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SPK33- Trust and Have Faith

1994-06-03-Trust and Have Faith
Spokane #33


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Trust and Have Faith
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Malvantia, Aaron, Miriam
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Conferences
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Service
 3.2.2 Love
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Ascension Career
 3.3.2 Darkness
 3.3.3 Fusion
 3.3.4 Time, The Teachers
 3.3.5 Teacher Contact
 3.3.6 Organization
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Trust and Have Faith
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Malvantia, Aaron, Miriam
TR: Simeon


MACHIVENTA:  Hello this is Machiventa. This will be a summer of growth for everyone here. We are getting our committee together to entertain at your conference. We will slip some suggestions in here and there of what we need to have to bring our message across. We would like to think that everyone at your conference will be ready for intense messages, but we will have some people who are there because they are curious.

The conference is taking shape and your guides and I and the angels will be doing the things the Master thinks will show love to everyone. Love is a very good symbol to work on, as it takes so many sides. Almost any subject has love. Each one of you know how to give and talk about what love has done for you. Whenever you are at loss for words talk about love. Love is the one thing that is so important and so few people have.

The new fresh ideas that you will send back home with your visitors will be indwelled into their thinking, so the pure love you send forth is by far the most precious thing you can offer your fellow beings. This will be a huge success and everyone will have fun and remember the occasion. I say goodbye.


MALVANTIA: Trust and have faith. Put and store love in your heart. Keep your reservoir full, Do not allow yourselves to run empty. Learn to refill and keep yourselves full, watch and check your gauge often and notice how your capacity increases, Let go o£ the many obstacles that keep you from keeping your tank full. Rely upon Michael more fully, and continuously get recharged. Keep yourselves plugged in always. Do not allow the cord to become frayed nor the tank to become empty. It will take a lot of love and energy to go forth for there are so many with empty tanks that you will come upon. Choose to help and show them the way, to help them to recharge themselves and for many it may be the first time that they will take the opportunity to test the waters of love.

This is becoming more and more important- for you that you cannot wallow or allow yourselves to step back. To be ever on the lookout for those you can help and if you go out everyday on empty or even with a half a tank, you will be emptying yourselves quickly and it is easier to be dragged down when this is so. Have a trueness and an abundance of genuine love, for when on empty or low tank you tend to become phony and the helping hand loses its genuine purpose.

It may take a while for you to comprehend what this means and it will take practice and once you get the feeling of what I am speaking, you will understand more clearly and you will be in big discernment and judgement of your true intents. There can be no fallacies when going out to help your brothers and sisters for it will only add to their confusion and their mistrust.

It all begins within this very room with you and how you interact with each other and how you can love one another fully. Yes it is truly your next step to learn unconditional love for all your brothers and sisters and yes it can happen. You can see no boundaries, no color, no race, no malformity. You will begin to see others as a light, as yourself, with no judgement, only discernment of those you can help and those you cannot, for so many truly want to be helped that time cannot be wasted on those that truly do not want to be helped.

This is Malvantia. I truly am your servant at this time and love you all and know in my heart that you can do this thing that we ask. Be patient with yourself and know that the love begins with yourself. Channel to Michael to regain your footing when lost.

We will be going more and more into depth with this next phase of your attainment with each of you personally and with you as groups and as you have suggested it would be very beneficial to go out and help others as a group. Though there is security here, sometimes this is more difficult than as an individual and you can glean much from this experience. I will now take my leave. There are others here that wish to speak.


AARON:  I am Aaron. Hello friends. You may ask yourself how it is easy to say to keep those tanks full. The understanding comes in a sort of paradox, a way that seems confusing, but yet is not.

You gain love, you fill those tanks, as you give love out. It would seem that the tanks would empty if you did this constantly, but a wondrous thing occurs when you send out love. By some miracle of being you gain more than you had in the first place and then you can give more. When the tanks run empty or are losing their steam, it is generally because you feel you do not have enough love to share and so you try to horde it, keep it in until you build up enough where you can share. This is when the love begins to die and you truly run out of steam.

