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SCO4 – Innocence – Fear – Ego

Group: Southern Colorado TeaM, #4 – SCO#4

Topics: Innocence, fear and ego
Humility and receptivity
Being naïve
Being innocent
Wisdom vs. foolishness
Child’s play
Exploring your innocence
Learning vicariously
Making decisions
Being capable
Limitations of fear
Q&A – Patterns of belief
States of being free from fear
Pre-charting life

Teacher: Gerahdt (TR, Daniel)

March 20, 2004

Intro led by MaryAnn
[I’m feeling this at all levels of being with white light, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual self. We will call for this grounding, centering to be not only for those of us in these chairs, but for all of our energy on any other parallel place/realities. From the bottom of each foot, through the base in our spine, three flows of energy that ground us to Mother Earth. Like a lightening rod, and we can discharge inappropriate energy, rough energy, negative energy, Mother Earth receives it and transmutes it and returns to us the emerald green of earth healing.

And we give thanks and send love to the Earth Mother, to the light. We call for the higher self to be in activity, the aura to be thick and full, the shield to be perfect. A protective bubble around each one of us while we are here, that shields us from any inappropriate wandering energy, we call for these bubbles to be cleared here and now in the flames of justice and truth. For the white light cocoon, on all sides, above and below, at its outer periphery, a narrow cocoon of electric blue, electric gold, pink, yellow and green.

Our inner flame is one with the energy of the universe; we are alive and imbued with this energy at all times. We have no need to seek outside of ourselves for the energy that is ours, the life force that we need for our work and our wellbeing is always available to us through our connection to the light, the Source, and to Mother Earth, through God Almighty. We do not misuse, we do not abuse our gifts, our abilities, our awarenesses. We dedicate them to the work of love on earth and we operate here, humbly, in that capacity. (Repeated twice more.)

GERAHDT: Good afternoon, this is Gerahdt.

(Group greetings.)

GERAHDT: Welcome to another wonderful day in Pueblo, Colorado. This geographic place where we are, where you are, is not insignificant at all. Your consciousness pervades this area and far broader than you are aware. The energetic healing and preparation you received in the beginning was very accurate. Each of you are much like a small nail planted in the earth. If you were to stand and spread your arms, and in consciousness receive the healing light of the universe, and see it flowing through you from universe center to the earth, you would have a definite circuit that you would have completed for healing with your planet and the universe center. And as you walk and travel from place to place, visualize yourself being a mobile grounding rod where you receive this energy and bring it with you wherever you go.

Some weeks ago we spoke about humility being a fundamental element of personal growth and progress and of service, and how it was necessary for you to be in humility—not only humble—but to express humility, for you to grow, for you to be open, to be a fully capable conduit for the outworking of divine order in your life and for your world. Connected to that is the consciousness of receptivity. Now receptivity says much about you and your preparation and your humility.

If you had no humility you would not be able to receive; you would see yourself as the Source or a source, where you imprinted your world around you with what you thought it should be. Receptivity, consciousness of that, allows you to receive. And upon receiving then to broadcast the imprint of the universe divine order, the flow of the universe, onto your life and onto your world. Receptivity is openness; receptivity allows for your oneness between yourself and others, the universe and the architects of the universe.

Visualize yourself as receiving—receiving and being receptive to the pattern of the universe; and what is that pattern? The pattern’s expression is love —all-supportive values and beliefs that enable and empower love to exist. These are not platitudes to be repeated over and over again, but to be invested and empowered, and expressed and demonstrated through you. An appropriate, positive affirmation that you could use is, “I’m a loving being. I’m expressing love now. I am tolerant. I am open. I am excepting. I am patient, loyal, and faithful.” You can review dozens upon dozens of positive values and beliefs that would support love.

You recall too, that being loving and receptive does not mean that you are naïve. It is difficult, I know, for mortals to balance innocence with wisdom, because wisdom is derived from experience. Experience is appreciated when you reflect upon the decisions that cause difficulty in your life, and decisions that caused you benefit and joy and happiness. That is why times of quiet reflection and contemplation daily are highly useful to your maturation and the development of wisdom. We urge you to always remain innocent in your thinking, for in your innocence you are open to experience, but in your wisdom you are wise to deflect and reject decisions, options, choices that would cause you or anyone else difficulty or pain.

