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SPK27- Judgement

Spokane #27


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Judgement
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Gloria, Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Judgment, Love
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Attunement
 3.2.2 Vision
 3.2.3 Transmitting
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Judgement
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Aaron
TR: Gloria, Simeon

Judgment, Love

ELYON:  To put judgement aside is something that takes daily practice. To think that you can come to a place of complete non-judgement on your sphere is most difficult, but is important to put on your daily to do list. Knowing that it takes constant observation in order to discern through love rather than judgement, says a lot for your growth. Have the desire and ability to go forth with non-judgement and also give yourselves some leeway, for it will come up. Do not be too hard on yourselves in the knowing that you are trying to obtain the plane of non-judgement and that you are not… (T/R couldn’t quite grasp thought. )
Gloria you can do this. (Regains composure.)

Know that you are no longer judging others just to judge. Fit into society that you are no longer part of this gossip ring. You know in your hearts that when this does not feel good that you are most likely judging and when you feel that you are discerning from love, you will have balance. Find this within yourselves and pray upon it that more understanding will come. It is difficult to understand another’s action, and to decide for them what is best is in error.

Pray for guidance and answers to allow your Thought-Adjuster through to give you clarification. You all know that in all cases love is the best medicine. To sit silently across from a troubled one and send them all your love is so righteous. To sit across from them and judge them by what you feel they need or how they should act or if only they would shape up, is in error. You have come to a point in your lives where you can take hold of this as it is happening and turn it into love.

Do not feel that you are being spanked today, or put down or being told that you are doing wrong, only a small gesture of guidance to plant a seed for you to remember and a reminder that when you feel you are judging to turn it immediately into love. If you feel the need to pray right away for guidance to have this erased from you, then ask for help and through this you will begin to change. Many times you are not doing this intentionally, only doing it from old habits.

Especially when you are around people that are most judgemental and gossipy do you see how far you’ve come, for you cannot anymore relate to these people and once again to not judge these people for they are only in their space and to love them unconditionally also. This is a big step and you all feel very light about this for you have come above the obstacle of it.

When concerned for one of your friends you can sit and hold hands and send that friend your unconditional love and pray for guidance rather than trying to figure out what they may need, for no one has any way of knowing another and love is the key. Love is the biggest bottle in the medicine cabinet and when others feel this love, whether from near or far, they begin to trust and open.


Are there any questions on this?

Bob: It seems fairly clear.

ELYON: : Once again this is not to reprimand, for you know that we only guide and direct and help you through your obstacles and come through when it is your desire to grow past things. We acknowledge you all for how far you have come. This is Elyon.

Sandy: Yes, Elyon, I knew it was you. We’ve talked about judgement before. I think it’s a bad habit, and hard to be aware that I’m judging. I’ve been thinking about it, trying not to judge. Like this week, a young couple came to the house. He was doing things that upset her and she would tell me about it and he would tell me things about her and her him, and the fixer upper that I am just felt like one should treat someone different than they were treating.

I thought that that was judgement. I have a hard time knowing when to stay out of their business and when to say anything. I know a lot of times I really am minding their business for them. Sometimes I feel like I can give them a little nudge and make things easier in their relationship. Can you comment on that?

ELYON: : Planting of seeds, for many times advice falls on deaf ears. Many are desperately seeking. Many are not. Many choose to stay on their victim stance and complain and have no real wanting to change, but get a lot of attention by complaining of their abusive situation and take no real steps to find their way out. They enjoy their level and attract to themselves advice givers. Does this make sense so far?

Sandy: Yes, very good Elyon

ELYON: : And those that are truly seeking for help can see through the way you live, through your experiences, by relating your experiences to them. By saying what works for you and once again by openly loving them, showing them this love and concern and empathy, plants seeds that may just get them motivated enough to seek harder, for you all know that you are the ones that brought you to here and that it was no doubt, ones that showed you the real love that motivated you along the way. If you could go back and recall those instances, not the ones that told you to try harder or give you advice, many times there is no love shown or concern and this is discerned well by the one seeking.

You are all coming to a point where your step by step, day by day trials are to do as the Master did. More and more to seek out what the Master would do in your situation. This will become easier. You will gain more loving confidence to go out, for this Urantia is a very forceful place where everyone is trying to force everyone else into thinking their way, or doing things their way and there is a lot of negative energy behind the force control and manipulation. To have you soften this force with love and compassion and gentleness, what a relief this would be for Urantia. Does this help?

Sandy: Yes Elyon, I think that’s a brilliant lesson. I needed that


Bob: Well Elyon I’m feeling the presence now picking up and I feel that Aaron is here now. Is that really me tuning to that presence or is that me feeling something else?

ELYON: : You are correct. You are beginning to discern this more and more and as we touch you many times we do this in order to see if you can discern which one of us it is, not a test, only that it deepens your faith and trust in yourself when you know that you have discerned correctly. When you can fine tune yourselves to this point that to know which one of us is with you, it then opens your perception level and fine tunes you more and more to higher frequencies and develops you to a higher standard, to a higher tone so to speak, so that when you come into your situations, whether it be conflict or simply wanting to help someone, you can fine tune to us rapidly and also be attending to the situation at hand. So keep up this work.

