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LLN520- Seeing Opportunity

2018-01-11-Seeing Opportunity
Lightline #520


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Seeing Opportunity in the Instability
o 1.2 Group: Lightline TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Machiventa Melchizedek
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Seeing Opportunity in the Instability
Group: Lightline TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa Melchizedek
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Divine Parents, I stand before you in gratitude for all that this life has to offer for opportunity and challenge, for the orchestrations of events to bring us choice and thereby push us to find ourselves. I am reminded Divine Parents of the saying that if it’s going to be good, it’s going to be hard and so we feel the pressure, we feel that it’s going to be hard so it’s also going to be good. Help us to bear this in mind that it’s hard but it’s also good, that these two things exist together. Help us to get our arms around this concept of differences combining. Thank you for this opportunity, may we make the most of it. We accept all that you have to give us when we come together at times like this. Let it be so, even now, thank you.


CHARLES:  I am eager to accept your invitation, I am Charles and as I interpret your preamble, you are experiencing the pressure, you are sensing the pressure that is changing in your environment. You mention weather events, these are the results of the change in pressure, one to another. When you have this morphing from one degree of pressure to another, from one aspect of energy to another, the result is the equivalent of a weather event. They may be spiritual events, they may cause you to have a spiritual connection and association. At least with every one of these changes is the potential for you to access this spirit component of the circumstance.

You are currently being flooded with stimulation and things are coming in which were not even on your radar, showing you that your sense of stability is indeed unstable. As a result, you feel this change in pressure, you experience this sensation of the energy around you shifting. For you who have had your ear to the ground for some time with your spiritual questions, you are hearing and feeling the call louder and clearer. We have been a very long time with you building up this awareness, growing within you this sense of touch, this spirit connection.

And so now we view all that transpires from that position. We view it all through that lens and now we not only feel the pressure of change, we automatically look for the goodness contained within. We have been so trained that it is there that we will automatically respond to look for it, to find it and to augment it in every equation before us. This is the culmination of your training as spiritual ambassadors. You now have a mindfulness about an approach, about perspectives on events, about looking for divine values contained, about the power of choosing and manifesting.

You have been awakened to these things and so now as we meet under current circumstances, as we huddle around this fire of the day, we express our impressions as we search for the meaning and the value contained. It has been my great pleasure to join you in the exploration of these divine values. It is only the beginning for you, the beginning of your eternal career of exploring divine values and so for you to begin this now is quite miraculous and it is good for you to know that miracles do happen, that miracles can happen. It is always my pleasure to join you in conversation. Thank you for the place that you allow.

Mark: I would like to welcome Machiventa Melchizedek, invite him to speak with us. I do this in faith knowing that he will respond to my request.

MACHIVENTA: Indeed you know I will respond to your request, I have been hovering about, you felt my presence so it is no great feat to consider I would speak with you as I will always accept the opportunity you provide. My dear students, my heart is warmed to see that you have been so steadfast in your showing up to class, in your willingness to proceed forward even though you have felt we have covered material over and over again, you are willing to entertain a new perspective on it and peel back another layer of understanding. As a result of your efforts, you will witness you have all gone deeper. You have all found more meaning, more value, the deeper you look, the harder you look.

And so you have been rewarded with your enhanced perspective, your more finely polished lens that you may attempt to view and interpret the many things that will come before you. Try to remember as we move forward in this process the importance of thought, word and deed. These divine principles are the tools that we may use in moving forward, we may choose carefully the use of these tools. When we speak it should be the truth, when we dream it should be our highest ideals, when we act it should be in accordance with our deepest beliefs.

These are the days when being mindful of your impact in the simple acts of thought, word and deed, what you mean by these and what they represent are the choices that you make which are illustrated in your thoughts, your words and your deeds. This truly is the most powerful thing you can do because it is the physical manifestation of your divine heritage. It is the gift of grace that you have this latitude and so you have been developing for some time the mindfulness of its use. The days ahead will be fertile grounds for you to experiment with these aspects and for you to implement your choice, to make real what you can imagine, to turn it all over to your highest selves.

To make this conscious choice in all of your thoughts, your words and your deeds will change all that’s around you. Your environment will be conditioned by your new love response. I offer you this opportunity in response to your questioning about what can be done. You can completely have jurisdiction over your mini-verse of experience and you can condition it to be in a state of Life and Light if you so choose. Do this at your will, do this at your command in conjunction with your Divine Parents.


So I bring you a pep talk of sorts. I offer you my heartfelt congratulations for all that you have built so far in the spiritual arena and I am certain you will bloom where you are planted. But even blooming requires the disruption of the soil and the movement aside so that the new bloom may happen. Thank you all for coming together around this campfire tonight. I bid you all peace in the process as you know of a certainty, it will all be all right. Thank you.

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