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SCO48 – Watchfulness, Weathering, Vibrational Frequency

2009-06-06 Watchfulness, Weathering, Vibrational Frequency

– June 6, 2009 – SCO #48

Southern Colorado TeaM, #48
Pueblo, Colorado

Teacher: Eregon

Topics: Watchfulness –
Increasing awareness and appreciation
Orchestrated and coordinated occurrences
Appreciation connects you to the universe
Feeling joy increases your vibrational frequency
Weathering the storms of life –
Notice where you place your attention
Obsessive thoughts tend to be over bad things
Changing your focus to the good things in life
Resolve situations that cause worry
You are designed to be nourished by bliss
Transforming your energy
Mortal life always has challenges to overcome
Q & A –
Taking action on perceptions and intuitions
Responding to pre-knowledge
Dealing with contradictions in life

TR: Jo Ann

June 6, 2009

EREGON: Greetings, children! It is I, Eregon, and I am not alone. We greet you today with love and joy. Your companionship and these communications are precious to us. The contacts between our realms are still relatively rare, but as we trust in universal over-care, we know that they will continue to increase until there are many such contacts and they will begin to seem commonplace, even to be expected, easily located. There are so many of us, both willing and able to assist your planet in its transition phase, moving into a new era of enlightenment, joy and peace—which by the way, we do not promise to happen quickly or easily—but the transition has begun. You are all a part of this beginning, opening doors through [which] many will pass in the days, years and centuries ahead with less and less ceremony.

Our topic today is “Watchfulness” and on “Weathering.” Watchfulness, children, not in the sense of being cautious or fearful, but in the sense of being observant, and again choosing what it is that you are being watchful about. Notice the good things; be watchful for the beautiful things in your lives, whether small or large, the synchronicities, the blessings, and meaningful moments in relationships of all kinds. If you would consent to have an increased awareness of these things, we believe you would find your days and years ahead enriched, and increasingly enriched as time goes by. There are many beautiful orchestrated and coordinated occurrences in your lives, of which you seem to take no notice. Sometimes you are thankful for things like making it somewhere on time, in spite of heavy traffic, or the coincidence of running into a friend in a place you did not expect, the joy that you have in your relations with family members—these are among many things, which you could find it easy to appreciate.

The watchfulness to which we refer is that of finding more occasions for which to be appreciative. When you express your joy and thankfulness, to the spirit within, the angels of your guardianship and your unseen friends, you connect with the universe in a way that, though unseen by you, is tangible to us. You need not think that each and every thing for which you are thankful for needs to have been orchestrated in a particular way. We are just asking you to increase your notice, your awareness of things that make you happy, touch you, inspire you, make you joyful—and it is not only the things outside yourself—as you increase your awareness of things to be happy and joyful about, you elicit a response within yourself of increasing ability to feel that joy. It is like keeping a guitar in tune. That resonance that strikes the chord within you of joyful appreciation, allows it to vibrate at that frequency more frequently.

So when you notice that you are feeling especially peaceful or pleased, profoundly comforted, happy as a result of something in the outside world, peaceful as a result of something in the inside world, take a moment to savor the experience. You could keep a chart or a journal, if that is something that would enrich your experience. We are not asking you to do that; we are asking you to spend a moment with these joyful experiences, before they pass out of your awareness.

On to “weathering:” This is a way to weather the storms of life, be they financial, emotional, material, or whatever. Your joy and satisfaction are directly related to your ability to notice that you can experience joy and satisfaction—and even profound bliss. The weathering part is more about again, taking notice of where you are placing your attention. Have you noticed that when you obsess about things, it is not usually the good things that you run through your mind, over and over, and over, and over—the things that you worry about are not the beautiful things? It is not a matter of over appreciating things, so maybe you could practice this. How many times can you remember something that made you happy, rather than replay something that upset you? Would it not be wonderful to substitute a joyful memory for one that disturbs your peace of mind?

And why is it that you, with all the things you have around you, to notice, be thankful and joyful for, can find one thing to worry about and let it occupy your awareness again and again, through a matter of days and even weeks? Perhaps you do this because you have not resolved it, with the other person if one was involved? Or with a situation? Maybe it needs the inner resolution, of turning it over to spiritual wisdom and guidance, and then you can let it go. And when you are able to do this as a practice, stop yourself from unhealthy behavior in a mental way, as far as worrying goes. When you are able to practice this so you can replace that worry with the knowledge that you have given this situation into the hands of the wisest part of yourself, into the hands of your angels, into the hands of the other person’s spirit, can you then let it go with peace?

There is a reason we desire for you to have peace of mind. In fact, there are multiple reasons. Your peaceful, joyful state is the one that you were designed to operate in. Being peaceful and joyful increases your health and well being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are designed to be nourished by bliss! Rare are the individuals who operate in this state most of the time. You probably know, or at least know of, a few people whose composure, confidence and trust in the universal good of all, is unshakable. We tell you this is a gift that is offered to all.

When you move from worry to peace, it is like shifting your car from first, all the way up to fourth or fifth gear, where you are functioning at a much higher level. We do not unrealistically ask you to eliminate all forms of worry and concern from your life; we suggest that when you notice you are worrying and fretting, over something that really is a small matter, that you can easily turn this over. When you are concerned for something that looms large and immediate in your life, you will have this practice behind you.

By practicing this with little and small things, you will experience more than one thing: you will experience more than the peace in the moment, you will experience the outworking of bringing this peaceful energy to the situation you are concerned about. As you watch the outworking of things changed in your outer life, you will become more and more trustful and confident that this is a worthwhile practice.

