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SCO46 – Being of Service

2009-03-07  Eregon – Being of Service

– Mar. 7, 2009 – SCO#46

Southern Colorado TeaM, #46
Pueblo, Colorado

Teacher: Eregon

Topics: Souls hungry to be of service
Use spirit motivation to uplift others
There is more to you than is apparent
Learn to recognize psychic perceptions
Intuitive spiritual guidance
Being willing provides opportunities for service
Epochs of progress can vary in pockets on a planet
Sharing what you can
Being joyful

TR: Jo Ann

March 7, 2009

EREGON: Welcome children of Light. We greet you! With greetings from on high we join you, to communicate with you, to share good tidings and friendship—and yes, Love! This is Eregon, your teacher and friend, and sometime companion in life adventures. We of the Teaching Mission are happy to accommodate both you and our superiors, in facilitating these gatherings and in meeting with you. Your souls are hungry to be of service, and this we noted, this we applaud, laud, and rejoice at within our own ranks. We are so gratified to have teammates among mortals all over the planet, with whom we can work, communicate and co-create. We thank you again for your constancy; we thank you again for your purified intentions; we appreciate your sweet and sincere souls. Meeting like this gives us the opportunity to speak to you and to many others through the archives on-line.

The group energy that you hold and sustain when you meet like this makes it possible to communicate in an easier and clearer fashion than when we are simply working with individuals. We appreciate the opportunity and again, your consistency in meeting. We cannot show from our perspective, overmuch appreciation, and so it is likely that we state this often and we hope that you do not tire of hearing it and thereby lessen the meaning of our statement. We do so enjoy to meet with you like this, sweet children of light. Our mutual task and responsibility, the one to which we are all dedicated, is to help bring your planet along toward the ages of light and life, through the Correcting Time, and to the brighter shores of a new and better way.

We have suggested tasks—or homework, if you will—that it has been entirely at your option to apply in the world in which you live every day. We were, and are hoping that there would be some feedback among you, from applying any of the things we have asked you to do in the past. There will be time for sharing this later on in this lesson. We like for you to take your spirit motivated souls to gatherings that are less than spiritually motivated, in order to temper the energies, uplift and bring light to an entire group.

We have told you many times that simply being quiet and feeling in tune with spirit, feeling peaceful, feeling love for your fellow beings, and the love flowing in from the spiritual realms is something that has a real effect in God’s mighty universe. What you see every day on the faces of your fellows, is not all there is, just as when you look at yourself in the mirror, you do not see your thoughts, do not ordinarily perceive your souls, or most of you, even your own auras, which are an integral part of your being.

There is much more to who you are and how you operate than what is apparent and be perceived with only the physical senses that you enumerate as seven. You have senses and sensibilities beyond those, which are easy to recognize and quantify. Beginning to trust that this is so, and that these phenomena—sometimes called psychic or intuitive—are truly the senses of the spiritual realm is accurate, is a true perception. No matter what or how people may label these things, we tell you they are of the spiritual realms, they are the perceptions of the part of you that is beyond your physical limitations.

It would be good and helpful to begin to take notice more frequently of these “hunches,” as you may call them, these “intuitions” that guide you so that you seem to show up at just the right place, at just the right time, to meet a friend or find a long sought book or—you name it—you could find a hundred things. In your own life, probably in the course of a month or so, there is a part of you responding to the leadings of spirit. Would you like to become more conscious of that spot, that part, that inner perception of the world beyond the physical? We would encourage this.

Again, we understand that many are fearful or reticent of following these leadings or recognizing the reality of them in their lives because they are not certain of the source. And yes, you have leadings also, from the less spiritual part of yourselves. You have many aspects of your mind, which are ready to jump in with opinions and grudges and vengeance motivations: these are not the parts of yourselves that we are referring to in this particular lesson. Perhaps many of you are reluctant to follow your intuition because you are not certain how to understand if these leadings are coming from the subconscious—as you call it—the more child-like part of your mind, or the spiritual part of yourselves, which is going to lead you into all goodness and joy and beauty and truth.

How can you discern the difference so that you can trustingly and confidently interact with those spiritual forces around you that are so eager to guide you and love you? Let us ask: Can you tell the difference between fear and joy? If you can discern the difference between fear and joy, or love, then you have the beginnings of the qualifications that will lead you into more good and less evil than you have experienced heretofore. Yes, you are likely to make some mistakes, errors, in learning to follow this inner guidance, but you now know that our Father in heaven does not punish you for these things. If what you are motivated to do does no harm, and has the potential to bring good, and when you ask about it, you can feel this and you can feel a loving response, then perhaps you can move forward with less fear and trepidation.

And we discern the question, “Well, what if someone has a plan for revenge that that they believe would bring them joy, is that then a spiritual leading?” Of course not. You might take, as an absolute barometer, what is called the “Hippocratic Oath” –first, do no harm! If there is no intention of harm to anyone, and what you believe is your intuitive guidance, then it would be good to proceed with confidence and trust, for even if it is not of a high divine source that you hope, if your action is motivated toward good and can do no harm, well, what would be the reason to keep yourself from such an action?

