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SPK14- Thought Adjuster Perception

1994-03-04-Thought Adjuster Perception
Spokane #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Thought Adjuster Perception
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, VanEl
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Lesson
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Thought Adjuster Perception
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, VanEl
TR: Simeon


(This is the first transmission of the second Spokane group, which is devoted to spiritual talk, support, and discussion. From here on, sessions will be designated as TM for this group, or UBTM for our combined Urantia Book study and transmission group.)


VANEL:  I am pleased to make your acquaintance. I am VanEl. I am a Midwayer associated in this region. Today I have come to speak to you about your perception, for you have all extended yourselves in the effort to attain a higher sense of awareness.


VANEL:  You feel that you are uneasy at times with regard to the occurrences which come into your life. You have a functional partner in your Thought Adjuster which extends ministrations to you. You have a responding mind and your awareness of His strokes of effort are perceived on different levels. This creates for you knowledge and understanding partially.

You must not feel that you have to be separated from this perception, for you can receive input from your own mind as well. It is the integration of the concepts you receive with your mind that brings around the whole of your awareness.

I have the opportunity to engage with the Adjusting presence when spiritual guides come to pass forth communication. In this it seems interesting, the conjoint activities which occur between your inner presence and the outer workings of the spiritual world. You can gain so much more in perception if you utilize the time you have been given. Hold understanding dear and knowledge supreme. Expand . I would let you go, but have enjoyed this effort.

Frosty: I want to thank you VanEl for coming, and hearing from you again, it’s been quite a while. I was surprised to hear that you were here. Thank you.

VANEL:   Seek wisely through your friendships ways to serve throughout society. By joining in small groups with understanding of love and open hearts you can achieve the ability to have the confidence to go out where you do not feel so comfortable.

Place into your being the feelings you have for the friendships you derive from each other, from giving of the unconditional love and acceptance knowing the versatility that each have while having a commonality that you all strive for the same goal. when you go forth to plant the seeds you have within you in this realm this sustenance that you place there when such gatherings as this take place, adding from the preachers that you go forth to meet, and to know that all have within them a need to know of Michael’s love.

Sustain yourselves with each other’s love and friendship and support, to know that it is there even though you may be absent from each other and on your own journeys. Pull from each other’s strength and abundance of love that you all gather from Michael to put forth into the world. To have the mental attitude and ability to go to each other when out in the field and ask for the other’s confidence and support and know that it is there for you.

I truly am confident that you will all do the best within your abilities to do the will of God to be great planters of seeds, to help grow and cultivate many gardens. Begin now to build your strength within each other for the other to be there strong for each other, for this is needed for what you will be doing. To expect to go out alone without your brothers and sisters there to support you is not healthy. To know you have all of Michael’s strength within you. His courage abounds in you to go forth, but to know that you have each other’s strength and support is also very needed.

We’ll help to make you whole, help you to open up more readily to other’s needs. To turn your life over to the Father and also know that you can lean on each other when needed, this also is a great soul builder. To allow that within yourselves, that you knowingly will allow the other to lean on you is good, but will you allow yourself to lean on them when needed?

Make your commitments to this today, for you will flourish by the simple knowledge that you have each other’s support, that when you leave this room you will not go out and be completely on your own as you sometimes feel, that the belief that you have in each other will support you through tidal waves. Michael’s hand is with you and guides you. Take each other’s hands to guide you also, for when one sees darkness, the other one will see light. When one is in a snowstorm, the other one will be on an island paradise. Rely upon this my friends, for you will find that it will make it much easier to go out to plant your seeds. You will have more confidence in knowing that someone is in total support of what you are doing.

MICHAEL:  This is Michael. I come to you today to bless you each and give you my love. My confidence is with you my apostles. Open yourselves to me and my Father and go forth hand in hand to help to heal your planet. Bless you my children.

AARON: : For your expression of thought and purposes you have received the bestowing presence of the Lord Michael. Allow the entrance of his intuitiveness into your being. Sensitize yourself to the needs of others. Bring forth upon your being the knowledge of ministry as it pertains to serving others. Your needs of an inner longing become truly satisfied as you outwork your spiritual longing upon your fellows. Enter Truth—this spirit—upon your being.

I am Aaron. Graceful does describe the Master’s work here on Urantia, for it was truly artistry to see his outworking upon his fellows. Utilize this art form more directly in your lives. You will find growth beyond measure as you take this inner knowledge and send it. How are you doing Douglas?


Doug: I’m sorry. I was seeing something in my mind.

Frosty: He asked how you were doing.

Doug: I’m doing fine Aaron, thank you.

AARON: : That is good. Have you found the vocalization which satisfies your need to express this ministry on your fellows?

Doug: I would say that I am working at it, finding it, getting very close.

