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SPK7- You Are Connected to a Purpose

1993-11-02-You Are Connected to a Purpose
Spokane #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: You Are Connected to a Purpose
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Purpose
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Teacher Contact
 3.2.2 Truth
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: You Are Connected to a Purpose
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Simeon


AARON: It is the desire to be known and understood by your friends, to be loved, to be welcome, and to be supported, which often times creates paralysis within your being to follow the pursuits of your Father freely with an open love. It is not an expression of need which brings you to the effort to attain the Father. It is the desire, the want, the will to do His will.

Friendship is a strengthening of bonds within relationships. Know within your being that the requirement for friendship should never be the self-surrender of purpose, for then it becomes manipulation. Often times the pressure—peer pressure created is unintentional, but is applied to the standards, applied to the norm. Normalcy is a wonderful thing in a place where everything is going smoothly and correct, but when society is in a transitional breakdown and the ideals are distorted by the situations and occurrences around you, then the call to extend yourself beyond normalcy is given.

Take heart that you are connected to a purpose and that that purpose leads you. Together you come to awareness of each other’s frailties and strengths, and you know that you stand not alone, but with your friendship, without boundaries.

Take to understanding Michael’s way, Jesus of Nazareth, who never put any boundaries upon friendship and love—unconditional love. Realize that relating to strangers holds an equal importance to your family and friends. Don’t duck your head when you walk by another for fear of showing something in yourself. Instead smile your widest smile and greet those souls which come into your existence. Many are but brief moments and many times you will never have the opportunity to affect their life again, so give them the nod while you have the chance.

In this teaching mission we are trying to bring you to understanding yourself and your fears and your desires. We will try to remember to impress upon you that you should extend yourself beyond your own circumstances as well, to take your knowledge into the lives that you touch. Be careful not to place pressure upon your friends to conform. Be ever willing to accept another for who they are and to see what they will enhance in your life, knowing that the Universal Father lives within them as well. This is Aaron, hello. Would there be any questions this evening?

Teacher Contact

S: Aaron, do you know the name of my personal teacher?

AARON:: Yes I do. Would you like me to tell you?

S: Most definitely, yes.

AARON:: I would try. (Long pause. ) Ah-nee-tah…

A: Did I hear correctly Aaron that her teacher’s name is Anita?

AARON:: That was the pronunciation.

A: Is that a feminine or masculine name?

AARON:: First, realize it may not be exactly correct. S., your teacher is masculine in mortal status.

A: Will S. have the opportunity in the near future to be able communicate with her own teacher?

AARON:: In some ways she can perceive already when she sets her mind to her heart. Realize that your guide has worked with you for a time now and in your desire to know him, your realization will be purer. Would there be other questions?

A: As you know we are going to be choosing a site for the conference we might sponsor. Should we go ahead and agree upon a site now so that we can proceed with the conference? Or should we leave the site open in case it needs to be moved to another location out of state?

AARON:: This has been taken into account tentatively. The teaching counselors hold no preference as to site. It is proper in your approach to allow the voice of everyone to decide. As they do, then your commitments can become final. Does this answer you?

A: Yes it does. Are our teachers pleased with the progress we are making in our mission as a group here? We are doing plans for a conference. We are meeting on a weekly basis with the transmissions. How do you feel about our performance?

AARON:: For one, I am overjoyed in this development, and Machiventa, Michael, and your Melchizedek advisor Malvantia are pleased with your progress towards making this a real occurrence established. Understand that your willingness overrides any concerns that we have towards itinerary.

S: Has my guide Anita been with me from childbirth, or has he recently been assigned to me?

AARON:: Recently your guide has been assigned. Not as recent as you would think, but you have certainly been guided since childhood by your guardians and they keep us abreast of your progress. It is delightful to speak with them, for they always talk of the good things, whereas people have a tendency to downplay their higher desires.

A: Does S. have a specific role to play in our teaching mission and if so, how should she prepare herself towards this?

AARON:: Willingness always determines your worth and you may find in your daily reach the efforts to assist many in your life. As you begin with yourself and those around you, then you will grow and understand your capabilities of serving in a broader scale. This group is together for a reason and you can know that if you are willing, many things may be asked of you, but never required. Choice is sacred. Does this answer?


A: Yes. S. has a great interest in U.F.O.’s and attends the U.F.O. study group. How will her knowledge of the U.F.O.s tie into our mission so she can have a greater understanding in bringing these two together?

AARON:: In this area I will not discuss correlations, but I would express that truth is contained everywhere. It is your search which uncovers the level of truth. Trust in your feelings and your leading as you expand your time to allow this in, and there is no worry. You will succeed in understanding.

A: S. has a great desire to be able to have a house as a home for her and her family. Should she pursue some kind of occupation that would give her the remuneration to provide this for her family or should she not make this a priority at this time?

AARON:: How do you feel about this S.?

S: I feel that my trust and faith in Father God will guide me to this goal. And I pray that when I do attain this goal of having a home for my family that I will appreciate and learn from my past.

AARON:: Your attitude toward your pursuits is admirable and your prayers will be answered. Know that often times in your search, in your praying to the Father, that more than a material manifestation of your desires, He will uplift those characteristics which bring you to understanding how to achieve your worthwhile goals. And you will understand. Does this help you?

S: Yes.

A: Thank you Aaron I have no more questions.

S: Thank you Aaron.


AARON: I love you from my source, my heart. Realize I have not yet attained fusion status with my Father, though I am close. That is my highest priority. This should be your search and quest, to understand the leading of this Source. I am your friend and in friendship I require nothing of you but your returning friendship. Realize that as you grow together and as individuals, that you can feel comfort in knowing that the presence of your Father and Michael is a friendship presence as well. You must believe that you can experience and feel these presences in your life, and as your belief turns to faith, you will realize this in profound ways. I will see you next week.

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