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SCO47 – Freshness – Sharing Knowledge

2009-05-02  Eregon; Michael – Freshness; Sharing Knowledge

– May 2, 2009 – SCO#47

Southern Colorado TeaM, #47
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon and Christ Michael

Topics: Freshness of attitudes, perspective & viewpoints
Taking time to re-center & re-focus
Checking your “G-mail” daily
Being armed to face anxiety & fear
Creating possibilities & potentials
Feast on spiritual food
Q & A: When & how should we share this knowledge?
Learning to accept gifts & fine-tune them
Message from Christ Michael: Importance of this work

TR: Jo Ann

May 2, 2009

EREGON: Greetings young friends! This is Eregon, pleased to meet with you again. We welcome you; we enfold you in our companionship and our love; we are family, you and we. When we come together like this, there is always the opportunity for interchanges, in addition to the prepared lesson. We know that you know this, but we remind you as a courtesy.

Today’s topic is “Freshness,” freshness of attitude; freshness of perspective; freshness of viewpoint. Those of you who use the Internet, know what the “refresh button” is—do you wish you had one sometimes, to change your old ways of looking at things, to add new perspective, new thoughts, new communications, to download new information from a higher source? You do have a “refresh button,” friends: It is called prayer and meditation time. Although many of you take this practice very seriously, we are reminding you now that it can be used also to “lighten up,” as well as to profoundly “enlighten.”

It seems that many of you, the more hectic and anxiety-ridden your lives become, the less likely you are to take and make the time to re-center and re-focus, and although this is a topic we have touched on many times before, it can never be encouraged too often. For many of you, the speaker included—the TR, that is—find many distractions in immediate priorities, that preclude taking the time to sit down and focus, center, contact cosmic reality, feel the presence of spirit, re-energize body, mind and soul. We remind you again this practice is as vital as drinking water, as essential as breathing air, as nourishing as eating good food. It replenishes the very stuff of which your soul is made, and your eternal self depends on this nourishment.

Yes, you can go through life day by day without it and seemingly be all right, but when you choose to live like this, you are not building the foundations that will take you easily and smoothly, step-by-step into the higher realms. In the daily contact with that spiritual presence, [it] is in itself energizing; energizing for the work at hand in the very material world in which you live. It is the source of the freshness; the source of a re-energizing perspective; the source of the new information downloads. Maybe you could call it the “G-mail check,” g being for God? If you check your e-mail every day, why not check your “G-mail” every day? This has been a message from your friendly sponsor, who brings you a universe of good things! (Laughter.) We do ask you once again, to tune-in and tune-up; take yourselves away from the cares of the day. You might even be brave enough to do a media-fast, or, you could ask to bring the Divine perspective to what you hear, see and listen to in your media.

Again we remind you that “fear factor” is more than the name of a television program; the fear factor is used, both consciously and unconsciously to keep your attention, and to keep it focused on things that cause you worry and anxiety. For many different reasons, this is effective for your media, but we say again, it is not effective for your personality functioning to be always shaken, anxious, and fearful; these are not states that facilitate the highest spiritual communication, listening and functioning.

And of course children, when you face any challenge, the spiritual resource is the greatest one with which to approach finding a solution and the actions and the attitudes that will carry you through—even carry you through with courage and nobility, kindness, gentleness and fairness, and mercy toward others. No matter what you are facing, to face it without these tools, is to face it unarmed and defenseless, and to face it in anxiety and fear, is to face it hobbled, handicapped.

Courage and the resources that are the most effective to assist you in dealing with your everyday life situations and challenges, are to be found in those few moments each day, where you dedicate yourselves to doing the will of the Father in heaven, walking hand-in-hand, with that dear Spirit that lives within you, even adding the intention that both consciously and unconsciously, this is your desire. We tell you again, this creates possibilities and potentials.

We thank you for your attention, and we do request that you now enter some of that same kind of personal intercommunication time that we’ve been referring to, and we will meet you again in a few moments.

