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SPK19- Lead Them My Way

1994-03-25-Lead Them My Way
Spokane #19


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Lead Them My Way
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, Isaac, Elyon
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Sharing
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Healing

Topic: Lead Them My Way
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Michael, Isaac, Elyon
TR: Unknown


Prayer: Dear Michael good friend, we welcome you into our presence today and ask that your spirit endow us understanding into the ways of the Father. We hope that every place that we go is surely within your leading. May we always increase our understanding of who and what you are.

Another Prayer: Michael, I ask that you make us instruments of your love, that we can open more and more to greater depth and understanding of how to grow and guide others.

Bob: I felt like the air just picked up a hiss.

Doug: Yeah, I felt it about fifteen seconds ago.

Bob: That’s about when I first felt it too. Real peaceful. Herald and awaken, receive and renew. Many are with you today. Feel the presence. There are openings being made. You may be feeling things going on in you. Do not be alarmed, for we have come in full force to be with you, to sit with you in your quiet time. Be in peace and quietly sit with Michael much as his apostles did when he was here.

Connections are being made. You have all come to a time in your lives when you will not turn back. You have all made yourselves known into what you wish to do and we are here with you. As the apostles gathered around and listened for hours to the leadings of such a wise and tender man, so too do you have the opportunities to engage with his love.


MICHAEL: Children do you know the treasures that this] world holds? Beyond your sight and in your dreams there is I a bounty that is brighter than anything you’ve ever seen. Hold my hand and follow the will, for you I have called and you have chosen. Take the stage of your heart. Listen to the call of the wind. You know that it is time to engage your love upon your fellows.

When you administer to the growing spirit remember only that you are leading them my way. As a. faithful servant, ever recognize their intent and purpose of love. Listen and hear what they can give. Bring back the lost sheep, for they only need to see where there brothers and sisters are. In the flock of the good shepherd. My peace I give you. Your love I accept.

ISSAC: Hello this is Isaac. It’s nice to be able to travel in here today. I have been doing interesting work and I just come in when called. There is a lot of work being done in astronomy. That is my specialty.

I am very excited to be a student of these happenings. It always seems so impossible, but it is like laying one brick at a time, seeing that it works, and then on to the next one. Our heavens are expanding and our minds will need to expand to comprehend. I will be a teacher in the outreach mission. I am so excited and while I would like to tell you all about it now, first I have to do it right for myself, as I need to learn all about a project before I can learn to relay this on to you.

I am very thankful for the helping mission your group has embarked on. Again I say that you need to take care of yourself and your family before you go out to help others in the material way. In the emotion and spiritual way this group of people here today need only check in, that they are doing the right thing. It’s in your hearts and you already know how to help and how to love your fellow beings and it is just simply a matter of being yourself. Don’t put all the praise out to your spiritual help because each of you work very hard for this. I hear the woodpecker. I see the sunshine. I’m glad you all stopped for the scenery. Thank you.

ELYON: Let fulfillment of the heart be a lesson for each of you. To have your inner being growing abundantly, with fulfillment of love, of serving and receiving and taking care of your own being.

To Bob, to reach further down into yourself a little more and a little more, to tap into those unknown areas of your true personality self that you have not yet touched.

To Doug, to redeem for yourself those qualities that you have hidden within yourself, to bring forth, to share through the twinkle in your eye and the gladness in your heart that you share, and know that the dark parts are becoming lighter and you are becoming freer.

To Sandy, to step outward and shed the old skin. It is but hanging from you and all you need to do is step from it. Look in the mirror and see the newness coming forth, the godliness coming forth, the inner knowing-ness of what you want from yourself. Risk and take charge. Take this opportunity to make those changes.

To you all, reach always for Michael, for he is very close and touches you each every second of every day. To bring forth the showers of his love to nourish you and help you grow through your changes.

ELYON:  This is Elyon. (Switches T/Rs)
To Frosty, to let that excitement motivate you to the ends that you would see.

To embrace the lightness of your being, knowing that you are on the other side now and not just trying to get there anymore. Perceive where you are and take this part of you for real. Perfection is another day, but you are on your way. Hello friends. Would you have any questions today?


Doug: Is this Elyon?

ELYON: : Yes this is Elyon. The switch was quick and Bob was unsure whether it was Aaron or myself.

Doug: Welcome. You’re very welcome to be here. We welcome all the teachers.

ELYON: : They feel this.

Frosty: Well I thank you for your message Elyon. I’ve been told so much last fall and with all my work, that I was right on the line. All I need to do is step over the line. The message you gave today means so much because I’ve stepped over the line and didn’t even realize it. So thank you for that.

About Sandy’s friend, when we’re trying to share from the heart with people that don’t have the same faith or belief system that we have, we should give it from the heart. Then you have their attention, where if I try to preach from the Urantia Book or something else it doesn’t become as effective as when I am really believing something from the heart. I feel like we need guidance and focus to do that more and more. To tap into Michael’s presence and to give from there. Is that right Elyon, that it’s got to come from the heart to be more effective?

