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SPK89- Fear vs. Faith

2001-10-06-Fear vs. Faith
Spokane #89


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Fear vs. Faith
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas, Daniel, Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Faith
 3.2.2 911
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Nationalism
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Fear vs. Faith
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas, Daniel, Gorman
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good afternoon. I am Tomas, your friend, companion, teacher, counselor, guide and general all-around cheerleader, and this evening I get to play the role of emcee. It’s a favorite role of mine for I get to introduce other entities and let them hold forth, allowing me to sit back in my musing and observe techniques of other teachers in this Mission. Everyone knows Daniel, however, and so he needs no introduction, but I will, even so, introduce him as our guest and bid him welcome.


DANIEL: Good afternoon, friends. I am Daniel, your visiting teacher for the afternoon. What a privilege to be in this Mission, this effort to make contact with mortals and through relationship by association lift us all up into a greater comprehension of the greatness of God and His manifold creations. Along with you, we behold your planetary outworking and are amazed and enthralled by the Mystery Monitors at work in the many minds of the many mortals who are most immediately impacted by the drama of evolution unfolding.

It is certainly a credit to the actual humans who enlist in these cataclysmic events, and while we are certainly mindful of the impact their sudden disappearance from the face of the earth has on their loved ones and those remaining, we are impressed here in this realm also by the many spirit workers who have rushed to the aid of those impacted by this chaos so recently impressed upon your world, in particular in the events of September 11th.

The reports of God’s being very busy that day are well-founded and well documented in the archives as to how many seraphim were called to the scene to embrace the souls of those thousands who were lost and the midwayers have been assigned overtime duty (not unwilling participants by any means) and are engaged in the most astounding episodes of heroism and valor in duty as we have seen.

When we were advised that Urantia would be the scene of our assignment, and while we rushed to the opportunity to serve on a rebellion-scarred world, and while we were honored to be chosen to serve on the world of Michael’s seventh and final bestowal, we were not mindful of how much we would be shown in terms of our co-ordinates and associates on assignment or on duty here as a matter of course in their own destiny path.

What I am saying is a way of underscoring your own emotional appreciation for the tremendous spirit actualization which has taken place, affected by the cause and effect of human evolution. God is wondrous indeed, and how amazing it is to see His attributes in effect in His many creatures as they swarm to be of service and uphold the ideals of brotherhood in the face of such calamity. It truly transcends regional beliefs and attitudes and attains universal truths, ideals worthy of note and worthy of fostering into a finite reality which reflects the infinite in its ideal, even as you in your sphere s reach for the ideal and seek to hold it, capture it as a tribute to the realization of the kingdom ideals reflected in your own reality “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Keep balancing your perspective of world conditions with the spiritizing perceptions of the celestial helpers. Whether they are the teachers in the Teacher Corps, of which you are familiar, or whether they are psychic teachers from other movements, the voices of angels as are perceived by the general populace, and even to the fairies and elementals of nature spirits that seek to reflect the infusion of the Infinite Spirit into all of her creation. Give as much support to spirit reality as you dare.


In many ways this is a springboard catapulting millions into the fourth dimension that has found favor in their consciousness because of the tremendous audacity of the harbingers of fear. It is indeed a hail to their own faith. This faith needs to be cultivated and activated and actualized, even if it is incorrect according to your book-learning, your scholastics, your intellectualizations.

These people have had a real and permanent emotional impact sufficient to stir their spirit consciousness and if any of you have been asking for divine intervention, I hope you can see that this can be construed as divine intervention in that it is an event that was evidently allowed to take place in order for the lessons of cause and effect to be introduced to your world at this time and give rise to greater spirit awareness, greater God-consciousness of its inhabitants. No, you cannot say, “Daniel said God brought this on.” No. The act is ours, the consequences God’s, and I simply wanted to convey to you today how obvious God’s work is from my vantage point.

