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SPK68- Discussions on Service

2001-01-06-Discussions on Service
Spokane #68


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Discussions on Service
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Merium, Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 The Teachers, Service
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Demonstration
 3.2.2 Self Evaluation
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Discussions on Service
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Merium, Tomas
TR: Gerdean


MERIUM: Welcome! This is Merium, your old friend and companion. I’ve been enjoying a festive season with my comrades in the establishment of the Kingdom in the hearts of men on Urantia and have been invited to begin our session this afternoon in a spirited invitation to you to join with us in a celebration of all that we yearn for and desire, that being a revelation of truth, beauty, and goodness as an illustration of God as you can understand God.

We all yearn for greater heights and glories, but the revelation of truth within the heart of humanity is our assignment. First things first. We shall grow from here. Have you not already grown from yesterday? Well, it seems to me like yesterday when I was in your midst and found you to be babbling babes, lying on the floor, clutching the air, kicking your feet, drooling with delight, not comprehending a thing but the nurturing sound of our voices and, like little sponges, you soaked up the moisture of our affection.

Having grown through many seasons of committed inner growth, you present yourself upright this afternoon and I will not be threatened by your demeanor but rather come to sit by you and cuddle you as my younger brothers and sisters whom I truly adore. We are made better by being your elder brothers and sisters. We are inspired to be a better example and to manifest more character in our depiction of reality so that you can be inspired by us as elders and as educated in the schools that you swear to attend.

Tomas is here to speak with you this afternoon. I am joyed to be in his company again. We are old friends also. I enjoy, in fact, being around long enough to have established “old friends” and yet I am also open to making new friends all the time, as each new individual I encounter and learn to love, I myself am expanded and enhanced because of the living experience. So I greet you, friends old and new, and take my leave to release you to Tomas’ care.

The Teachers, Service

TOMAS: Greetings, students. Gathered around me are myriad minds mortal, morontial, even mechanical minds, and I am of a mind to be able to encompass you all in an appreciation of a reality that we all are able to appreciate and share. A challenge indeed in such diversity! It calls for me thus to be as true to myself as I can be, for only by being true to what I have authority over, as a result of my composition, am I able to begin to pervade space with a conscious reality that you can respond to.

Communication is a responsive interaction between intelligences. It does not matter how alike or unalike these intelligences may be, but they must be willing to be connected in life so that life can pass between you as a reality. And even while I am aware of the auditorium, I am also aware of this small circle of friends who join with us this afternoon in our mortal configuration of the Spokane Teacher Base in anticipation of an afternoon of morsels of truth and affection that constitute a service, a portion, of life substance such that you will have felt fed, nourished, sustained and invigorated by receiving these [rep]orts of essential I AM and, in this acceptance, raise your spirits and your glass on high to the friendship and camaraderie of brothers.

In the camaraderie of brothers/ sisters, it is then possible to reveal to each other all that you are, all that you know, all that you can be and thus, as it is said, a social group contains all knowledge. Even so, as an instructor or a teacher, it behooves me to ask if you have any questions. (Pause) Sometimes the answers are within, but without the key to discover where the answer lies, you stand without and wonder why you cannot see what you know you know. We are among friends here.
Before you ask, or while you are pondering, I would like to wish you all a very happy new millennia.

You have been able to be of service to us in this way: you have pointed out, by your patterns, how far removed we are from a time and space realm such as you know as mortals, for we may have been mortals formerly, but we have long since become unobstructed by the limitations of the time space continuum that is an essential part of who you are. You have taught us anew what that means, and so we begin to modify and appreciate our perspective and our approach to you because of a greater understanding of a year in the life of a Urantian.

The seasons pass as symbols of your advancement. Even those who grow not in the spirit, are able, even so, to recognize the passage of time in the mirror. This reflection of reality is a reflection of intelligence, even as it is a reflection of intelligence that Michael and Nebadonia reflect the Paradise Trinity in their reign over their children of the far-flung worlds of time and space. Again we are at the beginning. Again we are in a position to reflect on how far we have come and where we have been and where we hope to go in so many ranges of interest and intention.