ELYON: : Very good student, you teach well. Your understanding is clear and know that the reasons you did not notice crossing the line is its invisibility. Your awareness has heightened to the side of redirection to Michael’s efforts on a more constant basis and this is a test and call always for your growth, to work to keep those thoughts reshuffling to the higher presence. Allow this redirection when you realize you have slipped away for a moment’s rest.

Frosty: Thank you very much. I love you.

Doug: Elyon, was Michael here? I felt that he was, but then I felt him leave. Were these feelings real? I feel like I actually saw him leave, or was this something else?

ELYON: : You most certainly saw your Creator in presence of love and he was here directly and along with his truth spirit, and he entered your minds today and laid the touch, and he spoke. His Truth Spirit still resides, but he has left in the specific presence.

Doug: Thank you very much.

Sandy: Hi Elyon. I’m beginning to think you’re a real buddy, not just a friend. You’re there all the time. It’s rather amazing what Doug felt. I think so many times I see things, and I don’t believe it.


It’s on my mind what you said about stepping forward. I stand back and ask questions before I do such a thing as talk about God and Michael to my friend. I do need to get more brave, to realize it’s real. Can you give us an idea about how to approach my friend with Frosty acting as a healer? What can you say about that?

ELYON: : Simply ask her willingness and let her know that it is possible. First and foremost, when you share Michael and your Father’s presence, remember to share the Michael that is in Sandy and the God that is in Sandy, for you need not disconnect yourself. It is a spiritual connection you have and as she realizes that your Creator Father Michael lives in you and you are his child and that she as well has this for her, then beyond anything else she will find no higher comfort.

Be prepared for a variety of responses to your efforts and redirect yourself when you are presented with opposition, to keep in mind Michael.

Frosty: Elyon I also wanted to comment on that, that I have in the past given healings to people where the family thought it would be a good idea, or somebody else wanted me to do it for a particular person, and I learned some valuable lessons I think. We all thought it would be the best thing for that person to give them a healing, but it wasn’t because that person felt really uncomfortable, where he was going along with it or she was going along with it because of the family, but I could feel the energy being pushed right back out towards me. It was not accepted by them.

Now I have come into a discernment when someone would say to give such and such a healing, I get a feeling within me. It’s kind of an instant thing where I feel no that wouldn’t be the proper thing, or yes that would be proper, or like you said to Sandy to go in first and talk to this person.

Are those feelings that I get like that true? It’s like I have an inner knowing where I feel whether that person would be willing and accepting of a treatment or not, or healing. Is that valid, or is that an ego thing or is that fear? Could you comment on that?

ELYON: : Of course you do know you have your Indweller constantly imparting advice and information, and when you are seeking to do good, this insight becomes clearer, creating a connection of feeling. Does this answer you?

Frosty: Yes, very much so. Thank you, because I’ve really been wanting to go with it. Maybe I’ll get influenced or something otherwise, but yes that helps a great deal, because I’ve felt that that is really a part of my healing, that I have this inner knowing and I really want to do healing. So thank you very much.

ELYON: : Yes and know that as with any sense, it is not yet perfected at this level.

Frosty: Yes. I understand that too. Thanks.

Sandy: Elyon, how do we handle telling her? I don’t feel we can tell her that we can cure her. I don’t want her expecting so much and then being let down at this time and bring pain in her life. So if I were to talk to her about my friend who would like to try healing, then what do I say?

ELYON: : In first effort you must establish the desire, the want for spirit connection. This effort must precede the effort to endow healing energy. So as you impart the awareness of the love you have, then in her responding, if this occurs, you can more openly and freely enter the ideas of healing to her. The energy is useless to one who has not opened, but to the soul that desires there is no bounds put upon the healing.

It can come from the will of your Father to many different levels. As you witness even in your world today the occasional complete healing of the dying material body. But establish a link of spirit first, and then impart that the energy is available on many different levels dependent upon the will of the Father. Does this help?

Sandy: Oh yes. It helps a lot. It gives me a new way of thinking about it. Thanks a lot Elyon.

ELYON: : You will do fine

Doug: Sandy, I was given something. You are to help her through your mind’s eye, using your inner feelings.

Sandy: Elyon it seems to me you have told Frosty and Doug and I where we are today, but you haven’t told Bob where he is today. Can we do that?

ELYON: : Yes friend. I did share with Bob first.

Sandy: Oh, excuse me. (Laughs) I didn’t remember he was first.

ELYON: : And know that he was satisfied. (Laughs) Your desire for this sharing this is only the reflection of your want for total involvement.

Sandy: Thanks for that Elyon.

ELYON: : You have such wonderful auras, and as you feel brighter and allow yourselves to be lighter from worry and expectation,…

Frosty: But it’s tax time Elyon

ELYON: : Not for us. (Laughter)

Frosty: That is no fair.

Doug: That kind of tells us there is no monetary system there.

ELYON: : You seem to be bouncing along regardless, and your energy is higher now, so use it in any way you see fit, but don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with the person walking by you, or with the one who comes to you for help, or the one who quietly sits away afraid to be a part. Just share it. I would go now. Thank you for your involvement and your love here.

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