I have seen the service fields flooded with living waters. What a glorious opportunity to behold divinity in action. And all of you whose hearts are impressed and touched by compassion and concern, whose minds are focused on a wise solution for world-wide peace, those of you who look to the further growth of the Supreme without delay, without stumbling over yet another global war, your energies also are in the realm of those spirits which we admire as being exemplary of the attitude of the Master who would bless the peacemakers and the meek.

You, too, will be astounded and amazed at the innocence of your brothers, your mortal associates who even without benefit of revelation, will seek to put their faith into action by being of good cheer and espousing a future safe, hopeful, joy-filled, prosperous and plentiful for all humanity. These are universal desires of the brotherhood of man, that they should find in themselves and in their fellows, those values which make for a good life. A life of Light and Life. Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you this afternoon. I often visit. I am close with Tomas. We are comrades. We visit frequently. We are as sociable in our realms as you in yours.


THOROAH: Thank you, Daniel, for being here.

TOMAS:: This is Tomas again. I was thinking about allowing Gorman to address the group. Any objections? (No objections.)

GORMAN: : Gorman here.

THOROAH: Hi, Gorman.

GORMAN: : Greetings, kids. It’s good to be here. Nice to be a guest of honor instead of just the same old hum-drum routine teacher showing up again to chew the fat and work out the details of the work of the realm. I haven’t any particular plan. I have no notes. No one’s given me an agenda. Have you got something you’d like to talk about, Thoroah? Haven’t had a good chat with you in a few weeks. How’s it going?


THOROAH: It’s going good, Gorman, thank you. It’s good to see you again, too. The last month has been obviously one of the most difficult months I’ve had. Ever. I’m trying to be observant and I’ve tried to be rational. I’m trying to think positively. I’m trying to propose ideological ends to ethical things, and realizing the energies that are out there surrounding these events just the energies that I come into contact with as I try to propose peace instead of revenge which I never thought I would find in a position of having to do with my friends! and the idea . .. I just sent a post out that in it’s own way said that God didn’t want us to kill each other, and yet God-fearing people somehow don’t get that. They do want to defend going out in the name of religion, but . .. only if the do it in the name of religion, yes. There’s a real psychological Catch 22] going on with this.

GORMAN: : Oh, that’s just a song they sing. It’s like one of those tunes, you know, that gets going around in your head and you can’t get it out? Insidious songs, usually. And this thing about hostilities and warlike behavior is one of those silly ditties that humanities gets between its ears every now and again and it rides the wave until its spent. The problem with those insidious tunes is they are a loud cacophony of tinny noises lacking harmony in the spheres but they create a peculiar hypnotic effect on those who are more warlike. So your resounding intonation is a sound offering toward stability and true tonal quality that would lead to sanity and rise to wisdom.

THOROAH: Well, it has to be a pragmatic vision at the same time, not just idealism. It’s like looking at what’s going on right now. I have a feeling that those emotions, that song that we’re singing, we’re being led by the nose by a few people to (?) they’re whipping us up into a frenzy, and my disgust is with our loyalty to those who are able to whip us up like that. I would like to see us escape that attraction.

GORMAN: : Yes, this is one of the failings of the faithful. They are sheep. They are easily misled. They are fearful and dumb. But you know the sound of the Voice of the Good Shepherd. If you stay in touch with him, you will continue to hear his counsel, his guidance, and you may stray into distant fields while keeping in contact with the Master such that you will be able t o bring some degree of stability to your surroundings, but only if you are tethered psychically, emotionally, spiritually to that song, that hosanna.

You are right to be aware and mindful and alert and intelligent in your discourses with your fellows in this very important chronicle of events on your world. You will need to educate and direct some of those energies into a positive course of action, for there are those who simply must do something, even if it’s wrong, and if they haven’t got good leadership they will do a lot that’s wrong, and this in the long run is okay but in the meantime is just another delay, it’s just another side-step, it’s just another generation lost to the vagaries of war that could be won to the light of truth if we didn’t keep repeating that same insidious ditty.

