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SPK29- Silence

Spokane #29


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Silence
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Elyon, Cindia, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Potential
 3.2.2 Silence
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Communication, Thought Adjusters
 3.3.2 Listening
 3.3.3 Urantia, Hope
 3.3.4 Worship
 3.3.5 Connectedness, Human Condition
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Silence
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Elyon, Cyndia, Machiventa
TR: Simeon


AARON: Each of you has a light that shines so brightly. It is nice to see such light.


Do you feel comfortable with the paths you have chosen? And in doing this, by establishing yourself to the ongoing line of understanding, you have enabled the spiritual side to institute measures which are fulfilling to the enlightenment of this planet.


You have to believe that you can make a difference, that in all that you do, you are a voice that casts a new light upon an old, gray, hazy vision that is dim, but it is not forgotten. You can be of aid in enlarging the picture to those around you. You are only limited by the limits you would put upon yourself.

You could become important, though importance is not your goal. You could become famous, but fame is not your goal. You could become a speaker, a teacher, a light, a visionary, and that is your goal, to expand the vision of God for those who need it.

Always pursue with utmost faith the course which you feel to be guiding you. Doubt in yourself, while being healthy to examine, certainly is not healthy when it freezes you. Do not be frozen by doubt and uncertainty. Just choose and go forward, believing always in yourself and in Him who is within you.

I am Aaron. It is good to be with you today. There is much you can do. You have the opportunity to be a part of something grand and by choosing so you can bring light and life to this planet. You may not see it happen, but as surely as if you were standing there on that day, you will have become an agent of bringing that change to reality. Each person you can touch in any way to make them feel goodness, to make them feel better about themselves, about others, any way you can find to do this is wholly supported here.

I know you have so much in plans and dreams guiding you now. When you meet always feel free to share in your pursuits and your ongoing ideals, for this helps to clarify each other and your paths, and sometimes you will see that you can attempt something together which isn’t so viable alone. But if you choose to do something materially constructive, make sure that it is something you can agree to do unanimously as a group, for if everyone cannot agree, then the sincerity and level of loyalty is not where it should be.

We are in the business of creating potentials. You are in the business of actualizing potentials. Let us work together in this always. I am open.

Sandy: This is Sandy. I’d like to introduce my friend and have you welcome her here.


AARON:: Yes, and thanks for the formal introduction. It is always pleasurable to see a new light and as you grow . and expand, you will always increase this brilliancy. It is good for you to experience this and know on your part that the trust can be in yourself to understand and the need is not there to feel overwhelmed by information. It is not that serious. We are just friends here, and any friend is welcome. Sometimes the silence is so comforting if you allow it to be.

Drifting to the sounds beyond, it opens your sensory perceptions. The time you choose to listen in the silence and the meditation, the quiet, is more profound to your growth than any other, for at this time your Indwelling Spirit is afforded the opportunity to make known to you consciously and unconsciously, information which is of benefit to your pursuit. Find the time increasingly to do this. Share that space with Him. It is what has brought me to the levels I am at today. I am not so very far from you, but yet more afforded to the knowledge and wisdom by association and time spent. Choose the time.

Communication, Thought Adjusters

Frosty: When we’re meditating, the mind still travels all the time. It’s so difficult to shut everything completely off. Even when we go to the center of our being there’s still some mind conscious things going on, and the Thought-Adjuster can get in touch with us at this time. Can he also get in touch with us throughout the day at those times when we are just sitting at ease, or if we just take little breaks throughout the day?

AARON:: Most certainly, these breaks are what I am talking about more than a specific length of time, for you do not have to shut down the mind for this transference. It is a communication which is utilizing your mind currents. If you can direct your mind to Him without worry for how great you are achieving this, for then you already create a barrier, you can know that it is your time and His and anything either of you choose to do is fine because you are in actuality one and so it is just a preparing for the inevitable time you will join completely. It is a relationship with the Father that is as a marriage, knowing that you are expanding the perception of each other to a level that is knowing beyond words the thoughts, the cares, the magnificence of each.

It is not a situation where you are to necessarily get down on one knee and humbly present yourself to the highest being, though it is good when you can surrender yourself completely on occasion to His love, but if throughout your day you could talk to God, your Father, your Mother, in the same way that you would talk to Sandy, to Bob, or to your husband Larry, this becomes more real as to the relationship because then you realize the separation is only by distinction, not by a barrier. Do you understand?

