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SPK87- Our Movement Compared to Nebulae, Part 1

2001-07-14-Our Movement Compared to Nebulae, Part 1
Spokane #87


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Our Movement Compared to Nebulae
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Creation, Community
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Race, History
 3.3.2 Rebellion
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Our Movement Compared to Nebulae
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Paulo
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon, fishers of men. We are here with you in grateful acknowledgment of the growth of our movement, our spiritual reality, the conviction of faith wrought by your association with like-minded believers. The strength of your community is like a nebulae swirling in space. When the holy finger reached forth and stirred the air, all matter therein was activated and set in motion. Once this motion became actualized, it resulted in the formation of your world and many other worlds of potential in time and space.

Creation, Community

TOMAS: Thus the holy finger reached out and stirred the air bringing the potential to Urantia that we see realizing itself today in the formation today of the solid substance of your loyalty to that which is becoming real in a spiritual sense and which will have permanent effects on Urantia as well as in your own souls. This creative force is brought to you by those power directors which provide the centrifugal force that throws off that which is unnecessary and the centripetal force which forces together those which can join compatibly as the basis of the world that you are creating.

That which will be throw off will be thrown off will be thrown off because it is not intended to be a part of the becoming. Those of you who are forced together by this cosmic centripetal force are often in a place where you are unsure of how you connect with that piece or those pieces which you rub against. And sometimes you say, “I’m not going to stay here where there is friction against me,” “I’m not going to stay here where there is something poking me,” “I’m not going to stay here where I have to listen to that.” “I am irritated and uncomfortable by that which is rubbing me the wrong way,” but the cosmic centripetal force keeps you in check and in time it will come to pass that the rough edges will be worn down and the homogeneity of spirit will compose you such that you merge well with that which surrounds you.

This gives credence, over a period of time, over that force which connects you, even when you feel disconnected and would prefer that some of the pieces abutting you would go wafting off into outer space. But look at those with whom you have found your niche. Recognize the easy flow of communion, humor, and compassion that flashes back and forth between you, that connects you, that helps you recognize that you are all part of that circuit that keeps you together. That circuit is enlarging daily. The rough edges that you encounter, the elbows that dig into your side and the irritating noises that sound inharmonious to your ear, only indicate adjustments necessary in order for the parts to fit within the whole. You are indeed creating a world, a world of spiritual reality, and in the cosmic sense, the solidifying of your faith and your friendship is as enduring and more so that the very ground you walk upon.

We were joyed to participate this past weekend in the stirring, in the cooling and the congealing of the swirling energies that comprise this far-flung community. Like pudding in a pot, we all came together, mortal and supernal, and allowed ourselves to be subjected to the heat that brought us to a boil and that softened our edges so that we were able to harmonize with each other in celebration of this sweet delight of our community. All of us have come away, now, with a sense of rejuvenation and re-application to our purpose, our united purpose to advance Urantia and its citizens in the concepts of cosmic citizenry in the loving universe that we enjoy.

There were uncomfortable moments, there were irritating noises, and elbows poked in your sides. There were concepts that grated your nerves and personalities that jangled your complacency, but we advance in good faith. Is there anything I can help you with now in terms of modulating your pitch to appreciate the harmonics of our movement? Are there questions?


THOROAH: Personally I love the harmonics. I don’t know that I have any questions as regards the conference.

TOMAS:: You are amiable and malleable. Your mind has set off in the direction of antiquities and a study of racial origins. You see how we all begin to feather our nests with that which is essential to our comfort, our instincts, and our civilization – that being our personal civilization.

THOROAH: Well, I have lots of questions as far as origins.

TOMAS:: Perhaps I can shed some light; perhaps not. What do you seek to know?

Race, History

THOROAH: A case in point would be the reference in the Urantia Book to the Nephilim — who are referred to as the Nodites, parenthetically, one time, in the Urantia Book — and I’m also reading about the Nephilim in other sources. They were a recognized race – I guess I could say anthropologically as well as speculatively — as being from someplace else, their origins being someplace else in the universe, such as another evolving race or another world, but specifically I’m thinking of the Anunnaki, the Nibiruans, and the Nephilim who are said to be the same race, which makes the Nodites unique and it captured my interest. I’m wondering about our off-world origins. I know that with the Prince’s staff that there were obviously off-world influences on our human race. The Urantia Book does not go into detail as to where that staff came from and so I guess that’s the mystery that I’m looking at right now.

TOMAS:: Well, you will not be surprised to learn that I am not authorized to discuss that element of your planetary history. However, I am not going to discourage your investigations either. The descendants of Nod indeed presented a race of people that were infused with the genetic influence of a life form not originating on Urantia and while their progeny are certainly a part of your composition, it remains true that your essential ancestors are well known throughout the universe as Andon and Fonta, the first two human beings to have been indwelt by a fragment of God and they were your true ancestors although the influence of the Planetary Prince’s staff did affect a strain of genetic lineage which has been amalgamated into the basic evolutionary strains originating in the life pattern as was planted here by the Life Carriers so many millennia ago.