And so the thing we probably ought to do is look for some group purpose to espouse that would give credence and directed energy to these feelings that need to act. The problem is you haven’t got clear-cut battle lines drawn. You can’t say, “here’s a line in the dirt, and the good guys are on this side of the line and the bad guys are on that side of the line.” Your circumstances are far more complicated than that, for you are infested and infiltrated by those who would promote fear as compared to those who promote faith.

Now, if all of you who promote faith could set aside your ideological differences and get together whether you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever, it would give faith a great occasion to activate many potentials into actuals that could then help stabilize the global situation, perhaps even sufficiently that the temporary threat of world war is abated or a plan is formulated, one in which you may participate. But this is the difficulty you all face. The prospective that someone else is making your decisions for you. That someone else is determining whether you will fight or play dead, negotiate, charge, be caught up in spy versus spy kinds of intrigues, be inducted into the biochemical warfare state of mind, or wonder if the man next door is as great an enemy as your greatest fears would allow .

By not knowing, you keep fears alive, even though faith itself is largely a path of putting one foot in front of the other without knowing where you’re going, you are at least in the company of divinity, whereas in your world and with your leaders, you haven’t got a good batting average and so it’s hard t o know who to trust, how to follow. Haven’t you got enough comrades to begin to promote the concept of defense as compared to offense?

If the benign virus of love were activated and installed in your hearts and souls, you would go out to greet your neighbor in the spirit and break down cultural boundaries in the search for the divine that indwells all your neighbors. Intimacy in the spirit is a sure-fire guard against terrorist attack for the love of God is enough to overpower that which would bring harm to you, unless it is something that cannot be reasoned with. If it is completely without God-consciousness, if it is cosmically insane, if it is something that will take the spirit, drain it from you and leave you an empty shell, if it’s purpose is to deplete the joy of living from your heart, it will need to be stamped out, as ruthlessly as you would work to stamp out cancer or addiction. Persistence and consistency – all of you working together in the same grand psalm against the tinny hollow clanging of the empty bells of fear.

Spread the word! Give credit to your fellow warriors for peace. God is on your side.  At least he’s on my side! I have seen to it that he and I are good co-workers, and when I forget, he reminds me. If he doesn’t remind me, my trusted peers will. And this is one of the benefits of operating in such a conglomerate as these United Midwayers who are embarked upon uplifting Urantia to a state of light and life.

How good it is to feel the influence of the Platoon in your neighborhood. The Progress Platoon. What tales they have to tell! What entanglements and pursuits we have all been engaged in, in our various and sundry fields of interest. And it’s a joyous time indeed for all of us who are workers in the field, to finally be activated and to be mindful of and working with an assortment of mortals who are attempting to work with us as we attempt to work with them. (Pause) What else?

THOROAH: I don’t have anything. Maybe Gerdean does.

GORMAN: : Gerdean is working on that same old saw.

THOROAH: Which one?

GORMAN: That theme of a faith safe place. She is an idealist, don’t forget. Even though the most ideal are ultimately impelled to become pragmatists in putting the gears in motion to bring about the desired idyllic effect. And so we are not dreamers, we spiritual aspirants, but true cogs in the wheel rolling on to manifest destiny.


Well, gang, I have had fun. All of this is another opportunity to get to know you better and you to know me better, for relationship to develop, in order for our relationships to make sense and have meaning in the super-consciousness, that true battlefield of fear and faith which will always be won because, in the end, God is all there is. Later!

THOROAH: So good to see you again, Gorman.

TOMAS:: Reach out and touch someone. Let your morontial arms stretch out and grasp the hand of your brothers across space and time. Clasp them to your heart. Embrace them with your soul. Enliven them with your love. Pray for those who use you, and transform evil into goodness by your conviction that faith will vanquish fear. Be ruthless in your spiritual assault against the darkness and raise up the King of Kings to the truth levels that God only knows, and that is [reflection|reflected]] in you each as sons and daughters of that divine and eternal reality. See you next week. Farewell.

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