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SPK36- The Glory of God

1994-06-14-The Glory of God
Spokane #36


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Glory of God
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: The Glory of God
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Darid, Sharmon
TR: Simeon


Prayer: Father God, Christ Michael, and attending celestial beings, I pray that this transmission comes easily and that we all share in this transmission in our own ways and that no one be inhibited to say what they hear. Amen.

Bob: I hear Aaron saying, “Yeah.” Now he’s saying that we should open our eyes and that we should look at one another and that we should take time to realize harmony. Now he’s coming back to the first thing he said to me tonight.

AARON: The glory of God.


AARON:  Everything you do should always be for the glory of God and as you do this you realize first hand that your self needs are not so demanding and that your fears are less able to control you. The Father lies waiting to share and the brilliance of His being is all you need know to reach out and accept. Tonight is for all to share and to join together in utilizing several spirits instead of each one individually separated front the others, and yes, do not fear to speak and to make it more informal. So again, open your eyes and share from your heart space the feelings coming to you.


Rick: One of the feelings I have these days and including this moment is the joy of realizing that my efforts to this point in time have not been for naught. Things do actually build towards a higher spirit standing and I feel also a sense of excitement in anticipating the future. What lies ahead, the horizon gets broader than my ability to comprehend. It’s exciting to feel that. I guess that’s how I feel now. Tomorrow morning I could feel grumbly though. (Laughs)

Bob: I feel peace and I feel like I’m trying to understand why he wants us to reach out.

Ginnie: I think acknowledging each other’s presence is very important. There’s the tendency sometimes to come in and just talk about ideas. We don’t acknowledge our being.

Sue: Yes, that’s true.

Bob: That’s so profound, because I’m so afraid to in a sense, hang loose, and to talk and to look everybody in the eye.

Ginnie: And to me, that’s religion. To look somebody in the eye and say, “How are you” and really mean it.  The last few days I ‘ve been having all these near accidents happening to me. So I said, “Okay Gin, stop. What is this?” In one day in the same trip of doing errands, I almost got hit by a car. Then I almost ran into another car doing a U-turn, and then I broke a vase at home and almost cut myself. I guess the lesson I was learning was to pay attention more, to stay focused in what I am doing. Do what you are doing and pay attention to it.  I just want you to each know that I consider each one of you my teacher.

Bob: That goes to show what a wise and brilliant individual you really are. (Laughs) Sorry. That was my tendency to not take the moment and what you’re giving.

Sue: Except you Bob. We’re all her teachers except you Bob. (Laughs) It’s a very interesting time that we live in. We have so many responsibilities that we are joyfully carrying out. . ..I feel that it’s joyful anyway.

Rick: It is a blessing that we have friends that have common perspectives and who have common hopes and longings and we’ve discovered each other and we can share this with. It’s nice to have friends to take the journey with together .

Bob: I’ve thought about a lot of the journey I’ve taken over the last couple of years. From Pearson and Aaron being the same, to my struggles with ego when Frosty came in. Even though I always clicked with her as a person, I still felt that struggle when she came into the transmission process, and then to see the friends we’ve become since.* Then the August 21st gathering and all my fears of transmitting, and growing through that, but I did it. I’m so weak.

Rick: You’ve come a long way baby. Now there’s seven T/Rs.

Bob: I think there are more than that if we count.

Rick: Yeah, I guess if you count closet transmitters. (Jokingly)

Sue: So, so, so, where do we go from here? What is our goal? I mean do we have a goal other than what’s going on in our personal lives?

Bob: To expand out beyond the dim embryonic realms of soul consciousness into the expanding realm of spirit consciousness…[1]

Ginnie: Oh God, can we unplug him? (Laughs)

Bob: It’s a good goal though, seriously. To get out there where you’re in constant communication.

Sue: I’d like to say that my contact with you people for the most part is my only contact with adults, besides my husband and Sheila. I really appreciate this group. If I present myself as being socially starved, then you can see why.

Barbara: It sounds like you make a lot out of the encounters that you have. It sounds like in your dealing with the hairdressers, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, that you have time to work there.

Sue: Yes I do. I really take enjoyment out of trying to share with them, while at the same time I don’t try to force feed anybody. Nobody needs that.

Ginny: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Bob: I want to tell you guys what you mean to me, because so often I hide behind my jokes.

