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SPK16- Curiosity

Spokane #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Curiosity
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Anitob
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Curiosity, Inquiry
• 4 Note

Topic: Curiosity
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Anitob
TR: Simeon


Father God, Christ Michael and attendant celestial beings, I pray that this evening’s Urantia Book study group will be in clear communication with our Thought Adjusters and through them receive the information and inspiration that will further the mission on this planet. For we human beings are the receptors for this spiritual information that will continue to bring forth the evolution of mankind and as we crest into the 21st century we are apparently able to disseminate this information which will ultimately bring us into the era of light and life. I pray Father God and Christ Michael that we as human beings live daily doing the Father’s will, through our relations with family and friends and people that we don’t know, that this will come out either through an unsolicited smile or some other generous gesture. I pray that this transmission tonight will be clear and I thank you very much for loving me and my family and friends. Amen.

Sh: Father I ask tonight that either you or Anitob speak through S. because she is receptive tonight and I think she’d be willing to try. S. just say what you hear. Just listen and say what you hear.


ANITOB:  In the beginning there was a glimmer of hope that this sphere could somehow be the progressive change, that missing link in human evolutionary will. Despite factors that have retarded the progress of this sphere, you all are doing very well. We are encouraged by the progress that this study group and others are making as far as the opening up of information that has long been held back from your willing ears. The time has come to progress in the furthering of this evolutionary experiment. We send you love tonight. All of us. We can only conjecture that this experiment and its outcome will ultimately change the needless loss in hopes and dreams.


S. has not been open until now and we are very happy that she’s accepted to listen and to speak the words that she hears.

B: Are you her teacher or are you some other being?

ANITOB:  : I am S.’s teacher

Sh: Well this must be a happy day for you as well then.

ANITOB:  : I have been patient

B: How is she taking this, S., from your perspective?

ANITOB:  : Susan is apprehensive and not quite sure if she is listening to actual words from her subconscious or whether it is real.

B: It seemed to be a very good message either way, and we’re all family so she doesn’t need to be apprehensive.

A: Would you let us know your name?

ANITOB:  : Anitob. A-n-i-t-o-b.

B: Well thank you for being here. Is there anything else you would like to say this evening?

ANITOB:  : I would like to speak again through S. if she is willing, but don’t want to force her. She will be ready in time, but I don’t want to scare her. Godspeed.

Sh: Notice the quiet when it’s over? You can definitely tell when it’s over, because it just get’s really quiet.

AARON: : I would make comment upon your learning capabilities which you are pursuing in this effort. I am Aaron. Hello friends.

Curiosity, Inquiry

AARON:  As you pursue understanding in this ministry, feel free to come forth with your inquisitive natures. Questioning has a sincerity level as well as any other factor and as I field your questions and as your fellow teachers and guides communicate with you, they take your questions. The answers come from the point of sincerity in which you ask the question.

Curiosity is both positive and negative in its effects; positive for leading you to the possibilities of further understanding and acceptance, negative in bringing about doubt, questioning, and sidetracking you from your true effort of a spiritual nature. I have never chosen to limit your questions to myself, for I feel that at the time that you would come forth with a question it is hard to understand within, the sincerity level you are at. I get aid in this from your angelic helpers.

I will not always answer to your satisfaction for a variety of reasons, one being the lacking of sincerity and as well you must know that at times the best answer is a non-answer, to bring you further growth, for you can pursue and understand from your own knowledge.

But here, with myself being a teacher, and I speak this with regards to your personal teachers as well, and you being the students, the best classroom atmosphere is to always ask when you don’t understand. The student who will not ask about the difficult algebra question is the one who is at home at night banging their head against a wall. So when you communicate with myself or others, feel free to ask of your uncertainty.

