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SPK13- Spiritual Understanding

1994-02-23-Spiritual Understanding
Spokane #13


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual Understanding
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
 3.3.1 Growth, Understanding
o 3.4 Dialogue
 3.4.1 Fusion
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Spiritual Understanding
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Simeon


In this meeting I wanted to work on clarity and focus to try to be as clear as possible, and to let go of my attachment to the words – T/R)


AARON:  In your efforts to attain understanding we would gladly oblige and attempt to offer forth upon you. This is a noble sentiment for understanding, and though your heart purpose is in the proper place, it may not be that you are ready. Your mindal willingness is hampered by your fearful uncertainty to allow this process to go away from you, but we will attempt to see to what levels you will allow yourself to receive understanding.

Growth, Understanding

AARON:   It has been the time for a new way of establishing a purpose among the followers of Christ Michael. There is no time being awaited into the future. This is what we are driving you towards, to realize that you are making your statement of purpose now in your efforts towards growing in the light. Understand that you are all still creatures of the material realm and have a vertical pull which draws you into the physical even as you struggle so valiantly to stay in the spiritual. This is the symmetrical balance which organizes your thought patterns and action to the reality of circumstance, while always offering you a glimpse towards what can lie beyond.

You have drawn much effort in this way of attaining spiritual understanding and it is applauded. As you go towards becoming more enlightened as to your purpose, you can be assured that a more enhanced effort will be given to you. As your willingness increases, so will our efforts increase. As you open your mind to the possibilities which lie before you, then we will attempt to bring into your new conception information pertaining to this enlightenment.

We will not introduce completely foreign concepts, for we are not a revelatory commission. We are commissioned to establish, to enhance, and enlighten upon the revelatory material which has already been offered, and as you as individuals seek to understand the concepts presented within this, we gladly will come forth to present clarity in this.

How often do you find that you are given no sign for your wish to be miraculously transformed? It is glorious that you have been given this enlightenment. We need not stretch the boundaries further than you are stretching them yourselves.


B: I was wondering if you could give guidance as to group guidance and how that is coming along? Is there a procedure that would be best to move towards?

AARON:  : Do you have a hard time understanding why it is that you are flailing away with less understanding than what you strive to know? Hard it is for you to realize that you are engaged in a process that is not easy to understand. More so, it is difficult to understand, and not easy to accept.


D: Has fusion taken place with you?

AARON:  : Most definitely this has occurred with my being and it is a formal expression.

D: Are you one now with your Thought Adjuster?

AARON:  : I am. We are together. Understanding,—it clarifies the presence. Though we could communicate prior, there is somehow an outlook that is enhanced by this occurrence which allows me to see with a vision that before had eluded me. I know that I am more capable now of understanding, and am free to pursue without wonder for where I stand. Does this clarify?

D: Thank you, yes. Do you see us differently now? Through different eyes?

AARON:  : In terms of realizing my approach to you and how I would relate, I have clarified that I need not be so personal I find that in affectionate relationship we can grow closer, but this same embrace can hamper the spiritual growth of the participants if it is not tempered with understanding.

D: I know that B. has missed you, but I know that he is very happy for you.

AARON:  : Yes. This is true and I know this, and though we have changed in our relationship to each other as regards this mission, we remain bonded by friendship and will communicate when need and possibility arises. The relationships we start here don’t end here. We don’t see you as spiritual children. We see you as spiritual brothers and sisters, and when you move on you can find assurance that we will work together in universal enlightenment.

D: Aaron, did you gain a lot of knowledge with fusion of your Thought Adjuster, maybe not in your particular case, but in the case when the Adjuster has prior experiences of indwelling? When fusion takes place do your absorb the knowledge of those beings?

AARON:  : Yes, I have found freedom in understanding that surpasses my ability to explain. I know who I am and I know who I was. They are the same, but now I am focused with a much broader view of understanding. I see prior existence within my being. That is me, but yet it was not my knowledge before this occurred. I have become what I was meant to be all along, yet before I did not see who was a part of me. It is difficult to explain, but the connecting piece of my Father, which I am, had prior experience and that is all understood now, a sense of values which have enhanced what I can see and relate to. It is not as confusing as it may seem when you understand that a short time ago I was unaware of who I really was, but now I see who I am and who I always was without knowing. I hope I have not befuddled you.

D: No. Thank you. That was most clear. I understand very clearly. I thank you for being so personal.

AARON:  : I thought you would understand a little more, and feel now that I am here to guide all and have always considered you as my student. Know that with the glorious teachings of Michael that come to you, that there is so much experiential understanding that you can attain through connection to the spirit forces resident here in His service.

D: I know this to be true also. I look forward to continued communications with you and I am sure B. is excited to hear from you on an individual basis or in a gathering. He would be delighted. Welcome back. We’re glad you’re here.

AARON:  : Thank you. Friends has such a broad scale of understanding to it, but if it is broken down to its components, there is simply trust, tolerance, loyalty, patience, and love. I feel all of these towards each of you, as I know we all feel towards each other. Let us grow stronger in this.

D: Aaron I look forward also to someday working side by side in a teaching mission with you as spiritual brothers on the same level.


AARON:  : I look to this as well, knowing full well that this is already occurring, minus the attainment status. It’s growing, and you will know more of this soon.

D: Thank you Aaron. Glory to our Father and glory to His universe

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