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SCO3 – Spiritual Life – Faith – Reincarnation

Group: Southern Colorado TeaM, #3 – SCO#3

Topics: Living a spiritual life
The trueness of being
Asking for help
A constant conscious relationship with God
Foundations of faith—Humility
Active acting out of humility
Humility, a necessary lesson
No special status for participation
Citizen Of The Universe
Q & A – Concern over “dark energies”
Crisis of light and dark is passed
TRing versus trance channeling

Teacher: Gerahdt (TR, Daniel)

February 21, 2004

[Jo Ann led with a meditation that was not recorded.]

GERAHDT: Imagine this peace, the peace that passes all understanding pervading your life and giving you the assurance that all is well at all times. This is Gerahdt and I thank you for being here today.

Student: You are welcome.

GERAHDT: This small group has come a long way in a short period of time; as a group you have done well; as individuals, you have grown. We see within you those tendrils of growth that are reaching out, grasping your morontial image to be. Your declarations for your life are earnest and sincere and peaceful. You are finding a centeredness in your spirituality that aids your practical daily life. You are discovering that this is not there and here is not apart from that, but that this moment—here, now, today—what you are experiencing in this group is also a part of your everyday, where you are at work or at play, at home, whether you are busy or at rest. You are discovering the continuity of life, of spiritual life, and it is peaceful. A religious life, a spiritual life that does not also bring you peace and understanding in your daily life is apart from your life, it is an “applied coat of paint;” whereas the true light of being wells up from inside yourself and shines out upon your world from you and is in turn reflected back to you from the circumstances of living.

This is how we see metaphysics from our perspective. It is the true-ness of being, shined out upon the outside to yourself in return, and soon you find harmony of living that feels comfortable, feels joyous. Some have questioned the wisdom of a spiritual life as it seems that their lives are still in turmoil and tumult, and that is simply because there is such a backlog of issues that have yet to be resolved! Just because you are in tune with Michael and with Nebadonia does not mean that the problems in your life, in your relationships and your material life, disappear overnight; and they won’t. But through this new life of living in peace, you will make new decisions that reflect this peace; that in turn gives you joy and fulfillment, and your old problems will be dissipated and hopefully will be resolved in time, due to your new nature.

You recall sometimes in your life where you have had those trying, difficult moments that strike deep within your body and your mind and your soul, and you walk away and scream “Arruggghh!” And now in your new state, you come apart, step aside from those moments and in a quiet moment in a closed closet or outside, you look heavenward and open your arms, palms up and say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” [Ed.-as in toning] and you join in the oneness of the universe and ask the universe, ask God, your guardian angel, [or] Nebadonia to fill you with harmony of “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Oneness. Oneness, where there is no discord, where there is no scream of angst, but the open-ended “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” of joy, knowing that these moments of difficulty will pass and are even now passing.

Your faith, your life in spirit is not an antiquarian idealism, but a way of enjoining your daily life consciously, in peace. It is an ideal that can be lived out, a “oneness” that can act through your life and all that you touch, all that comes into your being, and as those moments of angst come your way again, you will have a new inner-strength to remain in oneness in yourself, and pass on that oneness into the moment, to the other who may be in front of you. Some will see this and some will not. The importance is that you can apply this oneness to your life. That is living out an ideal; striving for a higher standard.

You, each of you, have seen this occur in your lives in the last few weeks, and each of you has felt an inner strength welling up within yourself giving you confidence, a hope that you can do this when it occurs again. Some of you have progressed to the point where you feel confident that you can meet these times, these challenges with the one “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” of stillness, of poise, of oneness. And you are not alone. You are surely not alone. It is our hope for you that you have seen and actually have heard with your own eyes [and ears], from others around you that you are not alone, that the presence is with you as it has never been before.

I am here; I am your teacher; I am with you. Yet even our Master, Christ Michael, is closer to you than I am. And Nebadonia’s pervasive, energetic presence even now fills your whole being—your spiritual being, your emotional being, your body. There is no place in this local universe where she is not, except in those situations, those places where individuals have chosen to exclude themselves from her presence and the presence of Christ Michael.

Our friend here was telling us about a man, George Washington Carver, who spoke to the little flower in his lapel from which he received insights and guidance. He was a very deeply spiritual person, and had he known that this was Christ Michael or Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks—it surely would not have surprised him. You too can look toward your shoulder and speak to your guardian angel, or to Christ Michael—at any moment! You may be sitting at a desk or standing at a counter and need a second or a moment to contact with the Source, and you just may on purpose, or accidentally drop something, reach down to pick it up and say, “Christ Michael, I know you are here with me—help me in this moment.”