A study of the blending of the races, dispersion of the races, has much to offer in terms of understanding much of your planetary history, its development/ evolution as creatures ascending/ evolving into beings capable of self-mastery and yet none of their influences are so dominant as to interfere with your own personal repleteness as a man among men.

THOROAH: That’s why I was rather hesitant to bring it up because it really has more to do with research and curiosity than it does with spiritual growth and ministry.

TOMAS:: Yes, indeed, which is why I won’t spend overmuch time there except to offer that the pages of the revelation provide great stimuli for thought. And if studied with an open mind, can provide you with many insights to contribute to the understanding of those who have developed theories along the lines you mentioned in such a way as to augment their theories by revelation; thus the overall history of the planet is gradually refined and understood from a broader perspective and your peoples become interwoven again in and through the spirit fibers that create the tapestry of humanity.

Honest intellectual study is a good expansion of consciousness in that it will honor the efforts of those who have before studied and presented information, be it true or false or speculative. If you were in fact to regard your contemporaries with the fascination and intrigue that you give your forebearers, you would get along much better and find far more delight in each other. Every one brings something to the table. Rather than say, “Well, I’ve never partaken of that before; I don’t think I’ll have any,” expand your palate and accept the offering and having chewed and savored the morsel you will be able to better determine whether or not it is nutritious for you.

At any rate it may give you a better understanding of your neighbor and a greater tolerance of human differences, cultural differences, even religious differences, which can give rise to theologic discussions that enhance and enlarge and further the minds’ appreciation of how great an extent humanity has gone to grasp deity and how mysteriously deity works in the minds of humanity in introducing itself in ways that can be understood or utilized in the march toward enlightenment and subsequent loving service. Yes, Paulo is here and he has received a question about Lucifer that he is willing to take on. One moment, please.


PAULO: Paulo here. Good afternoon, my friends. It’s good to be with you in this format. I have with you enjoyed the events of late and the stimuli that has come from your interchanges with others. I am always interested in discussions that regard rebellion and the effects of rebellion and the residue loyalty to rebellion that you carry in your hip pocket if not in your genes.
I have been asked about Satan and Lucifer in terms of the Satanic cult and in terms of the concept of Lucifer having been forgiven and further, the concept of the Father’s complicity in the rebellion as a result of His not interfering with the Lucifer Manifesto.

This is probably too much to take on in one portion of an afternoon session but I have a scope of response to present which does not get to the bottom of the issue, no, and which will hopefully leave you all unsettled as to the subject, but there is no way you can effectively be a fisher of men without encountering these theories as they are very much a part of your legacy and we certainly know about the reference to the devil as he is presented in biblical terms but there are new perspectives on “the evil one” and the study of the influence of evil upon humanity is at least as fascinating as your genetic lineage, and so if you’re looking for something to delve into as a study in order to improve your connections with your brethren, as you whirl your way around the mix into the center, consider that in all of those aforementioned instances, it is and remains true that Lucifer is no longer the entity he once was.

He is as if he had never been. If you conclude he has been forgiven, then, as anyone who has been forgiven understands, a perception of humility is a natural result, and while it may be a far stretch of the imagination to consider that Lucifer would be contrite, it is the logical conclusion of that scenario, and indeed he is as if he had never been, for that rebellion and defiance against the Father would have subsided in his acceptance of the Father’s blessing.

Let’s consider the idea of Satan as a being emulating Deity worthy of worship, such as the Satanic cults engage in today as a response to the sects of Christianity which have been found to be unacceptable by the one who adopts the other side of the coin as a response, a rebellious and defiant response, to the status quo which has left them wanting. Evil is a part of ignorance. Evil is inherent in imperfection. It is the grasping of imperfection/ evil, and elevating it to sin that begins the descent into emotional and mental hell.

If, however, turning to Satan as a response to Christianity as a rebellious attitude toward church authority, the statement is being made that the personal connection between Father and child has been disrupted. In the relationship between Father and child there is love. If the love has been distorted through judgment, then the natural response is to pass your own judgment, unless and until the light of truth enters in to soften your heart and reveal again the connection with divinity that allows love to reign supreme.

The concept of God being complicit in the rebellion because he did not interfere with Lucifer’s decisions, is a stretch. It’s as easy to attain as any, I suppose, if you’re going to speculate on what that Great Divorce in heaven was all about. But let’s look at the idea of the family relationship and give yourself the assigned role of the elder in the family, the patriarch or matriarch of a large, industrious, affluent, and happy clan. Your role with the clan has been established through many years. You have opted for a policy of non-interference, just encouragement, and so your children and your grandchildren and your great grandchildren have thrived under your encouragement, and now you have a large, wonderful family. Let’s say that your grandson and daughter are well married, have children, and you know that your grandson’s wife is contemplating an affair.