Always must you give love to have love, must you send it out. Our Melchizedek friend offered a wondrous amount of advice in learning about the trueness and the genuine article in love, because when you feel like you’re sending love and it is rehearsed and somewhat false, it is actually… and this word may seem harsh, though it is somewhat correct, . is a bastardization of love when it is false, when it is rehearsed. It is utilizing an area of yourself which is not of focus, not of you within you. It comes from the intellect alone and not from the heart, from your Spirit, and that is why you should learn to connect constantly with that Spirit because this is the wellspring of love. Then you see naturally how to send that out upon your fellows and you can never run short. This is my comment with regards to this area.

Ascension Career

Sheila: Aaron can I ask a question?

AARON:  Yes.

Sheila: In my efforts to understand the difference in our time I’ve come up with a parable that would say our visit here to Urantia is basically a one day field trip until we return back home. Is that anywhere near right?

AARON:: In spirit of your thought, yes. It is a short time you spend before going out to see the course which takes you home. In substance it is much more complex, your ascension and growth. The only pre-existent part of you, your Father Fragment, begins with the Father, chooses you, develops a pattern, and then comes to be with you. He is, as you would say, taking a field trip. At the same time, this journey collects something. It collects a small thought in the beginning and it begins to collect more and more actions and thoughts and it takes a formula of molding these into a counterpart, a backpack.

It creates a mechanism whereby it can carry this backpack along with itself and then it begins to travel back, making sure it stops everywhere along the way to collect items, to collect experiences. When it comes home it is no longer that simple Fragment that it left with. It has become whole and though quickly recognizable by its parents, has expanded into something quite marvelous. This is similar to the process of making a butterfly.

So it is a field trip, but is more extensive and drawn out than to consider it in time terms a day. It is more like sending a child to boarding school and receiving it home twelve years later as a completely new and wondrous being. Has this helped to enlighten you?

Sheila: Yes, does your time sort of have a beginning and an like our day or is your time sort of continuous?

AARON: : Ours is certainly a beginning and an end. We have a longer period, but follow in your pattern when here on your sphere. Time becomes more of a technique and relation when in the central universe, and in Paradise time isn’t, but for now we are still in a time realm as you are. Our only definer is by the status and sphere we find ourselves on.

Sheila: When you see our time, can you as well see the future and the past all in one big picture?

AARON: : You mean can we lay you out as like a graph and see points of time such as what may occur and what has occurred before?

Sheila: Yes, so you can relate to our thoughts that way

AARON: : Before, yes, and the future with possibilities probabilities, but we cannot know the future.

Sheila: That would have to do with our own freewill and as far as being connected with our true nature or not. There is this future that our true nature is in constant quest for, but whether we actually reach that or not would be our freewill?

AARON: : Yes, you understand. We utilize the past to know where you are now. We see what could occur and can thereby offer you the growth here which can possibly help you then, so it is good to look ahead, but with your work daily and efforts and thought, we generally utilize each incident as they come and work on that, for we cannot spend a lot of time with past and future, just knowing it in relation to your growth.

Sheila: Can you tell or feel when we are in tune with our true nature or in tune with the plan that we would hope to fulfill?

AARON: : Yes, we identify when you are in synchronicity with the patterns of your Adjuster and following by His leading.

Sheila: I feel that for many months now I feel in tuned or synchronized more than not.

AARON: : I agree.

Sheila: Okay. Then…

AARON: : Bob laughs within at the silliness of your remark, knowing that you state the obvious so well.


Sheila: When we go along being synchronized and then have a day that is a bad day, is it part of the synchronization to have the bad day or does that set us back or aside somehow?

AARON: : It creates a stutter.

Sheila: Stutter?

AARON: : In the sense that you momentarily pause and have to look away from the brightness you are in because you have not yet accepted completely how wonderful it is to be in the presence continuously.

Frosty: Don’t we learn as much from those days sometimes as we do being in the brilliance? Isn’t that part of our growth here?

AARON: : You most certainly do find much growth on your off days as you would say, but a bad day is only bad if there is a negative feeling about it.

Sheila: Instead of taking it as a blessing for the lesson.

AARON: : Yes, wonderful observation.

Sheila: So in our humanness to be agitated by another person, I understand that it would be because we are not looking at who they really are, but the acts that they are displaying. What is the key to tolerate the acts in order to look through that and see who their good side is?

