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SPK37- Words of Truth

1994-06-25-Words of Truth
Spokane #37


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Words of Truth
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Miriam, AnnadeEl
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Path, Moment
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Learning, Art of Living
 3.3.2 Guardian Angels, Celestial Contact
 3.3.3 Thought Adjusters, Synchronicity
 3.3.4 Collaboration
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Words of Truth
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Miriam, AnnadeEl
TR: Simeon


MIRIUM:  Hello little sister and Bob. We don’t care much about the numbers present, for your voices come through clear whether alone or in groups, and it is our Father who presents the rules of whether two or three, but I bet you knew  that. Welcome. We have been very busy accomplishing much as we see you are doing also. Our accomplishments, although arranged differently than yours still leads to the truth of our Father and by demonstrating our will through you we can at times see through faults of our own, which makes you at times the teachers and us the students, if you can imagine that. We at other times considered ourselves teachers in some aspects only to find ourselves students once again, as you will find yourselves. Whether teacher or student, the goal always remains the same and by accomplishing duties of your own will you can accomplish a lot.

Path, Moment

MIRIUM:   Words of truth have special meaning to some, although many times are not taken with the full meaning. Through repetition the words will take form by your example. Many times trust is what is missing and it is a lack of one’s own trust towards themselves that would make them not trust you, but that is not the true goal.

You can lead the way of the path and whether one battles along, skips, runs, or stops on the way is their own choice, their own free will. This is where the patience is required. You know the path already, so sometimes it’s okay to stop and smell the flowers. It’s really not that big of a rush to get there. The fact is you are there, so consume as much as possible at the present moment that you are at. By rushing past the flowers you have not experienced the flowers, so it’s okay to stop. Listen to what the others tell you about the flower.

They could be seeing something that you don’t. Share their experience as they are. Then you too can say you have had the experience. As there are many paths to this truth, there are many ways to experience it and by being open you enhance your chances of experiences you may have otherwise ignored.

Your path sometimes will be wide and then thin or skinny again. When the path is wider more can experience that moment. At the times when the path is thin it is a time to be alone. If it’s uphill you may need to slow down or use a walking stick. These are your helping guides like your books and your meetings and there are proper times to use these as there will be times to take this alone. And of course downhill is just too easy. We have many exciting events about to happen to us which will in turn affect you and we are learning patience as well until such events can occur, but we’re jumping for joy and can’t wait to meet you.

Bob: I hope that doesn’t mean we’re about to die. (Laughs)

Sheila: Yes, we have lots to do here. Not that.

MIRIUM:  You two are so silly. If you were to die, it would be because we need you. Would there be questions?


Learning, Art of Living

Bob: I thought that was a great lesson Miriam. The idea that by consistency we offer the truth ever more clarified to other people, by working over and over with the same attitudes, the same thoughts, the same love and compassion, that we give by association to those who may not pick up the meaning the first time clearly, but they certainly understand in time what it is about and the part I really grabbed on to from the lesson was the idea of consistency in our actions and thoughts.

MIRIUM:  : It is a learning progression that seems to last forever. We too through our variances are learning consistency. It’s just one of those things. I wish you success in your daily routines and endeavors. When on earth, you must do as the earthlings, and it would be nice to sit under a tree and think all day, but duty calls and if taking each moment as the only true time, your daily endeavors could be as exciting as the rest. We love you and are here for you.

ANNADEEL:  Wisdom comes from attaching yourselves to the values you seek out, drawing them within you, instilling them in their place, and then the reaching back out to go on and find the next one. Always in your life you find attachment to the truth when it is presented, and some kernel of that truth emplaces itself within you. You always have but to realize that you are your wisdom and that you are your knowledge and this is what is being created out of you through the experience you learn.

We ask of you to continually find new ways, new things to do to experience, to grow with, because as you branch out you draw from a vast wellspring of possibility in experience that you by going through offer your Adjuster the artwork by which He can mold the clay and form the everlasting counterpart, which when done is a masterpiece more so than any you have seen.

ANNADEEL:  I am Anna in short. AnnadeEl is my full calling. Simeon is pleased to utilize the shorter version of my name. It’s easier on the fingers when typing. (Laughs) . Anna it is.

I am pleased to speak with you because I have before and I relate to you because Miriam and I are chums. I have spoken one time with the two of you before in a private setting and the name was misconstrued. To clarify confusion, Anitob, being Susan’s teacher, myself being Simeon’s teacher, and with the names being so close, there was confusion as to bringing it through. No matter though. It’s importance is not vast. It is just the time for clarifying. I am happy to speak with you about any question that you may have, knowing full well Miriam’s lips are within inches of my ear.

Sheila: Well Anna, I’m so glad to meet you and you can ask Miriam. I’m terrible with names and actually have not too particularly cared who was speaking. I was just pleased to have you there. I hope you know that.

