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SCO50 – Abundance

2009-08-22 Eregon; Michael – Abundance

– Aug. 22, 2009 – SCO #50

Southern Colorado TeaM, #50
Pueblo, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, and Michael

Topics: Abundance
Summer gardens and harvest
Nourishment of body and soul
Showing sincere gratitude
Appreciating abundance
Enriching the lives of others
Challenges, decisions and actions
Abundance, is it a blessing or a curse?
Challenges are abundant in the universe
Michael shares his birthday joy

TR: Jo Ann

August 22, 2009

EREGON: We are with you; we greet you; we enfold you in our loving, spiritual embrace. We are happy to be your companions on your mortal journey. Trials and tribulations, joy and accomplishment, enthusiasm and valor, mercy and kindness—and love! We welcome you to our presence as well. We thank you for being with us and being willing to listen, and to apply in your lives the lessons and wisdom we share with you, from the larger reservoir of wisdom and experience that we share with each other. This is Eregon.

We have asked of you to accept the task of a group project, to do something useful in the world. We have noted that an opportunity is appearing, which some of you have agreed to participate in, and we applaud this. We thank you for considering and participating.

Our lesson today is on “abundance” and is one of abundance. As you begin to enjoy the harvest of the many fruits of your gardens, the summer melons, the farmers’ markets, you can increase in yourselves the appreciation of divine planning and design, in the creation of perfect foods for your bodies’ perfect nourishment. We ask you each to think of those crops, which are growing in your yards, with appreciation, and yes, with wonder at the perfect providence and intricate design of not only these, but all the fruits and vegetables you find at your tables throughout the year.

As you tend your gardens and begin to harvest, remember that as your souls are nourished by the companionship of spirit, so are your gardens nourished by your loving kindness and care. It is not simply the water, the perfect spot, the soil, and the sunlight that you make sure is provided for them by placing them properly, it is also your tenderness as a gardener that enriches the value of the nutrients in these very foods. If you are able to see as we see, there would be a noticeable difference between a tomato, for example, harvested from a garden, and one harvested from an agribusiness. Aside from production methods, there is still a difference.

It is good to be wise in the choice of what you nourish your bodies with, but even if you bring home from your grocery stores, foods that have been raised without care, you can energize these in your home. Just as there is more to you than the appearance of your physical form, so is this true of the foods that you eat, and in this season—at least in your area of harvest abundance—it is both wise and good to give thanks. In the practice of blessing food before a meal, we heartily recommend—especially when it is done, not as merely lip service or habit, but with conscious participation—bringing the energies of the universe to enrich these foods to even higher levels of effective nourishment.

Do you appreciate the great and grand abundance of food in your lives? So many generations of your ancestors worked hard to grow food during the summers, so that they could get through the winters on what they could preserve and keep. This has never truly been a concern for any of your generation, for even if you were farmers and your crops failed, there was always the ubiquitous grocery store. Do you realize what a gift this is to have available in your lives? If you were forced to create your own foods for sustenance, year-round, you would find it difficult in the northern climates, less difficult in the southern climates, and yet there are people who live in friendly climates for multiple crops, who have no abundance of food, even today, in many places in this world.

Again, we tell you, you can increase the value of the nutrients in your food by blessing, using Reiki or praying over it, and giving thanks for the availability of this energy. You can raise the quality of fairly low value foods in this way, as well. And we repeat, this is not a matter of habit or lip service, but of consciousness, awareness and intention. Yes, you experience abundance in many areas of your lives that those before you could not have imagined, and even so, many in other places on this planet would still find it difficult to imagine.

Abundance is something difficult to appreciate when you are born into it, have experienced it daily in your lives. Can you tweak your imaginations to begin to feel the bounty that surrounds you and is available to you? It is likely you realize, if you had been born into another culture, in another country, on another continent, you might not have experienced many of the things which you take for granted. And as well, there are people who experience much greater abundance in their lives than each of you have, who find it difficult to comprehend their own friends having difficulty with finances.

Would one have to be an accomplished writer of fiction to actually, truly immerse and imagine circumstances other than their own? Can you bring into your awareness, images of children in other parts of the world, that you might have seen in magazines, or on television, or online, children whose needs are great, while their families resources are small. Can you wonder what it would be to grow up in such a world, where your serendipity and your experience of abundance are often correlated, and you are so thankful for the smallest gift of food, of pocket change, and sometimes even water? Do you ever wonder how you might impact the lives of such people in a positive way?

Do you feel that donating money is not the kind of gift you wish to give? You could look at your globe, pick a spot on the world where you know there is poverty, put your finger on it and choose to pray daily. Again, this is not just a lip service prayer, but the intention of sending loving energy. You could do this as a group, if you desired. As you struggle through your daily lives in times of challenge and change, the fact and experience of sharing and giving, both in the material and in the energetic sense, will enrich you as much as it enriches the receivers.

