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SCO49 – Providence

209-07-25  Eregon; Mantutia – Providence

– July 25, 2009 – SCO # 49

Southern Colorado TeaM, #49
Pueblo, Colorado

Teacher: Eregon & Mantutia

Eregon: Providence
Rocky records of change and sameness
Are outcomes predetermined?
Infinity allows for variation
Choosing to cooperate with the Divine Plan
Living life more abundantly
Raising the consciousness of humanity
Personal responsibility to the whole
Rededicate your intention and will frequently
It is your responsibility to be joyful
The meaning of “everything needful is given.”
Mantutia: Request for a group service project

TR: Jo Ann

July 25, 2009

EREGON: We will begin again; greetings, this is Eregon, your group teacher and friend. It is good to be welcomed here in the summer of your year, when the fruits and the flowers are abundant. Your yards’ and gardens’ harvest times draws near. It is a time when many appreciate the bounty of nature and the design of nature, to feed the varied life of your planet. We love you and we sense your appreciation of these things. It is a kind of “thank you note” to God, the Great Designer and Provider.

Providence, providence, providence! Ah, the meanings and nuances of this word and its variations. God, indeed, provides. He provides the earth you live on. The abundance of things that grow, that feed you and heal you, the air you breathe, the water you drink—what an environment you have! How abundantly provided for you are. Does this providence then declare that events will go one way or another, with regards to all of these things continuing to be? Must everything continue, simply because it is and has been?

We are speaking of plant life, microorganisms, and animal life; does God intend that everything that is, continue to be indefinitely? Every life form? Or do you see as you look through your “rocky records,” that things have changed, and some have remained the same, that there is room for variation? Are outcomes predetermined? Or does infinity allow for variety of expression? We would think that the answers are apparent from observation. Yet, some people take the concept of providence into the realm of predestination. If it is indeed your job, and your responsibility to cooperate with the guiding forces of the universe, moving through truth, beauty and goodness, is every outcome, every decision pre-known, therefore then, lacking in internal choice? It must ever be your choice to cooperate with the divine plan. In this way, opportunities to do so become opened to you.

If you have made this choice, is it therefore to be assumed that every opportunity that comes before you is one through which divine will may be expressed in your life and its outworking? We say the opportunities are abundant, but it is the continuing dedication of intention to cooperate with universe direction that keeps these opportunities and your responses to them, flowing in generally uplifting conditions.

The currents of the universe for truth, beauty and goodness are vast and pervasive. When you make choices that direct you against this current, whether consciously or not, you are very likely to discern the difference, just as you would discern the difference between paddling a canoe downstream or upstream. When you feel great resistance, when there is an upwelling of anxiety and fear, it is very likely that you have moved out of the flowing current and into some stagnant eddy, where both literally and figuratively, if you were choosing wisely and consciously, you would choose not to be.

Take a moment now to reflect on some places in your life, where you have felt this angst and fear. Search around the edges of these past situations, looking for decisions that may have taken you off the path and out of the flow of divine energy. If you can discern where you have made these willful choices in the past, you will become wiser in response to situations in the future.

Now, take a moment to search around in your memory banks for a situation blessed with beautiful serendipity. Feel the feelings of joy as things worked out better than you expected, more beautifully than you had hoped, as if by divine design. Can you feelingly discern the difference? In your experiences, how in serendipitous events, you have this joyful feeling of cooperative venture? Are there any among you, who would not enjoy having life experienced this way more often? More frequently? More abundantly? We remind you it is your own choices and decisions that create these differences, these varieties of experience.

As we have been speaking now on an individual level, we remind you that these same mindal frameworks, apply to groups. There are many among you who participate in consciousness raising, in one or more ways and practices in your lives. And just as the first bubble is rising to the surface in a pot of water about to boil, indicate changes are coming throughout the whole pot, so does your consciousness rising to higher levels, indicate the direction of a consciousness of all humanity. Do not be concerned with the friction of leaving the less active elements behind. Even if you cannot bring them with you, they will come along as the whole environment warms, rises, and lifts.

So because you understand that all things needful are provided for you, within the environment and the ecosystem of the earth you live upon, does it mean you have no responsibility to provide for yourself? What you give generously to others of the fruits of the spirit, we remind you these things are provided for all, from the tiniest insects, lichen and moss, flowers and plants, great trees and forests, this is the setting that has been given to you. Your attitude of stewardship toward it is important, participatory, and voluntary.

Each of you, [have] numerous and abundant choice situations in your lives, and although the great God I AM, the First Source and Center of all that is, can discern the end, even from before the beginning, this fact does not negate the coordinated and sometime seemingly paradoxical fact, that you have nearly infinite choices available to you. These choices concern how, when and where you participate, in the divine plan.

