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SPK70- Various Aspects of Deity, Part 2

2001-01-14-Various Aspects of Deity, Part 2
Spokane #70


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Various Aspects of Deity, Part 2
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Aaron, Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Language
 3.1.2 Outreach
 3.1.3 Ascension Career
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Various Aspects of Deity, Part 2
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Aaron, Paulo
TR: Gerdean


AARON: Aaron here. I’m wondering why, Paulo, you would even suggest we continue using old adages, if “all things are becoming new”?

PAULO: Alright then, young fellow, I will tell you why. Because I’m aware of the human propensity to find ways that work, and one of the things that work is to get their attention, and once you have their attention, you can work with them. And one of the ways of getting people’s attention is to use an adage or something that every-one has heard so many times it is not a threat, and then once they’ve got a sense of your normalcy, your “regular guy”-ness, you can embellish it with a greater reality.

Although I agree with you, Aaron, it is another opportunity to find a new way to address things. Originality is something that comes from an appreciation of uniqueness. It’s not necessary to rely on the words of others or the phrases that have been tried and true. New phrases are coming into being right and left. The whole language is undergoing many changes because we need to keep up with the growth that is coming about because — yes, in part, technology, but also because — there are major changes in your values, your ethics, and this is a result of the Correcting Time – the overt stretch to secure and implement spirit reality into the material plane.

And I’ll add one more thing for Aaron, that being that inasmuch as there are inherent limitations in the human existence, there are only so many ways in which concepts can be worded, like “there’s nothing new under the sun.” Well, that’s so very relative, you know. There are a lot of new things under the sun, only because they haven’t been thought of by you before, whereas they’re not especially new to me, for I can see how the reality has been around a long time but people have not been aware of the reality or have not used the reality to its full purpose or to its true use, so things are really changing, constantly changing, metamorphosing. Yes. Well, where were we? We were having a conversation here with the group that I’ve been introduced to. Aaron, have you met Sivad? Sivad have you met Aaron?

SIVAD: Not in this manner, no. I’ve followed your comments and I’m delighted to greet you in this context.


AARON: Same here. I’m glad to meet you. I’m always glad to make a new friend. I enjoy the avenue we’ve been given to develop relationship. There are almost unlimited opportunities here in this regard, for even though there are many people who seem to be alike, there are still those elements of uniqueness about each creature that make the acquaintance a new adventure. And in getting to know each new individual is inherently an opportunity to imbue yourself into certain realities such that you become enamored of their soul, thus you fall in love with new people all the time.

This rather brings it down to a basic common denominator, for if you can speak the language of love you can get over any interim humps of language barriers that get in the way. They then only present opportunities to find a more pure way of expressing / communicating what you want to convey, but I find it true, too, that when people have met and learned to love each other, the play is the thing from then on, and the new purpose is to find somebody new to love, to draw in others, to incorporate those that have not been met yet by the spirit, so that the family of God extends, expands, increases. It’s a universal invitation to the dance.

SIVAD: (indistinguishable)

AARON:: Yes! And you will find all kinds of adventurous opportunities to encounter new people when you have an opportunity to travel. You have automatically presented yourself new options, new opportunities, new challenges to get into the hearts and minds of others, in order to commune with their soul. I assumed that, and I’m reminded I’m assuming.

I’m going to borrow on what Paulo said and say that sooner or later it’s okay to accept the underlying thread of our existence and that is associative Deity and in this it is appropriate to assume, inasmuch as it isn’t necessary to attempt to convert or enlighten every one you meet. If you are beholding the presence of God, you don’t need to try to introduce him to God. It is here that the fraternity seeks again to extend into the unknown. The theory almost presents a universal law that once perfection is attained, or once God has been found, the instant urge is to extend Him /It into the unknown, into that which has not yet been made aware of Him or been formulated in His image.

