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SPK69- Various Aspects of Deity, Part 1

2001-01-13-Various Aspects of Deity, Part 1
Spokane #69


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Various Aspects of Deity
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Travel
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Perspective
 3.3.2 Revelation

Topic: Various Aspects of Deity
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Paulo
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Greetings. Good afternoon. I am Tomas, your teacher, your friend, your host, your delighted companion. How wonderful it is to see you, Sivad. What a bright light you are in the universe, and what joy you bring when you shine your light into your neighbors’ lives.


TOMAS:  How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to be a traveler, and to garner the perspective of one who has had exposure to many different vantage points. One of the important eras of Michael’s life was when he was able to caravan travel great distances to many cultures, other countries, examining other ways of life than what was to be found in his more narrow and provincial origins. It is a practice that gives you, gives one, a great sense of freedom from myopic vision.

We are mindful of those who have hardly ventured from their back yard, who have an arena in which they stay for “many moons,” and on the other hand there are those who literally flit from one point of the galaxy to another. The range of behaviors are great, but for those who can enjoy a bit of travel, they truly do have the best of both worlds. I’m amazed, for example, at Onagar’s ability to be content to abide by the flavor of this little corner of the galaxy for nearly a million years your time, as compared to you, whose lives are so brief as to be a lightening bug in illuminating your area of temporary habitation.

The advantage of traveling around and meeting other people and discovering how they live their lives was one of the great joys of Jesus; — not only how they earned a living but how they interacted; what they were interested in; what they questioned, if they questioned; if not, why not; what did they eat; what did they wear; how did they transport themselves and their wares; and what wares; and for what purpose — all a part of the diversity of humanity — and finding that many of those who have never been outside their back yard are as happy, if not happier than many who have nothing but variety at hand. The universe is so diverse and your lives have such creative potential, you could find yourselves overwhelmed by possibility if you were given the chance.

There is, in fact, a moment in the mortal life (which will happen more often than not as you advance in your experiential applications), that being: how to address the many opportunities that are presented. Those of you who are intimidated by opportunity or cowed by the challenge of new opportunity, are going to find much comfort in denouncing opportunity of the kind that will take you too far afield of your comfort zone. Opportunities are a lot like a rebirth, a whole new platform of possibility is presented, a new palette presents itself upon which you may paint a picture depicting your next experiential period.

This is a reality you here have in common, a perspective because of your ability to have known different quarters, to discover different values and cultures as a part of the variety of life. I am also fairly well traveled, having spent much time in many places in the universe — the local universe, that is. There are many universes to come for me to investigate, and that opportunity is available as I have earned the capability of advancement.

I believe you were recently remarking, Thoroah, to this effect, that you cannot go past where you are to be, for if you presume to push yourself beyond your parameters, you will be returned to the realm wherein you will find your work awaiting. In all of our travels throughout our eternal career, it is ever true that even while we have the opportunity to find our point of reference as to what has gone on before and what we will expect in future, it is the work of today that matters – the moment in time and eternity.

How fortunate for you that you realize how precious and vital is this moment in eternity because of your perspective that has come from your travels. What do you think travel has given you in terms of perhaps something you can provide destiny? What lasting value have you discovered inside yourself as a result of your lives? Any comment?


SIVAD: First I would say “greetings” Tomas. I am thrilled to be here with you in this configuration, to rejoice and celebrate with you this new millennium.

(The Spokane Teacher Base apologizes for this choppy transmission; it is very difficult for this inadequate microphone to pick up Sivad’s gentle voice.)

TOMAS: To respond directly to your question, I would say that the offer that we make to destiny through our travels seems as one of our identity that is ever-present to and is not at liberty . .. spacial always, and yet it adores the opportunity to wear this — as if it were a piece of clothing, as if we were to experience another language, if only to accentuate the constancy, continuity, or the nature of identity which lies beneath the apparel of our personality, yet desires issue as a personal expression. It is the link between the one and the First Source and Center, or so it seems to me, but I have limited and mortal perspective.

TOMAS: : Your perspective on the contrary is not limited and mortal. It is expressed through the mechanics of the mortal, with its inherent limitations of language, perhaps, and comprehension even; however your astute comprehension of the nature of the First Source and Center as a part of your experience over and above our personal identification is an understanding of the vastness of life’s experience indeed, as if you were giving acknowledgment to that which is impersonal or pre-personal in addition to that which is recognizable to you as personal.

And certainly this is a perspective that comes from having lived and having a perspective that is more inclusive than exclusive, that can also find value in that which is the most minute and the most magnanimous, for that living reality flows through all of life, not only that which is recognizable from the personal point of view. Isn’t it ironic, then, that the personal point of view is inherently a limited perspective on what all of life represents, but only a personal depiction effectively reveals that which is, even so, so much greater?

Let me bring Paulo on-line. I would like to introduce a new associate, a comrade if you will. Our arena is broadened by Paulo’s vantage point which is less theoretical and yet encompasses a range of reality which is coming into vogue as a result perhaps of our contributions to Urantia in light of the re-encircuitment. One moment please.

PAULO: Good afternoon. Any friend of Tomas is a friend of mine.

THOROAH: Hi, Paulo.


PAULO: : Hi, Thoroah. Hi all of you who are now advised of how I might appear if I were to materialize in your midst. I am not going to take exception to Aaron’s description of me; I find it fulfills the purpose sufficiently. The tendency to bring God into range where He can be understood has advantages. It’s not a bad idea at all. I know your forefathers have complained that you like to bring God down to your level so that you can mold Him to suit yourselves, and that has been the case, indeed, and will likely continue to be the case in many ways, but we’ve got to get past the limitation of the mortal conditioning. Let’s open wide the gate and bring in the tools at your disposal, and that includes your imagination. Why would you be given such a wonderful mind if it were not to be developed and utilized in many different creative ways?

Yes, of course, in the past God was reduced to a mere puppet that allowed mankind to manage his life or think he had more control over his life when he was able to pull God down out of the heavens and make of Him an icon of some sort. All of you who have tasted of the spirit are in a new ball game / new paradigm/ have new perspective. I will turn it around and say, “Children, children, how many times do I have to tell you? You KNOW who the Father is On High. How can we reveal Him HERE is the question!”

There is nothing we can do to reveal the Infinite God for that is something He will do in and of Himself, with or without our help. It is “How can we bring the concept of divinity into our lives such that we can mold our lives and the lives of others to reveal Deity? How can we create new values and elevate humanity from the lowly state he has been regarded as or cast down to, and renew his dignity and sense of worth in order to build a world notable for its divine qualities?”

Are you not anticipating identifying with Deity? Are you not making attempts to understand the God who lives within you? Are you not trying to become more mindful of what God’s will is for you and how His purpose may be revealed through you? Then you must ask, “What does that mean in terms of the life you live?” and the fact is, you are a material creature, and if God is not revealed in your material life, then you might as well hang it up and go back to where you came from.

We’re going to bring about global changes. Global changes are going to require courageous feats by you individually and collectively, and while you may be inspired by spirit, it is your mortal courage that is at bat. Bringing qualities of Godlike-ness into your range of operation so that you can feel them, experience them, discuss them, work with them, is a way of bringing God down to your level. And this is good. This is my opportunity to say that “Behold all things are becoming new” and so when you see these old mota, old adages, don’t assume they are still true. Always look at them afresh.

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