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SPK35- Take No Time To Worry

1994-06-10-Take No Time To Worry
Spokane #35


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Take No Time To Worry
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra, Elyon, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Frosty, Simeon, Jonathan
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Gentleness, Poise
 3.1.2 Confidence
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Vision, Love
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Take No Time To Worry
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra, Elyon, Michael
TR: Frosty, Simeon, Jonathan

Gentleness, Poise

MALVANTRA: To regain composure when lost is not always easy. To deal with negativity is not easy. What you are realizing is that the more you grow, the more negative it seems the world has become, really nothing has changed but you.

When you were in the midst o£ the material you did not pay that much attention and were treading to keep above the water amongst it in your own survival patterns. Now however, you have ascended above wanting to be part of the negative patterns and are striving to pull others free also and it is a very difficult position to be in, for as you begin to feel freer and more peaceful and more joyous, you do indeed want your brothers and sisters to feel this also.

Know that it is only through your actions that you can put out your appeals. What is difficult yet is to keep your composure, to stay patient, be polite and not get pulled in. A difficult task indeed. And as you grow and ascend it may become more difficult, and at the same time much easier, for you will begin to know yourself more and realize that it is your gift from God to be happy. It was never meant to suffer, to be negative, to be victims, etc. It is to have joy come from the heart, from within and to keep this joy. At the same time know it’s okay to grieve, it’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel anger at times, but that you are the main ingredient of joy and the blessed love from the Father. You are working so hard on this that possibly you are not experiencing joy to its fullest as you could otherwise.

It is important to discern and be polite, for if one is ranting and raving it will not be the proper thing to stand and laugh and be overbearing with the joy, for this would be much like a missionary trying to conform or convert someone into their way of thinking. To be serious when it is called for, to be discerning upon what you feel your brother or sister may need at this time and know that at times it’s okay to walk away. There is no need to ever be damaged by another again, other than brute force or something you have no way of controlling in a physical type situation, but mentally no one should be able to conquer you anymore. This too takes practice and you will become very wise indeed as you associate with others and learn how to respect and be polite regardless of how you die being treated. A gentle heart always wins.

This is Malvantra and I see you and feel your struggles with this and know that you are each dealing with it in your own way and it truly will seem like as you grow more and more and progress to the light of God, that you are more sensitive to the negativity around you, for yes indeed there is a lot of it and has always been, but know in your hearts, in your minds, and in your souls, that it has been the lights of the world, the gentle souls that have made a difference, such as Jesus when he walked the earth.

His kindness and patience touched upon everyone and know that seeds to be planted may not even start to grow until the ascension starts, until the ascension progresses somewhere else. Those seeds are carried with you when you leave here also, so know that this is not wasted time and on those days you feel that all you have dealt with are negative people know that it is not a waste and that you do not need to run and hide.

Keep pursuing the gentle heart. Go about your business. March on. Be persistent in who you are and what your goal is and keep the hands of Michael with you ever so gently, touching you and guiding you and showing you the way.

My most profound love to you today. You are excellent students and you can show many. You are always right on the verge of a new awakening and your insights are greater and more profound everyday. Keep up the good work. Good day.


ELYON:  This is Elyon. I too send you my love and exclamation of how truly… On what a tremendous group you have achieved and how you strive each day to change a little bit about yourselves.

As you have noticed we have been directing you more to the heart, to the soul, to the Indwelling, and have gotten past many of the ego type lessons and into the spiritual realm more and more. Know that you are truly and truly encased in Michael’s light now. You carry it with you wherever you go. It is seen by us and shining brightly. Know this, for there are times you know it’s there and times you lose it, but my friends it is truly always there. You have stepped into this light and you keep it close. You can use this much more than you are, for you do not fully realize what is happening to you. You do not fully understand the depth at which you have gone. You are still so busy trying to be the people that you have already become.

Step aside from yourselves and see this magnificent light that you have pulled yourself into. You are brightly lit. I can confirm this for you now. You are only pulling yourselves back by still believing you are not quite worthy enough, that you feel you do not matter, still locked into some illusions that you hold on to, some of the old beliefs, so that you will not fully allow yourselves to see the brilliance of the light. This does not mean to become self righteous, but to become God like within the structure that you are now. To stay fully human but yet carry this light with you and believe me, others will feel it. Do you have any questions?


Bob: Well Elyon, I’d just like to say how much I appreciate your words. I think I believe that. I understand that, though I think it will take a little longer for my intellect to catch up with my heart, but I’m progressing to the point where I feel like I no longer have to speak in terms of the Urantia book says this or the teacher says that. I feel like the time’s coming where I’m just going to say what I have to say, speaking with confidence of the Father, for I do know that he’s within me and telling me what to say in some regards and I feel like it’s there and I appreciate your comments towards this.