Here your uniqueness is exemplified. Each of your lives is a statement, a personal signature of having marked time, mortal time, making your way into an awareness of how you can foster the Supreme, how you can participate in the development, in the establishment of the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, how you can develop your character and master your human nature to the enhancement of your joy in your human experience. We salute our Creator today in this new moment, this new beginning, this new revolution of awareness of advancement in ascension.

I am eager to mingle with you in your efforts, now that we have begun, now that we have many; eager to work with your midwayer liaisons and your orders of angels, eager to observe you taking your place in the Nebadon society — no longer wall-flowers, no longer waiting to be rescued, no longer fearful. Our effects will be known and felt and you will have given to your progeny — your children, your grandchildren and those who come after a great gift, that gift which has been given to you: the light of the spirit that has rained down upon you, that you have clasped to yourselves and made your own, unwilling to relinquish that which you have learned to cherish and believe in and become.

That is the legacy that we will leave. That is the new legacy that Urantia is going to be receiving, because of your willing participation in the unfolding of the divine plan of the Master. Rejoice!

But in your efforts, in your attempts, in your investigations, it is anticipated even so you will have food for thought, matters to ponder, soul-searching to perform. We remain steadfast, loyal to your growth, your greater comprehension. We are legion. What have you been up to since last we conversed? What have you to share with your teacher and with each other?


GINNY: How can we help others to live on a more elevated level? I mean, that’s putting a judgment on somebody else, you know, we’re saying that they’re not living on an elevated level but how can we encourage others and ourselves, but mainly in dealing with others, to look and live and speak and behave on an elevated and more divine level?

TOMAS: Perhaps knowledge resides with your peers. What contributions have we from you who are here?

JAEL: Look to understand where people are coming from in your interacting with them, generating light and having them look at their conscious throughout the day. I’ve been reading a lot about humor and joy and I know that’s a bit part of healing. That’s what I see.

TOMAS: You are correct. Children respond well to those they can emulate, and certainly we would rather emulate joy than sorrow. The pattern for your world has been to bow down to suffering and exalt it to high art. And yet it is not anything that a child would naturally consider to be wholesome or desirable. What kind of god would ask you to suffer or be unhappy? But most of the world believes, has been taught, that God is very exacting and unyielding, but a demonstration of divinity in their midst is a reality which cannot be ignored. It may be the stimuli for a fearful response, but again, it is a response and thus a communication, and many people who have been taught distrust are going to be reluctant to be open to the joy of living as a natural state of being. Therefore, consistency is illustrative of your reality, which is the reality of God.

When you are of good cheer as a child of God, you are not being ludicrous or sarcastic, but genuine in joy, in adventure, and in appreciation of each day’s new challenges, and it is this kind of an attitude that will speak loudly to the child within the men and women, boys and girls who are around you, who come in contact with you. Remember the qualities the Master had in his walk on Urantia and rather than attempting to become Him, embrace those qualities within yourself such that you, too, can have matchless poise and find yourself always having the right response, the seed planted, the love revealed, the reality confirmed.

The best teaching you can do is in being. You therefore need to be aware of yourself and your own imperfections in a far more critical manner than in observing the imperfections of those you serve.

Self Evaluation

JADA: It seems that observing our own imperfections can lead to humility or low self-esteem and I wonder could you clarify it.

TOMAS: I will. Thank you. I will clarify because it is not my intent nor the intention of other teachers to diminish your value, no, and when it is suggested you observe your behaviors critically, it is in an attempt to assist you to learn to look at yourself in such a way as to foster your own development and self mastery into being all that you can be. The purpose is not to undermine your strength but to help you develop your strength. Thus, when you are urged to look at something, it is not for you to dwell on or feel sorry for yourself about, but rather to acknowledge academically, objectively, and even patiently and tolerantly, in a full understanding of your constantly changing state of being.