And here we are. Bring your minds to focus within this room, within this circle, and we ask you to just notice: Are you feeling a little more light-hearted? A little more hopeful and joyful? A little more loved and cared-for? For you are loved, you are cared-for. Sometimes, in receiving that love and care, you are like a child picking at its food, eating only a few bites when there is so much nourishment and variety of nourishment available. We would see you feast on spiritual food; we would see you grow long and strong, full and beautiful of spirit, from feasting on this spiritual food. So enjoy the banquet; come to it often.

And perhaps this metaphor will be helpful, to sit at the computer keyboard of the universal broadcast systems and download your G-mail every day. You are loved, you are cared-for, and you are not alone! Go through your days being of good cheer, and not fearing helps not only yourself, but those around you, for again we say you carry that energy with you, everywhere you go. This is the task we ask you to accept as your own, to benefit yourselves and others, your planet and the progress of your universe. It seems simple, does it not? and it is.

Are there questions?

Student A: I have a question. Is there a point in time where we will know when to extend some of what we have received, and how will we know this?

Jo Ann: Clarification is being requested.

Student A: Well, when we listen to our “G-mail,” and if we get information, what are we supposed to do with it? Are we just supposed to sense it? Are we supposed to sit tight? Are we supposed to aggressively try to find ways of dispensing it in certain ways, or… what are we supposed to do with it?

EREGON: Continuing the analogy, do you mean you would like to forward your G-mail on to others?

Student A: Yeah, would that [message] be to me or someone else?

EREGON: We were referring mainly to personal communications. If you feel you are getting someone else’s G-mail, then feel free to share it with them, as the spirit leads you and guides you.

Student A: Well, that’s not the point. The point is, I feel I should be doing something with what I’ve accumulated over the …(inaudible)… with what I’ve got, and I am getting to a point of frustration as to what to do with it. So I get uptight, to find ways of communicating it to other people. Should I aggressively look for other means to contact other people, or should I just keep …(?)… where I am?

[Note from transcriber: This student was too far away from the microphone to be heard clearly, thus this question may not be recorded exactly.]

EREGON: How are you handling this information currently? Just accumulating it? Are you praying about how to wisely share it and distribute it, so that it is of benefit to all concerned?

Student A: That is correct, yes. I feel that it should be dispensed, but I am wondering if that is correct. In other words, when it …(?)… enlightenment, in trying to become enlightened and trying to move forward with what we have, it seems like the world should be in need of some enlightenment. I’m just wondering if that should be pursued, or should I just wait and let time take its course? That’s my question.

EREGON: For human beings to become enlightened, the motivation must come from within. You cannot “dump” enlightenment on people and expect them to find it useful. Only those who are seeking enlightenment, higher connections, and personal discovery—would find these things to be of value. To try to offer them to those who would not appreciate these things, would surely be a frustrating experience. But as you move along and through your life, with your intention stated in prayer and firmly held to, you will often find invitations to share. The best reference you have for how and when to share these things comes from the spirit within you, which can easily recognize someone’s hunger for truth, beauty and goodness, and guide you in the right way of sharing these things. Is this an acceptable response that you can use?

Student A: I guess so. So what I am receiving is just to sit tight and let time take its course then? And let the other people request it?

EREGON: That was one part; the other was to continue to seek guidance from the Spirit within you, as to when it might be appropriate to offer—not tidbits, but invitations—to the spiritually hungry who might be in front of you at the moment, after receiving promptings from the Spirit when there is an appropriate opening in front of you. We have given you two paths and they are not mutually exclusive. Whet the appetite of your associates for truth. As you do this, you will see how these things are coordinated.

Become skillful in directing a conversation to lead a person to a question, to which you might from your spiritual resources be able to provide a helpful response. Jesus was extremely skillful in knowing what the person in front of him at the moment needed. You might also consider asking to have the mind of Jesus, when you are feeling that there is something you would like to share from these divine sources, and wanting to know if it is right. Is this a little clearer?

EREGON: Are there other questions today?

Student B: I have a slight variation of the same question. Messages of my G-mail may be about a natural disaster, or seeing a stranger walking down the street and seeing that that person may have a disease of some kind or another. What do I do with those G-mails?

