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SPK8- Quiet Time

1993-11-30-Quiet Time
Spokane #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Quiet Time
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron, Solonia, Evanson, Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Silence
 3.1.2 Growth
 3.1.3 Stillness
 3.1.4 Assurance
 3.1.5 Correcting Time, History
 3.1.6 Teacher Contact

Topic: Quiet Time
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron, Solonia, Evanson, Malvantra
TR: Unknown

November 30, 1993

AARON: It is interesting to perceive your reactions to the silence, for you vary somewhat in your approach. To some it seems long, and displaced. To some it seems comforting to feel the presence of Spirit within you, and to know that you are well kept. And again, there is the attitude of waiting, expectation, what will occur. Tonight I would tell you that Evanson is here. Solonia is here. Gideon is here, and Darid is here, as well as myself Aaron, and Malvantra. These beings, these friends will work with your connection this evening if you take to the attitude of listening, but first spend some time in the process of stillness. Reflect on what holds you. Begin with your attitude towards your Father.

AARON: : When difficult to collect your thoughts, simply realize that there is no procedure. It is the embracing of your Inner Presence.


SOLONIA:  All things are provided by our Father which are necessary for your progression in doing His divine will. That which you desire, that which is the will of our Father is there for the taking. You are never abandoned. You may go through times of doubt, of struggle, of unfulfilled desires. This too is part of the outworking of the Father’s will in your development. Working through these times is an experiential acquirement which so deeply affects your progression. Take time with your Father, our Father, and communicate your feelings about such times as these. The answers will be forthcoming, although perhaps not as speedily as you would prefer.

Impatience is a part of your natures. It is not something to be despised, but is something to work through. It is a part of you which helps you to continue in your development. It, however is not your goal. Your goal is to subject your impatience to your will and the will of your Father. Supersede these times with faith and trust and love and the knowledge that this too shall pass. You are progressing on a plane far beyond where you were such a very short time ago.

Reflect at times about how you would have reacted to many of the developments in your lives prior to your times of choosing the will of your Father. These times in the past would drag you down for relatively long periods of time. Today they still affect you, yet through your desire to do the Father’s will you overcome these handicaps in relative moments.

Continue always to seek what God would have you do in any situation, in any point of your day, in every feeling, longing, desire. In this way you will be doing His will. Your life will blossom. Your fruits will appear. They will ripen and they will seed your environment. You will see growth in the seeds of your planting. Ever keep His will in the forefront of your desires. This is Solonia. Thank you for letting me speak tonight.

AARON: : As is so developed on an increasing level, the more time you place within your Father’s realm and share your thoughts, the better capacity to understand the leadings of your teacher in a secondary manner. Prom this effort to develop connection, realize that your pressure is to be light in the love of His embrace, your Father.


EVANSON: You are instructed in the practice of the stillness. You recognize the value of silence, the time for quiet listening, to be free from the distractions of your sensory perceptions, and to allow the settling of the thoughts that clutter the mind and thereby glimpse the presence of the Father. I also would like to add to this understanding the notion of stillness as not only silence, but steadiness.

When focused intently on heart and mind in free will choice of the Father, locked as you would say, the mind becomes active, when the thoughts run their course enmeshed in the events of the day. When you are bombarded by activity you will retain the steady focus on the Father. This focus will bring about the manifestation in your life, of Him, the one who dwells deep within you. And so the focus of stillness is steadiness. The atmosphere is silence. Silent stillness draws you in to the Father’s embrace. Steady stillness draws you with the Father’s will to the world. This is Evanson. I speak under Aaron’s invitation. Thank you.


Simeon: I’m kind of getting this idea of assuredness, that in growth uncertainty is always prevalent, but assuredness creates the ground which growth comes about on an even level. The erratic movements can sometimes bring understanding and enlightenment to an extent, but the true growth comes when that sharp movement, that unsteady reach finds understanding, and a level of awareness. In this there is a growth. So in a sense you don’t have to be hanging on the edge all the time afraid of falling off, because this growth and enlightenment from this mission still calls for the steady, the sure, the believing approach. All this comes about by an increasing sense of awareness in your Father’s presence. So take out the time in your schedule even as you are engaged . A in other activities, to expand your Father’s involvement into your awareness. It is what is desired for growth.

R: I sense the presence of Malvantra, and the visual perspective of his name as MALENVANTRA. But, regardless… he says:

Correcting Time, History

MALVANTRA:  You have begun to unfold a chapter in planetary growth that is unparalleled in your history. You are at the shore greeting the arrival of visitors from a distant land that ;” existed until now only in your myth. Here presently is the arrival of your friends from afar awakening you to the shores beyond the great expanses that nurture and raise creatures like yourself and creatures far different. The plans of your planet in its unfolding were disrupted so long ago, that you as a race, as an order, as creatures, are virtually ignorant of that small beginning,–that time when we were with you and ministered to you that ended so quickly.

Reflect on the significance of your being on the shore and of your mission to head inland and tell others of the existence and the arrival of our kind. It is a responsibility as one representing Michael, and I would assure you it isn’t easy. There will be feeling of risk and vulnerability, but there will be the joy of witnessing the acceptance. Have faith in the knowledge that every individual on your world is being directed towards this awareness. All move at different paces, but every celestial attendant to every human being is working to create that notion, that conceptual framework within you. I am pleased at your early arrival, your being in the welcoming party. Continue on. These are my comments.

Teacher Contact

AARON:  At this time I would make your attention aware once again that Darid and Gideon are here as an exercise, not for a statement of fact. Truly I would not force this up on you. It is not in my nature to create stress, but for a few minutes, if you are willing, your guides would love this opportunity to work with the connection. If you hear a thought say it. If You feel a concept share it. And if you do not feel anything share that as well. So it is the trial by effort that creates in the connection.

B: I don’t detect anything.

DARID:  How wonderful it is to share a few moments with your Father. I enjoy this time. There is simply no fault to be had by either party. It is an engagement. You may think if I just create a little snip here and a tuck there and a volume increase in my delivery, that it would be easier, but it is simply the time to engage my understanding of your nature within that connection. There is no major surgery to be done, and the capacities are still there and present to understand. It is a secondary effort for myself to create this connection with you B. It is only your ongoing level of commitment that presses me forward to continually try. But when all is said and done, realize still you had a few more minutes with your Father. I’ll try again. Thank you.

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