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SPK32- Spiritual Experience

1994-05-27-Spiritual Experience
Spokane #32


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual Experience
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Gavalia
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Experience
 3.1.2 Process, Transmitting
 3.1.3 Motivation, Sincerity
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Thought, Feeling
 3.2.2 Teacher Sons

Topic: Spiritual Experience
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Gavalia
TR: Unknown


GAVALIA: We come to you through your mind, your intellect, and though you have many feelings and occurrences which you can point to as a reaction to spirit outpouring, it is always important to realize that these are your reactions to the spiritual influence, that these feelings are not the spiritual experience in itself. The spiritual experience comes through the mind, in your thinking, in your applying of circumstance. This is how we can more effectively minister to your needs and desires for growth.

The more that you take to applying the spirit in your action, in your daily efforts, then the more that we can actually be of service to your growth levels. Remember that your Father is in your mind and that your thoughts lead you to Him over the feeling. Trustworthy you are in faith that he is with you imparting advice. Be trusting that you as well can perceive  that. Understand that the processing is okay. You can very well mold information to your understanding thereby distorting the overall concept, but at the same time you can come to terms with a reality that lifts you on various levels.

Process, Transmitting

It is the process of perfecting that you are going through, not that you must be perfect before you can. So please understand that you are highly involved with the overall process as it comes forth to you, that this process engages your mind, your thoughts, and asks that you interpret the signals coming into your mind, your being. That is why we impress upon you that your sincerity levels be high if you would come for communication. This reduces the chance that there could be any harmful distortion.

From our side, we are responsible for the information coming through you, we are responsible for the sending. On your side, in acceptance, in having initiated the willingness, your responsibility lies in your own motivations, to come with a mind that is sincere in following of the Father’s will. This is why this mission is succeeding, because this willingness on the whole is so high and therefore a larger degree of the spiritual content comes through than the distortion which could be construed as harmful.

Today realize that you can be of great service in following the will in any manner that you choose, by simply increasing your motivation to the higher source, by feeling empowered, by acting upon what you construe as advising influence from your thought patterns. It is a process of an enrichment that we institute into your thoughts.  Hello. I am…

T/R: I’m not sure. It could be Gabriel or Gavalia? I know it starts with a G.

Motivation, Sincerity

Continue on in growth, understanding that you are a party that is responsible for your action, that you have this inner guiding. Know this. Be assured of this, that you do have this guiding with you. Then raise your motivations to follow through on the influencing factors and to keep your sincerity as high as you have always been at. I would take a few questions if you have.


Barbara: Well thank you for that perspective. I don’t have any immediate questions. It was a good reminder to trust the advice that we think of ourselves. I think you said that. To be sincere and motivated.

GAVALIA: And motivated by your sincerity, and the sincerity of those who join you in this wonderful opportunity you have. Simply to see that sincerity widespread causes any worrying factors to subside. It is if this motivation were to somehow change that you would need to reevaluate and establish a new pattern.

Barbara: So you’re saying that if we notice that our motivations are lagging that it might be evidence that we should reevaluate what we’re doing, that maybe that’s an indicator that we’re getting off track.

This is intelligent observation that this helps to guide you. Your observations from the outside can and should be of balancing nature to inner observation. You will always in this process be doing new things, new trials, and you all will take courses which lead to growth. It is simply to understand when something is bringing difficulty that possibly it is time to address what or why one could feel that way, that in a sense any problem in this area could be a result of a chain of events that has taken you from a direction that could have been more meaningful to you. Does this bring understanding?

Thought, Feeling

Barbara: Yes. Thank you. I liked the comment, and I think it’s in the Urantia book as well, that God is in our minds and thoughts more than our feelings that we intuit. I like that because it’s easy to think that when we’re feeling good or feeling in tuned, that we’re closer to God and if we’re not particularly feeling that way, then we’re feeling separated and feelings are something that just well up whereas our thoughts are more under are control and directed and if those are what lead us to God, then we’re a little more in control. I liked that.

Yes, understand that it is good to feel the spiritual leading presence, but at the same time, the feeling is not the growth. The feeling is your realization. The thinking about God and what that means and how you can follow and understand better, this is the field for growth. I would certainly take credit, but I was only passing along the message. I am only to follow up your thoughts. I am speaking for Margul in the message today, which may help you to understand who I am.

Teacher Sons

Barbara: Can you say something about Margul so that we can have an understanding of how… I guess we’re familiar with the teachers, with their role with us, but I’m not so clear on how Margul fits in. I have read Trinity Teacher Son sections in the book, but anything else that you can say that clarifies that would be helpful.

GAVALIA: Margul is the presiding Teacher Son of overall influence. There are a corp that are here with him. He is part of this mission, yet not so pronounced in visibility. The Teacher Sons and the Melchizedeks work closely together in the schooling. At this time the staff is working alongside many of your ascendant teachers, helping to formulate their goals for imparting upon you and in approaching you. The Teacher Sons teach the ascending staff along with the Melchizedeks, and in effort are spreading the groundwork for a major enlightenment throughout your world. In due time there will be a thrust that is more pronounced and this initial bestowal here of the teaching guides begins to establish this groundwork for what can transpire. Does this enlighten you?

Barbara: Yes, thank you.

GAVALIA: I have enjoyed this time and will gladly speak when the opportunity arises. I would let you know that while your day to day growth and sharing and action brings about so much love to your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, that you are as well appreciated here for your efforts and that you are part of a foundation being laid. You do have opportunity in front of you, and I would motivate you to accept opportunity as a challenge to achieve and to never put limits as to how much you can accomplish. Feel grounded in the base of understanding that you have.

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