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TAL33- Early Transcripts Part 1 Sessions 1-15

1993-09-03-Early Transcripts Part 1 & Contact Development
Tallahassee #33


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 1
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Machiventa, Mantutia, Mantoube
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson – 3.2.1 Understanding – o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening – o 4.2 Lesson – 4.2.1 Spontaneity – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Perserverence – o 5.2 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Lesson – 6.2.1 Intervention – o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Opening – o 7.2 Lesson – 7.2.1 Diversity – o 7.3 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Lesson – 8.1.1 Practice – o 8.2 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Opening – o 9.2 Lesson – 9.2.1 Renewal, Stillness
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Lesson – 10.1.1 Attunement – o 10.2 Closing
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Opening – o 11.2 Lesson – 11.2.1 Obedience – o 11.3 Closing
• 12 Session 10 – o 12.1 Opening – o 12.2 Lesson – 12.2.1 Doubt, Perserverence – o 12.3 Closing
• 13 Session 11 – o 13.1 Opening – o 13.2 Lesson – 13.2.1 Control, Stillness – o 13.3 Closing
• 14 Session 12 – o 14.1 Opening – o 14.2 Lesson – 14.2.1 Stewardship – o 14.3 Closing
• 15 Session 13 – o 15.1 Opening – 15.1.1 Stillness – o 15.2 Closing
• 16 Session 14 – o 16.1 Opening – o 16.2 Lesson – 16.2.1 Negativity – o 16.3 Closing
• 17 Session 15 – o 17.1 Opening – o 17.2 Lesson – 17.2.1 Stillness – o 17.3 Closing

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 1
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will, Machiventa, Mantutia, Mantoube
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
 9-4-93

Unknown teacher: Today we will speak of those things that require faith. Believing in God, Michael, and other manifestations of God takes faith. Believing in life everlasting, or the potential thereof takes faith. Accepting the Urantia Book and its messages takes faith. Accepting and believing in the Teaching Mission takes faith. Perhaps that’s why you Agondonters have such strength of faith. You have so many things, so many areas in your lives where you must simply go on blind faith. You have so many tools with which to build your faith and by so doing, strengthen your character, more, the character of your faith. You are to be congratulated on your perseverance in the face of such, at times, overwhelming adversity. Shalom.


Unknown teacher: Let us begin, Today’s lesson will be on understanding. Sometimes, it is very difficult to do this, our humanness gets in the way. It’s at these times that we need to allow our Father fragment to control the situation. We need to step back mentally and allow this to happen. If we insist on running the show, progress will be slow indeed. Can you think of any instances when you might have allowed this to happen, but insisted on holding the reins, so to speak? In order to help facilitate this process, the next time you find yourself engaged in a situation where you are becoming upset, or angry at another, close your eyes, take a deep breath. Closing your eyes will allow you to disengage and allow the Father to take control.


Unknown teacher:  Over the next week, see if this doesn’t help. Shalom

Session 2
 9-13-93

Unknown teacher:  (In my darkened room, with the tape recorder going). Let us begin:


Unknown teacher:  Today’s lesson will be on spontaneity. When you approach your brothers and sisters, do not behave as if you are reciting a canned message, they will quickly see that you are not being spontaneous, but rather repeating what you have been taught. Information conveyed to others, not from the heart, is taken as such. To truly be a conduit for the Father’s love, one must open ones heart and speak from it. The people whose lives you touch will either be attracted or repulsed by your actions. Every life that is touched by the father through you, is a life that is changed, regardless of whether these individuals are aware or the change or not. Live each day in the Father’s love fully. Let His light shine from within you. Your voice, your eyes, your actions, will speak of the Father’s love.


Unknown teacher:  We help facilitate this process, if you are open to our help.

Session 3
 9-14-93

Unknown teacher:  Let us begin: Today I will talk about perseverance. Most things easily come by are not worth much more than the time spent attaining them. More to the point, if something is worthy of our attainment, it is also worthy of our investment of time. Or put another way, things gotten too easily, oft times are not of much value; leastwise as pertains to our spiritual growth. If you want this thing, truly desire it, then you must be willing to do whatever necessary to attain your goal. Each time you sit in stillness, opening to us, does two things. First, it increases your receptivity, and secondly, it adds to the depth of your faith. We know what is in your heart. Don’t try too hard. Be patient, but persevere. Daily sessions, in addition to the time you spend with the Father, will eventually result in your goal being met.


Unknown teacher:  That is all.

Session 4
 9-16-93

Unknown teacher:  And now for our lesson for today:


Unknown teacher:  There is rampant in this world, much that is of a spiritual nature. This force is growing, the tides of which, can no longer be turned back. Your world will assuredly be settled in Light and Life. There was a time when this was not assured. There was a time in the past twenty-five years, when we feared for your planet. We felt a need to intervene, using those individuals, whose hearts and minds were open to this. We have, over the past, used many avenues, many people. Hundreds of books have been written, in the effort to open more minds to identify this (identify?!for Nordan Corpora).  We have now reached what might be called a critical mass. There are more people opening their minds, whether from a book’s title, a movie, an over-heard conversation, the prompting from their Thought Adjuster, or even an article in the Enquirer. These people, whether aware or not, are opening to the Father. Are opening to the possibility of allowing us to help this strife-torn world. We much always allow for freewill. Freewill is inviolable. It must not be tampered with!