ANNADEEL:: Oh, most certainly. I only clarify to prove out the point that all mistakes will be corrected in time if they are necessary and this is only necessary in Simeon’s understanding to realize that the message given that day holds deep meaning to both of you and that you can review what was said to see the point of my words.

Sheila: Will we be able to recognize you? Will we be able to know who you are when we see you, whether we know your name now or not?

ANNADEEL:: After introduction, yes, but because you have not been introduced in the spirit, then you would know me as a stranger, but yet if I were to come to you speaking to you, you would very well have the possibility of recognizing who I was.

Sheila: Since we’ve been in this teaching mission there’s been so much recognition to all the teachers. I don’t put you before our Father, but I assume a lot of times that who’s talking is you.

ANNADEEL:: It Is we. Your Father blends, so you are not wholly incorrect when you term it as the spirit, because we both come through. In utilizing that connection of the Adjuster, then He can insert and blend with your thoughts.

Sheila: So it’s through Him that you can come.

ANNADEEL:: Yes. Without Him we could not come.

Guardian Angels, Celestial Contact

Sheila: And what about my guardians? I used to assume that everything I heard was coming through my guardians and I sort of feel like I’ve left them out now.

ANNADEEL:: They are there. They oversee, they watch over. They are present now. They do not particularly speak with you. They are more to reside watching in support. Your thoughts in the past coming to you were a blending as well of your Thought-Adjuster and any spiritual help that was near. The angels duty is not so to vocalize, but it has happened on occasion before when it was allowed. And it could probably occur again, but even in their prompting or guidance they would not identify themselves necessarily.

Sheila: I’ve begun to ask in down times for hugs from somebody and I guess I was directing it to my guardians, and I’ve begun to feel it. I feel the embrace. Is that my guardians, or is that somebody else? Who’s been the good hugger?

ANNADEEL:: The reaction you feel is to the spirit presence of your guardians when you look to them and as well your Indweller. Realize the feeling that you have is not so much their embrace as it is their making the awareness known that they are there and they are with you. So it is embracing you, though not physically.

Sheila: So it is my thoughts that make my body feel embraced, but it is my mind in connection with you that allows that to happen?

ANNADEEL:: Your recognition of the feeling is your body’s response to the touch upon your mind by the spirit, whichever form it may be.

Sheila: Well I really love this mind stuff. I’ve been exploring it and it’s given me the understanding of how little I really know. (Laughs) In a same sense it has given me a reality that absolutely anything is possible and I think I also feel more in control of that anything that is so possible.

ANNADEEL:: You are in control of yourself and your attitudes and your thoughts and your reactions to whatever may occur more consistently and by having this better control of your personality and character, you therefore feel more assured that you can react favorably to circumstances which come before you, knowing full well the small times when you do not rise to the occasion, but at the same time that inner assurance of faith that you have, this is what carries your self boldly.

Sheila: Are those reactions that you’re aware of about me?

ANNADEEL:: Pardon?

Sheila: Are you aware of those growth experiences that I’m having?

ANNADEEL:: You mean what you are feeling and going through?

Sheila: Yes

ANNADEEL:: From outward observance, Miriam better than I, and I know you meant this as an overall. You are seen for what you are working through and recognized in your feelings and attitudes and sincerity. Miriam is pleased to work with you, with someone so open with feeling, because there are many that do not allow this much to go forth from them. Many times she is aware of your reactions because you have signified your willingness to allow her to be aware of everything you are going through, as well as from the spirit.

Sheila: Well, you guys found us first. We didn’t find you first Right? You found us first?


Sheila: We found you?

ANNADEEL:: You found us. You reached to us. We knew you were here if in this you mean we found you, but we had no intention of working with you until you signified within that you were willing to be worked with and you have done this at a very early age, so it seems that we have come and gathered you up to be this light that you are now, but in reality we took an early longing and ran with it, knowing full well that you would expand and revise your willingness to be much larger and to be more for the expansion of love possibility to others, but it is always in your reaching that we come.

Sheila: Well you know, when we sit and talk about it like this it absolutely amazes me that we’ve come to this. Not always viewing myself as an explorer, or one so boldly to reach, I’m incredibly amazed at what we’ve achieved and can’t even imagine not being here with you now.

ANNADEEL:: That is because you find yourself completely within the kingdom of heaven and knowing this you have become so much a part of the workings. So how could you imagine being without it when you have had it for such a time?

Sheila: What kind of projects per se are you involved with for us at this time?

ANNADEEL:: Could you expand upon your question?

Sheila: Well, do you have a personal plan or goal that you want to reach through us?