Do not be surprised if you receive an answer, hear an answer, and see an answer in moments in the near future. And this is not magical thinking; this is not saying words over and over and over again to make the happenstance, the development that you want to see come into being, for that is so child-like and you are far past that.

We are speaking of the conscious relationship with an ever-present God, Christ Michael—ongoing conversations with God, spirit in your presence, guidance ever present, ever available to you. Many of you speak during the day to yourselves idly, “Oh, I wish this would happen,” or “that would happen” or “I wish so-and-so wouldn’t do that,” or “if this would come to pass,” and it only takes a small change of pronouns, the application of first person to those statements, to live consciously and dialog with your Creator, to speak and dialog with your guardian angel or to Nebadonia. The change of pronoun to first person raises your awareness to the conscious level of having a conscious conversation then, with your Maker, with your guardian angel, with conscious spirit presence, anticipating that there is an answer and will be an answer for you.

Today, I wish to speak with you about some of the foundations of faith, from the foundations essential for your spiritual growth, for your partnership in the universe, to become an eventual Citizen Of The Universe, that status which is recognized universe-wide, and that is, humility, as opposed to arrogance, as opposed to egoism, or in the extreme in narcissism. Even faith-filled, believing individuals struggle with this all the time. It may not be the egoism of “I am best,” “This is for me, and if it is not for me, then it is not for anybody,” but it may be the simple egoism of either/or—God is out there, I am here. For in the universe, my friends, there is no separation.

Acceptance of that state of existence is “God in me,” “God through me,” “God with me.” It is a very subtle and thin separation between those. We are not talking about simply being humble, for you can see humble beings all around you. That is a state of existence, but humility — humility is a state of being. Humble is a state of doing. Humility is a state of being. It is the capacity to know that you are a welcome guest in a friendly universe, and that all is available to you, and you are grateful — openly, verbally grateful! You do not try to bully your way through your life against others — and just as the universe is friendly, hospitable, and generous, so too are you.

And in those instances when you may be misunderstood by others, you are open enough, humble enough to express the humility and say, “Did I offend you?” “May I help you with this?” “How may I be of assistance to you?” whether that person is the manager or owner of the place where you work, or the new stock clerk who is on the job for the first day. Humility is the active acting out of being humble, knowing that you are on the job for the first day in the universe, that you are learning your way through this lifetime of material existence and that you do not have all the answers, and sometimes, you don’t even have a clue to the answers but are willing to ask, knowing that you are in partnership and needed in your universe with a higher authority, and that you are humbly grateful for that participation to guide you.

Humility gives you the opportunity to be open to receive and to learn. Humility offers you the opportunity to learn from others who are less humble, less able to express their humility or who resist it altogether. Yet we are not talking about that passive, inactive, incapable individual, for that is not active humility. Where you can see and can witness truly empowered individuals in your culture, who may own many corporations, who may be the head of many organizations, with thousands of people working for them, yet who is one of the most deeply humble individuals, able and capable of expressing humility with anyone.

Your active spiritual life never requires you to be a milquetoast, passive, soft, naïve, incapable individual, but simply a change of attitude in your relationship to others, to yourself, to God within, rather than God without. We are talking about the ultimate horizon of separation that can occur, and must be overcome. Of course it is one of the most difficult challenges of your material existence. And do not believe that this will disappear after you die and progress to the mansion worlds. Humility is a lesson that must be learned in order to become and to achieve the status of a Citizen Of The Universe.

Where those who approach you know that you are “one” with the universe, you have proven yourself, you have demonstrated your capacity to be in harmony with the larger context of your life, and that it in turn is a part of your life as well, to the same degree. That is a statement and a status of integration, an opportunity to become one, to become one with the larger, and the larger is one with you.

As your teacher, I have determined with my supervisors that this group has settled to the point of stability where we can begin your lessons in life and living. And that we will continue this until those lessons are exhausted, whether it is through this individual or another who will eventually take his place. Your dedication is known to us; your steadfastness and participation is known. There is cohesiveness in this unit, this Teaching Mission classroom right here, that warrants the dedication of this series of lessons. We can make these statements now because you know that other preceding groups have done this as well.

There is a curriculum for you that does not set aside the time for questions and answers, but is something that you are given each time we come together. It is helpful for you and for the group to share in the next meeting, how you have experienced the prior lesson in your life. This is not homework; this is something that will come about naturally, and we give time to that sharing.