When working with mortals, in the time-space continuum, we must always use what is given to us. This incorporates the knowledge, the language, that is stored within each mental storage unit, so to speak. Much like a computer, we can only use the words that are available within each individual mind. The message, when it comes, is always for your benefit, is always designed to help promote spiritual uplifting of your world. You have been suffering under the darkness of a spiritual separation from other universe worlds for far too long. Now is the time of correction. Barbarism is now on the ebb. The tide has turned.

The future will hold many new promises. This will entail much work for the Father’s kingdom workers. You will play a part in this unfolding drama. We know of your sincerity in wanting to open hearts. We will help, if you allow. When speaking to others, take a second, and listen. We will help you find the words that will best facilitate the opening of their heart and mind. You will soon be doing this on your own. You will no longer require our help.


Unknown teacher: Do not fear, we will not leave you. We will always be available to you, you have but to seek. And now we leave you, with our blessings…go in His light. Shalom.

Session 5
 9-17-93

Unknown teacher:  And now to our lesson:


Unknown teacher:  We believe much is being accomplished by all group members, each in his or her own unique way. Remember, the paths to the Father are many and diverse. Each may take a different road, but all roads lead eventually to the Father. Meet each member of the brotherhood where they are. It matters not which path they have taken. You can facilitate accessing the Father, using yourself as a conduit for the exchange of His love.

We distribute much help across your world. Each connection adds strength to the whole. If you could see from our perspective, you would see and umbrella of love and service covering your world with connecting lines. It is our job to infuse those connections with the energy needed for the work that must be done. As more workers are added to the network, more energy is poured into the connections. Soon your entire world will be embraced in the arms of the Father’s love. You all play a part in your own way.

Sometimes, it is through the gift of service, the gift of love, the gift of insight, the gift of knowledge, and sometimes it is, unbeknownst to you, through the gift of healing. It matters not what method you choose. You are all on the path to reach the Father, whatever method you choose to accomplish this service is entirely a personal choice.

One may appear to be super charged with energy, and distribute love in a more energetic fashion. Another may go about their day in a more quiet fashion, sharing with others their knowledge and their insights, or simply extending their love in a gentle manner. This will all come together and create the necessary umbrella of love covering your planet.

There will be a great up-stepping of this spiritual message and its resulting influence throughout your world. You will significantly contribute to this overall accomplishment. This will happen. There is no longer a reason for doubt. We know it is now secured. Your planet will come through and join its rightful place within the universe.

There will come a day when all disease is wiped away. There will come a time when the people of your world will be one. This takes time. For you it may seem like a long time, to us, it is but a brief period. Do not be dismayed if you cannot see the fruits of your labors. There will come a time when you -will- see. For now, step out in faith, and know that you accomplish much.


Unknown teacher:  And now I sense you tire child…we will return tomorrow…we leave you with our blessings and love. Shalom.

Session 6

Unknown teacher:  Your friend Joan, was correct in her understanding of the need read many diverse kinds of books and sources of information. You all are able to grasp the strings of truth and pull them out, discarding the rest. These strings or pieces of truth, you then incorporate into your center of truth. You add to this center as often as you make contact with material through which this process can be utilized. This is the working of your Spirit of Truth on one level. Some people are more aware of this process than others, however, all people have the ability to do this.

We would like to address the current belief that your world seems to be suffering from. Many believe that there is widespread hostility, anger, disease, and despair across your land. They believe it is more prevalent than a wide-spread belief in a loving or spiritual nature. The are however, focusing on the negative, they need to learn to open to the positive. They have what one might call tunnel vision, or the wearing of blinders. They see only what they are willing to see, or are able to see. It is our job to remove these blinders, to remove those things that are an impediment to true sight.

You will all help us to accomplish this This is all part of Michael’s plan. You will do this by continuing to do the work you are currently doing. The real difference is that your eyes are now opened to take in all the opportunities that are presented to you on the highways and byways of life. You will be teaching this process of opening to the people you come in contact with. This is a subtle, unfelt, process by your brothers and sisters. But understand, you are making a difference. The world is changing.

You are becoming aware when you have a small setback. Do not chastise yourselves. You are, after all, only human.. I too was once only human. I understand the need to feel on a physical level, the correction process. This however, is not necessary. You will make those corrections that are necessary within yourselves. As soon as you become aware that you have made the (?), continue with the days work. Do not be burdened by feelings of disappointment. Do not allow the spiritual poisons to infiltrate your system. There is no need for the presence of these poisons. You are becoming more spiritual as you walk your individual paths. Holding fast to old recriminations or disappointments, slows your progress.