Frosty: Yes, not to set aside and meditate everyday, not to just wait until that time, but if I’m walking through the woods or even doing the dishes, I can be doing this, to make a conscious effort to focus upon God and allow Him the time, to put my thoughts aside. Right?
Also there are times when I just sit and let my mind go. I don’t even think. I’m just kind of like a river running with the thoughts going through, rather than trying to focus on anything. I kind of stare at a wall and let her fly. Does the Thought-Adjuster also take advantage of those times?

AARON:: Yes, He can. It is not necessarily positive to completely, as they say, zone out.

Frosty: It’s not positive for us to do that?

AARON:: Not necessarily as a religious experience, for to do this can create other occurrences, which while unexplainable to you, are not necessarily of a religious or spiritual nature. It is always good to utilize your thought processes in a fashion of directing currents.

Frosty: Yes, that’s a time when a lot of judgement and other things can come up, where it becomes a runaway horse before you realize what’s going on and it takes longer to get it back into perspective. If you keep doing it, then it’s like you have to start all over again with the refocus, so I can see what you’re saying.

AARON:: You are understanding and feel strong for developing your character to your personality, for the steps you choose are quite positive in your constant redirection of focus to the higher source.

Frosty: Thank you. I just want to tell you how much I love you and appreciate you and the other teachers for how much you’ve done for me.

AARON:: You do wonders for us as well, the teachers here, because as a working group, we evolve along with you and as a partnership, know that we can continue this for some time. Feel strengthened that you have the opportunity, all of you. There are other friends here and they would like to share today. You knew that. Thank you for listening to me and we will have a good time this Tuesday if you can be here. I will not divulge the plan until then, along with Elyon and Malvantra.

Frosty: We’ll be here.

Sandy: You just read my mind. I was going to ask you to tell us all what’s going to happen. But that’s okay.

AARON:: I did not read your mind. Your angels told me.

Sandy: Oh, . ..good deal.

AARON:: Kind of sneaky, I know. It is a process which helps us most.


Cindia: This is Cindia. I could not pass up the opportunity to bring you into the awareness that Aaron did, to listen to the beautiful birds singing and to always be aware of these things in your life, for they can bring you much happiness. When you are deep within your times when you are not so happy there is always a bird singing somewhere.

Realize too, what the birds are going through, all the hazards that they face where they used to be able to roam and fly free. Now with all the things being put in the air and places being inhabited by people, they too face their problems much like you do and they continue to sing their bright and happy songs for you, much like you can for your brothers and sisters. Bring them joy wherever you happen to be. Just listen to the songs going on outside the window. Pull us into your being and remember the poems and how in listening to them they soften you and make you glad to be a part of such a beautiful planet. Thank you for this opportunity to speak. I send each of you my love.

MACHIVENTA: : This is Machiventa. I just need to get a few words in here, for it seems you are all thinking the same thing about the nice day here. We are so happy when we can experience such things along with you. These are simple things, but they mean so much. Sometimes it seems everything is getting too complicated and you need to focus on the positive goings on.

Urantia, Hope

MACHIVENTA:  From where I sit it seems there is a grand plan and I know you must wonder how we keep the goings on within the diagram of the universes, the heavens. Sometimes I wonder how it all works together so well. I then think that being God is doing this, it has to be right.

The life on Urantia is very difficult and it seems that humans get in so deep trying to please other people than doing what they’re supposed to do. In trying to find a little security, someone who really loves them, it gets so mixed up. That is the reason so many of our brothers and sisters feel they’ve had it, that all is hopeless. I hope the lessons we bring you will give you more peace and trust in God that you will survive, that He does not want any of his children to get to the point of hopelessness.

We just need to listen to him and follow his cues. We do not have a hierarchy here. We are the same. Your God is my God. And my God is my brother, and we just need to work with our guides, with Michael as God, and they will show us the way. There are so few yet who receive the divine knowledge from above, so do your best to spread this knowledge around. You are a wonderful group and we all love you. We are here to help you all the time. Good day to you.


ELYON: This is Elyon. You knew you could not get through the day without hearing some of my words. I am truly a friend and feel so very close to you all. I look forward to the times I can spend with you and drop in on you as often as I can, individually and within your groups. We were talking, and with the beautiful day, were wondering what you all would think of meeting somewhere sometime in a park-like setting or down by the river, simply to do a worship session with a beautiful pristine setting. We would all be present and help you with your worshiping and enlighten you as always with what we have learned from our ascension.

