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SPK66- Council of 24

2000-12-16-Council of 24
Spokane #66


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Council of 24
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Council of 24
 3.2.2 Planetary Government, Urantia
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Intensity
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Council of 24
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Paulo
TR: Gerdean


PAULO: You may or may not believe this, my friends, but I have never in my universe career seen such conditions of weather as you have here on Urantia! The world I lived on as a mortal was not as young a world as this, and so we had more stabilized conditions. I understand that Tomas had observed such inclement conditions and indeed his civilization was carved out of a need to withstand severe weather conditions, but on my world we were fairly salubrious and so I have jokingly commented to my comrades, “I am glad to borrow your woolies.”

I am Paulo, happy to be in your company again this afternoon. I am going to open the floor this afternoon to whatever hodge-podge of information is indicated. It will be perhaps a preliminary seasonal party akin to parties reflecting the festivity of Christianity and other features of festivity to enliven the winter doldrums. There are many here in observation of your very placid realm, but we see the inner activity in your spirit selves, so while you may fool each other into thinking that there is a calm exterior, interiorly you are active and abounding in questions of a curious nature.

Council of 24

Let me be so bold then as to speak for our visitors (unless and until they want to speak for themselves). We will begin by a general discussion revolving around the Council of 24’s involvement in Urantia affairs of planetary governmental concern, considering the new administration of Prince Machiventa being inaugurated and many additional alterations in what would be regarded as a normal procedure for an advancing evolutionary world.

We are enjoying the continued association of the Council of 24, at least insofar as it appears in keeping with the Correcting Time procedures. The personalities who have been serving on this Board have much to contribute to our understanding of your planetary history and why many of you behave the way you do and what we might be able to expect because of what experiences has befallen your world.

You may be assured that should it be mandatory that they advance, they will advance; but, having the option, they are inclined to remain to be of service for, after all, have you not been told that the universe’s eyes are upon you. Yet why would one want to leave just when they were being most helpful? Onagar has perhaps the more obvious need to be about his own advancement, and many of the other early individuals are considering the option to proceed, but there are those who would not choose to give up their position on the council at this time and you can certainly appreciate their reasoning.

For example, the possibilities of Adam and Eve being able to return to Urantia has been discussed in your midst, and many speculations have arisen as to the DNA enhancement; there, too, are those of you who have felt the influence of a Material Son and Daughter on alignments of “a romantic nature” among you devotees. We are finding Adam and Eve’s assessments and advisements invaluable and have appreciation for their loyalty to their continued trust.
Yes, we have active and conscious contact with the Council, we in the Teacher Corps.

Planetary Government, Urantia

In reference to politics, when you have a change in your administration, there are certain key positions that are appointed because of the nature of your gubernatorial system, but under the parties are the foundations of the republic that enable democracy to prevail in times of transition. This same truth is held On High, in that, these administrative matters are handed over and even though major moves may be made on the cosmic chessboard, the workers remain in place so that the universes of time and space proceed gradually and naturally into advancement/ascension.

Just because a dispensation has rolled over, does not mean that suddenly all the players have changed, in particular, in such a case as yours wherein you have been spending time in the equivalent of an incubator as we have nurtured your lifeline to infinity, having encircuited Urantia such that it is now born again into the organism of the living universe. When you have been made stable, perhaps after a thousand year reign, the personnel will have made a complete transition, but we are finding you, too, appreciate the knowledge that your beloved historic helpers have maintained loyalty to you and your mutual world.

We will no doubt break a lot of the standard rules in this era, in particular since you have broken ALL the rules already in your evolution here on Urantia. A decimal planet, an experimental planet, is often a case requiring inordinate amounts of attention, as are children with special needs. You will find, however, in the course of eternity that the experiences you are undergoing in your evolving realities are going to be useful to you and to the development of the greater universe in those days hence when you have become part of the Corps of the Finality.

And this knowledge is sometimes all that is necessary for you to appreciate that what you are experiencing has merit, even if you can’t see, at the moment, what possible good could come of it, what use it could present to anyone. I will stop for a while to see if there is something from you or any of you.

THOROAH: We didn’t have any questions sent in to us this week. I have some things on my mind.

PAULO: I am most interested in your mind which presents itself to me.


THOROAH: Sometimes there’s a feeling of urgency with this Mission, at least it’s an intensity, increased intensity, which I felt Very strongly in the last four or five months having to do with activity centering around George Barnard and his activity with the midwayers and their activity with us, and the release or return of delinquent midwayers, plus all of our geographical changes that we’ve gone through here, Gerdean and I, and I get the feeling that there really is not an emergency.