Sue: Yes you do. Quite well I’d say.

Bob: Ginnie you bring out my openness, with your ideas and thoughts on reincarnation. I truly am learning to understand differences in ideas and that it is not so much concerning to me. But…

Ginnie: Why does that concern you so much?

Bob: What?

Ginnie: What I believe.

Bob: It doesn’t. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. It doesn’t matter to me. I think you’re a wonderful person, very spiritually led. I am just glad you’re here.

Ginnie: Well I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. I realize how much of my thinking is based on those ideas, being on the earth more than once. Also I’ve thought, “If this is my first time around, then…” It just comes to me. I don’t really care that much if I’ve been here before.

Rick: Ultimately the truths you’re deriving are the important thing, not so much whether you’ve been here or there.

Ginnie: It doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, it’s very interesting to think this is my first time here.

Bob: I think when you came into the group, the first inclination is to explain why we think it’s not so. I think that’s an automatic response. When Aaron was asked the question about it, my first inclination from the ego is to answer why not. For Aaron to say that he wouldn’t respond, that it wasn’t even important that he respond, that served to enlighten my approach. To realize that we both have faith and we’re growing aside from any belief differences.

That’s the important thing. I wanted to say to Susan, that you’re marvelous. To see that enthusiasm, such as, “Did you know that out of ten million planets…” or “Did you know that there’s a divisional archangel’s headquarters on this planet, and did you know about this reserve corps of destiny?” The fact that you bring these up and you come forward with such child like innocence, and that isn’t ignorance, that’s innocence, from the refreshing side of spirit. It makes me see you as a real special person.

And Rick, you know what I think of you. (Laughs) When I first met you, I remember saying to people, and still believe it, although I am finding that other people can match that more, I thought truly that you’re the person in my life that reminds me the most of Jesus.

Rick: Wow. Talk to Barbara. She’ll set you straight.

Bob: I know, but I see the human Jesus. It’s just the openness, the willingness to talk about anything, to go to anyone I try harder to be better when I’m around you, not that I don’t try when you’re not around. I appreciate your friendship and that you’ve lent such an open ear over the last couple of years. Thanks.

And Barbara, there’s just something about you since the first time I saw you out at Mark and Mary’s place. I remember riding home in the car and telling Doug this and he agreed. You don’t just come out and talk freely. You don’t say a lot. But you wait, and when somebody is unclear, you wait until everyone has jumped in and tried to answer the question. When somebody else doesn’t clear this up, then you look to the person and just say what you have to say. Other people notice it, but it isn’t a big deal. You just try to help. You don’t say a lot, but when you say it, you always have something real to say and I like that about you.

Barbara: I think it’s interesting that you say that, and that Pappy came up, because I’d thought of him recently, and I was also wondering who would get bombarded with juice, so two things came around.

I like how you pointed out Ginnie, to look at people and ask them how they are and mean it. It’s like when we read tonight about religion of the spirit is a personal experience and not a bunch of dogmas. It’s with whoever we encounter, not that it has to turn into anything big. And that the question is how do we do that in an unthreatening way. So I think you touched on one of the simplest things. It’s just to say hello and mean it and how are you and mean it. That’s talking heart to heart.

Ginnie: Jesus said two things. One, to be interested in other people, and the other was not to give advice. It’s so simple, and it sticks with me.

Barbara: Sure, we love the Urantia book, and sometimes we get too enthusiastic about it. It seems that to enjoy somebody else’s beliefs would be a better approach. Beliefs aren’t sacred.

Bob: Well the spirits are still here.

Ginnie: Rick, I appreciate your joy. It’s an important thing to feel that.

Rick: Well, thanks. It’s one of the things I struggle with. I feel joy and then I feel a lot of grief.

Barbara: Well, did you want to resume? You said the teachers were still here.

Bob: I just felt the presence. I don’t know if they have anything else to say. They might have said a lot. More than we give them credit for.

Ginnie: My sense was that we needed to do more interacting with each other, than always waiting for this transmission to come through.

Bob: They’ve talked about this a few times, about how we can be more communicative, informal, not to be so worried about the order. That we can actually take our own advice too.

Rick: Just because it’s human doesn’t mean it’s worthless.

