have moved within this group to asking you to apply certain lessons in your lives. Michael has asked you today to let the peace in your heart and home overflow. We are asking a similar thing in this lesson: Is there one person you know, to whom you can bring some joy, or even a family, whom you might visit, to bring them good cheer and possibly even a basket of goodies? We ask you to stretch your “goodness muscles.”

Reach out and intentionally create a good deed that you can do, but more important than the deed is the spirit in which you do it, and the heart with which you deliver it, and the way in which you communicate love to the recipient. If you do not feel such love—at least are not conscious of it—know that the love of God can flow through you and reach these people. Therefore, we ask of you today, if you are willing—and only with willing cooperation—between now and our next meeting, discover a place where you can actually “do good” by being good.

Bring a gift of love to someone you know, someone who may be sad or lonely, or going through a tough time. You choose, as you know in your soul and in your spirit, where this would be received, where its reception would be of value to those in the house. Do not feel you go alone—we promise, we will go with you! And again, you are going with God, as you go. Make this a conscious part of the errand of mercy that you choose, and go in confidence and grace that what you deliver is more than something material—it always is! That is our small lesson for today. It is a request; it is not an assignment which you must all turn in at the next meeting, but we do encourage you to have this experience, for it would be wonderful for you to bring back some things that you could share with us, the next time we do meet. This is Eregon, bidding you good day, good students! Grace lives and abounds, and so it is.

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