Bob: I hear Aaron now and he’s saying something funny.

AARON: : Elyon, good friend, I have now completed connection with help, through my able student. I would ask of some advice from you on how our work is evolving. I know as we have planned as an experiment this day we will try to utilize a talk between ourselves using our students. So now, how do you think the lesson went last session when our capable students attempted to have themselves in the position of supporter for a down and discomfited person? How would you see this, friend?

ELYON: : To my friend Aaron, I saw this work effectively for it brought up many questions, many fears for our students to take a look at and also to realize that sometimes in role playing, that a person is put on the spot and tries to be perfect, for they know they are going into it, whereas if it is done on a spontaneous note and they actually happen to come upon someone in the park, the pressure may not be as great.

I think our students would be surprised at how well they could handle situations. You and I know they are placed in these everyday when they are not realizing it. Now they are put in situations with individuals where if they could see from our vantage point they are helping a great deal and spreading love and cheer wherever they go. I would like to point out for our students to not feel the fear and the pressure, but to go in with us as their support group, and with Michael and the Father, and to know they always have their angels and their Thought-Adjuster.

And as we mentioned, the Thought-Adjuster from the other individual. With this knowledge how could there be fear in any situation? All they can do is the best they can and as situations would say, get worse, they would stretch themselves a little more and a little more and they would also learn to risk and their discernment would grow and they would become wiser. This would be my comment my dear friend.

AARON: : And I would point out that I too found this exercise enlightening, for I saw that while this was a good exercise, it was not necessarily a realistic approach on the whole, for it is quite difficult to have rehearsed spontaneity. I also would make note of the fact that our students would do well, yes, when they find themselves in these situations, and yet I see the need to call upon sensitivity, that these situations are there more on occasion. Many times it is easy to walk by when you are not necessarily sensitive to the moods and feelings of another.

A call from us would be to tell our students that it is a good exercise to work on that sensitivity, on that knowing, that when you are walking through the park, that person may really need help and that that friend who calls to talk about something else may really need support. This I guess would be our approach to them, to let them know that while they are proceeding quite admirably in growth, that as apostles and teachers, the sensitivity quotient is an intangible that is most needed to evolve into your personages.

Frosty: Can I ask a question?

AARON: : Most certainly.

Frosty: I’ve been taking a dog obedience class with my dog, and I’ve really been learning a lot. I’ve gotten that it is important to be consistent and I have been striving and striving to be who I say I am, to live my life. I think that goes along with this. When Sandy and I were role playing, the kid didn’t want to talk or be around anybody. So I got really… I don’t know the word, but I guess my walls came up. If in all situations I could be consistent, with sensitivity, gentleness, patience, if I could bring consistency into that where I’m consistent with who I am and with my true nature, then that’s the best I can do. Maybe there’s no way to reach that person on the park bench. But maybe to plant a seed by being who I am, maybe that’s the best thing, rather than having codependent stuff come up. Do you know what I am saying?

AARON: : I believe you are talking about how you can relate better by being more coordinated in your everyday approach in life as a whole and that not necessarily any action you could specifically do could make the point so much as the overall of who you are and what you are doing? Is this what you were trying to relate?

Frosty: Yes. I guess maybe it’s for my own self growth, because in my life I have sometimes lived as a chameleon, through my years of drinking and such that I could take on the persona of whoever I was with and that’s how I survived and so I still catch myself doing that. When someone has an overpowering personality I find myself going back into this chameleon act or something and maybe somebody like the character Sandy portrayed, who was a very strong character, made me feel like that chameleon. I think if I were to just be consistent with my trueness, then possibly I could plant a seed maybe rather than trying to feel like I have to adapt my personality. For me it would work to be more consistent.

AARON: : I see this yes, and maybe it would be appropriate for Elyon to talk about this as I sense he would like to shift and speak with Sandy.

ELYON: : Yes, this is Elyon. The workshop brought up a lot of feelings and a lot of characters. We believe the approach of one person to another person is good, the biggest lesson we can give for training for the outreach program.

It seems if we are talking to a group, the group picks and chooses what you say, where if you have one person and they are sitting right with the other person, we can have an effect on that person. It comes down to speaking to a troubled person about how we feel. This works very well. If you could learn to listen for our prompting, your teachers can get you through in flying colors, however, continually bring it back to how you feel. For instance, I feel very helpless that you won’t let me help you.

Frosty: That’s the word I was looking for. Helpless. When I’m with someone like that I feel helpless. When you said that I thought yeah, helpless. Why can’t I just open up at a time like that? Sorry for interrupting Elyon. I know we’re good at that. (Laughs)

ELYON: : Do not worry. I am just Elyon. I do think that it is important to look at this as circumstances that could very well come up and try to figure out a good way to approach a person who is having a very hard time. This is all.

