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SPK65- Co-creation

Spokane #65


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Co-Creation
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Onamonalonton
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Co-Creation
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Onamonalonton
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon, my faithful friends. I am Tomas your teacher, your friend, your companion and your host for this afternoon. How good it is to be with you again in our customary configuration and to broach areas of interest, in making inroads into a greater understanding of what it means to be a part of the living organism of the spiritual universe and the subsequent parallel life you live, in the more physical parallel universe you call home.


Let’s talk today a little bit about co-creation. That’s a big concept. Let’s take other “co” words: co-operate; co-ordinate; co-mingle. (Pause) Community. Joined. Working together in concert. Marriages are like that. Partnerships demonstrate co-operative values. But being co-creative with God has sent many into a quandary of imbalance because it is inconceivable to be able to work on a par with that which we acknowledge as the First Source of all that is.

How presumptuous it would seem of us to even consider that it would be possible that we could in some way be co-creative, and yet it is not only possible, it is presumed desirable from our vantage point, for without your cooperation in what would be considered as God’s will, you will not be making your experience your own. You will not be aware of your experience; you will not be able to contribute to the experience of others in terms of God-consciousness or universe reality.

You therefore must assume in the beginning that you are born of the spirit and thus are God-knowing and spirit-led and in that context, in that framework then, you are able to realize your part, your contribution, and realize also the perspective that warrants. The cooperation I receive in my teaching efforts in this era, in being contemporaries with many other conjoint personalities in the advancement of Urantia has brought me into company with many wonderful beings and today we are pleased to have with us the elder and teacher of the red race Onamonalonton.

Onamonalonton, as you know, also serves on the Council of 24. And with co-ordination from his fellow Council members, he and others have walked upon Urantia and are even now involved in efforts to re-encircuit and re-establish your world in terms of its potential, given our ideals and the peculiar vagaries under which we struggle. One moment, please.

ONAMONALONTON: Way back in time, yes. Way back in time. You are bringing with you much history when you bring me into your awareness. I am Onamonalonton. I am one with you. We work conjointly for the sphere of light beleaguered but not lost because of the many efforts of the many strugglers for the valiant Michael and his domain. When the light of God indwells and touches the heart of man, he in turn has no choice but to reflect that divinity in and through his actions as a law of the universe, the law of cause and effect. In this way you too can co-operate with divinity and co-create in your realm. And your efforts are commingled with my efforts and the efforts of the many who will not fail, will not relent, will not relinquish our hold on our world of origin.

We have been offered the opportunity to advance, to relinquish our post and we have declined the offer in anticipation of a hurdle being accomplished in such a fashion as to afford us no doubt, no concern. And so you see why we are here, why we remain. We are intent on assimilating all that we can into a cogent force for eternal good that will be a faithful portrayal of our appreciation for our Master Son and his mercy, compassion, diligence, devotion, dedication and obedience to that which we hold to be worthy of the worship of everyone – indeed, God himself. I wanted to mention to you today about the parallel universes spoken of earlier. There is a tradition among the people – not only the red man, but the people of earth – who make spiritual pilgrimages to physical places for healing, for an acknowledgment of a sacred purpose. Many of you recognize our sacred stones who weep or holy waters that heal.

There is no point to attempt to convince anyone that the miracle is not in the water, in the physical world itself, even though many of you realize that the reality is non-physical, is spiritual in origin. But the belief of the loyal follower will not see God as separate from anything, including fire, water, air. To disdain a pure belief is to disdain God Himself. To assure your brother you are his brother you will embrace him as your brother under that immovable Force which oversees all that is and all that we are. But to acknowledge Him and say, “I do this,” “I say that,” “I go here,” “I am that because of Him” is a man’s personal religious sojourn into infinity. (Pause) That will do.

TOMAS: Tomas again. It seems I have a supporter in Onamonalonton in my discussion on co-creation. Even though it is a reach for those of you who feel that you have found all the answers. How can you possibly allow yourself to extend yourself into what you would regard as untruth? Well, you cannot go there if your intention is to be destructive of one man’s relationship with deity; but when you go with a mind to share sonship, without creedal differences coming between you, you are in a position then to be able to find a common ground upon which to stand to worship that God that you both adore, and in that camaraderie you are able to feel the foundation of a friendship that might endure for an eternity. This is co-creating, my friends. This is co-creating a connection of divine goodness that connects you with your brother, and that connects you both with the original Creator.

In this way you co-create peace, bounty, beauty, co-operation, co-ordination, community. See this world as a perfect reflection of the Paradise pattern, destined to be yours, to be your world’s, and one day you will realize there is no difference between the spiritual and he physical for they are all co-ordinated and reflected as an aspect of perfection, even into the worlds of time and space. It begins in your heart and in your life. It begins in your relationships with others. It begins by putting down your swords and your defenses. By setting aside your animal tendencies to compete and win and your human propensity to seek for status and approval. In attempting to maneuver your position in the kingdom, allow our governors in their realms to administer the kingdoms. Learn to be co-operative in the little things and the big things will thus be provided. Dear children, have you questions for us today, or any commentary to share with the group?

