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SPK38- Lighten Up and Enjoy

1994-06-28-Lighten Up and Enjoy
Spokane #38


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: LIghten Up and Enjoy
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Will
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Growth
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Joy, Mood
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: LIghten Up and Enjoy
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Will
TR: Simeon


AARON:  Growth and achievement come about in a wide variety of ways, both personally and as a group. Understanding comes and affects your outlook on life. The overall view that you can hold as to the level of spiritual assured-ness that you have, is in the extent that your outlook on life is becoming more light-hearted and joyful. Truly you will have times when you find distress, anxiety, and you will not be at an end to your troubles, but in all things you have gained a concept of love that is ever releasing of your spirit attitudes, and this brings an overflow of spirit outpouring from your being which cannot simply be subdued completely by any affecting agents externally.

Lighten up. Relax and enjoy what you are doing, what you are going through. Everything you entertain before you is creating growth and this alone should be exciting and thrilling and joyous to your being. Often times stress and anxiety are reflective of your agitation or conflict with accepting the choices which drive you higher, and as you release your will to fall in line more completely with God’s will, then your agitation and anxiety releases as well.

Do not get down when the influences in your life create momentary times of struggle. These in your conflict and your development will not dissuade you from your goal. They only are manipulations to your action, to your choice. Open up your arms and bring everything that comes within you and allow yourself to see through all these occurrences for the simple steps they are taking you to.

It is fun to see your joy when you are releasing it and that burst of innocence when you lose temporarily the consciousness of your self and your trials to indulge in the sharing of something that is extraordinary, and for some, you then remember that you are to be more stuffy and serious, and self reflective, though of course this is not so, but it is a role that many play, a persona. Bubble over more often with enthusiasm. Share your excitement as corny as that may seem. Feel the spirit moving you and then lift your feet and ride the wave.

I cannot stress too much how important it is that you realize that you have something magnificent that you are involved with in your lives. You are walking with the Master, with your Lord, and as the apostles walked, so too do you in the spirit and this should bring you everlasting joy. Hello gang, I am Aaron, and I am pleased to be here with you this evening. I will share my spirit with you now and hope in return, you will too.  Don’t everyone speak at once. (Laughs) There is plenty of time to answer all questions.

Joy, Mood

Rick: Well Aaron, thank you for your words of wisdom to us. I was all set to speak up, but thought that since you were going to share your spirit, that I would listen from within rather than blurt externally, so that explains my silence. I appreciate your point about being more exuberant and enthusiastic and cheerful. It is so true that often times we mortals look at important things as serious and tend to knuckle down and work, and that if things are light and cheery, then it would have to be after hours or something like that. I appreciate you encouraging us to be lighthearted in our endeavors at the same time. It’s a good reminder that if we want to catch the flavor of spirit that we need to have a light heart as well as a dedicated heart.

AARON: : Most well stated. I would say that it is trying, and a growth step in ourselves to work with you and realize how you were once.

(Short interruption.)

AARON:  In your joy we see that much is released, especially in spontaneous bursts do you release built up anxiety. We recognize that we were at one time quite the same and that is our trial to relate to your swings of attitude and to adjust ourselves for where you are at at a certain time. I will speak about somebody that I know well—Simeon, and enjoy greatly the time spent communicating individually and to groups with him, but I do say with good feeling that there is a constant pattern of adjusting to the many ideas which settle upon him.

He is allowing this so it’s okay. Every time that you switch your frame of mind, then another adaptation comes from your spiritual advisors and this is our greatest difficulty in communicating with mortals, that inconsistency that is displayed by some. I can say this because I will go further to state that in all these many mood swings there has been a leveling in attitude and a growth which then makes our work easier to achieve. Far from being a bouncy joyful person a hundred percent of the time he is, but still he has found the value of maintaining an attitude of hope and promise which gives birth to lighthearted-ness.

You all know what you must put your teachers through, but at the same time we know as well in sending lessons and thoughts, that we sometimes put you through quite a bit as well. We enjoy the relationship.

Barbara: Is it the mood changes that are difficult to deal with or just not being lighthearted?

AARON: : Both to some extent. Lighthearted is the most desirable state that you can attain in your growth and understanding the mood swings. For example, I could give the same lesson at three different times and each time it could be perceived differently dependent upon the mood of the one receiving, though the truth can still be seen in each relation. There are things that can be lost in the translation.

Pap: Aaron, is it in the translation, or is it the receiver?

AARON: : Pardon me friend, in what sense do you mean?

Pap: I feel that when my guides talk to me, I do not listen well. Then it is my choice to not hear. The guide speaks to me in truth, but I as a listener do not always listen. Is that correct?