Frosty: Maybe we could do some role playing where we’re not doing it alone, but with you all there prompting us.

ELYON: : Yes, that sounds excellent and you would know a little more about what to expect from us.

Frosty: It’s like when I go to my parents for the weekend. I pray and ask for guidance the whole way over there and then I’m hanging on for dear life when I’m there. I never think to ask for help. I really shut everything out. So I really need to learn to accept the help during the trying times.

ELYON: : Yes. . ..We can go on with the transmission.


AARON:  What if you were to take and allow your visions to open beyond the sight of normalcy? What if the picture of your dreams could be seen each and every day in the light of any situation you may come into? What if as you see a noble and wise man in a meadow talking to you about the wonders of the universe, that you could apply that to the homeless man sitting in an alleyway and you could see him as a wise and noble man, ready to share with you if you would share with him?

What if as you see a castle on the hill and knights and princesses and chivalry, that you could apply that to your home, your city, your place, and see that those who pass your way are but noble knights and princesses offering gallantry if you would only curtsy to them or nod and make the way for them to share.

The vision is so important, the vision of seeing beneath the surface, of seeing the Spirit in everyone. It is all there. Every person has a spirit. If you can see their knight or princess and share yours with them, then how wonderful it could be. Yet even in the fairy tale worlds there is no perfection, so do not expect that every reach will receive such back, but believe that you, in being a knight or princess of the heart, of the highest accord, can spread the word, can share the law–the love, can bring just a little bit of this fairy tale world to reality.

I am Aaron. I understand your frailties and your wants and desires. I commend you all for your spirit, and yes we would ask you to see and just open, knowing that we will speak through you. You can know this will happen, this will occur, and there’s even another piece, another part of you which will speak too, and you have to believe that this can and will happen. This noblest Source, this Father, this Mother, this Spirit within you, can lay forth with you all sorts of grandiosity.

You may choose to practice with us following here on a circumstance of choice that you would choose. I would have you do something that Frosty brought forth a few weeks back as a suggestion. These always seem to be brushed away so easily. Believe that also you can trust each other’s suggestions as well as ours, for you are teachers and you do have the processes which can work, if you believe in each other that an idea they may have or you may have really is good to try with the group.

The one I speak of is to take the time to send your love to each one, to share how you really see each person, how you all see Sandy from the eyes of love and how you all see Frosty, and yes, you too Bob. Share this. It will be good for you.

Sandy: Aaron I have a question about visions. I heard the teachers say that they had a great vision and have worked toward that and I don’t have my vision quite in place yet. I find it rather difficult. So if we meet someone like a beggar on the street and sit down and try to talk with him and you say, “Help him see his vision.” I wouldn’t know how to do that.


AARON: : Draw out the best of his ideal, by not so much talking, but by touching with the individual and by this I mean simply to allow the connection of spirit, by approaching them from an unobstructed viewpoint, from just being the light, being open. They may not sense this from you. Not everyone can. But they may, and maybe something you say or something you do can touch them as well. But more so, this spirit that you are offering to them can be the bridge. Words are good, but not always needed to make the point.

You may talk about something very trivial, not of need to either ‘s growth, but it’s the other, the part not said, that opportunity which you can offer more than you may even be consciously aware of. Sometimes when you open your mouth you find surprise in what you exclaim and it is because you know that we or the spirit in some form, fills your tongue with what is right, but also believe that you do have something to say. You know that.

Sandy: Is it like when you sit here and try to transmit, that I can hear maybe three or four words and then I have no idea what you are going to say? Can we use the same approach when walking up to someone and confidently know that we don’t need to know what to say, that we just need to open the conversation and let you go ahead and transmit? Is that right?

AARON: : Boy, how trusting you would need to be to believe that this is so, but yes, this can occur and even if you think of worst case scenario, at least you touched them, or tried to, or believed that you could. You can transmit unknowingly and you have, and this is because you can follow the thoughts as they are coming through subtly.

Know that it is not as pure, for you will blend. This is desired, for we are just mortals too at a different place and level, and there is nothing saying that what you have to say is less important than what we have to say. Sometimes we are quite amazed at what you have to say. Every thought you originate does not always originate with us first. That is why we learn from you, because you are an individual personality of God, as we are. It’s just this awareness. This awareness thing, it seems confusing, but it is not. It is just being aware that the family of God is here and it is not something to be awaited. It’s just to be realized. Is this offering you help?

Sandy: Yes, a lot of help. I need my thoughts verified and I am getting to where I trust the teachers almost more than I trust myself. I think this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, to be able to open up and see the light, the angels, the teachers, the Master, and of course God. I have been waiting for it all to go together and it seems to be doing that. Thank you.

AARON: : You are welcome, and you will find that there will be a time when our thoughts will fall to a level of advice that is only enhancing of your beautiful thoughts, and that you will trust yourself and your relationship with your Spirit to an extent where our involvement need not be so pronounced.


AARON:  This is all for today that I have to say. I am so glad that you shared with me and with Elyon, and the other guests that have been here observing. We thank you.

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