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SPK17- Keep Lessons Simple

1994-03-18-Keep Lessons Simple
Spokane #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Keep Lessons Simple
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantia, Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Keep Lessons Simple
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Malvantia, Elyon
TR: Unknown


MALVANTIA: Redeem your coupons of value so that you can persist on with your adventure in life fully compensating for the trials and errors that you will face each day. Keep tidy your minds and clean swept, to do your daily housekeeping in order to fulfill your destinies as leaders upon your planet. The lessons have been given threefold in order to help you to maintain the regimen and to keep our toolboxes filled. Then as each opportunity comes up you have readily available solutions in order to guide and show your brothers and sisters of the love of the Father.

If you dwell on giving no other lesson that this you will be helping a great deal. To keep it simple is easier than to complicate your mission to fulfill the quest of the Father’s love for his children that all are of equality brothers and sisters. Do not complicate with ideas, ideals, versions, rather simplify in relating what the Father’s undying, unconditional love does for you in your progression. To simplify with teaching of the ascension, that to unfold into the Master’s arms and embrace that, will quench all thirst and fill all gaps. Keep your goal fresh in your mind. One simple goal that the Father loves you and pull his light through to shine upon others.

This is Malvantia. I welcome you today and pleas to you to take out the complications you may see or feel, and simplify it down to what is really important. When you have opportunities, the simpler and clearer you communicate, the better. When your devotion to the Father and worship to the Father is real and you take your quiet time with Him each day, this will strengthen you in your communication with others, for you will not have to divulge much. Rather through your excitement and joy, this alone can sometimes be enough. It is not for preaching or control, rather to share your excitement and joy in what you have found and the freedom this love brings you, how it fills you with desire and love and devotion and respect rather than fear and control and judgement.

I speak to you today to know further of this love. Bring in greater understanding of this love, to broaden your shut up areas and introduce them to this love. It is through this love that you will feel and you will grow and strengthen. My love to you. Keep your prayer lines open, your communication open, your devotion strong, your worship constant, and realize that you are the teachers and wayshowers for other through this alone, for you have felt and touched upon a truth that not many know of and are afraid to experience. Thank you for your time today.


ELYON: Expression is so important in your outworking. As you bottle your feelings and depend upon your perception alone, you come to rely upon a partial source. It is important in your efforts to send out your thoughts and purposes as you feel them come to you. It is important to express your devotion and love to the Father and in understanding this, you must also be aware that your expression to others is a signal of devotion and love for your fellows.

If we were ti take and signal out one factor which we felt was more critical than any other in this ministry and which we see is stifled to some extent by well seeking intentions, it would be your expression to each other. We are not talking about how you communicate with the spiritual presences in your life. You do this very well. What we would talk to you about is how you close away your relating capacities by the misled notion of self denial, that in general you feel this somehow noble to keep to yourselves the individual goals, that in general you feel this is somehow a sign of controlling your ego and that this is restraining that you have proven to yourself.

We would tell you that in all efforts you been brought here because of your pursuit and goals and to stifle or section them off works in reverse of the intention which has brought you together for this ministry. What we would have you work towards is a process by which you can funnel these desires and efforts in such a manner which can produce a more directed effort with more lasting effects.

As individual effort is good and there is no dissatisfaction of these efforts among you. The group effort, the relating of goals and purposes, creates a forum whereby you can increase tenfold the potential for action and result, while at the same time you must always keep in mind your individual purposes and efforts. Do not feel that you must section yourself off from the expression to the whole of your values. Simply know where your pursuit is in common and realize where your pursuit must fall to the individual effort. Grow strong together and as well grow strong personally in your effort to attain the Father. This Elyon. It is good to speak to you friends. I would open for comment.


Frosty – I’d like to comment that it’s hard to find the balance on what you have spoken of. It’s so easy staying in a comfort zone. It’s like there’s a balance staying in the comfort zone, yet there’s always something there saying I’ve got to push a little harder, or I’ve got to do something to get out of there to experience a little more, and I guess I strive to always try to do something to pull me out of the comfort zone, but I find myself wanting to stay there.

Through all this I am trying to get to know who I am, the real character of who Frosty really is. I like to really be alone. I’m a real solitude type of person. I also think, “Well, is this really who I am, or am I staying in a comfort zone, not allowing myself out to experience more or learn more lessons.” But yet when I am in solitude I find a balance and if I allow when I’m balanced to be in solitude that’s okay, but yet when I’m feeling the need to get out to do something, I should allow myself to do that. Could you comment on that?

ELYON: – Listen child, to your own advice for it holds much merit. You do find comfort in solitude. This is relative to positive and negative reasons. Positive for your peaceful pursuit of spirit involvement and effort. Negative in your discomfort with group situations and how they can pull at you and create confusion. I would tell you to try staying in both places at once, that you can hold the frame of mind of peace while at the same time not disconnecting yourself from the fear of the confusion.

Group dynamics create a whole new set of problems that you would deal with and while your tendency is to, in time, shy away from this, you must work to move beyond that point. Know as well that you can bring the peace , the solitude with you as you can open this into your mind. All of this is a state of perspective, and in reflection, a state of mind. Peace is a state of mind and know how the Master always seemed to find the calm no matter the situation encountered. Does this help you?
Frosty – Yes. I was thinking while you were saying to carry peace, that to have that harmony with people, that I feel when I’m in solitude, is one of my major blocks. I need to get past the idea that I am my performance.

To bring that peace through and to find a way around that block and to live more in Michael’s mind and Michael’s light and Michael’s love will break the block. I find that that’s becoming so necessary for me more and more that it is my solution. To work on that more, rather than trying to work on useless tactics which will take care of the symptom temporarily rather than getting right to the core. Is that right?

ELYON: – Yes, you draw these connections together well and know that as you find the security and allow this to be controlling in your life, that you will have no impulse to become your performance. You will know that it is a blending that Michael, your Father, yourself, and the others you relate to are all a part of, in any encounter you deal in.

Frosty – Thank you, Elyon. You’ve helped me so much and I really love you and send my love to everyone that’s with us here today and I always try to open my heart to everything you say because I know that it’s always very beneficial to me.


ELYON: – Thank you for your dedication and love. I would let you know that you have helped me immeasurably as well. Do you hear it? The chirping, the sounds of the new season. After my sister Cindia spoke last week, can you feel yourself drawing it into you? Time is coming where you must find the balance and allow the springtime to be in your state of mind. That is what I would say today. Thank you.

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