Ascension Career

SIVAD: I would speak to inquire with all of you present. I am reminded of the use of the term “associative Deity”. I’ve often overlooked the term (indistinguishable) . .. derived from . .. as if pages in a book . .. separated . .. and in every molecule of experience, whether smallest or the greatest, it is nonetheless the same, for is it not . .. our Father in which He remains a projection of His greatness?

TOMAS: Oh, yes. Almost as an organism.

SIVAD: And yet as we . .. (indistinguishable) [this is a question about the unqualified Absolute) . .. and so it is I would inquire a question that I want to present perhaps . . Why it is it is not so much the complex situations as . .. (indistinguishable)

TOMAS: : You are speaking of two faces of God. The existent I AM and the evolving Supreme. Which is more important? They are two sides of the same coin.

SIVAD: Who is speaking?

TOMAS: : This is Tomas. I am responding, but I am in harmony with my brethren. Often we are of different opinions, but in certain areas it is true that we speak as one. In this case, I, Tomas, am a mouthpiece for our unity.

SIVAD: Tomas, what my question is derived from is the observation of locating religion as a thing rather than an experience. Rather than seeds we have cultivated, nurturing, (indistinguishable) there is at stake, especially of our material nature, to expand the thing that we see as associated. Sometimes the experience or function, . .. and it is this tendency I . .. turn that . .. (Indistinguishable).

TOMAS: : That is correct. It is easy to affirm the strata of value is in the degree of capacity. The words earlier about one who has traveled come back to me. The one who has never gone far from their village may regard religion as one thing for they have had no exposure to any other appreciation of what religion might be. But to the one who has been around and has seen how many ways there are to regard religion, all the way from an academic study to a poignancy of experience, are able to have a more liberal appreciation for what religion is and can be.

SIVAD: I would venture another question which is in regards to the attempt of the . .. past to actually observe and understand . .. (indistinguishable) I know this is . .. but nonetheless, there is an observation that encompasses the totality of creation, the triodities of potentiality in certain . .. but is there not On High a science of the Unqualified Absolute as there is a science of matter . .. and is it not . .. (indistinguishable) . .. mathematical in nature . .. and would not more . .. a picture, an observation, an appreciation . ..of providence, as it is . .. (indistinguishable)?

TOMAS: : Yes, indeed, and I, like you and with you, can and do and will speculate on what these may be. But the overseeing of the unfolding of all of this expansion of cosmic reality and deity is beyond our comprehension, even while we begin to perceive the reality of its actuality, and no doubt we will all gain a greater appreciation for some of the orchestration of these converging realities as we begin to master the subjects which will be presented to us in our advanced studies after we leave the local universe en route to Paradise.

For there will be greater learning of this . .. what shall I call it? . .. mechanism of respiration, the universal lung that breathes out and breathes in the life of the organism of all that is. This is clearly hypothetical and can be appreciated by an attempt to understand how the spirit integrates all of these extensive levels of reality and coordinates them into some symphonic crescendo that will culminate in the divine chord at some future point in time.

SIVAD: It seems the perfect integration or unification of unique and uniform (indistinguishable) that lays the foundation of . .. ascension . ..

TOMAS: : Surely, and that is not only personal but pre-personal. There is strata of reality that we have yet to begin to appreciate, but assuredly we will be made aware of more as we advance, as the universe is an unending adventure, exploration of a panorama of divinity attainment that we are allowed to take part in and encouraged to provide. The more you become aware of, the more capable you are of managing that which you have grasped, until one day you will have a grasp on all of creation, and then you will be standing face to face with the Universal Father, as a part of the First Source and Center. However, in the interim, how you live your life moment by moment is the true earmark of your attainment.


We are encouraged by your interest and rejoice in your company. You will relish opportunities to meet more and more real fellow travelers as you sojourn and ascend. I look forward to our company, even as we conclude this afternoon in anticipation of our gathering again on the morrow, and in the interim, it is our joy to know you are in our arena and in company with those of us who will hold you close to our heart in enjoyment of you, Sivad. We take our leave.

GROUP: Thank you Tomas, Aaron and Paulo.

TOMAS: : Farewell.

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