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SPK67- Remote Viewing

2000-12-29-Remote Viewing
Spokane #67


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Remote Viewing
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aaron
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Exercise
o 3.4 Dialogue
o 3.5 Closing

Topic: Remote Viewing
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Aaron
TR: Gerdean


AARON: Is it still afternoon or is it evening now?

THOROAH: Right on the verge of becoming evening.

AARON: Well, “hello”. Greetings.

GROUP: Greetings.


AARON: I am Aaron and I’m going to pick up this week where we left off last week. If you will recall we were discussing energy, and now that last week is gone and we are in the energy of today, there is a whole new reality to contend with. Before we close today there will be, I suspect, a seasonal message, however, I’m going to pursue our course of discussion last week about the effects of energy and how you can manipulate energy in your environment, even to the point of creating reality and imposing the advancement of light and life.

The first thing you want to do is bring into your appreciation of energy an awareness of personality. In bringing personality into an understanding of energy, you have added another dimension. And you will be able to see how the influence of personality affects the environment because you will be able to study the effects of personality. That way you will be able to understand your own “power” better and you will also be able to understand how your power is being received or responded to by other personalities.

I thought rather than trying to point out to you how it is that you manipulate other mortals, we sidestep that and direct our attention onto a kind of personality that is in keeping with the unseen realms so, since I promised to assist you in your relationships with the midwayers and socialize with them, I/we might as well begin now.

It’s been interesting here in your discussions this afternoon, for Ginny, while you say you will assign a midwayer to a certain task that needs attention, and since we have a real community of celestials here in this vortex, as you will find in any vortex that becomes a beehive of activity, and if you take the time to discern who’s who, you will be able to identify who is doing what, who is working with each other, who is working independently and so forth. All of this is a process.

Just like taking time to learn how to have a relationship with your Indwelling Adjuster is a process, and learning how to have a relationship with yourself is an on-going process, so is it also true that relationship with others is a process, and a relationship with the midwayers in the unseen realms is no exception. But as you have been shown in your studies of the construct, in the context of remote viewing and making contact with other material life just outside your vision, you can nonetheless benefit from these active liaisons.

Let’s get some conscious experience this afternoon in accessing an amassment of energy, an amalgamation of energy, that equates to a personality. And I’m going to do this, if you’re willing, in an experiment that can utilize the technique of full consciousness. . . . .

I sense by your stillness, you are willing participants.



AARON: I won’t do anything you won’t do. There are many personalities here. Every week you hear that. In your mind you know that. And there’s certain satisfaction in feeling that you are not alone in the universe. You may be able to calculate that Michael is here through the Spirit of Truth. The Divine Minister is here through her angelic agencies. Midwayers are here because they are necessary in order for the transmission to take place. Morontia Companions frequent these gatherings and student visitors as well. And other teachers, not excluding all of your personal teachers, and so as you begin to click off the inherent potentials in such a configuration, you begin to sense and realize the reason for such an elevation in your energies. You are being lifted up simply by being in the environment. But to become more mindful of what this environment truly represents, you need to give yourself over to a better understanding of the various forces inhabiting your immediate environment.

I’m going to “materialize” a being here for you, and then ask each of you to also call into your mind’s eye a personality of your selection and give us a description from your perspective, your vantage point, of what you see – given the fact that you are a material being and your perceptions are going to bespeak a certain appreciation and bias for what reality means to you. I have a hard time choosing from the many friends here to describe them as if they were a third party.

Alright then. I’ll pick on Paulo, who is our new kid on the block. I’ll describe Paulo to you in a way that is understandable for you to see as if he were a hologram in your mind’s eye. Envision Paulo as a wizened male entity of vigor and solidarity. If he were a man of the realm you would find him to be in his early 60s or late 50s perhaps; hale and hardy, having hair and clean shaven. His eyes are blue. He has a light complexion. He is along the lines of blonde. He has good girth, not too slim, and his feet are firmly fastened to the floor. He has no flightiness, and yet he has a dramatic element – not flamboyant but stately. Paulo gestures. Paulo is a statesman and an orator. He is also personable, amusing and can be intimate and personal.