ELYON: : And also to understand that it is through your experiences in interacting with others that you so learn, for if you did it perfect every time, what would you possibly learn? And with the diversity of people that are around that you can interact with, there should not ever be a day go by that you can’t experience something, learn something from each other.

Yes it is true that you can truly learn from everyone you meet something valuable that you can put in your store house, from their experiences and actions and also you can begin to see their lights and touch upon them as they can touch upon you and allow it/ for this is a lesson also, to open up and allow more and more, for truly no one can hurt you. To no longer live in fear. I thank you for being my very good friend and I have been very thankful for our relationship together.

Bob: As I have.

Vision, Love

MICHAEL: I hear the wind blow and it is calling out names, the places you will go, the people you will see, the children you can turn toward the light. I hold no discomfort for your frailties. I sense your power and embrace you within the light of my Father. I take and extend my hand to you and ask only that you reach out and extend to another and as we can form this unbreakable link of power, so too will the illusion of darkness and the frustration of despair become simply the truth and the way of God.

Take no time to worry about self and what may happen when you extend upon your brethren. Take all time to see what you can be as you allow the love to utilize your vessel. It is for the heart’s growth that you will become children of the land and in your reaching”, truly you become the children of my hand. I am Michael.

Frosty: Thank you Michael. I love you.  May I ask somebody for a comment on those times when it’s difficult for me to love. It seems to still be conditional and I want to really break through that barrier and take my walls down so that I can feel that love flowing out for others all the time, where now sometimes it’s very difficult for me to do that and I. think that I still feel like I’m being attacked at times and my walls go up and I hide myself in there. How can I free myself and just be able to give love. I am in understanding that the giving of the love is how I am restored and when I close myself off like that I become very stagnate and I can’t function like I can otherwise when I’m feeling the love.

MICHAEL: I find that you carry yourself with much love to give and the recognition of your efforts are somewhat impeded by the fact that you misconceive the recognition of how love is given and felt. Truly in your efforts you offer forth enlightenment and a feeling of love in others and as you do this, somehow you would think that an overwhelming feeling, a sense of power, a sense of inner beauty should flow from you and should become a powerful sensation of release.

More so will you know that you are giving of the love when you recognize its reception by another. For example, when the child smiles contentedly sitting upon your lap, you know then that he has received your love more than a personal feeling within yourself. When you turn to a friend and see them nod and acknowledge what you have given them, insight, understanding, or companionship, then you understand that they have received your love.

Truly the only real mirror for knowing how you are releasing love is to acknowledge it upon the faces and the beings of another. In this way you become not so concerned with feeling love, as you become content with the fact that another is content with you. Has this served any enlightenment upon you?

Frosty: Yes that helped. I think sometimes I’m really trying too hard and I’m giving out love, but I’m not even realizing I’m doing it because I’m trying to give something that I can’t possibly give. I’m having a very difficult time with my mother. I feel really drained by her and I don’t know if she picks up on my love at all. I find if I can keep a gentle heart with her then I’m not quite so drained, but I don’t ever get that, once in a while, but I don’t ever get that glimmer back that she’s getting anything. Not that I need that, or maybe my ego needs that or whatever, but I always feel like I’m bumping up against a wall there.

MICHAEL: As you are.

Frosty: And that I’m out on the desert and I’ve been out there for days without a drink of water and I just don’t know what to do. I feel really lost there.

MICHAEL: : Reach out and touch my hand. Understand I touching you.

Frosty: I feel it.

MICHAEL: : The wall is not your wall

Frosty: Thank you.

MICHAEL: : I will empower you to be the strongest soul you can be. I love you most sincerely for your desire. You are my child and you are as worthy as even my dearest apostles ever were. You can accomplish wonders by taking this time with your mother. It will be difficult for you, but I will be taking this trip with you.

Frosty: Oh, thank you.

MICHAEL: : And as you reach out, you are right, there is a self interest to want to see that recognition more often. Only must you take on faith that the recognition is there, but not so freely given and she will learn by the association with your love and by the time spent, that you are truly a bastion of light which she wants to capture at this point, because she doesn’t see how she can coexist with that and be one herself. She will learn however by being in your presence and she will in a sense attack your energy, but you have my energy and you may accept this in place of any that could escape you. I am profound with the heart that listens and desires to know me. Gloria, you know why you are called such. I thank you for reaching.

Frosty: Thank you. I feel your presence so much and so often. I really do desire.


MICHAEL: : Continue with me in silence, hearing the call of Universal Father and I will emplace myself around you as always.

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