Abundance and plenty cannot be had without community and culture. Can you find a place in yourselves to be grateful for the community and culture that you have around you, that is your framework for life? We will have a moment of silence for you to reflect on these things. And do you see that there are challenges living in every level of culture, from the greatest poverty to the level of almost obscene abundance? Whereas at one end it is difficult to keep the body functioning properly, with no nutrition and scarcity of water, clothing and shelter; at the other end of the scale, it is difficult to keep the soul healthy. You have seen it; you have experienced it; you have witnessed it. When there is an over abundance of material wealth and possessions, people can sometimes be so distracted by maintaining these things, and their physical comforts from them, they can neglect their spiritual well-being.

Of course, this is not simply a possibility for those who have excess wealth. You live in complicated times, with myriad distractions. Although those with fewer distractions may find it easier to stay on the spiritual path, they find their faith tested more often. The complication of your lives stems a lot from the abundance of communications systems that you have. While you have abundance in the ways and means of getting in touch with people all over the place at any time, you are beginning to have a poverty of privacy. Many of you find it difficult to find a moment of isolation. Many of your culture are connected to some kind of media, constantly: Television, telephone, computer. But again, you have with this abundance, the ability to choose. You can choose that which is enriching and uplifting, soul nourishing.

Abundance. Is it a blessing or a curse? Yes there are elements of both in all kinds of abundance. It is really a huge topic. And we counsel you to choose wisely. What you partake in of the abundance in your lives, whether it be food, possessions, nicer houses, larger cars, cell phones that feed you with every kind of communication—choose wisely where you focus your attention. Remember to focus on spirit sometimes. Perhaps you would consider blessing your communication devices, as you do your food, so that the contacts that come to you through them are enriched and uplifted, with the energetic intention you have put out into and through the instrument and into the airwaves in cyberspace.

Enjoy your abundance, children. We ask you to attempt from time-to-time, to settle quietly in your minds, and appreciate what you have. And what you have is not just your home, your transportation, your possessions, it is also the benefit of all the inventions and progress that came before your lives, and during your lives. Most of you can remember simpler times, when there were a few radio stations. Possibly you can remember before there was a television in your homes as children. Simpler times, where the value of relationships was more apparent, where building relationships was much easier because there were not distractions everywhere, interruptions frequently. Yes, it is true, this abundance in which you exist creates problems and challenges.

Yet we tell you there is abundance in opportunities and choices. No one is exempted from having challenges, problems in their lives to solve, hurdles to overcome, from those who live in the greatest poverty, to those who live in, as we said, nearly obscene levels of abundance. Challenges will always be there; that is part of the abundance of the universe! And even if your lives were much more simple on the material plane, the challenges would be there. They become opportunities for you to make choices and decisions and take actions. When these choices, decisions and actions are based solidly on your spiritual foundation, the rest of it seems to fall into place. Have you noticed that this is so?

We thank you for your attendance and your listening, and we are open to questions.

Jo Ann: No questions?

[[Note: There seems to be a shift in the TR at this point, possibly Pamela?]]

EREGON: We ask you to take a moment to deepen your centering and listening. We ask if there are others among you who are hearing your celestial teachers today. Perhaps you hear the same phrase, repeated over and over, or see a phrase in light, scribed before your closed eyes. Pay attention for a moment; see if you can perceive us. And if you do, would you be willing to translate, to the best of your ability, what you are receiving?

Student: I was getting the message that the reason I have not been able to do it is because I don’t do it on a consistent enough basis. I need to meditate on it every day, morning is better, and practice.

TR: That’s good, you heard!

Student: I often feel the presence of Nebadonia. I also very often think I see something, and I turn my head and nothing is there, and I think this is my spiritual friends. Is this, or just a shadow passing by?

Jo Ann: Close your eyes, it is. And listen.

Student: Well, I think it is my helpers.

Jo Ann: Anybody else?

Student: Open mic!

EREGON: Thank you for being willing to learn, to listen. This is and has been one of our goals, that more and more of you can hear, perceive in some way, your spiritual friends and companions. You are not alone; you are well loved. And we would so delight in your ability to feel the companionship that is available to you.

Our Lord, Master and Father Michael has a short message for you all.

CHRIST MICHAEL: My dear children, it is this weekend that many of you who read The Urantia Book, are celebrating my birthday. I feel your love and gratitude. I still treasure my experience on your home planet, and have great affection for all the peoples, of the many cultures of your world. We are family; thank you for taking the time to learn about my life among you, to love me, and to wish to share me with your fellows. I love each of you; I am always ready to hear both the burdens and the joys of your hearts and spirits. You are dear to me and always will be.

Go about doing good and be of good cheer. I cheer you on, and it is truly with both, the Brotherly and Fatherly love, that I embrace each of you, my dearest ones. Good day.

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