We have noticed that for many of you, just to step aside for a moment, a minute or two of your time, is enough for you to refocus and change your energy, transform it. And when your mind and heart seeks the level of the Divine, it isn’t only the inner world that changes: You are playing on a different field with a different team when you do this. Why not play on this team all the time?

We are aware that there are many challenges in your world at this time, and we remind you again that there have always been challenges. The mortal life is designed for you to meet and overcome challenges. By overcome, we mean to apply the highest principles—truth, beauty and goodness—to every situation in which you find yourself. It is still true that many people would not seek the spiritual life if it were not an escape from the pain they feel, looking at life through a different lens.

We come to you in comfort—for comfort and companionship—and we would like you now to sit for a few moments in silent communion, and perhaps we will fellowship with you individually in this time. And if you perceive something and feel spirit led, we will be asking you to share after these few moments of silence.

Now, just bring your focus into the room, remembering that people are present and who they are, moving into the state of being, able to express yourself verbally. We ask for volunteers to share what they may have perceived. Anyone?

Student: I perceived us all being filled with love and light, just glowing from the inside out, and I don’t know that I have words for it except “Boy, it feels really good!” Thank you.

Student: My third eye was buzzing; it was like humming.

Student: I wasn’t sure if the message was for the group or for me, was that the “filling with love,” the energy of unconditional love, is the essence of all humans, no matter what form of human he is, and we can drop off form and just bring in love into all the cells of the body.

EREGON: We are open for questions.

Student: I have a question. With all the watchfulness and all the science that we receive, why is it that at times we can’t put those together and come up with the knowledge to do something? Like after the fact, I could say, “Well, I saw this and this and this,” but I never put them all together in order to be able to act upon it?

EREGON: So your question is: “Why do you understand some things better in retrospect?” There is an understanding that comes with the passage of time, through events. If you could foresee everything that is going to happen in both the near and distant future, it would make life fairly dull. There are many things that you do perceive, that you do understand, before they are “in your face,” so to speak. There are many things that you do plan for, and do respond to in a way that is an improvement over your response when you lack awareness.

When you say that you look back and wished that you could have done more with what you know, you are noticing in fact that you did have some understanding, and noticing that there may have been more that you could do. We ask you, please do not put yourself down, or discount your abilities, because you do not do this in every single instance. What we are saying, is that in fact you are noticing [that] one time when you did not do more and you are not giving yourself acknowledgment for all the times that you have. What you are noticing is a comparison to when you have had even greater awareness, and even greater response. We would ask you to look at this as a matter that you are making progress, rather than regretting that you did not do more. Is this a useful response?

Student: It is, but maybe I didn’t ask the question right, so let me give it another try. In the last couple of weeks, I have seen all the symptoms, all the signs that my brother-in-law was going to pass. He had scheduled surgery and I knew that he wasn’t going to make it through that surgery, so I took the time off from work to be with my sister, in case that came to pass, but he came through surgery just fine. He was upbeat, everything was positive, everything was going good and 48 hours later, he died. So I guess my question was [that] I saw all the symptoms, but my timing was off and so afterwards I was happy that he came through the surgery and seemed to be the most free that I had seen him in months and months. I thought I was totally off base—yet he died within 48 hours after that surgery. I guess I’m confused at all of that.

EREGON: Again we ask you to notice that you took the time off, and you were there—you were present. You had confusion in [regards to] time, seeing that he might recover, but you were there to be with him and with the others of your family. You did respond. Sometimes it is understandable that there would be confusion when you see one thing outworking that contradicts what you have had a premonition or spiritual guidance about. But again, we are asking you to notice that you did respond, you were there, and you may now wish that you had spent those 48 hours a little differently, but you do not know what it would be like if you had not responded.

Student: So are you saying that if I had not gone to the hospital and been there, that he might have not survived the surgery?

EREGON: We are saying that there is more than one purpose, and in your having this information, more than one good thing came out of your taking the time to be there…

Student: Yes, most definitely.

EREGON: You are being thanked for responding to the information that you had, in the way that you did. Do not feel that you only got a “C,” when you could have gotten an “A.” You were there in a way that was meaningful. The confusion of your mind not withstanding, you are being thanked for being there. How awkward would it have been, had you gone to him in his recovery period from the surgery, and said, “Look, I know you are going to die anyway, so let me help you with this.”

Student laughing: I would never do that!

EREGON: Right. The information that you are given, asks you to respond to the people in front of you with wisdom and grace, and that would have been ungracious. We ask you to sit in satisfaction that you were there and that you did something good…and yes, there are confusing details in life when things seem to be going differently than what you thought, or what you believed, or what you felt, or what you knew in your heart. We all just have to keep going anyway.

There are many times when people know something in their heart, know it intuitively, know it from spirit, and yet the information in the world or in the mind, seems to contradict it. This will always be a quandary for human beings. There are many times when people know intuitively, what to do that is right, and yet they rethink it in their minds so many times, that eventually they contradict their intuitive information, by using faculties that seem to take them down tangential paths. This is pretty much a normal human condition. Perhaps when you find yourself in a place like this, you might spend a moment in silent contemplation and ask spirit, ask the source of that information, “What would you have me do, here and now?” Sometimes the re-focusing and the re-centering can bring even more meaning and purpose into the encounter of the moment. Has this been helpful?

Student: Yes, it has been. Other questions?

Student: I have one question that relates to what you have been talking about that I hope you might be able to answer. It’s my perception, that my family is not finished with death this year, and I just want to know—I don’t need to know who—just if we have another one or more?

EREGON: It is a policy of this Teaching Mission, not to predict the future. We are not denying what you sense, but we are saying it is for you to sit with that, and follow and respond as you have done already, so that you will be of service when the time approaches for you to be of service. You are perceptive.

Student: Thank you.

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