When you assess yourself and your reactions or responses to situations in life, you will become better at loving yourself in the process and this appropriate love for yourself is a reality that will innately grow as you grow, disallowing your soirees into depression or your side-trips into melancholy. Consider yourself as a soldier of the circles, and without abusing yourself, be disciplined in handling yourself, as the Universal Censor might constrain you from speaking cruelly or flippantly and spoiling an opportunity to plant a seed in fertile soil.

Think of yourself also as a field that is being cultivated and in time the rocks will be neatly piled along the sidelines, the clumps of earth will have been broken up and infused with air and moisture, giving fertile conditions to your own soul’s development. In learning to be patient with yourself, you automatically are more patient with others. You are one with your fellows, and those who have joy in their hearts are those with whom you need to seek to associate. Keep yourself uplifted until you begin to enjoy happiness more than sadness. Physician heal thyself.

But look to us and each other and Our Father in all its manifestations, to be of service to you. Thus you will feel a desire to return good for evil and you will become an avid minister of all you survey. Jesus may have said, “Jada, Jada, how many times must I tell you? You are a noble son of God, well loved, well beloved and it is expected, anticipated that you will rejoice in the knowledge of your sonship. Having been born again, born of the spirit, why would you yearn to wallow? Rise up and focus your mind on those things over which you have mastery, and authority and control. Is this not what makes the mortal feel a sense of solidarity in an otherwise unstable and fluctuating state of mind? In particular, in these early years of growth and development in the new milieu of life, [you are] as a being who is connected to the greater realities of the greater universe.

I use these words to help you stretch your branches out of your little minds, to expand your participation in life to include the great beyond, but in conveying these great realms of possibility, you must not overlook the comfort of companionship and the work of your realm. Nothing is more important than the work of your realm, therefore set out with all your heart that which your hands and your mind find to do. Bring joy to yourself in service to the Father, and you will bring joy to those you touch as you pass by. Yes.

GINNY: I think that we have grown up with the idea that spiritual things are always somber and serious, so if we have too much fun, we’re not being spiritual, so we kind of keep a lid on our joy.

TOMAS: Yes, you are correct, and going back to your initial question/ comment, it is not only your personality expression that reflects reality, it is also energy that you express that affects/ impacts the environment. In this way many people are gifted at making statements or mouthing sentiments that have no substance, for their energy is not in support of what they are saying. So, in contra-distinction to this value, you might respond to your environment by deliberately setting yourself aside and apart at a specified point in time to give yourself over to an awareness of the spirit. This conscious contact with divinity is, yes, a vortex. It creates an energy stirring and a spirit reality that can afford you a centering experience and also infuse the environment with a new energy as an air freshener is able to lift the psychic energy of a dank room.

God is powerful. His very presence is able to alter atmosphere. And so without a word it is possible for you to change the stage upon which the players play. You have tremendous tools at your disposal. Creative gifts abound in helping you bring the Spirit of Truth to your peers, your fellows, your younger brothers and sisters in the flesh. In helping them to enter into an awareness of a greater reality, that which will alter all of reality for all time.

Oh, yes, of course, a lot of people are very happy with the reality they’ve got and have no interest in expanding or altering the status quo. Well, they are not your assignment. They are not fertile soil. Fling your seeds gaily, without judgment, even so. And let the tares grow with the wheat. We tend to the harvest and the Father will sort the grain.


Yes, I do intend to invigorate you and inspire you to renew your course. (Pause) I am prompted by Merium to ask “What’s for dinner?” Evidently it is time for your next course, in fact. Let me leave you with my untiring devotion to your spirit reality, to your growing souls, to your cherished integrity. Nice to see you all and spend time again in your company. See you soon, children. Farewell.

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