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MZV238- Consequences of the Last Will of Cecil Rhodes

2018-04-22-The consequences of the last Will of Cecil Rhodes on our planet
Mezza Verde #238

Session nr 4 of 22 April 2018 – Original English
Study from our people in Africa received on February, 22nd –2018.

{Note Wivine :I asked the Celestials from where the idea came of One World Order, one religion, one language. It is too easy to say its Luciferian, or it comes from Caligastia or the devil. We are dealing here with human beings with free will, a soul and a “little God Spark” in their hearts as everyone else who made their own choices.

Next I received during meditation: “look for the life of Cecil Rhodes and involve a few of the group who have time to join this research. And so I did. This study has been done by two separate teams, one in Africa, one in Europe and myself through research in the Urantia Book and other sources, followed by meditations to ask for celestial help. There was no contact between the teams and still all came to the same conclusions. I give you the written conclusions of the African group with my answers to their questions. It is only now that I am allowed to put this on the website. Don’t ask me why! }

Conclusions and questions of the African team :
Herein our conclusions about the subject after several weeks of research: where comes the idea of one world government – one language – one religion as it is told to us by the New World Order? What is its purpose?

Cecil J. Rhodes (died in 1902) – bequeathed the management of his immense fortune to the Rothschilds with a will that gave directions to follow. As per his last will, he wanted to implement the Anglo-Saxon rule worldwide with the help of Queen Victoria (UK) and the white Anglo-Saxon American elite, for them to rule the entire globe and possess all natural resources to attain eventually world peace.

To achieve that they created a secret society or shadow government to rule the world (Round table created in 1909). He invested a lot on education, especially for white and colored male only, starting with Oxford University where he created his first scholarship.

Meaning that, African people had no rights to live in their own country as sovereign rulers of their own land. As per his own believes he thought that by doing that, he was doing the Will of God and wanted that the white Anglo-Saxon race, superior in his eyes, ruled the world. In his last will and testament, he left his trusties (Rothschild’s) to implement his dream of Anglo-Saxon supremacy all over the globe to reach one world government (Anglo-Saxon) – one language (English) and one religion (to invent).

Now a day we can see that ‘Cecil J. Rhodes will’ is in place because of all the globalist organizations that exist today, who are implementing the New World Order following the list below:

  • – 1896 Carnegie Institute of Pittsburgh
  • – 1902 Carnegie Institution of New York
  • – 1910 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • – 1911 Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • – 1901 Committee of 300
  • – 1901 Monsanto
  • – 1902 Rhodes Trust – Rhodes Scholarship
  • – 1910 Round Table
  • – 1913 Round Table – (group)
  • – 1913 Rockefeller Foundation
  • – 1920 The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) 5
  • – 1920 League of Nations
  • – 1921 CFR – Council on Foreign Relations USA-Rockefeller – For 60 years, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been advising the US State Department. For each conflict, it determines the war goals in the interest of its members without any democratic control. It also participates in the writing of an official story whenever it is necessary to condemn the mistakes of the past and to remodel its image. Funded by 200 multinationals, it includes 4,200 co-opted members from whom most government leaders are chosen. The business elite develops US foreign policy by consensus behind closed doors.
  • – 1923 The Frankfurt School
  • – 1936 Ford foundation
  • – 1945 United Nations
  • – 1947 Tavistock Institute of London
  • – 1952 Population Council [operating arm of the Rockefeller Foundation] health and development issues worldwide.
  • – 1954 The Bilderberg Club
  • – 1968 Club of Rome
  • – 1970 The MacArthur Foundation
  • – 1973 Trilateral Commission
  • – 1982 Inter-American Dialogue for Latin America and Caribbean.

Herein some of the questions that came to our mind after doing the investigation regarding the topic above mentioned (NWO).

1.) Until what point are the Melchizedeks involved in the formation of the New World Order?

Wivine : they are not involved in the formation of that kind of New World Order. The ideas of the N.W.O. like – eugenics – white race supremacy – one world government – one religion – one language comes from distorted human minds and infiltrated everywhere.
During the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century many white rich people, academics and politicians in the USA, like the Rockefellers were found of the book “Passing of the Great Race” of Madison Grant (1865-1937).