Thought Adjusters, Synchronicity

ANNADEEL:: Your Father, Indwelling Spirit, has the plan. We are the initiator for Him to your realizing the plan. In your meditation and reflecting time, just thinking upon your path, many of your insights as to direction come. We do see in theory what can happen and we anticipate something you would deem miraculous in possibility, but we cannot know if it will occur as the theory shows that it could.

There are many who go forth without clear direction, who still achieve a fair level of enlightenment and share that forth in so many different ways upon those around them. It is when these wandering courses somehow by chance, and it is not so much by chance, wind themselves together, and all of a sudden a whole group of wandering personalities find themselves in a certain spot, throwing up their arms and saying what for?, it is when this occurs that we see the possibility increase substantially.

And now all these what for’s are in the process of being answered individually through each wandering personality, but at the same time there is a time of association which you are involved in, which discerns the likelihood of the personalities to engage in a cooperative effort and so the discernment of the individual courses draws a connection to a possible mission of importance, and this brings us anticipation. I hope I have not caused too much curiosity in my answer.

Sheila: No. I think that pretty much ties together what’s been happening. It seems that anything that happens now I accept as not an accident, (but) as a natural occurrence. Even the bad things that happen now on our planet, to me have become victorious. I hope this doesn’t sound vain, but I don’t see what some think of as terrible awful things. I see them as positive outcomes now. I have no fear or anger about what’s going on. I just feel like I’m in glory of everything that’s happening right now.

ANNADEEL:: As rightly you should, because happenings should not be seen as fearful occurrences signifying something black. They are simply random happenings which create growth and action among those who find themselves to be a part of such a happening. Still in your growth you can realize that every occurrence does not have a significant purposeful planting by the spirit world, but instead that these occurrences offer you the opportunity to grow spiritually by your understanding of them, and therefore there can be no accident in your learning.


Sheila: Since Bob and I have become pretty close and we seem to think along the same lines, do you have an experiment that just the two of us could work at?

ANNADEEL:: Is there something that you could see as a possibility to work involved with?

Sheila: Well I was thinking maybe along the lines of telepathic or something that each of our levels could accommodate. .

ANNADEEL:: In recognizing Simeon’s willingness as well, I would say to you that you can join together in a process of exercise. There are two possibilities that you might consider, one being the mental projection practice, and the only way this will find fruit is to do a daily effort, maybe a journal each of you could keep of your thoughts at a certain point in the day and then compare at the end of the week. The other effort which we foresee out of your dual interest is your creative abilities in writing. If you would think to possibly combine in some effort, to bring forth a work of value. This is something you can certainly think about, but I see you both are willing to work with some process. Does this help you?

Sheila: Yeah, it just gave me an idea. What if on a certain day we were to ask like Miriam and Aaron to give us both the same lessons and then compare what we both here. Can you work with us like that?

ANNADEEL:: Certainly, but you have to understand that there will be difference because of the chemical makeup and the difference in personality of the one who is receiving. You may have to see the threads of likeness in your messages. At the same time, depending upon your depth of involvement with your spirit friends, your state of mind at the time of receiving, it is quite possible that you would be startled at the comparison. I encourage this, if you would want to.

Sheila: I think at first if Miriam and Aaron could just give simple messages at first and we could even call each other before we started to get our minds in the same frame, I think this would be probably a good exercise.

ANNADEEL:: Yes it would be. I am receiving a tap on the back from Aaron telling me he would not draw himself into this effort, but would oversee as the group guide, and that myself, Anna, would work with Miriam in the endeavor.

Sheila: Okay, well we’ll plan that next week.

ANNADEEL:: Good. Miriam and I will think up some wonderful lesson to share.

Sheila: Just one more thing I wanted to say. I have noticed now a different feeling of personality between Miriam and Aaron and it was nice to experience being able to tell the difference between the two. I suppose I could eventually find that difference in your personality too, but I do acknowledge humor in Aaron that I did not acknowledge before and I just wanted him to know that. Miriam’s giggling.

ANNADEEL:: So am I. So is Aaron. I would step aside

AARON: : Young one, good friend, spiritual companion, light of the stars, hope of the night, and so on and so on. I am Aaron and I am quite offended that you would even have this trouble discerning. (Laughter.) Not truly, for it is with a more serious manner that I work overall with the group, though I can impart humor when necessary and in lighter times I find more enjoyment in doing this. You will find that your attitude during the time in which I would communicate often colors how the message comes through to an extent. I could be feeling quite humorous and yet the message as you receive it would be more serious, not less in understanding, but just different in its reception. Does this help you?

Sheila: Yes Aaron, and I am glad to be speaking to you and I feel that there will be another time when I am looking forward to knowing you better and probably in a loving way slap you on the back in a hilarious situation.

AARON: : There will be a time, yes.


Sheila: Well thank you for being here with Bob and I. These times are truly valuable moments here.

AARON:  Simeon agrees and enjoys

Sheila: And you have a good day.

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