We would meet more often, were it not for the distance this one [TR, Daniel] travels to be here. We are hopeful that this may eventually become a weekly meeting, a weekly time of sharing, a spiritual upliftment, a social occasion, a time for fellowship, a time for feasting from the heart, from your lives, and on the table if you wish. This too is a time for a forum, a discussion in conscious mind between yourselves as well as with your teacher, for the resolution or the solving or the sharing of problems. There will be from time to time, visitors who will come here; welcome them please. Some will come out of curiosity; others will become earnest and dedicated regular students, and some will come out of earnest desire, yet leave, wondering perhaps, what that experience was about. Welcome them all; share your own experiences with them.

As this requires no dues and you carry no cards, you are all welcome; there is no status given to any of you—you are all equal—equally loved, equally desired to participate in the continuity of the universe; equally open to become dedicated servants of Michael’s work wherever you are, in any forum, in any venue where you might find yourself. Lastly you know that we do not proselytize this message aggressively, but share it through our lives, and to those who we perceive are open to this message, and we know that you will do so in the coming weeks, months and years ahead, and you will do so with greater confidence as you know that this becomes more and more an integral part of your life, following the way of oneness, following the way of love, which is the universe frequency and vibration of the universe. Are there questions today?

Student: I have a question that’s not anything that we have been talking about—well in a way it is—there is some material being circulated, the focus of what is being recommended that we do, seems very in keeping with the focus of the Teaching Mission to work towards light and life on our planet, however, part of the motivation behind this it is a fearful thing that is down-played, there is not a focus on the fear, but the concern is that if the forces do not work for light and life, there are some dark energies very focused with a very negative outcome for our planet.

My question is, assuming that you are aware of this—I don’t know the dates of publication of this material in this book, and I wonder are we past this crisis point that is referred to in this material—as far as the pendulum swinging and they admit that the Creator’s plan can never fail, but in this time zone, it’s a matter of more people working for light or less people working for light that in our time zone we might be faced with longer or shorter periods of time, before the Creator’s plan can manifest. I don’t know if I have totally limited the question now, but I’m wondering at the time these books were written, was this more of a possibility of light not coming forth with enough magnitude and enough energy behind it?

Are we past the crisis point, I guess is what I’m wondering, because sometimes I feel like we are past the pendulum swing where there’s not so much possibility of the dark forces having their way, but the material in this book seems to be putting this crisis as a potential in front of us, that we need to spread the word and engage more people to participate in the forces of light, so that this process doesn’t get dragged out for more eons of time.

GERAHDT: The crisis of light and dark to which you refer, has passed. That era surrounded the imminent adjudication, which occurred some years ago. Now the era of light is coming into being on your planet, yet there are those who are—how would you say are “addicted” to the darkness—they are pessimists, cynical of good, or are perennially in the dark themselves and publish this, attitudes and opinions, institutional agendas, archaic thought patterns, worries and fears, of people, human kind, and perpetuate the opinion of ongoing darkness and impending doom. Truly the book is correct in saying that when people open themselves to the light, more light will be available, and that more light is needed on your planet.

The heritage, the legacy that is now being acted out is not the acting out of darkness, but of the shadows cast upon the minds and institutions, values and beliefs of humankind, that will continue to be acted out for decades and centuries. As the light becomes more influential, the darkness will diminish. The plan for your planet will be complete in the eventuality of time and the development, how rapidly that light will enfold your planet completely, depends upon how persistently individuals adhere to dark thinking, expectations and attitudes, and how quickly more individuals adhere to the light, to the joy, to the anticipation of living in perennial peace. Does this answer your question, in your estimation?

Student: Yes it does.
Student: I have a question.

GERAHDT: Certainly.

Student: Louder please. There is much evidence of reincarnation. Why do the Urantia teachings say we don’t reincarnate, but we incarnate only once on each planet, is that correct?

GERAHDT: That is correct.

Student: What about the evidence of reincarnation here?

GERAHDT: One moment please.

[This is Daniel. This is interesting!]

GERAHDT: You recall the “Christmas Carol,” the story of the “Christmas Carol?” Of Morley’s ghost, clanking around with chains? This is the ghost of Christmas Past. Upon this planet, there are energy structures, not actual buildings or edifices of energy, but there are nonetheless, structures or planes of energy, which are the ghosts of Morley’s Past, so to speak.

