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SCO45 – Ethics and Legal Entities

2009-01-31  Eregon – Ethics and Legal Entities

– Jan. 31, 2009 – SCO #45

Southern Colorado TeaM, #45
Pueblo, Colorado

Teacher: Eregon

Topics: Ethics, especially group ethics
Group mores are often unprogressive
Creating a sustainable, progressive culture
Legal entities must support the members or they fail
Stand up for noble purposes in your groups
Do not support organizations of corruption
Support honesty, integrity, openness and good intentions
Be an influence for greater good
Pray for inspired ideals within government leaders
Pray for upliftment for all groups in your realm
Assist in creating groups without profit motives
Share the light in your heart and the love in your soul
Be confident of spiritual guidance at all times

TR: Jo Ann

January 31, 2009

EREGON: Greetings. We are with you, children of light. This is Eregon, your teacher, friend and sometime companion. We have a message for you today concerning ethics. This is our topic, but not an exclusive topic. We understand that you understand that your culture is top heavy with technology, and suffers from a lack of morals, the progression of the mores and especially group ethics.

Your personal morals and ethics may be unimpeachable, of high integrity and unshakable, but the groups within which you must function are many times unprogressive in this essential, progress-making commodity. When you can coordinate the levels of technical and technological progress, with commensurate levels of ethical application, you will truly have a progressive culture that can be sustained. When we speak of groups lacking ethics, we are talking about legal entities. Often the documents for the founding of these groups are phrased in legal terms that are almost exclusive of advancing mores and ethics. The language of these documents forecasts and proscribes the actions, which then must be legally taken. And in these group cultures, often the progress and even the well-being of the individuals, becomes less than secondary, and although it can be healthy for a group of individuals to decide that the group functioning is of a higher priority, that is not what is often occurring in the situations we are describing.

When a legal entity becomes more important than those whom it serves, it has reached a diminishing value to those who are members or participants. We do not say—or wish to say or imply—that all such legally functioning groups are in some kind of error, for some function well and those we applaud, and even find places within them to work with you, to bring about a more ideal way of being and functioning in your world as groups. But there are dangers associated with creating groups—or rather legal entities, supposedly representing groups that have rights of themselves, and directives of themselves, which are no longer responsive to those whom they are supposed to serve.

You have seen, you have witnessed—you would be hard put to avoid noticing—where these discrepancies occur in your political systems and your corporations. We are not expecting you to go out and make an effort to change those groups, with which you have nothing to do, but we would count it as a high and noble purpose that you would stand up for good and noble purposes within the groups you do participate in. Bit-by-bit, even as small groups are called to higher truth, beauty and goodness, the others which are misfunctioning and dysfunctional, will stand out, [with] the greater and greater disparities between functionality and non-functionality, becoming more and more apparent, until even those who defend these groups and their purposes, will feel an urge to correct them to some degree.

We ask you also, that those places where you have noticed the highest degree of corruption, [and] the lowest level of respect for the individuals who are supporting these organizations in one way or another, that you choose not to invest your money with this kind of organization. If you can put your money where your heart is, where you feel truly that it is doing some good, you will be a happier individual and you will be co-creating the greater good for all. We love you children, and we wish to encourage you in every good thing in which you choose to participate. There are some places where by your participation you can make a difference; there are others where you can only be injured by continuing to participate, and from those kinds of organizations, we would coach you to withdraw.

When you come with honesty, integrity, openness and good intention to participate in your groups, it is good if the groups you are participating in are open to these attitudes, even a little openness is beneficial. So we are asking you to give your support in terms of your time, your work, your investments, to those organizations which you can trust to continue, to grow and progress in ways that will benefit your culture, or the segments of your culture with which that groups interacts. We ask you to use discretion, and we hope for you to be able to feel joyful about your decisions and your participation. Just as when you invest your money, you expect a return; when you invest your time and energy in a group, it is okay to expect a return on that investment, and the return you would like to see—and we would like to see—is the higher functioning of that group.

Does this seem a reasonable line of thinking to you? We are open at this point to questions or feedback, from those here at this group.

EREGON: Any other comments?

Our next question is: Can you imagine ways where you could function for the upliftment of a group, without making motions to change its laws or regulations, but just being an influence of a kind and gentle influence for greater good within a group?

There are many groups that would find it inappropriate to ask for a moment of prayer, but a moment of silence, as you might say,” to collect your thoughts.” There are many groups that do not function by way of meetings, where all of the members can participate, and you can pray for these groups in the privacy of your own home. You can pray for your lawmakers and representatives to be inspired by the ideals your new President is holding out. You can pray for business leaders and executives to have a softening of heart, for even within legal guidelines, there are many variations in how these entities can really function. You can assist in creating groups, whose purpose is not the profit motive. It is likely that each of you is well aware of some groups that are legal entities within your realm of action that are less than highly functional.

We have asked you in this group before, to take your beautiful spirits out into the world and shine your light on individuals as you go about your day. Now we are asking you to be the torch bearers in group situations—even if you are sitting in an uncomfortable meeting, and the most that you can do is sit there in prayerful meditation, and bring in a higher energy without saying a word, then this is a good thing to do. Doubt not that it has an affect! And if you were united in purpose with at least one other person in that group and had agreed to pray for it beforehand, this would create an opening for us, your celestial teachers and friends, to help lift the energy of that group. This is what is needed, because people create groups, but group decisions and actions often reflect the lowest levels of human interaction, rather than the highest ones, and there is flexibility and variability within the ways proscribed group functioning occurs.

We do not ask you to take responsibility for transforming an entire organization, but just to bring light, wherever you are able; and even if your words are not acceptable, then just to be present in prayer. When you look at accountability for organizations that you participate in, it is our hope for you that you can feel more and more comfortable. The corruption and the greed in your culture are not sustainable, and though that is of little comfort to those who have lost a great deal during your economic downturn, we hope that you gain something by knowing that these things cannot continue as they are, simply because of their own dysfunctionality. Wherever you can make a move, or a step, or an influence, it is a good thing.

People create organizations; people can transform organizations. You are not forever bound to things the way they are functioning now. Many are dissatisfied, but dissatisfaction alone will not create something better and brighter; there have to be ideals; there have to be visions; there have to be visionaries and those courageous enough to step forward and say, “Perhaps this would work better for all of us….” The more light that is pour into organizations such as these, the more it will become, if not easy, at least possible for things to change. After all, it is the light in your heart, the love in your soul that determine how you interact with your brothers and sisters, and the more there is light in these interactions, the more likely it is that your organizations can become enlightened wellsprings of joy, truth, beauty and goodness!

Yes, it may seem a far off venture now, but know in your hearts that things continue to progress. Even as the material realms seem difficult, in the spiritual realms, more and more blessings and bounties are poured out upon you, on all of you, all over the planet. You are never alone in your struggles; you are never left unconsoled. We do stand by to inspire and encourage at all times, through all circumstances.

We love you and we do not leave you alone in the direst of circumstances, or in the most beautiful and easiest of times. Do be confident that you have celestial guidance; that you have a seraphic planetary government that is working with whoever we can, to bring forward enlarged values and concepts of truth, beauty and goodness, not only into your hearts, but into your organizations—even into your governments. We love you; we cherish you; we walk in companionship with you through these difficult and trying times. We send you out into your world again, hopefully encouraged and comforted, knowing you are never alone.

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