This rule goes out into your lives as well, for you must know that in all relationships you must learn to communicate with each other. By asking when you are unsure of something limits the doubt of their purpose and creates a bonding effect. Grow this amongst yourselves and with your outreach, that when you doubt or are unsure of something, to ask the teacher, or to ask who you are in question of before you make decisions. Congratulations sister for your communication efforts. Your teacher is elated. Would there be any questions?

Sh: Aaron, I have a question. I’m having a conflict in my mind as to what approach I should take with my son. Do you have some suggestions?

AARON: : Listen and learn by the signs which creep up.  B. is having difficulty because of his natural tendency for doubt, his need for information. I would ask him to clear.

B: In all honesty I’m not letting the answer come through because I’m…

Sh: That’s okay, you’re on medication.

B: No that’s not what it’s about. I’m afraid to be wrong and that’s why I’m holding it back. I’m trying to move past that. I hear Aaron admonishing me to let go of my fears.

A: Does J. have any questions?

J: A million of them running around.

A: Start with the first one.

Sh: Yes. It can be personal.

A: It can be very personal. If you don’t ask you won’t know.

J: Well, I just want to know if I’m really real, or if I’m just going through this?

AARON: : If you are really real?

J: Yes. Like if I’m questing after something that I really want, or am I just…

AARON: : To pursue is to be real. To stay in one spot is to die. Never doubt that your purpose is to go forward and to believe in your dreams. Someone else’s dreams for you are not your dreams, and so what you have is what drives you inside. Your Father Fragment indwells you as any other. Do not doubt that His purpose for you is to bring you to Him by a willing. Follow. And yes, you are really real.

Sh: I think J. is taking some giant steps in her spiritual growth right now and I also think her doubts are almost a good sign because we know she’s thinking about it now.

AARON: : Doubts are not always bad. They cause you to reflect upon where you are at, where you have been, where you are going, and then you decide and move on. When doubt becomes a problem is when it holds you still, causing your fear to hold you back.

Sh: Even though J. hasn’t requested or been given a teacher like we have, can you explain how it’s possible that she can still hear the answers within herself?* Aaron: She certainly has guidance involved with her spiritual growth. One does not need to belong to a certain effort to gain the participation of a celestial guide. A celestial personality, other than guardians and the Thought Adjuster, is assigned during any time in which the individual takes on a more definite spiritual course or action, either temporary or long term. This serves to bring an ascendant viewpoint into the circle of celestial advisors. She has a…

Sh: Aaron, we are trying to start a woman’s group where we gather together. I hope you were there the other day. I’m sure Miriam was. I think we’re starting to make real progress in dealing with the negative attitudes that we’ve had, and I’d like to invite you to be with us at the meetings and at any moment that you feel you have something to say, please say what you feel.

AARON: : I am present during your efforts and if not in person because of conflicts, certainly others are there. You have stepped forward to create and be a part of this growing. Utilize your understanding to share knowledge and uplift. I do not teach so that you must keep this all to yourselves. This growing that will come about more definitely in time will, in all hopes from our side, cause a shift in enlightenment and understanding, a reduction of fear and stress, and a pursuit of happiness and joy in the spiritual world. Your beginnings to outreach this is in no little measure relative to the apostolic missions following Christ’s departure. As apostles you are when you follow in heart and mind your Creator Father Michael. Keep his love in mind.

Sh: Well thank you Aaron. Thank you for being with us tonight.

AARON: : Thank you for listening, and know that with a prompting and some time for reflection that you may ask this question again of B. if you would set a time to do this. I feel as well, to support your quest for understanding, this can easily be done through your own guide Miriam or myself, for I would come to you. But because of this fear base established which

B. so easily puts in front of personal questions, I would appreciate it if you would allow him the opportunity to grow through his hesitation.

Sh: Well we promise to keep pushing B. We’ll take him to his limits.

AARON: : This is what he is afraid of. (Laughs)

A: We’ll push him over the edge.

AARON: : He bounces. Thank you. I will see you again.

Sh’s question was answered privately at a later time.

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