EREGON: Do you feel that this information is a burden to you?

Student B: Only in the aspect that I don’t know what to do with the information. Why was I given the information if I can’t do anything about it?

EREGON: And in the case of the disasters, have you seen them come to pass?

Student B: Yes.

EREGON: And of the people that you have perceived have disease in them, have you had ways to verify that this was something that was a true perception?

Student B: Yes. Some, not all.

EREGON: And has your response in the past been mainly, “What do I do with this information?”

Student B: Yes.

EREGON: Again, where there is a path where you can make a connection, where you can make an opening. As you know, you cannot simply walk up to someone on the street or in a room at a gathering and say, “Gee, you have such and such—you should go see a doctor.” But you could approach the person, strike up a conversation—if you know them well, ask them about their health—or perhaps they will key into something energetically, which will prompt them to open up to you.

Student B: I do that with people I know, and that seems fine—I mean that works.

EREGON: As you know, in Jesus’ life, he didn’t walk around finding people who were not paying any attention to him and say, “Gee, you have an illness, can I cure it for you?” Sometimes the feeling of being burdened with this knowledge is what needs heeling in you. If you find a way to use it as a gift to enrich another, or if you see a natural disaster and you have a loved one there and you can call them and say, “Come visit me for the weekend,” or something like that. If you can find a way to use this information to help someone, then that lessens the burden.

If you have no way with which you can connect with it in a helpful way, then do not feel it as a weight, but do be encouraged in your spirit and in yourself, to ask for creative ways in which you might make this information helpful to one or several people. Do not feel burdened with responsibility because you have this knowledge, any more than you would feel burdened by seeing an insect land on a spider’s web and know what the probable outcome will be. It is not therefore incumbent upon you to rescue the insect from the spider web because you have observed something.

Student B: I don’t feel that I have that burden. I feel more confusion as to why I am given the knowledge. I don’t carry that knowledge with me and worry about it usually—sometimes I do, but not usually. [It is] confusion as to why am I given the knowledge when there is not much that I can do about it?

EREGON: Sometimes it is more like opening a medicine cabinet at your friend’s, looking for a Band-aid, and finding that they have prescriptions that you knew nothing about. Sometimes it is like observing the colors of the sunset, that no one else may see. What we are saying is that sometimes your powers of observation and focus allow you to see things that others do not see. Perhaps there was not a particular intention with your having that observation or that information.

Student B: Just getting the knowledge of the power itself….

EREGON: Yes, yes…and knowing that you have that.

Student B: And accept that, …or learning that.

EREGON: Learning to accept it and to fine-tune it. Now that you know you have this power of observation, finding ways to make it more useful or to guide it. If you had a child that loved to play an instrument, you would want them to learn to play it well. It is simply having a talent or a skill, and these things are evidences of those talents and skills, and with intention and focus and continued repetition of the intention to use this for good, if that is your desire, it can be fine-tuned as any natural talent. You might try looking in through a media [?] of people who train others in intuition and perception. Perhaps you will find one or two teachers in this field, whose work would resonate with you. Has this been at all helpful?

Student B: Yes it has, thank you.

EREGON: Are there any other questions? Then we will close for today with a short message from Christ Michael.

CHRIST MICHAEL: My little children do be cheerful; do be joyful; do go about doing good. The doing of good in itself will create more cheer and joy in you. This is important work. Bringing the atmosphere of joy, peace and good will, is a valuable service. We treasure your willingness to be of service in this way, at a time when so many are fearful, anxious…even depressed, it is an especially valuable service. So, as Eregon has said, feast at the table of spiritual goodness and take your satisfied soul out into the world, on a quest to share joy, peace and good will with others, and when you are truly spiritually satiated, this is something that will overflow from you as naturally as a smile.

We ask you—I ask you—to love one another. This is the least and the greatest, and also the most natural of all that we ask of you, and all that requires for this to happen in your life is for you to be willing to receive, to receive my love. Open your hearts and be filled with love. Good day my children, walk in peace.

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