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SPK5- More on Heart

1993-09-07-More on Heart
Spokane #5


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: More on Heart
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: More on Heart
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Unknown


AARON: On the heart I speak to you tonight. I give you my love and my welcome. I am Aaron. I am pleased to be with you. Much has occurred since the last we spoke. I first give welcome to new friends, and say to you that you are shining from the heart. When you reach with purpose of love and understanding, you will understand in kind. I welcome you to understand with us.


AARON:  I would say to you all that you are growing in perceptions of presence and understanding that come in and out of your days. When you think you feel the spiritual brush and think it away, realize yes, it may not have been what you want it to be, but, on the other hand, yes it could have been and sometimes is. When you desire sincerely, you will increase in the understanding which enables you to be more capable of reaching your desire.

Don’t feel the need to have a rational explanation for each and every occurrence. Just let it be. When you think too hard, sometimes this creates the lack of understanding from the level of presence. The knowledge of the mind is good in its usefulness, but it is well known by you, and it should be recalled more often, that there is a knowledge of the heart that can be just as real to a believer and to your faith as anything that can be seen or understood on a written page. I’d endeavor to explain this out for you, but of course, that cannot be explained. It must be felt.

Search within yourselves for purpose, for what you would want to do within your lives in the outreach for Michael. If you feel to commune with your Father is an impossibility, then of course it will be, until such a time as you find that belief within you. There has been much warning within the pages of this revelation about perceiving too much within a spiritual occurrence. While perceiving beyond your rationale, this caution is for a purpose, and always must you remember the warnings. But I say to you tonight that on the other hand, if you fear to reach out to grasp spirit realities for the fact that you are afraid of making these blunders or errors, then you are creating the opposite effect which this information was trying to bring you.

Life of the spirit should be your eternal quest, and you should reach for this always. Understand these warnings as a guideline, but still reach out. I thank you for your presences here tonight, all of you…

(The rest of the message was inaudible, due to tape malfunction, so when I got home that night I asked Aaron if he could go over it again.)

AARON: : In respect for your efforts tonight, I would certainly attempt to reiterate my understanding to you. I am Aaron and thank you for attempting this transference through you. In developing a positive relationship with you and as you feel the trust and desire to come to me for such things, then I will certainly try to bring this forward to you.

I spoke this evening on the subject of clarity—clarity of purpose. For when one uses the mind from a purpose perspective of understanding, they gain a certain knowledge, but there is also the understanding of heartfelt feelings and this knowledge is given with respect to the spiritual. There is a presence that can be felt and one should reach and strive to feel the presence of the Father within, this Indwelling Spirit. He gives much time to you. You should as well give the time back.

Many feel there is a worry here in reaching for the Father or this teaching transfer, because in seeking such things there can be a danger in becoming misled by your own subconscious desires. This has been reviewed quite extensively within the Urantia revelation and is known very well by you and by members of this group. Yet at the same time many use this caution and warning as a reason to hold themselves back from understanding of their Father and this teaching mission.

This is in error, for in the guidelines this revelation so gave, they did this with the mind for the individual to reach out to strive to know the Father better, to search for the understanding of spirit reality and not to push them away in fear. Fear has no real place in spiritual seeking. Its efforts are always as an obstruction. One should seek earnestly to find that relationship with the spiritual and with the Indwelling Spirit. Don’t set these cautions and warnings aside. Spend good time in reviewing them on occasion for understanding of self, but at the same time, always feel you can go forth in effort to learn.

I also gave welcome to a good friend and a potential source of great value to this outreach. She has much for the offering if she so desires. I have spent time reviewing her growth steps. Her angels say much of her effort towards being the good one. In A.’s question for her as to what she should be doing in her seeking, my response was simply that the most acceptable approach for understanding should be always to work to receive the best ways in which you can follow the will of your Father. I let her know that she does this well in her seeking, to touch her love and faith.

 Pause

EVANSON:  I come to you tonight to offer you the knowledge of what transpired this evening. I spoke shortly in the follow up from Aaron’s address to give an understanding of how service capabilities could be developed from this seeking towards the Father. I let you know about the opportunities to serve the Father and how this could make the efforts towards understanding the will clearer and more concise to your growth levels.

I give my welcome to you and I would let you know that you are much for friend to me as I see your earnest struggle for truth and understanding. I would say that you have much for your group coming together in potential, but do not feel you need have this dictated in a certain pattern. Be aware that Aaron’s relationship to your group is on close knit ties with Elyon’s reach and as you work to transfer understanding you can be open for the transference to take steps beyond your normal pattern. Listen in the heart and take the time to be assured of yourself. Be open with this outreach. Be listening for your guidance. Take heart that you know with a reasoning of love that there is a pattern of truth developing here.


EVANSON:  Thank you for your consideration of time this evening. I would let you go. See you again soon.

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