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SPK28- Recognize Problems

1994-05-03-Recognize Problems
Spokane #28


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Recognize Problems
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Gideon, Miriam, Anitob, Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Recognize Problems
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Gideon, Miriam, Anitob, Aaron
TR: Simeon


GIDEON: Peace be told. I have not engaged with you before as a group though I spend much time near. I have found that the wisdom seeking in the interest of spiritual matters is driving you forward to ever increasing levels. I am glad to be a part with you. My name is Gideon. I share love and thanks.


GIDEON: I am pleased at the effort here in this place because it is stabilizing how you approach with each other in the non-threatening atmosphere. Do not feel too driven to place the highest level of structure within your efforts, though you must stay focused in growth.
I am aware of the times in which you draw attention to your teaching guides. I have skill somewhat in the effort of visions, of seeing beyond the moment, of seeing further to possible ends. This is why my good friend Aaron has drawn me into this circle, so that I can be of service to him and to the other teaching friends.

I enjoy working in effort with my student. He is constantly expanding to see new ideas, new patterns. He has for him a vision which stabilizes his efforts, and he proceeds methodically toward achieving those ends.

It is not of a necessity to do the daily effort in a random, free as you go, way. It is somewhat of an effort to establish yourself to responses, to actions, to seeing the possibilities. When you see that you have a problem in some area you can best dissolve this problem by seeing what it is, then establishing how you would react better, and then practicing this over and over until you can perceive the understanding beyond the problem. As you proceed in your lives you can move forward in a balanced manner, consistent, by forging out your ways of being.

If you would be good then you must practice being good. How you are with this is a joy to me and I am certainly pleased to have had the opportunity to engage with you on a more verbal level. I would let you know that along with the other friends that I have here, that I spend time with you on occasion and see you as being younger brothers and sisters. With this perspective there need not be a condescension or on the reverse, a level of grandifying.

MIRIUM: Hello my friends, this is Miriam. It has been a while since little sister has joined you, but her time has been well spent. In our every day lives so much can happen between those who are open for truth and love. Your involvement with others requires patience. By showing example through your own self is the message responded to the most. It’s very difficult to teach someone love and openness if you do not display this yourself. More important than words are the examples. Words can fall from the heads, whereas the eyes can see more clearly.

The energy of love is more important than words. Your higher self can expand when fear and anger have been released. Taking time for one’s self is a lesson to be learned, for anger and fear easily grow blocks. The energy you possess, your love knowledge, can be exploded. Being together, the source of energy is accelerated like putting gas in the car. Now you’re ready for another week.

By being a teacher one should wait for the student. A teacher should have knowledge before they can teach. By not pushing, by coining into your higher self you will know when to be the teacher and when it is your time to be the student. Are there questions?


B: I think that’s a wonderful lesson Miriam. I find sometimes that it’s just an instinct for me to want to tell someone how it’s supposed to be. I realize a little more now that I need to wait and plant the seeds and answer what they are asking, but not so much to feel I have all the answers. I was glad to hear about the teacher lesson waiting for the student. I guess I wanted to make comment more than anything. I was just impressed by the lesson. Thanks.

MIRIUM: : You are welcome. When the student comes, your insides will have the answers. You won’t need to study. You have prepared. You know the truth. You know it inside. When the question comes you will be prepared. We are watching. We are with you. It is the energy of love which makes our meetings whole, and I thank you.

ANITOB:  Hello this is Anitob. I am here to say that only with the greatest urgency do we portray the necessity of what you are learning. I can only say that in time you will receive general information in how to proceed in taking care of your loved ones in the times yet to come. We are not here to put fear in your hearts, but to show that love abounds much more than that. Peace be with you. Godspeed.

AARON:  Do you understand the patterns? This is for everyone to believe and achieve who is willing to accept the experience. The form by which you choose to hold these efforts here is simply your pattern established, but each individual can choose the spiritual experience and this involvement for themselves. The definition of this involvement is by how they see and follow.

Your testing is how to relate to one another in a group atmosphere, knowing that never will everyone agree on the same thing, but that you can agree that everyone is beautiful and each of you has God, and so with this you need not have to disagree, but set aside judgement of beliefs for the sake of unity. You all have fountains of truth, and this is your knowledge gained and experience learned. Harmony rises above achievement, for if you can harmonize your efforts to each other as a group, then the potential for you acting out the efforts unilaterally upon your brethren multiplies phenomenally.

I would not say that you must accept everything that would ever come before you for the sake of appeasement, but yet would it be the better approach to not… not accept.

(Note: The use of the double negative was intended.)


AARON:   It is not so important the truth that you know as it is that you are seeking for that truth and in this sincere approach you will find that the presence will envelop you, will be one with you, and this is the goal, both individually and as a group. This is why it is good to work on both levels, for it affords you an opportunity to expand beyond measure. I am Aaron. Goodnight.

Sh: Goodnight Aaron.

M: Goodnight Aaron.

S: Sweet dreams.

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