GERDEAN: Well, Tomas, we have some genealogy questions here, I think you could call it. We were wondering about whether or not Onamonalonton was before or after the arrival of the secondary midwayers. I’m certain that the primary midwayers were around during the time of Onamonalonton, and you can understand that I myself am reluctant to ask because if you tell me something and I transmit it and it’s a mistake, I will feel like I have made a fool of myself and of you to all the people that read your lessons. So this gets back to why we don’t ask questions many times, (not because of being a T/R, but) because we’re inclined to make ourselves look foolish, or that which we believe in to be error and we don’t want to do that. So we just sit here looking dumb. (Laughter)

We… I . .. we… I don’t know whether you want to discuss that or not, but we have a lot of questions, Tomas. We have a lot of questions about our planetary government, about our history, about what the midwayers have experienced, how they can be helpful to us, how we can work better with them, and I have to say, in fairness, there are people who think that the midwayers are virtually a myth and a detraction from the important stuff which is our relationship with our Thought Adjuster and all this is diversionary tactics. So we have a whole bunch of questions and none of them are really well formulated. Some have been formulated and presented and we don’t know if we’re supposed to ask curiosity questions or not. Sometimes I think that we get the message that curiosity questions are beneath your expectations, and then we get words like Onamonalonton just said, “Hey, you are perceiving reality as a shadow of Reality” and so what difference does it make? We aren’t supposed to be superior about our belief systems. So I don’t know what I’m saying, but I guess we are asking for a little clarification of something to focus on.

TOMAS: Alright. I will acknowledge the strata inherent in your question, your outpouring, and reveal to you the multi-layered relativity inherent in what you said. You are/were speaking for a lot of people and it’s not called upon for you to speak for a lot of people. If you have a question, it is your question that I will hear. Or, if a question is submitted, I can entertain a question that is submitted by another, but I like to hear it in their own words. In that way these conversations are kept personal, and even though it is true that supreme truth is unchanging, there are relative levels of truth that must suffice as scaffolding en route to ultimate truth.

I know you remember our analogy of the classroom and that one in kindergarten cannot understand what one in fourth grade will assimilate, and so on up the ladder of awareness. And yes, I can certainly understand how it is that you would all begin to be conscious of the personalizing effects of understanding a relationship to the universe that you did not have before you under-stood that you had relatives throughout the cosmos. Your isolation has kept your mind within a bit of a bubble, which would affect your thinking only insofar as you were able to relate to your world, but you world is enhanced, and suddenly you have a relationship, or a potential relationship, with many personalities, many of whom are eager to get to know you better and you are not accustomed to socializing yourselves with yourselves yet, much less with other “outside” and invisible entities.

Even so, it is apparent to those of you who have known us for awhile that relationship develops and personalities become apparent and therefore these once invisible personalities begin to have an energy pattern that is distinctly recognizable. These are tying in with your truths that you have learned through your study of the Urantia text as well as your many experiences in longevity. Real kindred spirits recognize each other over the course of time and not only once. You will have yet more questions than the ones that stagger you now, and this is why you are encouraged to think through your questions carefully and allow the responses time to be assimilated into your growing consciousness.

You will find we are happy to be of service in conveying information to you that will be beneficial to your development, but we are also mindful of the importance of slow and steady growth, in that, over-rapid growth can be suicidal. So we want to spoon feed you when necessary and we also want to pile your plate high when you are able to digest greater morsels. For the moment, however, you are cherished because of your willingness to extend your limits of understanding beyond that which is singularly egocentric in nature. Sometimes you will think of a question that has not dawned on you to ask before, but by looking carefully at your question, you can almost determine for yourself what would be true if you returned to your textbook and studied the history and certain facts as they have been set out already. We are eager to engage with you but we are not willing to do your homework for you. You had words last week from my co-worker Paulo to the effect that we will be patient but we will not be indulgent. And your question, Gerdean, appears to ask for our patience while not being willing to appear indulged. How is your spiritual life?

GERDEAN: Thank you. It’s very good. I think . .. I have a wonderful spiritual life. I’m able to make sense of my human life because of my spiritual life, and I like the prioritizing that goes on in my mind.


TOMAS: I am aware of your gratitude and your courage. Are there other matters or questions at hand in this arena? (No) I wish you would not feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities. The possibilities are endless, and you are only starting out. This is not to say that you are belittled by any means, because as sons of God you are ennobled by being. We take great pride and pleasure in working with you and seeing you attain to new levels of understanding and capacity. As your friend and companion, I am continuously appreciative of the motives which appear to be your wellspring. Proceed in your faith path. Be of good cheer. Good tidings to you all. Farewell.

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