AARON: : Yes, that is correct. Your perception is clouded by your attitudes. At the same time you may pick up bits and pieces of thought which still can guide you, but the message is yet different.

Mike: Aaron, on the topic of mood swings, this has been an observation of mine for some time, but it almost seems to me that the level that you’re willing to indulge in your joy is almost equal to the level that you’re willing to indulge in your sorrow. I’ve seen that to such an extent that I’ve almost tried to put a cap, an outer limits, on my expression of both joy and sorrow. It may seem a little harsh to say that we’re not going to express joy to the max, and to put confines on it. I know that doesn’t quite sound right, yet I’m afraid of becoming indulgent in mood swings. Perhaps you could comment on that situation.

AARON: : Yes I understand your meaning friend, and you are somewhat correct in your thought. The looking for the thrill, the high, the blissful attainment of joy, does find contrasting times in which you are lower in enthusiasm. What I am trying to relate is not so much to seek joy, as that you be joy. It is somewhat relative to Jesus and how he was actually good and didn’t strive by discipline to be good.

In our lesson, I can make you aware that this Is a desired state, constant state of awareness for you, but yet to apply this in your life, you will have to come to terms with its attainment. Truly it- is when you become self forgetful and more intune to your Father’s will that you achieve joy, lightheartedness, and find it consistently. This can guide you somewhat to knowing when you are not in full harmony, that you can assess your patterns, pursuit, and redirect. But to achieve joy is to become joyful, not to search for it. Does this enlighten you?

Mike: Yes it does. To be joy rather than to seek joy, which is an attainment.

Rick: Aaron, I almost get the feeling that what you’re demonstrating here is kind of a higher level of awareness or being, in that as Evelyn has pointed out at times, that one can be joyful and at the same time be happy or sad. That’s almost like a state of your soul, or spirit attitude, even though your mind or emotions may be swinging back or forth. I was wondering if that was, a way to look at some of these words like joy that have an emotion connection in our physical bodies, but also might have a parallel in the soul realm. Is there something we can do to find on a higher level some of these feelings as a state of being, like being joy rather than seeking or feeling joy. Can you comment on that?

AARON: : Your insight is welcomed and the state of joy as a soul state as an overall, regardless of the fluctuations of mind patterns is very good. Even Michael felt sorrow and had moments of tremendous trepidation as a human, but he was always balanced by his goodness, his goodwill, his desire to do the will, which to you would signify the soul state of joy. Thank you for your comment.

Sue: Aaron, I always appreciate my guide, my teacher and the celestial beings in contact with my Thought-Adjuster. I am so thankful for them. I want so much for my Thought-Adjuster to be able to communicate with them and then with me and what I’d like to say right now or request, is this coming week I need to be able to have clear communication with regards to my ex-husband. My impulse is to come to some kind of compromise with him on an issue that I’ve been very strong willed about because of my backing down in the past. Now he’s putting on the pressure even more and my impulse is to compromise. The legal authorities are saying not to compromise. I also have my boy to think about. He’s my number one concern.

AARON: : Feel strong that you can find that inner assurance as to what you can do. There are questions to work through and truly it would be more proper to have a personal session and this can be done if you would like.

Sue: Aaron I would love to make myself available for this communication tomorrow morning at 9:00 Pacific Standard Time. (Laughs) And I’ll be very much willing to open my heart and ears and be guided by the will of the Father and I thank you for your input.

AARON: : And I will be there for you and offer you guidance and of course your Father will be there too, offering you the opportunity to communicate. There is a visitor here this evening that would speak and I will let you go. Know that you have all the time in the world to achieve Paradise, but as well know that the eventual attainment is facilitated by your willingness to follow the will.

WILL:  Behold the light within you and as you share this light you allow others who have not yet beheld the glory to receive and experience this reality for themselves. I am Will.

Bob: I knew that. (Laughs)


WILL: I knew you knew. I encourage you all to continue your efforts in allowing God to manifest in and through you. You have done wonders in believing and receiving and your efforts of putting to work what you grasp is proceeding with great admiration from us in our wholehearted support. Do know that as you are working to grow in your own way as a child of God making possible for the hand of the Father to lift you toward him, you also have the great privilege of making this spirit contact possible for your brethren through your ministry, through your sharing, through your boldly demonstrating your beliefs.

Much work is done by the observance of another concerning your life, far more than a word can convey and so I leave you this evening by encouraging you to carry on working to lift yourself toward the home you seek and uplift your brethren. Consider their growth as important as your growth, not one being above another. Thank you for opening to me. Carry on in light.

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