I have no lesson per say today, only to stop in and say hi. You have had so much given lately that you need to take the time to let it sink in and live it. We want you to know how much we love you and hope you can feel our love as it comes through to you.

Implement more worship into your days as Aaron has stated and if you can do this by setting aside your worries and fears, to even use nature if needed to help you in this. If you can be anywhere at any time and be in a state of oneness with the Father, this is the next step for you and again, my favorite word patience, for it will take time and with the environment you live in it is most difficult to have a hundred percent success at this.

But you can come into this at any time, and to have it readily available to you, not just when setting aside a specific time, which truly is necessary for that is your soul time with the Father, but to choose throughout the day to worship. Well, I guess this did somewhat turn into a lesson for you, something else to think about. I would be open to any questions today.

Bob: No questions Elyon. I just feel really good

ELYON: : Yes, I too feel the energy today is peaceful and have you noticed the peace that you have all come into subtly? It is happening more and more and when you are amongst each other you are giving each other the strength and support to allow yourselves this peace and to know that you can begin to take this out amongst others more in trusting people.

I also welcome the newcomer and have been in your presence with Sandy. I give you my love and know that you are guided and can reach up for this at any time. It comes in many many ways and forms, through the heart, the thoughts, the feelings, so know that even though you may not hear, you are being guided by your Heavenly Father, by your angels, by your Indwelling Spirit, the Father Fragment, your gift from God who dwells within you to guide you always to the Father. Trust in yourself, for your path is becoming clearer and clearer for you and your answers are coming for you.

Sandy: Thank you for saying that Elyon. I love my friend a lot and she’s the one that I go to visit when I need to laugh a little. She has a lot of trouble sometimes, but she always has that cheerful laugh.

I’ve been thinking about the birds singing and the beautiful day and the sunset and sitting out on the lake. It seems okay to me to think that that is God, a little bit of God, a part of God. I see a bird or a pretty flower and I have to think that God must give a piece of himself to create such beautiful things. I kind of think that God is everywhere and that God is love and that God is the beautiful things. I feel stronger in faith when the birds are singing and things are that way. I feel closer to God on those kinds of days. Can you comment on that? Is that right?

Connectedness, Human Condition

ELYON:: Yes. May I point out that through these beautiful days when you feel closer to God, when there is beauty about you, that you must begin to see beauty in everything. When the day is dark and blustery and sun is well hidden and the birds are quiet, when one feels they want to hole themselves up because of depression caused by the weather, especially if they have experienced a good day followed by a dark day, or they have to travel from a beautiful area into a desert with no greenery, where it is very hot and uncomfortable, their perspective tends to change. They do not carry the closeness that they felt, the attachment that they felt to their earth, what some call Mother Earth. They leave it. It becomes as though the conditions have to be right in order to feel beauty and love.

The same goes for being around people. It is much easier to feel that within this group, for it is being put out, but if you go into a group where that is not being put out, that feeling is lost. What is going to begin to take place within you all no matter where you are, whether in Antarctica with the snow, is that you can feel the same connected-ness and closeness and beauty in your hearts, happiness and cheer, as you would setting by the river with all this glorious beauty around you.

The point being to begin placing all this within your heart so that it is inside of you, not always outside of you where the condition has to be right in order to feel it. This is what will happen in your growth. If there were no diversity, then you would simply not grow. You need to begin to see the opportunities in all areas, so if you were put into a very desolate area and told to live, much like your Indians being placed on reservations.

Imagine how they must have felt. Know that there is no security and it could happen any day, any time, so you must know within yourselves and trust in yourselves that no matter what the conditions may be that God is the most important thing in your life. His beauty and love is the most important thing in your life and that you are so centered in this that nothing can take it away, no outside conditions can possibly phase you.

Many who struggled in the concentration camps came out very bitter and to this day are very angry and bitter. Some went through the concentration camps with God in their heart, with forgiveness in their heart and they were able to live the rest of their lives with help and abundance. Does this help, or did I deviate away from what your question was?

Sandy: No, you did just fine. It gave me something to think about. It’s really good Elyon, thanks.


ELYON:: I will now take my leave and allow you to all step out into the glorious sunlight with the birds for a few moments. We can plan to meet somewhere and begin to realize the beauty that is within and without. You are all very beautiful. Know this. You are lights. Do not feel unworthy. Take this from you, for it only holds you back. Good day.

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