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SPK6- Start the UB from Beginning

1993-10-19-Start the UB from Beginning
Spokane #6


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Start UB from Beginning
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Rick Giles
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Sharing
 3.2.2 Study, Urantia Book
 3.2.3 Melchizedek Schools
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Transmitting
 3.3.2 Outreach
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Start UB from Beginning
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Rick Giles


R: (Prayer) To Michael, Christ Jesus, I pray that we may learn to live our lives with the skill and art that you approached in your life, that we may look towards those deeper core values in our life that help us to solve all the other problems and deal with all the situations that go on around and about us. I pray that we can always accentuate the positive as you exemplified, and trust that the negative aspects of our life will fall away as they are replaced by the positive, and I faith grasp the truth you taught us that you go with us and before us in all things. Thank you.

MICHAEL: This is my command to all of you, to go within and live with your heart, your Father, and have the assurance that -you are part of this grand heavenly kingdom. I thank your love. I am Michael.

AARON:  This is Aaron. I am glad to Be with you this evening.


AARON:  I find that patience is a virtue in all that we set out to do, for sometimes it is a slow procedure to bring together the working groups that we would have been commissioned to do. I sincerely respect all of your efforts and wishes. I know that in your willingness to come, that there are varying degrees of knowing and assurance, but to bring about these favorable patterns is to test that assurance at times. Tonight I would want to come to your viewpoint to offer what I feel is a bit of advice. All of this advice has been offered by various members of this group and others. Structure is good when it is not crystallizing.


AARON:  One of your members proposed sometime ago that it would be good for individuals to develop presentations, short but knowledgeable, to be presented to the group at the beginning of your gathering. This is favorable for developing communication skills and for relating to your fellow group members insights and understandings that you have come to know. Also, there is much benefit in ‘touching bases’ as they say. Another good friend who is not at this group has proposed this idea in Elyon’s group, to spend a moment to touch in with each other at the beginning of your gathering. This need not be for the purpose of relating all your troubles in life. It would be very positive if you would look forward to sharing some insight, some thought, something you have created, something that has struck you as meaningful during the week, from any source. This would be positive.

Study, Urantia Book

AARON:  There is advice from our Trinity Teacher Son that you do something more constructive in your reading of the Urantia Book that in reading, you should “begin at the beginning”. This helps to eliminate certain errors of understanding and brings you the Father’s perspective, the whole perspective of universe relationships. This is not a requirement. This is only suggested for you to look into and to decide amongst yourselves.

I would spend sometime tonight, if it is positive for R., I would like to transfer my understanding through him, and I do this because I feel it would be very conducive to know that as a group teacher, I do not need to speak through any one source. Is this beneficial for you Rick?

R: I accept.

AARON:  : I will attempt. (Switches T/R.) My students and my friends I offer this advice to you this evening regarding your studies so that you may continue to broaden your comprehension and understanding of life and the universe you find yourself in. Your study will bring great reward and it can be fun. You will discover that in every presentation provided by the revelators of your text, many gems that will sparkle in your life as you bring them into you. So I would encourage you to work out the curriculum with yourselves and seek my input as you desire. To conclude this demonstration I will return to my personal assistant Simeon.

It is encouraging to see the willingness as demonstrated. I give welcome to new friends. Look to your growth as individuals for the purpose of understanding the will of the Father more clearly. If you are willing, we will always come. Be prepared for uncertainty, but be assured that you are well loved and guided by your Father and by Michael. His blessing tonight was favorable for you to know that your Creator, your Father, your Brother, your Best Friend, does not hold the reigns of this universe from afar. He can and will communicate of His own choosing, to anyone who is willing and who so loves.

Melchizedek Schools

AARON:  Witness here that it is time to begin a Melchizedek School of this region. United in effort, Elyon and myself will receive beneficial assistance from a Melchizedek advisor. The process of this assignment is underway and is being done with regards to the measures which will soon be adopted for your levels of training.

Are you willing? That is the question. Don’t feel you need to have a grasp of everything at one time, but you must see and decide within yourselves individually, if you are willing to pursue this avenue of growth. Worthiness is reflective in each and every one of you. No one is excluded. I would accept a few questions this evening. Welcome friends.


R: Greetings Aaron. Could you give me clarification? Did I understand you to be saying that a particular Melchizedek will be advising, or is this in general that Melchizedeks will be advising?

AARON: : This region involving the group here and the group in Coeur D’Alene and surrounding communities are in the process of being assigned a particular Melchizedek. Does this clarify?

R: Well, as a follow up, do you have access to the knowledge and are you free to express it if you do,— Did that being visit me this morning?

AARON: : You know it is true R: Thank you


Sh: I’d like to say that in a world full of violence and hate, that my personal life seems to be getting better and fuller all the time, and I feel so proud and grateful that I’m a part of this. I’ll do my part for my brothers and sisters to help better this world. I want to thank the Father and God, and all of our teachers, for once we start communicating with you, it seems the messages just keep getting clearer all the time. Thank you.

AARON: : You’re welcome and thank you for restating your willingness.

Sh. I am pleased to have you present as well as your friends. It is true that you will be communicating some day. It is sometimes a long process, so feel that you have time, and do not pressure. Just work it through. You will be sharing in an effort of uplift for the benefit of mankind if you so wish, and as you have decided your willingness, you can feel Michael’s truth in your heart. Would there be any other questions tonight?


AARON: : Sometimes it seems that the silence is unbearable, but other times the silence somehow seems familiar and comfortable.

B: Well I don’t know how much you can read all of our minds, but I want to thank you for all the suggestions you’ve made, and I assume you know my willingness to cooperate in any way, but I say it in case you need to hear it. I’m looking forward to how this group will progress and I’m very enthusiastic about the idea of reading consecutively.

I feel like it was aimed at me what you said about how we need to be more comfortable speaking out or that to present something would be a good opportunity to speak, or something to that effect. I know that my first reaction to the idea of presenting something is to avoid it, so I’ll work on that and look forward to it.

AARON: : Do you think my reasons for suggesting this idea is somehow parallel to your uneasiness? It is true.
There are others that are equally uneasy about such a concept, but if you guys realize that you are together, that you are unjudged, that when you relate to each other you can do so without feeling embarrassment or fear, then you can understand better how to serve others.

As an example, Simeon feels uncomfortable with the term ‘guys’, which he included into my remarks. (Lots of laughter) His embarrassment is prevalent, but it does not diminish his sincerity. And to feel this comfort within yourselves is, more than anything else, the first step towards becoming cohesive and together in your outreach.

As the time draws on, I will take leave, but I would offer one more suggestion to be considered. The groups should come together more often, both Elyon’s and this group here, and to include the friends from north. Not to place pressure or any burden, but a Thanksgiving commitment was beautiful last year, and it might be positive to bring together these groups that are striving to belong within this teaching outreach. But enough of my ideas. Take them under consideration and decide. Don’t feel that you must decide specifically as I have offered, but share your views and move from there.


AARON:  I thank your willingness tonight Rick, and I thank each and every one of you for being present. Love. That’s all.

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