We wish you to spend time thinking, perhaps discussing and discerning the levels of innocence and wisdom, and being naïve. “Innocent” is a place of being—not doing—but of being. Naïve is being ignorant, or unaware. Hearing wisdom and not believing it —that is naïve. Being naïve is being foolish, when wisdom speaks otherwise to that degree. Foolishness and being foolish in this regard is squandering the wisdom and guidance that is available to you. Innocence is always open to receive that which is available. Innocence is always discerning, always examining. Innocence is curious, searching for truths, searching for exploratory experiences. Innocence is something that you will want to carry with you in the duration of your infinite career.

Now let us put ourselves in the position of Christ Michael, our Creator, or the First Source and Center, the ultimate Creator: Now the Creator knows your capacity for wrong doing, even for evil, yet the Creator approaches you, engages you, and supports you in your life with a degree of innocence that you will never totally understand until you are embraced by the Creator. Do you appreciate this? Do you really understand how the Creator has an eternal innocence about Itself? It surely does. Now in the Creator’s wisdom, through prior experience with working with mortals and understanding mortals true and full and capable nature, that wisdom has guided the Creator to provide you with awareness of the good side of the universe. The innocence of the Creator has provided immense resources and abundance available to you to use. It withholds nothing! And dear friends, the universe is wonderfully good—all good—the only exception is where individuals choose not to express goodness, choose to do otherwise, choose to do their will.

Let me test you again about the innocence of the Creator: If the Creator were not innocent, the Creator would be cynical, pessimistic about your capacity to fulfill an infinite career, and in effect, all humanity, all agondonters, all individuals of eternal potential would not exist. Innocence is a capacity for creativity, an openness of expression, an openness in your life.

We urge you to act and behave and believe as the Creator believes, and be innocent about yourself, to explore those areas that you think perhaps you are not capable, those things, those experiences which you have not had before. We invite you to experience your self, to experience your world and yourself, doing and believing and being many things. That is why wise and effective therapists invite you to do what they call “child play,” to get on the floor and play with marbles and balls and blocks with other children, to experience yourself among true innocence, children, who have not the experience to be bitter or cynical or pessimistic, but always believing, always fantasizing, always building, exploring with their minds and their hands, and their mouths, in their words, in their beliefs and who they are. The innocence of the Creator has made it possible that you have this mortal lifetime to experience as much of yourself as you possibly can, during these short, brief years—these decades.

You like to go on vacations. Why? Is it entertaining? For some of it, it is. For some of you, you get to experience new exercises in living, you get to develop new beliefs about yourself. You get to explore your life and the lives of others. Innocence is not to be belittled but to be appreciated and upheld, and not endured but to be encouraged. Innocence in your society seems to have little place or little reason for existence, yet dear friends, you spiritual beings who are searching and seeking, striving to grow, we urge you to explore your innocence. Who am I at root in my being? The answer is you are a child of the Creator —explore your childhood in this mortal experience. Do not grow old and bitter and cynical, pessimistic, or diminish yourself or your abilities when you are so capable. If you have physical infirmities, you can still write, think, socialize, and engage others. You can be with others. You can vicariously learn innocence and explore it through caretaking of children, participating with younger people.

We of the Correcting Time have volunteered to be here. Why? Because we have a vicarious capacity to learn much from you. We have passed the physical duration of our existence, that material, three-dimensional aspect of the journey, yet through our participation here, we can reflect upon, participate vicariously and even co-creatively participate with you in the exploration of your being. How do we do that? Numerous ways —though we cannot make decisions for you, and surely I would not want to, we can implant in you ideas, insights, those “Ah Ha” moments. And, no, we are not fully responsible for all of those “Ah Ha” moments that you have, but as your teachers, as guardian angels do, we assist you in exploring the positive potentials within you.

And when you work with us co-creatively as in dialogue, as many of you do, you can receive guidance and discuss with us how to proceed with your life and explore that innocence, that capacity. And though you may be many decades old, you have so much potential that you have not explored. Numerous of your renowned psychiatrists talk about the full actualization of the individual’s potential. Through your innocence you can explore that. You do not take for granted that you are limited, that you cannot do things. You ought not to make terminal decisions about your abilities, who you are, what you are, or what you believe—or what is right to believe—but be open to explore these.

Many of you who hear this message and who read it, have already shrugged off the heavy coat of beliefs of numerous religions. And you have accepted new ones too, and you have let some of those go. When you are free of restraining and confining beliefs, you can know your God, your Creator and all the hierarchy of beings in the universe to an extent that will excite you, to know that you are more capable than you had ever thought, and that your work is supported by many whom you do not see.

