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SPK18- Joy

Spokane #18


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Joy
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Anitob, Evanson, Miriam
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Teacher Contact, Second Coming
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Joy
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Urantia Book
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Joy
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Anitob, Evanson, Miriam
TR: Simeon

Teacher Contact, Second Coming

AARON: I would encourage free participation here, for this occurrence is not a singular activity. Lessons learned are not always of an informational nature. Many lessons come by practice and effort. I would like to engage in you to always be in effort towards awareness of your spiritual guides, hence your Father’s presence.

In this direct effort of learning I would encourage both types of communication: one, the lesson nature with follow up, and second, the shared participation of spiritual contact. Regarding past suggestions in doing such, it can be good to open the opportunities for everyone concerned by allowing the motion in a circle, so that all can feel the opportunity to present the spiritual advice coming to them. And know that for connection understanding we can also pick and choose who to come forth through, with your willingness of course.

I would encourage all of you to take the time to listen for spiritual advice, first and foremost in worship and reflection with the Father, and secondarily as a benefit to ourselves as teachers. You can know that in this atmosphere of seeking you have, that the guides are working with you regardless of your conscious perception, and if your effort tunes to this, you can have the opportunity to perceive. Tonight I would choose to stretch your limits just a little bit and ask you to tune in. The effort is all that is required.

ANITOB:  Hello, I am Anitob. I bring greetings and encouragement, for we are working for the same purpose, the preparation for Michael and his arrival. You all are doing well in your work and studies. The Urantia book is the stepping stone into a new era of light and life. We are most encouraged by your progress and gratified by the community spirit and love that you share while human.

EVANSON: Good evening I am Evanson. I am cleared for comment. I would like to draw your attention on joy.


EVANSON: The simple letters J-O-Y, can be associated with words to describe its effect. If you look at joy as that you are in just-our-youth, then whether happy or sad, elated or downcast, great time is available to accomplish your longings. Joy can pervade all swings. As you recognize in your children the displeasure when events feel out of their control and yet see from the adult perspective the harmony, you can project this upon your spiritual life and know that joy pervades all. Another perspective is that Jesus oversees, overcares, and overwatches you. With this assurance you have all that is necessary to triumph in every aspect of your life. I go now. Be in joy.


MIRIAM:  Hello out there. I am Miriam, of course. You knew that. (Laughter)

R: Hi Miriam.

MIRIAM: : We’ve come to rely on your happiness and joy as a source of our growth and love. Your laughter warms us. We giggle a lot too. You have to lighten up to feel the messages. It’s not so bad. Your inspiration concurs the love that is abiding. Always seek the lighter side. Fill the cup with love. Your faith deepens with every moment of trying. Be constantly aware of your consciousness for our Father. Consciousness is a key to staying on track. The road is long and winding and the curves may get you, but you can make up for it on the straightaways.

Sh: Come on Miriam. (Laughing)

MIRIAM: : This was to test you Sh. (More laughter) You see, we’re giggling now too. Joy and love be with you always. We are here.

AARON: This is Aaron again. The love within you keeps you moving forth to its sometime attainment. Hook up with this Partner of yours. Take His hand. The Father of all reaches to you and asks for your return. He is patient for your uncertainty, and tolerant to your decision process, and forgiving of any curve you may take. When you are seeking Him, you have all the slack to perform on the level which you find within you. Errors are knowledge gained by wisdom. Learn from your life, the positives as well as your seeming negatives.

The Master said that you would see the buoyancy of his goodwill and in many trying times the humor there served to lighten the tension and atmosphere. It is extremely important that you do not lose humor in your life. It is an uplift and it always feels good. I would take a few short questions this evening.

Sh: Aaron do you know us as numbers, or just by our names? Do we have numbers?

AARON: : Yes, you do.

Sh: Well I won’t ask what mine is. I know B. would just freeze right up. (Laughing)

AARON: : B. was already preparing his response for you. (Laughter)

S: So Aaron, welcome.

AARON: : And my friends also, they feel your welcome as well. Thank you. I would make note of your effort, each of you at seeking to find the highest approach in situations which come before you.

R: Aaron I’ve got a question regarding Thursday’s meeting coming up. This is in dual purpose, one to gain your insights, and the other to see if B. chokes. (Laughs) Would you have any insights into the benefit to be gained in this discussion group that is going to take place, in attempting to work out schedules of study and transmission group, and in different paths of growth. Could you comment please?

AARON: : To you R., I would tell you that this is good for its initiation and drawing together of individuals to sort out purposes and potentials. I would also tell you to look beyond the structure to see what is truly needed, and it is a bridge which is wide enough for many to walk across and embrace. You know the gifts you have. Let them work for you here.

R: Thank you.

Urantia Book

Sh: Aaron, do you guys have a Urantia book of some sort?

AARON: : We have a Satania book and a Norlatiadek and a Nebadon book, but yes there is the comparison. It isn’t so much written as it is perceived.

Sh: Is it your attempt with this knowledge to gather more for it, as we are with the Urantia book, or is it the outcome of your knowledge that is the important thing?

AARON: : It is what you gain, yes. And then, how you work that upon your fellows. As the time is drawing short, I would ask if there is any further question?


Then take yourselves forth this week and see if you can lighten the minds of your fellows from their struggles, utilizing of course, good humor and let your spirit touch with their’s. I would let you close with a chain of love if you wish, to share your energy by taking each other’s hands.  Send your love away and let the other’s come back in. Continue the procession. It is the touch which counts. Father bless these children for they are giving of such love.

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