AARON: : As you become balanced in understanding with the factors of patience and tolerance mixed with truth, mercy, and justice, you then have a basis by which you can see another with a light that is distinct from action. Then methods they use which create disharmony within your being become not so affecting as that they are just observed.

When you see one getting under your skin, then you are realizing that your balance has been infiltrated. That is a stopping point you to recapture the spirit before proceeding and this is not easy, for frustration often comes about because of your inability to grasp the balance back and then your arms go up and you react from the unbalanced.

Frosty: Can we put that in the text of completely separating that person from his performance, setting his performance completely aside. We don’t have to like his performance or the way he acts, but we can love the person as a child of God and that way we don’t make him his performance and dislike him completely whole because we’re disliking his performance, but just to completely separate that?

AARON: : I am glad you recognize the lesson that come through you as being relative to this, for you have observed quite well that love is first over everything else and then you move through your life reacting and observing, but always remembering the foundation of love.

Frosty: I think that would make it easier to be a healer too, because there’s many times when a lot of healing could be done if I just separate that performance completely out and go in with the true intent of love, that if I can do that more and more then I could come into the true healer that I really want to be.

AARON: : Yes. It is when you allow love that you become the catalyst for transformation within another. In a sense, healing is simply allowing.

Frosty: And living it.

AARON: : Good.

Frosty: I didn’t mean to take your space Sheila.

Sheila: No. That was good. Have all of you conquered this totally?

AARON: : Yes. We’re all very good at this. Just kidding.

Frosty: Is that Bob talking or you? (Laughs)

AARON: : Me with Bob’s humor


Sheila: So you still are working at this. And us being the lowly creatures that we are, you can understand the frustrations that we’re going through.

AARON: : I have mastered the initiating of love in my action because I have fused with my Adjuster giving me the constant connection with love. But until fusion occurs this is not a complete realization.

Sheila: At the point that you fuse, you really get it then

AARON: : It’s complete, yes.

Time, The Teachers

Sheila: Are you in the same time as the last time we spoke, or have you had a day go by since then? For example are we meeting and talking every week and you are just all sitting around a table and go, “Oh, there they go again.”?

AARON: : You mean that it’s all the same day?

Sheila: Yes

AARON: : No. The time period is utilized within yours and we do have the standard of Jerusem, the system capitol for our time, which is about three times longer than yours.

Sheila: Do you guys gather around the table as we do or does your time space thing happen where you don’t have to gather?

AARON: : No, we do gather quite often. We have conference. We meet in our group here. We meet in larger group with more. Depending upon the level we are involved there is a coordination and the personal teachers coordinate with myself and Elyon. Myself and Elyon coordinate with the staff of Machiventa and so on.

Sheila: Then when I call for Miriam, it goes from my Adjuster to Miriam, or my Adjuster through my guardians to Miriam, or how does that work?

AARON: : The seraphim notify generally if she is not directly present and then she comes to see what all the fuss is about.

Sheila: When you’re not meeting what do you do? Are you going to the schools?

AARON: : Yes we learn. We communicate. We have recreation. We have a life. There is an establishment here beyond your visibility that we utilize. It is a world in a sense of our own, but our task is our focus while we are here.

Sheila: Do you have mates?

AARON: : In a sense, yes, depending upon compatibility and a desire to have one. It is more of a joint friendship, companionship.

Sheila: Tell me what you think of Miriam.

AARON: : She is my good friend, my advisor as well as I am she. She helps to ground me to the process because of her straight forward approach. I sometimes look for the roundabout way of doing things and she would point to something that I have not thought of which seems so obvious. She is my sister. She is part of a team we have here that is as tight and organized and together as any formal grouping you could possibly imagine and this includes every personal teacher within this group and every being that is part o£ the overall process here. For now we are assigned together and that means sharing a lot that you don’t see. Personally I love her.

Sheila: Me too. I think we must be alike in ways. Does she think that?

Teacher Contact

AARON: : Yes. So do I. That is part of the reason for assigning you together, because she could at this stage of your growth help you along to where you need to get to. Know that there could be a time that you may be assigned another advisor which would be more definite to where you would be then. I would say not to attach to your personal teachers to the level of adoration. Love is good, but remember that we are not God. I know you know this, but sometimes your emotions as human beings forget this even though your intellect understands.