And you just verified something, that a thousand years from now we might be able to notice some wholesale changes, but it’s hard to see changes in a small lifespan on this world, so I don’t know what to expect. I’d like to get comfortable someplace along the line instead of being on a string all the time wondering what’s going to happen next and then being let down because I expected all kind of things. I’d like to have a better idea of what to look forward to. What . .. How far into the future should I be concerned with myself, or should I just be concerned with NOW?

PAULO: Ham has suggested I refer you to his recent words having to do with being aware of the moment. In the moment is where you are. And yet I will comfort you by acknowledging the reasoning that could find a perpetual now preposterously ineffectual, in particular in terms of those of you who have an understanding of the value of perspective. Perhaps the midwayers’ greatest gift to you in this period of time would be the benefit of their perspective, for they truly are the permanent citizens of the material worlds, and your midwayers have been even more “permanent” than most because of your tardy development. But yes, they find your lives to be exasperatingly short-term, and have often complained to us that they no sooner get your attention and get you partially trained than you’ve gone already!

THOROAH: That’s for sure.

PAULO: You can understand, then, why there is a certain positive anxiety on the part of these invisible helpers on Urantia, that intensity that gives off an urgent aspect, and you who open your hearts and minds to spirit influence are going to be made aware of that quality through your openness to our influence. I would be remiss if I were not quick to point out that any time the Melchizedeks are involved, it will be, to some extent, an emergency measure, and emergency measures to a Melchizedek are the “life blood” of their existence, and this Correcting Time is a commission of a Melchizedek, therefore it will have the flavor of emergency/ urgency/ intensity that gets your attention.

And, in addition, a part of what it must be that you are sensing and feeling – not just you singularly but many of you, plurally – are feeling a pique of interest, a stimulation to the soul and the psyche that comes from acknowledgment of a greater reality, and this is an expected and natural response to the stimuli of morontia life and spirit influence. Your reactions perhaps reflect a state of emergency conditioned by your animal natures, and so you think there is a fire to put out or a wolf at your heels because urgency has represented a fight for survival, but there is the positive element of emergency, too, and that is what you enjoy, that is what lures you toward yet more spiritual awareness, for it is a great “high”. Love is very powerful. Seeing, knowing, sensing, following, feeling, experiencing, giving Love is potentially intense, even while it is also common and comfortable and soothing and enduring.

Again, we find perspective having great influence and value. To be able to stay alert to the prompts, to be sufficiently awakened and alert to notice what prompts might be given you by your elder brothers and sisters in the spirit realm, by God the Father, through his Sons and from the Mother through her agents, is a degree of awareness, acute awareness, that brings you into a level of reality that all others pale by comparison. The challenge here would be to feel the comfort of spirit over-control without becoming complacent and allowing the work to fall by the wayside, allowing that others are able to do what needs to be done and not taking responsibility for your part in co-creating your universe.

Each decision you make is vital. In this, your own life is an intense experience.
You are blessed to have a constitution that allows for you to know certain active phases followed by certain passive periods, such that you are not developing slothfulness nor “burning out” but maintaining an equilibrium for good steady advancement, growth, slow but sure. My friend, when you spoke you revealed many facets of your personality in a state of unsettled-ness and I am inclined to feel you are in line for a season of processing some of your exuberant experiences such that your foundations can be restored and your perspective can be renewed.

There is much to be done in the moments to come, but you are not alone nor does the fate of the universe hinge upon you. Or any of us individually. Even though we are all a vital part of the puzzle, bit players in the panorama toward perfection. But I am happy to have time to spend with you, to walk with you part way in your association with advancing reality so that your growth can be wholesome, happy, natural, spontaneous, and encouraging. Even sure. While you fully realize how exciting it can be and how urgent in the best sense of the word. Show me a woman in labor who is not aware of a certain sense of urgency. Spiritual rebirth is as pregnant with promise, and fraught with a sense of urgency also.

THOROAH: Thank you, Paulo.


PAULO: You are more than welcome, my friend. I have a desire to convey to you all how much you are loved. You have no idea how you are cherished by all of us. How we have learned from our betters about love and address you with what we have learned. Cherished children, worry not. Keep the faith. Retain faith in Father in all things. Rediscover Him in your walk with His Sons, Michael’s sons, and forge a path to perfection with glee and confidence. Of all the news and information and value and comfort that we can convey, we seek most sincerely to convey to you how loved you are and how much love there is to go around in this abundant universe. Fear not. Indeed, “Peace be upon you,” as He has said.
And be of good cheer . . . “for Santa Clause comes tonight!” Amen.


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