You may hear these words, you may read these words, and set them down and move on to mop the floor or make dinner or something, but we urge you, we engage you to ask yourself, “How might I do this?” “Where am I open to begin?” and then begin to explore that. You see you cannot explore your innocence
without making decisions. You must make decisions! Even the innocent make decisions. Even the naïve make decisions. The wisest of people make decisions. It is why you are here —to make decisions. The choices that you have are many —they are huge! Do not be afraid to make a decision that perhaps is very big in nature, for you are very big in nature.

There is a bridge of discussion, which I could use to help us cross over to the next topic, but I will forgo that. I think you can work on that yourself. The next topic is fear, whether the limitations of the exploration of your innocence is fear. Even as simple and as innocent as being in another person’s home and getting on the floor and playing with children, for some people this action would fill them with fear. Fear of opinions, judgments, name-calling, labeling by others, who might see you do this. If you allow this thinking into your mind, and have it affect your decision to play with these children, then you have a belief that limits you from exploring yourself; a fear belief.

And let us say that you challenge this fear belief in this home of friends, and you got down on the floor and played with blocks with the two year old, and someone said, “Don’t you think that’s a little silly for someone who is 45 or 65 years old, to play with children with blocks?” And how would you respond to that? Would you respond with a judgment? Would you have a sharp retort for them? Or would you make an expression of innocence in that moment?

You might say for example, “It is not often that I, as an adult, get to return to my childhood to play and to be in the presence of children without worries of tomorrow, to live totally in this moment and enjoy the simplicity of living and working with simple objects, and to enjoy the affection and appreciation and friendship of these little ones.” Now I dare say, that there would be few who would criticize that statement. And if they did, you might wonder why you were there in that house, and what it is about their friendship that you require. I could give numerous examples for why you would want to play with blocks with a two-year-old, but I will leave that to your imagination as well.

Fear! For some of you, fear is indigenous and endemic in your thinking. It has been there so long, and is so pervasive that you do not even think of it or even see it as being fear. You think it is wise judgment, wise opinions to be careful—and that is what you call it—careful. The opposite to you is being careless, putting yourself in jeopardy; putting your stability in jeopardy. Fear is a topic where, if you did your research in the archives of these notes, you would find many references, and how detrimental and debilitating fear is.

Lastly, the last topic is related to fear: Of the two elements that limit humankind from magnificence and noble living and thinking is fear and the need to aggrandize or support their ego, their self-identity. In these discussions, we would identify ego as your respective individual value as you compare yourself to others. It can be neutral, as well as over-aggrandized or diminished too much. Fear is related to the negative sides of ego, fearing that you are not good enough, fearing that you are too good. This topic too has been dealt with and discussed thoroughly by other teachers. We urge you to reference these topics, if you are able to. If you wish, as we listen in on your discussion after today’s session, we will be glad to have a more detailed discussion about fear and ego, the major limitations of humankind’s greatness.

For today, we will leave these topics at this time. Are there questions about these topics or others, which are of interest to you? Hearing none, I ask those of you who have this talent, to see if there is someone who wishes to speak through you to convey a message. This is the forum for expressing these capabilities, where you are safe and secure among your peers, where if you have a teacher or angel or other being of light who wishes to speak through you, and you are wanting to allow this to occur, this is the time that this may occur. Let us take a few moments to be still, become settled and to discern whether there are other messages available for us today.

Student: This is my own question, I am remembering a book by Gerald Jampolsky called Love Is Letting Go Of Fear. When he worked with children, he said—and I’ve lost the words right now—something about fear related to ego. Can you go back to that?

GERAHDT: From our references, I would be glad to. This is not a reiteration of the book or of the writer. When you come into life, the vast majority of you come into life with a temperament of openness and acceptance, of innocence. You are yourself. And as your environment affects you, and as your genetic makeup has patterned you, you will develop reactions to the environment around you. Those reactions are first “inner” and their expressions are verbal and behavioral. Through the treatment that others give you, you begin to make a belief about yourself—other children, young adults, and adults—their treatment of you can help pattern your beliefs about who you are, what you are, and your value.

Now you have also seen some children who have been treated rather roughly, but who come into life and develop with a sure and stable and steady sense of self-worth and a picture of health for their self-image. This is rare, yet, this is very wonderful. For most of you, your world around you, your social context has helped form who you are, what you are, and your beliefs about yourself. You began to develop your own self-image, who you are, and your value—simplistically we could call this your ego. If you have a diminished and receding self-image and sense of self-worth, you might become shy, socially withdrawn, a loner. To counterbalance that, you might become an excellent gymnast or an athlete in competition. You might become a wonderful student of music or some craft or trade, where you could strive for excellence using your abilities that would help you express the greatness of yourself.