AARON: : You are doing very well. Michael aids you in your expression of purpose. He is fully satisfied with your potential longings and desires. He knows where your pursuit lies. Enlightenment of your fellows is a noble effort.

Doug: I’m touched at your words.

AARON: : How are you doing Frosty?

Frosty: I’m doing okay Aaron. Seems like I’m just working through a lot of things now, core issues that seems to stick with me. I’m hard on myself because they’ve been with me so long now that I want to be free from them. I think that I probably block the freedom I could achieve if I could just let it go and if I hover above them I might do better than if I give them control.

I get so much help from the teachers. I’m very appreciative of that. I feel like I’m doing real good. I feel like I just want to get on with it, and then I think, “on with what?” and then I realize I am on with it. I go in and out of that a lot. I guess I’m an intuitive person, where I just want to get from here to there. I don’t want to do all the stuff in the middle. That maybe hinders me too. I don’t know.

AARON: : I know how you feel, for I often would have liked to step to the top of the platform without touching any of the preceding steps which led to the top. Your brightness is glorious. Your growth is profound. Take where you are and let it be a realization in itself for where you have come. Would you have imagined even five years ago that you would have been here today?

Frosty: No. I don’t even know who I was five years ago. I can’t even look back and picture that person anymore. I’ve changed a lot since then.

AARON: : It is not so much that you have changed as you have allowed yourself to come from that which has encircled you. Slowly each circle is breaking to let out the real truth of your being. You will grow more when you decide to let the past and your fears crumble from you and take up residency with the mind of Christ on a permanent basis. Your striving in this area is noted and feel that you can be of great service to your fellows in the smallest and the largest of ways. Belief in yourself is all that is required.

Frosty: I guess that’s why the book Forgiveness fell off the shelf at me. (Laughs) To accept and get on with it. I am really coming into that awareness now and realizing how important that is. Thank you for your words Aaron. I really appreciate talking to you.

AARON: : I appreciate seeing you here, for I have often witnessed your presence in the group efforts with Elyon, but so little time have I had to vocalize my thoughts to you. Feel free to accept my communication at any time.

Frosty: Thanks, I will

Doug: Aaron, I don’t wish to put you on the spot. I have a question for you and I don’t even know if you know. But during this session I saw something. It was brilliance of light and then the figure appeared in the middle of it which startled me. Is there any way you would know about this at all or is there any way that you can find out? ..

AARON: : The emplacement touch upon your mind of our Creator impressed you as such, much as others have a thought transference capacity. This is how your mind formalizes Contact.

Doug: Thank you very much

AARON: : You are welcome. I would talk to Bob, but he would not allow me through him, so I would transfer to one of you if you are willing.

Frosty: Sure. You can come through me Aaron.

AARON: : My brother friend Bob, you too are like a light. Look upon yourself as such. See your brilliance that is trying to reach the surface. Do not cauterize yourself any longer. Open and herald to the echo in your mind that states for you and imparts upon you the trueness of your being. Do not keep yourself locked up, but allow yourself to just break through as a bird breaking through his shell, that once that first crack, that opening, is made the brilliance of the light that is shining upon you is there for you to see.

Simply start cracking open that shell to gaze about in wonderment of what it would be like to see the world for the first time. To not view it through your perception of keeping yourself closed in the manner that you sometimes hide behind old patterns, traits, or mannerisms that will not allow you to see this brilliant light. You have been striving to see this light and when it is almost there for you, you shield your eyes.

Just allow yourselves to step forth into this brilliance. It is but a small step for you all. You are so close. Do not allow the material part of you to hold you back any longer. Risk my friends, risk. The brilliance of the light of Michael is in this room right now, ready to receive parts of you that you have not allowed to open to him. Give yourselves over and know what good hands you are in. The best my friends. To my cherished friend Bob, take to heart how far you have come and strive daily for the light, to focus upon Michael and your source of being. Any questions Bob?

Bob: Thank you Aaron for your words. I have a hard time feeling the passion that takes me into that light. I do on occasion but I’m afraid to let it shine too brightly sometimes, because I’m afraid others might think I’m strange. I guess it’s just my worry of being perceived differently than is comfortable for me.

AARON:  Yes. It is very easy to stay in the comfort zones, and at the same time know that comfort zones keep one trapped. Take a little higher road each day and know that you can see with morontia vision. To think of it, to go out and be able to see your brothers and sisters with morontia vision, to see the God fragment within each and the brilliant light that shines upon the earth with love. By risking to go this far for yourself you will be able to get past other blockages and bondage that now come back and disrupt you and discourage you from going forward. Go to their souls and talk directly to their souls, to their heart, without getting knocked down by their walls.


AARON:  I will now take my leave. I benefit greatly by interacting with you and after my recent journey I wish I could show you on a very small level what you have to look forward to. It is truly profound and words cannot even begin to describe, but you are all on the journey to become. My love to you. Goodbye.

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