Powerful, emotional beings who led powerful, emotional lives or had powerful, emotional experiences, indelibly left patterns in this plane, this stream of energy. All of you, each of you, are at the fundamental core of your being, energetic in nature. There is a resonance to humankind on this planet and it pervades the level of human consciousness, and that is its frequency. You are aware of the frequencies of plants?

There are frequencies of other beings as well, and humans have a frequency of consciousness, and you write your lives through the emotional experiences of them, upon these “ethers” or these planes, and these are always accessible to you, sometimes at the most unusual times. And because of your immaturity, as spiritual energetic beings, you have not found yet the level of individuation as a morontial being in this energy stream, and so when you have a life experience that resonates with one particular experience, you have a déjà vu experience; you may have a “resurrection,” so to speak, experience of a prior or other lifetime, and because of your immaturity as morontial beings, you cannot separate yourself from that person and you see it as your own.

It does not really matter in the long term, whether it is yours or someone else’s, whether this is your first time here or your 500th; what is important is that you learn to garner the wisdom from those experiences. You are given a wonderful opportunity to look into the full experience of that life, and gain the wisdom of that experience, lessons of that experience of that person. You are not a voyeur, but you are receiving a vicarious adaptation of that life.

This phenomena is well known in many other cultures and religions; it is adhered to by many. Some truly believe that they are on a wheel of life, they come back without choice, without the ability to change that course in their lifetime. This is most disabling and disempowering and crippling, for your lifetime is a lifetime of making conscious decisions for your growth…or not. It is an opportunity to move forward and to indelibly put a very positive mark in that stream of consciousness upon this planet. That is why the beacons of light of history shine out so grandly in your history; they are wonderful beacons of light. The Urantia Book simply is stating that one lifetime can seem like many. Live your life consciously, carefully, with dedication and esprit; live it well and have but one life to live on this planet. Does that help?

Student: I have a question that was submitted by a person who read the first transcript on-line. [Gerahdt, Nov. 8, 2003]

The question is that you said (It states here that he said Gerahdt, through Daniel) quote: “Auto revelation is individual. To TR is a much more conscious process and not trance-like. We have not been prompted or promoted to speak through TR’s who are in trance-like states. My question is, who are the teachers that channel through individuals in trance or in sleeping states? We are aware of the sleeping subject who was connected with the Revelatory Commission in Chicago, we are aware of the work of Edgar Cayce and of the transmissions of Kirael in Hawaii. Are these not teachers connected to the Correcting Time on this world? Thank you for these wonderful teachings and illuminations. Love, Marty.”

GERAHDT: Dear Marty, these illuminations were not spurious accidents on your planet, but are and were planned developments through these individuals. I am not at liberty to disclose who these sources were, but know that they were guided by Michael’s plan for your world. Know also that they will not be the last. Trance channels have been selected because of their trueness of message. These in general are not corruptible unless the individual in their waking states begins …(tape turned)…as in any era, belief is fundamental to the actuality of the occurrence.

During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, 90’s, what you might call a “New Age” era, many individuals came forward to believe that they could channel, and hence, many did. The Teaching Mission is the conscious effort by Michael, through the Correcting Time, through the administration of your planet, to bring this information, these lessons, to a wider population, more rapidly, through individuals of ordinary circumstance. In the case of these examples you mentioned, yes, they were “special” individuals, who had been selected for the capacity to do this work.

Their messages were developed, organized, and broadcast through a variation of the Revelatory Commission. This work has always been intact and ongoing on your planet. It is an effort to keep the light shining on your world, whether through the Dark Ages, times of war, through the era of the plagues, through times of darkness—wherever in the world, this work has always been ongoing. Now the light is being shown through more individuals. Many people are capable of doing this work as a TR. The resource to do so from your perspective is unlimited. Does this help?

Student: I have a question that came to mind in relationship to the previous question about reincarnation. I’ve read a lot of teaching in the last few years that explain how we planned our incarnation to earth with the help of our spiritual families and made contracts and goals and such, which implies a prior existence to being incarnated here. Can you clarify this position at all?

GERAHDT: Not at this time. We are preparing to close the meeting, this session with you today. Would our meditation [guide], Jo Ann, would you lead us into our awakening?

Jo Ann: Become aware again of our circle, our circle of intention, our circle of welcoming our unseen friends. We pull in our consciousness, each of us, back into our own heart centers. And remembering this inner connection with the spirit is always available. Beginning to breathe a little more deeply and consciously, becoming aware in our minds of day and time and place. We are bringing back with us a heightened awareness or our spiritual companions in our daily walk through life. A few deep energetic breaths, a stretch of the arms, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

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