Bob: Yeah, “Divine truth cannot be discounted because the channel of its bestowal is apparently human.” (155:6.12)

Barbara: I was thinking about a man who came over to dinner who was into Sufi. He made a point of saying he’s not really immersed in it so much as he appreciates it. He’s studied it and been involved with it. He likes to describe himself as Moslem, Christian, Jewish, Sufi. He did a good job in just getting to know us and talking that evening and exhibiting that that he was open to concepts, but he wasn’t selling us religion. He seemed like one of those religion of the spirit types.

Bob: They’re here. (Laughs, and then focusing, as the teachers begin to speak again.)

AARON:   There are a few things we would like to say to you this evening. I would speak first. I am Aaron. It has been a great year and I enjoy every moment I spend learning from you and teaching to you and we can only expand and continue. We will engage again and again as you are open, and I would encourage you to more often be open to the spiritual presence within your life. Make it that everyday, every moment occurrence.

We have so much to do on a world that is coming out, so I signal to each of you that on this eve we have completed a cycle and that we begin by expanding you outward, interrelating your conversation and your communication with a variety of spiritual companions.

It is not that you must be worried that you have to pick out each thought and where it comes from, just so you know you are a channel of peace and you are being utilized in your willingness. You are my companions as are the rest of my friends here. I thank you

MACHIVENTA: I am Machiventa and I am here to pay tribute to the efforts put forth by Aaron and his companion guides, furthering our mission to correct this planet. Allow it to unfold towards its glorious destiny. I am hoping to impress upon you that your teacher guides also struggle and at times meet with defeat and also derive great exhilaration upon success. They are really not very different from you.

I ask you all to apply yourselves with devotion and dedication that emulates the dedication of your spirit companions. Do it with all that you have, every element of spirit that you have attained. Be not concerned with your short comings. There is not one element within you that could entirely disrupt your actions when your motive in your heart is set upon the light. Be diligent, be loving, and always keep in mind that you belong to the divine family. I thank Aaron for his efforts and I know the future will have many surprises and days of triumph and joy for all. Thank you.

ELYON: I have one thing to say and that is congratulations. I am Elyon.  I look with wonder at the achievements. I look with amazement at the steps you have taken. And I look with anticipation at the steps you can take. I sincerely hold each of you within my embrace, for you are friends of this Teaching Mission. Your faith levels have increased in miraculous measure. Your searching has intensified. Your desire to know God has become profound. Do not let anything stop you. Continue out. Seek His light. It is shining.  I do have the joy in my tone when I say that Aaron is a good student and I hold equal joy when I exclaim the same of you. Thank you.

EVANSON: Trust yourselves. Trust the Divine at your center most core. This Spirit has a buoyancy that will lift you progressively higher. Envelop this light. Wrap yourselves around the love. Identify completely and in time you will be all that this Divine Presence is, and as you.
You are truly children of God. At any point that you doubt, dispel the thought. Transform the uncertainty into a technique of greater realization of who you truly are. I am Evanson. Make this your focus and you will be infinitely rewarded.

MIRIUM: Hello friends. I am Miriam. I am engaged here with you to signify to my student that this message this evening applies whole heartedly to her, and as well, Gideon, Anitob, Timothy, and others, signify their joy for where you have all grown to.

DARID:   Greetings. Darid here.

Bob: I knew there was a name I couldn’t get.

DARID:  : You are forgiven. May I offer prayer? One who pervades eternity, One who embraces all, lift us ever towards yourself. Transform us. We trust your guidance. We know that you are ever present, always capable. In all our uncertainty we acknowledge your stability. We praise you in the grasp of the amazing spectacle of life. Truly miraculous it is that out of you, all is becoming, and in our individual uniqueness, our own sphere of self, we are not separate, but simply a reflection of your grace. May we give in return all that you have given to us. May we bring home to you the Divine Spark that we are. Lead us ever in your direction.

SHARMON: I am one who works with you and I see much in all of your action. I am amused at your humor. I am taken by your sincerity. I am Sharmon. It is nice to be more pronounced in effort. I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent and look forward to the little blurbs which you exclaim and the stumbles which you make so much a fuss about. I am too enlightened by you and think of you dearly.  I hope with all the effort that we make as brothers and sisters that continually you learn to turn it over to the Highest One.

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