Just as in a high school or college, every course is provided, which is needed for a student to graduate. The students can choose to do well or poorly, to be greatly interested in and involved, or to put in minimal effort, just to get by. The case of higher education, students are often able to change their majors, their interest, their course of study, and still successfully complete their education. This is nearer to the model we hold out for you, that there are many acceptable choices and avenues, and paths to pursue, which will complete your requirements. The requirements for moving successfully through life include becoming in tune with the inner guidance that is always available to you.

Once you have made the decision to be guided by this wisdom, you will still have ample opportunity for choice; the path is not narrow. And even though we tell you that you can discern the difference between the flowing with the stream, and trying to move against it, you will still face many challenges, even if all your decisions are well within the parameters we have discussed. There are challenges [that] bring you again to choice and decision points, and these are blessings—opportunities to choose again, to center in spirit, to make your decisions. By making the decisions always again and again to follow the light, that great inner light, which lights every being in the world, every human being, you begin to become attuned; you begin to become finely tuned; you begin to become a more and more meaningful participant, in the joyful creation of peace on earth and good will among men.

Providence declares that this is the destination of a civilization, to eventually reach a realm and an age of light, life, peace and joy. Altruism, service, good will, and we tell you even when these times have been reached, individuals will experience opportunities for decision making, challenges in their lives, obstacles to overcome. It is a part of the human condition and of the divine plan, that you have many opportunities for decision making. These are part of the abundance that is provided for you.

So when you have made your decisions based in that profound and sacred space, the dedication and devotion of your will to doing the Divine Will, move ahead with confidence and trust, joyful expectation, and this very attitude itself will begin to bring more of these things and their bounty, and their beautiful results, into your lives.

We would ask you now, to sometime within the week ahead, become conscious of your choice making, your decision making, and rededicate it, rededicate your intention and your will to moving ahead in some area of your life, according to inner guidance. We know that you do this often; we ask you to simply keep track of one incident and choice, and note for yourself the outcomes, the results, and the continued out-workings. It is our hope that as you do this, you will begin to more consciously cooperate with that inner guidance, because you see and feelingly experience more of the beauty in life experiences.

Would you accept this task if we tell you it is your responsibility to be joyful? To discover what has made you joyful in the past, reflect a moment on aspects of your life, and especially of your relationships, that you can find true, deep appreciation for. Do you discern that in looking for things in your life to appreciate and be thankful for, you are tapping into streams of joy? Is there any one of you who would not continue to choose streams of joy, in comparison?

You may notice in observing yourself, your actions, your decisions, and your joyfulness. When you are flowing in those cosmic streams, of your bounty and joy and goodness, there is also the feeling that you are part of a team, that you are not alone. Let me tell you that this is an accurate observation; this is a true perception. So to conclude our discussion of providence today, we are here again to say, everything needful is given—and this is not to be interpreted in the means that everything material is given to you, but that all opportunities to make decisions, which lead you God-ward to higher consciousness, to survival—all these things are provided for you, day-by-day, moment-by-moment.

We hope that as you have examined the incidences in your life, which we mentioned today, and asked you to look for and reflect upon, that you see that this is so, and that your understanding helps your trust to grow. There is another here who would address you briefly. It is Mantutia, our supervisor.

MANTUTIA: It is Mantutia, a Melchizedek. We have in the past, requested of this group, to agree and take on a responsibility of some kind, within the community, as a team or group effort. Again, we bring this request before your group, and we ask that as you move into the social time of your afternoon, that you would lightly discuss and brainstorm this idea. Define one project that you can do together; this is a request, not a demand, but we suggest it because it has ramifications in outcomes, which we would find desirable for you to experience, both as a group, and as individuals. We ask again that you consider this task and your willingness to take it on. We do not ask for a continuing commitment, but we do ask you to be of service as a group in some way that you have chosen together.

Now, if you do decide to accept this suggestion or challenge—however you may see it—you will not be alone in the cooperative venture that you choose. You will have angels and teachers at your sides. This is something we wish for you to experience for your growth, development, and yes, for your joy. We ask again with respect, that you consider this request this afternoon, and we thank you for your willing cooperation and continuation, with receiving these messages, listening to our lessons, applying them in your lives.

It is through the willing cooperation of human hearts and minds that the will of God is done on earth, and true progress is made toward the ideal times. Thank you again, for your cooperation. We love and respect you, and we appreciate your efforts, your intelligence, your intention, your devotion, your loyalty, as individuals and as a group. Good day, my friends; blessings upon you. The great Father and Mother of the universe love you and cherish you, and you are never alone. Good day.

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