Rockefellers and those who stand with them are indeed Americans from Anglo-Saxon descent, but see themselves as Americans liberated from English rule. They had their own race ideology and global plans. They introduced almost 100 years ago the science of eugenics that originated in the UK. These were practices to improve the genetic quality of a certain group of the human population and get rid of those they call inferior races, as well as people that are mentally and physically disabled, even poor white people. For them it was all about the supreme Nordic white race (blond with blue eyes). They thought even in those days that south Europeans, east-Europeans and Russians were inferior races. Of course, all colored people were also considered inferior. This played an important role in American society until the end of World War II.

The Rockefeller foundation, with Standard Oil, Ford, Carnegie, Farben Ag financed Hitler with others and gave him these nice ideas about the white super race which he did put in practice. All studies done by the Nazi about atomic bombs, eugenics and biological warfare were taken home by the Americans at the end of the war with most of the German scientist who continued their studies in America.

When all the horrors of Hitler came out after WWII suddenly the name “eugenics” disappeared from their schools and was renamed – but the same race ideology still exists as well in America as in the Anglo-Saxon empire. The latest new form of eugenics is “micro biology” – Oxford is specialized in this.

See also History of eugenics which started in Greece (Plato) – Rome – and so on.

2) What was the influence of Caligastia and his crew at the origin of the NWO?

Wivine : that is obvious – keeping Christ and God out of the equation and implementing Lucifer’s ideology all over the world – keeping human souls as low as possible and take their rights to ascension away. They knew Jesus would come after them – The 20th century was the century of Lucifer’s ideas being put into place on a large scale.

3) Does the NWO elite members as the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Bilderberg’s and others on the list presented above suffer any genetic changes by Caligastia’s staff?

Wivine : first of all there is not ONE ELITE. There are actually different fractions spread over the globe. To keep it simple I will only speak of the two main players that represent many different banks, corporations and families in the 21rst century which are unknown to the public.

The Rockefeller group is the pure American group and were at the origin Baptist Christians. They are competing with the U.K. and the American Anglo-Saxon group of the Rothschild’s.
Rothschilds’ are Jews but they don’t practice Jewish religion and not all of the elite they represent are Jews, on the contrary.

Rockefellers and Rothschilds are not friends – so killing Jews by the Nazi to have their money was a finger pointed from the Rockefellers to the Rothschilds. The Rockefeller group made a lot of money out of World War II and the Rothschild group lost a lot of money. It took them 40 years to be able to stand again in front of the Rockefellers for the rule over the globe.

The Rothschild’s invested a lot of money in China, much more than the Rockefellers.
Rothschild’s want to keep Europe as it is and the Rockefeller group prefers to have a broken Europe. Nevertheless both agree to keep a weakened Europe. Don’t think they quarrel all the time. It happens that they work together on a project or agree on some topics. There is honor among thieves.

As well the Rockefeller as the Rothschild group want Russia to disappear to grab their natural resources and destroy most of its population.

The Rockefeller group almost succeeded in 1990 with the fall of communism – but when they decided that Putin would become the new leader in 1999 to keep Russia open for internal and external plundering – they made a huge mistake. Putin was not Gorbachev or Yeltsin, he didn’t play their game. He likes Russia and has done what he could to bring Russia back on its feed, to protect their ethnicity, reinstitute the Orthodox Christian Church and protect Russian sovereignty. He wanted to make Russia great again.

The battle for Russia is a long story that started a few hundred years ago. The Rothschild’s hated the Russian Tsar family – so they financed through the English the war of Napoleon against Russia. They didn’t succeed.

Next step came from the Rockefellers to destabilize Russia in 1917. They succeeded because the Rothschilds refused to help the Tsar of Russia. So the Rockefellers managed to install communism in Russia and killed the Tsar family. But Russia got rid later of the Bolsheviks of Rockefeller.
Later on, the British empire as well as the American empire started a new war in Europe – that’s where Hitler came in place with Nazism. Germany was on its knees, full of debt and Hitler was a poor artist. Thus the rise of Hitler and Nazism was financed; financed as well by Americans as by the British in different ways. It was the British empire (Rothschild) through Churchill that wanted to push Hitler to attack Russia. However, the war against Russia failed again.

Next step in this story is when the American Rockefellers succeeded to have again a grasp on Russia with the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 (fall of communist regime). But they made an error by putting Putin into power in 1999. He loved Russia and its people and knew all about the plans of the N.W.O.