Many individuals in your society have done this and have become great heroes in sports, medicine, education, religion, philosophy, and at home. Fear of ridicule, chastisement, and punitive treatment by others may hold you back, but not break you. Fear of the outdoors, being in the wilderness, of being in physical contact in competition with others may push you back so that you explore other areas. Extremes of fear become fetishes, become neuroses. Love, on the other hand, enables and empowers you to explore all that you are inside yourself, in spite of the treatment of others. Love of yourself may be just a little seed.

You may not like yourself; you may not love yourself —you may feel you are greatly incapable, and many people have had this…(tape turned)… more, might hope to arise in the eyes of others, they have striven to move ahead. Some people have discerned that their self-worth and the love and appreciation from others derives from their ability to score well in a sport, to make lots of money, to have much property. The forms of self-expression to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction, and some form of self-appreciation or love, takes hundreds of millions of forms on your planet.

The totally fearful individual becomes least capable, withdrawn, and socially inept. That is why love from others is so powerful —their encouragement to express one’s good, one’s capability, one’s prowess wherever that might be, so that the flicker of self-worth, self-esteem, and self-image might grow. Those of you who have had good models as parents and siblings, friends, peers, older individuals in your neighborhood or community, who have provided you with a pattern to follow, you were very fortunate. And those of you who have been around individuals who truly loved you, unconditionally, as you are, where you are—this is a remarkable thing—it is not to be taken for granted on such a difficult planet as this. Fear, ego, love—how many plays have been written about these things? How many stories have been written? How many dynamic and powerful heroes and heroines have been described through these three facets of humanity? Millions upon millions! But there is only one that leads you to infinite goodness—that you are capable, and that is love.

Student: When you were talking about fear, sometimes creating great successes in one area or another because people confine their identity through this focus and this channel—I think there are two, and maybe more, ways that people move into that, because I’ve known children who, from the third or forth grade have known what area they would be working on, they were going to be, how they were going to express themselves. My own two daughters were like that, and I always knew that I was going to be a dancer. I always knew that I was going to be a musician; I always knew that I was going to teach. And that’s not so much out of fear, as it is some instinctual knowledge of their self-expression in the physical.

GERAHDT: This is wonderful when this occurs. States of being that are free of fear are then able to express themselves, through you, in your most capable areas. Fears are limitations, but when there is lack of fear, when there is acceptance, when there is love and encouragement, you can become all that you can be. Some of you have surely known a pattern about yourself early on in life, and have chosen to follow that, and you have found fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction, and challenge—and this is admirable. You provide wonderful patterns for others to look to and to emulate. Surely, those of you who experienced this are blessed—have been blessed—and you can become fountains of love in expression of your achievements, capability. Thank you.

Student: I have a question.

GERAHDT: Certainly.

Student: I have read that we, before we are born, we pre-chart [plan?] our lives, whether it be negative or positive. What are your feelings on this?

GERAHDT: There are many who believe this, and it matters little whether it is an actuality or not, for it is a pattern that is in your mind, and you are presented with choices about living, nonetheless, which you must make, an expression of your being, your capability, which you can bring into your existence. We do not espouse this point of view, nor do we discourage it. It is simply a belief structure that you can work with in your life. It helps you understand yourself and your environment, and we encourage people to do that. We do not discourage you from these ideas, one bit. Those individuals who have no idea about their position and place in life and their choices, and why they are here, they oftentimes seem lost and have a struggling difficulty to find out who they are and why they are here, and what their purpose is and what their meaning is. You are fortunate to use this, for it will help you understand your circumstance and make appropriate decisions. Thank you.

We thank you for your attendance today, your being here. This is an opportunity for us to help you and give you a short lesson about life and living. Many of you are sage about your life already, have that wisdom that guides you. Yet, it is often helpful to hear new ways of interpreting your lives, looking at them and removing the limitations to express your greatness. We encourage you to call upon us, call upon the Creator and all the creatures of light to assist you, as they are capable, and as you are open and willing to receive. We suggest that you ask for the right development and order of your growth. Sometimes profound changes in your life—even for the better—can cause disruptions in your life to some degree. Blessings to you, may you be in good health. Know that a loving attitude supports good living, good life and longevity. God bless you. Good day.

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