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SPK20- Your Doubts Are Within

1994-03-29-Your Doubts Are Within
Spokane #20


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Doubts Are Within
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Miriam, Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Truth
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Understanding, Doubt
 3.3.2 Teacher Contact, Presence
o 3.4 Closing
 3.4.1 Self Knowledge
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Your Doubts Are Within
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Miriam, Aaron
TR: Simeon


MIRIAM:  Hello friends, this is Miriam. Your location may be different, but your hearts are the same. With each meeting closeness is more apparent and the love grows through expression.


MIRIAM: Many times when communication seems difficult, an absence of love might cause irregular feelings, but knowing that the love is within should be what faith provides for you. Your mission towards one another is as important as to those outside of your group, where you can use one another for clearing your ideas; using one another’s ideas to balance the wisdom. There should be no rush.

Thorough decision making ideas can become your source for truth. Realistically speaking, truth comes in many forms and by treating all as truth, by searching in yourself, you will display an essence that would be reliable and sincere. Don’t think about faults or wrong doings. Be joyful in your actions, patient with yourselves. Would there be a question?

Understanding, Doubt

B: It’s good to hear from you Miriam. I can’t remember if it was Elyon or Aaron, but recently in our Friday meeting we had a lesson that touched on some of these themes. I’m trying to understand more of how to relate to each other. It seems so easy to be superficial and difficult to feel the comfort to relate directly with somebody, even those you consider good friends. I know the answer is to better follow the Father’s leading and to better catch that essence of sincerity and truth inside of us, but is there anything you can say that could guide me in this, not just with the group here, but with friends and family also?

MIRIAM:: Your doubts are within yourself. You find it so much easier to love the Father, but always you find doubt with yourself. Focusing on yourself is incredibly important here. The doubts you see in others are a mirror of your own. Judgement is pointing the fingers but to yourself. When you overcome your judgments to others, you will find the perfection in yourself.

Having our Father is indeed supreme in its own right, but you are our Father. Doubting yourself is like doubting the Father. You know you wouldn’t want to be caught in such thoughts. Express yourself as yourself being like the Father. Taking time to work on one’s self is needed truly as much as helping others find their path. Staying on your own path is as important as showing others their path. The outward treatment of others will be a reflection of your own feeling towards yourself. Lighten up. Your path is as green as the meadow and as light as the Father leads and shines the way for us. What do you think?

B: Wow. There’s a lot of information there. I’m glad to hear it. It echoes of course my personal lessons and information given me by others which I tend to let go. It’s easier for me to make the information everybody else’s but mine.

Teacher Contact, Presence

There was one other question and that was with regards to a personal teacher. I know Aaron is my teacher in a sense, but I wonder if there is a personal teacher working with me now. I haven’t really had the personal communications of late and part of that is my own not being available. I was wondering if there is a personal guide that is working with me aside from -Aaron now, and the Father of course?

MIRIAM:: As a group, including our Father, there is always someone near. Names have their importance in certain areas of knowledge. Certainly curiosity would esteem such thoughts, but know that we too are working as a group as you are. If you were asked a question by a stranger while in the process of a group, the answer would turn out as group discussion and in that way many truths would be handed out for a stranger to pick as he chooses.

We likewise work the same and appreciate it so that we get to discuss amongst ourselves as a group the truths, that we may help you through your journey while on Urantia. Your doubts would be like the missing link might be, for there is always somebody with you. Does that help?

B: Yes, it does. I understand that to be open to the spiritual presence as an entity, more so than any particular presence is desirable, and to focus to the Father’s love and will helps to aid this along and that maybe in my pursuit it would be better served to listen to the voice and guidance of the moment more than a particular voice. Is that correct?

MIRIAM:: You don’t have to anticipate a formal meeting. Practice while at the toaster. The voice can be heard while at the toaster. Your questions come at informal times as well. When the question appears, then that is the time for the answer. Like putting on your shoes it will come natural at all times.

The formality of a group enhances the group or others to share with your experience, but when alone, the experience is always there within yourself. Again, clearing your mind of frustrations is a key to clearer reception. If you have a question at the toaster ask it then.

B: Well I thank you very much for the information. It’s very helpful.

MIRIAM:: I am thankful to be with you all tonight as always. Your friend A. is doing well. He too is hearing truths from many friends. Thank you for your love. Aaron is here.

AARON:  From the start you gain by taking yourself into consideration, understanding! expanding, and then relating that to others. The process is always easier this way. Find that you have the capability to bring so much to others in your efforts once you have gained the security in knowing the inner stability which guides you along. Hold high to gain knowledge, seek wisdom, and enhance your inner self beauty and respect. As your Father is the core, so too are you the core of your outreach. Your expanding capacities are enlarged immeasurably by your inner awareness and attainment.

Self Knowledge

AARON:   I am Aaron. I have but one guide for you this week, and that is to bring to yourself the importance of who you are in relation to your growth. I would ask for your effort to describe for yourself the qualities which you admire and the qualities which cause you frustration and confusion. Then take each list and balance them within each other, realizing your core makeup as being generally good.

Then you can approach your frustrations in a light which they deserve, with the higher self looking to integrate these characteristics into their rightful place, either discarded, or molded into your highest intent and purpose.
Always achieve your highest end by approaching the balanced view of conceptual framework. If you take the time to do this, you will be surprised at the level of focus and the broadening of view which this can enter you into.


AARON:   This is my message this evening. I take great pleasure in your discussions. My peace.

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