Than the next step of the American Rockefellers was the creation of a coup or regime change in Ukraine in 2014, instituted a Nazi political party with Nazi militia to provoke Russia and implement a big nuclear army in that region with the help of the Europeans. Putin took back Russian Crimea by surprise because of the important strategic Russian port of Sebastopol. Thus received sanctions from the U.S. and Europe. Russia put then a ban on import of European goods into Russia – which cost until now 100 billion euros to Europe.

This is one of the games that is played since centuries between different globalist parties who fight for the hegemony of all world natural resources and become the masters of the world.
Africa has a lot of resources, so does Russia. That is why the Africans are in their way and so are the Russians. China became in the meantime a very strong military and economical world power .
The next step the Rockefellers have in mind is provoking a war against Russia and China. China is an important partner of the U.K. – Rothschild group since 40 years. They will not succeed – it will fail again.

Be aware that our battle for real world peace where everyone has a place started and is winning with God’s help.

It is just a game between those two fractions to have control of all world resources and increase their personal wealth and power. They don’t care about people. Some of them want to destroy 75% of the world population because they think they don’t need them. They think they don’t need them with all their secret technology and when they control all resources. And this time they target all populations in all countries and the smart ones will go first: white-yellow-black, brown, whatever.
They will fail here also.

These Elite don’t have any genetic advantage, on the contrary they are a degenerating human species and that is why they need all that technology. These people die as everyone else. Some speak about karma, but I prefer to speak about the “boomerang effect”: what you do to others will come back to you and your offspring. And now in this time it is coming back fast as well when you do good deeds as bad ones. They are playing the last act of their show, the curtain is falling.

4) Is there any Celestial plan to change this NWO evil project to keep going as it goes today? If there is, how will we participate to help the Celestial family change in all the wrongdoing from the actual NWO?

Wivine : Why did you receive the capacities to work with the Paradise Energy – why did we do all these bilocations – why did we help to implement these 3 huge Spiritual Energy plants in Africa – for what were all these huge Licht Anchors created in so many places with the help of the born Avonal Son – the coming Creator Son – Jesus – the Archangels?

Why do you think there is a Paradise Avonal Son born and another Paradise Son to come? Why are we there with all our divine abilities? On what are we working? Why are there so many Melchizedeks coming?

Go within and ask your inner guidance to give you some more answers. Your indwelling “little God”, your Angels and Midwayers are as good as mine. They will find a way to give you an answer.
There is no one stronger than God or Jesus. No one! The Angelic Armies of Gabriel of Salvington are there, be sure of that. On top of that there is a battalion of Archangels here and that battalion is still growing.

Continuation of their conclusions :
The actual new world order is a complete tyranny, which violate the free will of all human races. All those involved on the NWO project are selfish and dark grid people who are more interested in exploiting and taking away the live of billions to benefit a few.

We think that the Urantia problems, inclusive the NWO that they want to install, is due to the lack of knowledge on the human side about the Celestial plan for humanity. Also due to the Lucifer rebellion that imposed us 200.000 years of quarantine by the Celestial Administrators, giving time and possibilities for the rebels to do whatever they want.

What we should do, is to clean this entire group of humans with the help of our Spiritual family that are so dark and who are part of the globalist organizations. To help their souls change behavior towards human kind and in the way they want to implement this New World Order. Those who do not accept to change their behavior, then we should act as we did with one of their leaders Baphomet.

{Wivine : for those who don’t know Baphomet: he was a dark personality on Earth but does not exist anymore – he is gone}…

Wivine : Jesus and God do not come to be glorified by those who believe in them. They come to look for the lost sheep. Which means they will still do everything to help us out – but not in the way we think it has to be done. God wants his lost sheep back! And those who help Him to bring them back will make God very happy. Bringing the lost sheep back is a very difficult task and therefore we need to ask our inner guidance for counsel and use the means we received.

This will need a few decades if not more to be solved completely in our material 3rd dimension – even the bad ones have free will and Jesus wants them back. Celestial tribunals will decide if their souls are able to survive mortal dead or not – this is not of our jurisdiction.

But be assured that all what is hidden will come to light and many will be brought to court already on earth – and many State leaders and politicians will be replaced by better ones on all levels.
Urantia belongs to Nebadon, Jesus’ Celestial kingdom. It is his job and duty to bring our planet back to The Father of all Creation and He is working very hard on it.


We are ordinary, free people. We live like everyone else and between everyone. We work indeed consciously together with our ‘celestial family’ and our ‘little God’ who lives in our hearts.
The Only True source of all Wisdom.

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