But I can tell you all these things and yet you have only a hologram picture of a personality. Not until he comes to life in your awareness, and when you begin to relate to what he says, are you aware of him as a personality. But once you have a handle on his personality, it is easy then to perceive when he is in your neighborhood. By being aware of the energies in your environment, you are able to detect if there is a personality attached to the energies or if they are simply mechanical energies. And just knowing this is a tremendous help to you in calling upon those energies at hand and/or asking for an influx of more energy and other personalities. Let’s see what you see. Any volunteers to describe who you recognize as one of those beings who have chosen to associate with us today? (Long pause) Thoroah, have you seen anyone around?


GINNY: This seems to be very much like the being I saw when I did the construct, only this one that appeared to me was quite short and very vibrant. (Indistinguishable)

AARON: Yes, it may have been Paulo. He stands very tall but . .. his statute is not geometric as much as it is presence. . . .

AARON: Yes. But not a scrapper. Midwayers are scrappers; they are plucky(?) and quick; they run in the streets of Urantia. The Teachers are almost all more dignified and perhaps professorial. Your personal teachers are always upright. It is very unusual to see a personal teacher sitting down on the job. But Morontia Companions are best perceived as being seated and social, in such a configuration as to induce exchanges and expressions of companionability that may invite soul-searching or philosophic pondering or esthetic expression and observations of life. These visions are housed in your unconscious, and this is why I suggested you approach this in full consciousness. It’s also why you have not seen anyone around, Thoroah. You are not giving your unconscious mind an opportunity to unleash itself.

THOROAH: I’m a hard case.

AARON: In certain things you are indeed difficult, but on the other hand I have it on good authority that you are very easy. You will discover, when you pursue your studies in remote viewing, that the visions you will peek, that will be revealed, are going to emerge from the unconscious.

THOROAH: It’s just like a big giant leap of faith to go there.

AARON: Give yourself the benefit of being a son of I AM. Give yourself permission to be creative. Give voice to your own visions of reality. You will even experience these projections. But they will become permanent parts of you and/or your world only if they have within them an opportunity to develop and grow into the greater reality which is our potential. You’ve heard it said that whatever mortal man desires and God wills, IS. Is this in some way to infer that man’s faulty attempts at bringing perfection into being is futile? Not at all! It’s a part of the co-creative adventure. It is a part of your training toward perhaps one day bringing about real worlds in time and space. . . . . You have had glimpses of your personal teacher.


AARON: Both personal teachers, I believe, have lent glimpses of themselves to you so you have an idea of their coloring or their mannerism. This gives them greater credibility in your consciousness. Not only in the super-conscious realm, but also in your conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. They become more real because you have given them greater reality. There have been disparaging remarks about how it is that the human is always dragging God down to his level. I am suggesting that this is an area of play, where you are indeed encouraged to bring God down to your level in order for you to perceive of His vast family. Incidentally, it’s fun for me to think about how you will even more appreciate the arrival of some of these Teacher Sons or the presence of the Magisterial Son or possibly other materializations . .. [tape turned] and weigh that reality with that which you have helped bring into being by your own perception. Always is Reality greater than that which you have managed to perceive. This is why it is always exciting and ever enlightened.

THOROAH: Well, that makes me want to ask the question that this conscious reality that we’re familiar with now, mortals here on this planet, as real as that airplane sound was, that is real in this reality. Are entities going to make themselves present to us in that reality? Or are we going to have to discover them in their reality? Or is it a combination of both?

AARON: It’s a natural combination, just like any of these have been so far. You have to reach and we have to reach. The only thing that is laid in your lap is your Thought Adjuster.

THOROAH: Okay. That’s very succinctly put, that last phrase.


AARON: Get next to your midwayer friends early on and you’ll get familiar with the streets of Urantia. You’ll learn “street smarts” in an entirely new language. I’ve had a good time here today. Thanks, Gerdean, for bearing with me.

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