To continue with the lesson, how can each of you, in your own and private lives, come into the realm of acting with intuitive spiritual guidance more often? Many times you sit down in meditative prayer and still your minds, and when you do this, this is an opportune time to bring up the question in your mind, “Father in heaven, what may I do to serve you and help you today?” And if you get an intuitive response to that, you might open your eyes and jot it down, even in your meditative state. Perhaps there are one or two or three suggestions—perhaps there are none, and your motivation is simply to go about your day with more consciousness of being a loving being. You might ask, “What is the most important thing I could do to be of service to you and others today?” And even if you do not perceive any kind of answer, except an energetic response that you might perceive as a “thank you hug” just for being willing, we do guarantee you that your open willingness to be of service will provide opportunities during the day, and joyful ones.

We are so happy to be in service to you in this way, reminding you of these things, tweaking your ideas, inspiring you to look within your meditation for guidance. Do not worry or be discouraged if you hear no words or automatic promptings in response to your questions, know that your sincere desire is an open door invitation, bringing more spiritual experiences into your life, which will give you joy and help you grow, and help others too. We are so happy to be able to share these ideas with you. You are our brothers and sisters, not only humans are the family of God—we are all of one vast family; we are relatives and friends, and companions. It is our desire and our resolution to assist you in every way we can, to help your planet come to brighter and better days, to help your culture uplift itself to the more idealistic levels that are reflective of a culture on the threshold of the ages of light and life.

Yes, when you look at the epochs of progress that each planet makes, there are pockets expressive of each of these epochs, existent and functional everywhere on your planet, and although this means that some people live at the lowest level of civilization and farthest away from light and life, it also means that others operate within that realm. It is a beginning. The mini-culture that you create within which to live your life, may be reflective of several dozen or several hundred people, but the stronger and longer you work—not labor, but work in the spiritual sense—to hold your values, your ideals, your visions and your true love, reflective of the Father’s love, the more affect you will make in the world, and we will make in the world through you.

We are so happy, again I say, to be a part of this beautiful overall plan, and to be allowed to speak with you and inspire you and encourage you. We do see that the times around you are tough, are threatening, might even engender fear, anxiety—or even perhaps panic in some—but we assure you that humanity has survived from many tens of thousands of years, even with challenges much greater than your culture faces right now.

Do look at those who are suffering most through these times, and it is not those about to lose their homes to foreclosure, but those living in refugee camps or dying of AIDS on another continent. Yes, the economy affects even these people, since they rely on the surplus of others for their subsistence, and some for their medical care. The mortal life is indeed a testing ground, a short and tense trial time, for each of you to find your spiritual guidance system. Tune into it and do what you can to respond to it, and the responding to it is often the call to respond to your fellows with loving kindness in unselfish service. You can find that, even when you have little to share in the way of material surplus, you have time, energy and prayers to help others sustain themselves in difficult times. We encourage you to be thankful for what ever it is you have to share.

And now we ask you each to spend a moment or two in reflection, looking for experiences, where you may have applied some of the suggestions we have made in the past, and ask if you would be willing to share them?

Jo Ann: Well, this is JoAnn and I’ll share one. I think it was our last meeting when we were asked to… at meetings or organizations that were exhibiting less than spiritual ideals, that we could agree with one or two other people to bring prayer into that meeting, to try to change the energy, and I have done that. I can’t give a response to this whether there was a measurable response that I could report what happened, but it did feel that the meeting became lighter and there was more joy, and people became more light-hearted in approaching the problems that they were trying to solve.

Student: I have a list of people, apparently I have three active right now, people that have [need of] me, and I place myself on call with them for errands, sitting and whatever. I’ve been active with these people recently.

Jo Ann: Thank you.

Student: I guess one that we haven’t said anything about that we have within our study group community, two people who had really significant health challenges lately, and one who has just gotten out of a nursing home situation, where she had to go through rehabilitation. We have all been part of the community that helped all of them, and they have been really appreciative of the prayers and the energy and what’s been given to them in the way of spiritual friendships.

Student: My brother has been real sick this winter and he was put on several prayer chains, and after two months in intensive care, for the first time in over 40 years, he asked to see a priest and started reconciling some of his ways, so we know that the power of prayer was really working in that matter, for him. He even admitted to me that he said he was sorry, and that he was working on righting some of his wrongs, which to me was a minor miracle. So the power of prayer really worked there.

This is Jo Ann again: I just remembered another friend of ours had to have surgery a few weeks ago and I met with two other ladies, and we prayed outside the O.R. in the waiting room during his surgery. He recovered so quickly, he got to go home even sooner than expected, and said the experience changed his opinion of people, which really surprised me.

EREGON: This is Eregon. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. We know that some of you live in this realm so often that enumerating these experiences seems strange, but it also brings them to life, and brings your spiritual life into your awareness. We may be asking you again, so at this point we are asking you to take notice of those beautiful coincidences and remember them for yourselves, and possibly to share with others at another time. The experience of doing this validates what you are experiencing; it helps you to get grounded in the spiritual life.

We encourage you to be joyful in your spiritual life, in your prayer life, in your home life, in your family life, in your work life; the joy you feel is a form of love. Bringing more love into this world will truly transform it, whether soon or no matter how long it takes. More love can only mean more good, children. Be “one” with God and his love will flow through you, and as we have just said, love will transform the world. Good day, good evening, and good times to you all.

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