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SPK15- Material Knowledge – Spiritual Understanding

1994-03-08-Material Knowledge Spiritual Understanding
Spokane #15


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Material Knowledge, Spiritual Understanding
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Gabriel
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Attainment
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Transmitting
 3.3.2 Fusion, Communication
 3.3.3 Prayer
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Material Knowledge, Spiritual Understanding
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Gabriel
TR: Simeon


AARON:  Welcome all, to the place for perfecting, the battlegrounds of choice, the arena for deliverance from the knowledge of the material to the ever encompassing embrace of the spiritual.


AARON:   You show how hard you try by the effort towards attaining the goals of mastery within the embrace of Michael your Creator Son, and with the Adjusting presence guiding you. Step into the awareness that you are part and feel you have no place to be but here, in the pursuit of the Father of all. Hope begins this journey through an ever wondering sense of excitement. Believe the truth to be your guide. Join with Him as a part of the extended Family of God. Status has no hold upon your growth, for your efforts are all that is required to be seen from the highest light. Pursue what you know to be true.

When you have the time to share, give it over, for your Father is patiently waiting. Send your thoughts to him increasingly and ever more frequently, for this attunes yourself to His purpose, guiding you through from one step to another. This brings you comfort and a surety. I hand you greetings friends. I am Aaron. I feel it is good that I can be in your presence. Know this satisfaction for myself is as strong as any satisfaction you can contain. Lift your sights always higher. Don’t look down. The safety net is there. Your faith makes this known. Would there be any questions this evening?


Sh: Aaron I was wondering, when you’re transmitting through B1, would it be possible for the same messages to come through me or anyone else here at the same time, or is it just a one on one circuit?

AARON: : In essence you can pick up on the thoughts. The connection is through one unless otherwise prescribed. A good reason for you to pursue in your telepathic efforts is so you can connect to each other more knowingly. Often the transference can come unknowingly through this. In simple answer, it just depends on how many people are knocking at the door. Does this answer you?

Sh: Yes. I think that maybe a good exercise for us would be, with your help, to try this amongst ourselves. Through a transmitter and a thought and by effort on the rest of our parts to see if maybe we can work together on our transmissions that way. What do you think of that?

AARON:: What a marvelous suggestion. Straighten up and listen in. Calm down. I will send a thought. I would ask B1 to hold it for a moment. This effort is not always easy. Share what you felt.

B1: “Peace brings quiet knowing”, that’s what I got.

R: I got, “Give over in trust to the Father.”

Sh: I got, “Father is love.”

S: I got, “The message is clear.”

AARON:: It is a strengthening to allow yourselves to step out on this limb. Useless cannot describe the efforts here, for you already know the connection comes when you try. Imperfect vehicles for communication as you are, you will see a certain feeling expressed in each of your remarks that overrides the word.

P: Aaron, may I ask a question?

AARON:: Yes, you may.

P: What is the gift that is given to B1 by you, through to him, through this transmission?

AARON:: What is the gift I have given to him?

P: The gift to B1.

AARON:: In effort, he receives insight, purely for his own growth at beginning. The outworking of this effort, which is inconsequential to me personally is that he shares more and is willing to expand his consciousness, skeptical as he sometimes is. He finds too much wrong with himself and not enough good in himself, though his capacities for this are enlarging and his capacity to love and pursue that is growing. Does this answer you?

P: Yes it does. Thank you Aaron.

AARON:: You are welcome friend.

Fusion, Communication

R: Do I understand correctly Aaron that you are now a fusion status ascendant mortal?

AARON:: Yes you have understood correctly.

R: Congratulations.

Sh: Do you find yourself saying “Wow” again, a lot?

AARON:: In context of expression yes, but it is different. The unknowing creates the wow, and the knowing fills you. Content. They say this will pass when I find out that I haven’t reached the ultimate attainment levels.

B2: Does being fused help you to enhance your abilities to communicate?

AARON:: It gives me insight. It does not particularly aid the transference. I understand that there is a wider approach and possibility for giving growth measures.

B2: Can you communicate with our Thought Adjusters that we might not be conscious of?

AARON:: To impart information for this growth I cannot, by measure, though the possibility for communication is there.

B2: I didn’t understand what you meant.

AARON:: I can communicate technically about different matters than in the particular mission here, but truly must connect utilizing other areas.

Sh: If we were to ask you to communicate with us tonight when we’re sleeping and with our efforts try to remember this, is that something you could just do?

AARON:: No. It can be approved and has been done before, but not without specific cause.

Sh: Would that be sort of like what happened to Mary and Joseph when they were to be told of Jesus?

AARON:: I cannot comment directly on their occurrences other than has been revealed within the context of the revelation, other than that Mary’s was an external visitation.

S: Aaron, can you tell us if we have as a group, celestial beings that watch over us, or guardian angels in pairs that watch over each individual in this group?

AARON:: Your want for information is noted and is admirable for your curiosity, but conjecture is a game that you play well as a group and should learn to diminish.

S: Aaron, your response makes me think that you would prefer that we ignore the possibilities that these celestial beings are present even though we cannot see them. Your response makes me feel that they would just as soon us not be aware of them or think about them or conjecture about them. Am I correct?

AARON:: Most of the information that you would need is in the Urantia Book and you know that you have guardian angels. I would not speak as to whether a specific pair for each. They certainly love to be noticed and untiringly devote their love and time to you.


S: Aaron, when I audibly speak the words of my prayer that always begins, Father God, Christ Michael and celestial beings present, this is my prayer. When I am audibly speaking these words, this prayer goes up from Urantia, but is it also heard by my guardian angels?

AARON:: Yes. It is how you address, and they are aware.

S: Are they just as keenly aware when I say these prayers silently?

AARON:: Yes.

S: Thank you Aaron.

B2: I find myself praying for ideas. I feel like I’m begging for suggestions. Is that a misguided effort? Is that something I’m supposed to come up with myself?

AARON:: I would not comment on quality of prayer, but would note what you do know on the mind levels which is that you are constantly given suggestions. Sometimes you feel the urge to act upon some. But all prayer is worthwhile to the extent that I it turns your attention to the Father. (Pause) I will have you witness a visitor this evening.

GABRIEL: I am Gabriel. I have made myself known to you so that you may draw inspiration for the increased outworking of Michael’s plans and purpose here on this little sphere. It is but a small separation of time since his inaugural visit and will be followed by greater activities in the future for you. He wills that all individuals realize the significance of their life and the value of their standing before the Father God who works unceasingly to draw his children into the embrace of His good spirit.

I come to acknowledge your dedication. I am here to salute and to rally, to provide incentive, and hope to make your efforts increase. It can appear to be lengthy as the events of our mission unfold in your time perspective, but all things are proceeding quite well.

Many high local universe personalities have established their work centers. Circuits are holding. You are unable to perceive this activity as it is beyond your contactual range, however we are quite busy and we are mindful of our human associates and always grateful for your efforts and exceedingly thrilled when you initiate your own projects in the furtherance of Michael’s goals.


I will retreat and leave you with a thought that your own eternal embrace of the Father, as your teacher Aaron has accomplished, is also but a short interval of time away. Your primary goal as a human being is to know him who knows you. Be in love. Farewell.

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