Sheila: There are many times I holler for Miriam and it occurs to me that I could have just as well hollered for our Father, but not being too concerned with names, I just assume whoever’s there is going to be there.

AARON: : And yes, your Adjuster doesn’t stop imparting advice because you didn’t call for Him directly.

Sheila: Are you teachers assigned to the Urantia group because of a common vocabulary, or is it because of being together, the energy source was attracted? Or does that have nothing to do with it at all?

AARON: : Not because of vocabulary, but because we were volunteering to be a part of this upliftment here and this was where we were assigned. Your communication comes about regardless of the spiritual material you have before you. It is just fortunate that you have this book, because of its enlightening factors.

Sheila: So it’s only because I was willing to participate that I really became part of this.

AARON: : Yes, simply that.

Sheila: Well I thank you very much. It was good to talk to you through Bob today. We like testing Bob to his limits.

AARON: : So do I and he looks forward to the opportunity of testing you, and Miriam would oblige if you would let her. Goodbye.

MIRIUM:  My friends and I could not be more pleased with your faith in your Father as well as with us who are not yet perfect. But as you are so willing to try, as complex as it all is, in simple terms we can find truth as well and in your efforts continue to process points of attraction which enable growth for both our parts. In many ways the complexity confuses us as well and in growing then we can in turn try to convey these messages to you in a language that you can understand also.

Love being the common factor in all of us is really the simplest way for all. In your process of filling the cup with love, the reflection becomes more clear and this may help you to get through the next phase, by getting a glimpse of the reflection which may show you something you may have not seen before. Like looking in the mirror and only seeing a blemish instead of the whole picture. Step back and look at the whole thing before you judge. We are all beautiful, even with our blemishes and our yawns. (Laughs, as term relates to prior talk before transmission.)

Bob: Oh sure.

Frosty: I opened up a can of worms there.

MIRIUM: : And we thank you for it. We enjoy the humor as much as anything. We too have humor and really can get going at times too. We are proud to be part of this big group and see only the brightest of futures for all of us. We don’t see how bad the illusion of some can be and it is because of your bright illusions, that makes this connection possible and clear. If I can be of help, you may surely ask anything of me.

Bob: Oh boy. (Laughs) I welcome you Miriam. I really didn’t have a lot of questions.


About our outreach and how we go about it on the group and personal levels, I understood last night from a session with Rick and Barbara that it is good to choose a course and not to keep it so scattered. To kind of sort out what is and isn’t. I want to go through all of my little ideas I get and sort out a system for the rest of my life to follow through on and to try to institute and make real. I’d like to get your comments on that.

MIRIUM: : We spend much time on organization. It can feel at times as though only spinning the wheels, but the process of organization as well as the ideas can further your development in many areas, not just this one. A lesson in organization will be helpful throughout your visit here and prepare you for the next where there will always be much to organize. Your efforts cannot fail, only enhance your growth.

Frosty: I’m glad I met you. I’ve read your transmissions before. I’m very organized in my own life and privately and planning trips, but I always shy away from organizations or committee type things, or meetings. So what you’re saying, or Elyon does, that I should maybe get into the fire a little bit more and that that will help me. Can you comment on that?

MIRIUM: : In your efforts to organize and be involved in groups, it would be entirely possible to begin to spin your wheels if the process of organization is not organized with efforts…

The outcome of your organization is a key to your efforts. Why organize if nothing is to come of the organization? There must be an outcome to this time consuming effort that will enhance your growth. Some need boy scouts. Others need college courses to fulfill their needs at that time. So joining groups for the sake of just joining is not actually the goal here. It is to find the one which will best suit your growth needs at the time.

Frosty: So it takes a discernment, because I’ll do that and get into something and if it just isn’t working for me I just get out.

MIRIUM: : Your time should be spent valuably.

Frosty: Thank you. I thank you for your time today.

MIRIUM: : And we are glad that you and Sheila have come together. This is growth also. You will have much to share and can compare and evaluate many things that you learn.


I want to thank you for this formal time. Sheila and I spend much time informally and with great success in her efforts and the formality allows me to become closer to all of you. There is just a simple statement to make. Feel empowered to accept the love of God and feel empowered to send the love of God.

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