Even though this realization causes you great emotional angst, it has been your policy to not interfere in the workings of the family in the personal realm and so you see the signs and yet you don’t interfere. The woman has an affair, the husband finds out, the divorce comes to pass. There is strife. The children are disrupted. And though they make good efforts to remain friends and follow through with the values of life that you have instilled in them, none-the-less, the children suffer as a result of the family breakdown and for the first time in generations you find your great grandchildren behaving in a delinquent manner and you fully appreciate that this has been because of the emotional rift that occurred as a result of the woman’s infidelity.

Can you say that the family matriarch or patriarch was in compliance with the woman’s decision? Are they complicit? No. And neither was the Universal Father complicit in Lucifer’s rebellion. The great gift of God is free will, and our great gift to Him is compliance with His will, which is greater. He does not need to acquiesce to ours. He allows us to make our choices and reap the rewards or experience the results by way of cause and effect.

The fact remains in all cases, “the evil one” is no more, and his direct influence is gone from Urantia and all other areas of his one-time reign. However, the effects of his decisions remain today, and herein is the great lesson. The effects of your decisions have far-reaching ramifications. Every time you choose to do your will over God’s will, you are inviting a distortion of the reality which is meant to be your inheritance.

Many of the things you experience these days in your world are residue experiential from decisions made long ago. There is a saying in your culture: “The sins of the parents are visited upon their children,” ([1] and you who are involved in the Correcting Time are in the position now of taking responsibility for yourself henceforth, of drawing a line in the dirt between you and your predecessors and saying, “The buck stops here. Henceforth, I will follow the Lord. I will seek His will and follow it to the best of my ability. I will recognize the error of my ways, of my conditioning, of my intelligence, and correct myself so that I may better serve those who have yet to go through the veil into the light that would have them purify themselves also of that which has gone before and which leaves a residue upon us as if it were smoke from a volcano dropping its ash everywhere.

Clear the air. Recognize evil as imperfection and error. Grasp truth, beauty, and goodness and yield to its power, its drawing power. There is no rule that says you and/or Urantia have to stay in the dark, cleaning up the debris of past ages and past error indefinitely. You can tilt the world on its axis by your perception. Begin to see your world and everything in it as if it were touched by the light, as if it had already been cleansed and purged of all the error of history. Every young thing makes mistakes in the process of learning how to become mature. Put aside the things of your youth and embrace the fullness of your spirit adulthood. Aspire for self-mastery and make yourself amenable to those around you who are also attempting to become fishers of men, to clasp to our breast those who search for truth, beauty, and goodness in the hearts of others in hope that they will find it, too, within themselves.

Even Lucifer and Satan and Caligastia and Daligastia and the rebels – the rebel angels and the rebel midwayers – were forgiven by the great heart of God. You can forgive those who have gone before you and erred out of ignorance. But you need not be complicit in the error by condoning the error. Jesus taught to love the sinner and hate the sin. It’s the sin that we are trying to purge from Urantia – the error and evil of ignorance – in particular when it is conscious. I invite you to be aware of rebellion before it starts. Learn to recognize the symptoms. Learn to see the malcontent in the eyes of the granddaughter who thinks that happiness can be found in another’s arms. Learn to discern the self-aggrandizing who have become prideful and are beginning to believe in themselves to the point that they have exalted themselves to be equal with God.

Children will be children and they are entitled to play. They are entitled to reach and fall, to giggle and stumble, but at some point they need to learn to walk. Help them walk, and then walk beside them, as Jesus the Master Son of this local universe works beside us all in our path, in our efforts to be one with him in purpose, to give glory to the Eternal Parents in Paradise. Let us not adulter and mingle with that which concerns us not, but keep our eye on the pearl of great price. I didn’t infer, I hope, that I can’t enjoy myself and you and the process of learning and growing, in the process of attaining perfection.

TOMAS: This is Tomas again. I am glad of Paulo’s appreciation of some of these fields of thought which are not necessarily the kinds of thought I or you come to. How refreshing it is to have the mind of one who is fearless and unafraid of controversy, who truly takes the Kingdom by spiritual assault in all its representations. To be able to discern good from evil is a quality of perception attainment that is invaluable to you as a Kingdom worker. To be able to discern the depth of perception, the quality of concepts, and the degree of application, is a skill that only the individual whose wisdom has been hammered on the anvil of experience can discern. We all have our contributions to make.


TOMAS: I will leave you with these contributions for the afternoon, these discussions that can lend you encouragement into the dimensions of thought and perception ~ that reach back into history and deep into the psyche ~ that do not lie obvious on the surface ~ but call forth your deep mind and your keen thinking to resolve. We’ll see you next week. Farewell.

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