It may help you to visualize this analogy: Liken the physical body to a balloon that has no air within its center. Now put some air in the balloon and hold the end with your fingers. Some of this air will escape. Then you may blow it up again. Eventually, you learn to tie a knot in the end to prevent the air escaping, however, there will continue to be some air loss through the very pores of the balloon. You will eventually discover helium, and you practice with the new balloon, filling it with helium. This is the process that you are going through, for want of a better analogy. Most of you right now, have at least begun to think of tying the knot.

But this is an on-going process, it takes patience and work. It takes perseverance. You are all up to the task. But there will be times when you will lose some air. Allow yourselves this, recognize what happened, then fill yourselves back up and go on. We are never judgmental of any of these small backward steps. We see with a broader sight. We can see the bigger picture. To us, your movement is ever forward, ever upward. We are very pleased with your progress. Do not ever feel as if we pass judgment. You are the only one in control of that process, and you now have the understanding that this in not conducive to your spiritual growth.


Unknown teacher:  That is all. Shalom.

Session 7
 9-19-93

MACHIVENTA:   Greetings, my child, I am Machiventa Melchizedek.

Renewal, Stillness

MACHIVENTA:  Today we would like to speak on the subject of renewal. This is a process by which the individual soul is fed from within. You are all now quite familiar with this process. You will teach others. This process must be sought by each person. It is an active, on-going process. It is not the same as prayer, as understood by most. It is a process whereby they seek the stillness beyond prayer. It is the domain of the Father and the Spirit. It is not easily found. It must be sought with much perseverance. They will readily see by the light that shines from you that they may also find this place.

Session 8
 10-12-93

MACHIVENTA:  Let us begin:


MACHIVENTA:  Today’s lesson will be one on sustaining ones belief in the face of many doubts. You are Agondonters, when you come through this testing time. You will not eliminate your doubts at any one time, however, each season of doubting you weather, will make your belief system stronger. Your doubting of a lesser degree. You are armed with the knowledge of the Father within; He is always there for you to draw upon. Never forget to use Him; it is His greatest joy to be so used.

And now daughter, we will continue the lesson on achieving the Father’s will. This is not an easy task. It is a path that entails a conscious choice by each mortal of the realm. This choice must be a constantly active one. Each thought, each action that results, must have at its helm, that choice to do the Father’s will. This is not and easy task, but it is a joyous one. Once this path is begun, with each day it’s lived, it becomes more real. Within time, this path replaces the old simply because it feels better, more normal, it you will. Eventually, you find yourself looking back in retrospect, wondering what took you so long to see the light. Once this understanding becomes a reality, the wavering, the doubting, becomes almost nonexistent.

It is a goal that encompasses our daily struggle with the 1-2-3 exercise (introduced by teacher Will to the Tallahassee group), however, once we change our mind, our will, about the direction we desire to move, achieving the goal becomes less of a struggle, more of a desire. It is because you have been endowed with freewill choice, that you seem always to be pulled in two directions. The dense physical body pulls you toward earth desires, and your evolving soul and the Father Fragment within, would pull you toward the Father.

You will win this battle, some more quickly, some more slowly. But rest assured, the goal will be reached by those who desire to do so. The hardest part of your daily walk is that change over, from the physical to the spiritual in attitude. Leaving the physical thoughts and desires behind, replacing them with the Father’s will, once it has become your own, this is the transition that may take many years for some.

Do not despair when you recognize a backward step, or an understanding that you allowed your will to assert itself over the Father’s; it is in recognizing these mistakes that your strength comes. Each recognition of these small mistakes makes you more sure of your desire to reach the Father. When you look back on your journey through life, it is always with a higher perspective. You can then recognize the upward movement of your path. We, of course, have an even higher perspective; we can see where you are -going-. An ever forward, ever inward movement toward the Father.

One day you will recognize and accept how un-necessary and counter productive it is for you or anyone to engage in self-flagellation or criticism of any kind. In most cases, it becomes an exercise in futility, but even more important, it is most counter productive to soul development. It is important that we recognize our mistakes, but more importantly that we do not allow ourselves to become arrested at that point. The recognition of a mistake only promotes growth when one allows oneself to move beyond, using that recognition to strengthen ones resolve toward reaching the goal. This is a process you will continue to work with for the remainder of your mortal careers.


MACHIVENTA:   And now we leave you with our love . . . .

Session 9
 10-14-93

MANTUTIA:  Good morning child, it is I Manutia Melchizedek. I have come to address with you the issue of obedience.


MANTUTIA:  You have many opportunities to carry out both your earthly obligations and the work of the Father. It is never and either/or situation. Those things you manage to accomplish are accomplished as a result of your choice. If one is to be a kingdom worker, one must actively choose each moment in time to pursue this choice.

Each day is filled with myriad opportunities that are either taken or passed by. It is a beginning when you recognize those missed opportunities. The next step in this evolution of will is when we actively engage in the process of seeking those opportunities that are presented to us. It is only in the active seeking of the Father’s will that one has the opportunity to change, not only one’s individual direction, but that of community, state, nation, world, as well.
Throw a pebble in a lake. Watch the rings move ever outward.

This same effect happens on an individual level, as we become active seekers of the Father’s will. Once we engage in an action, the ripple effect begins. You can now see and understand how your world will change. You can also understand that the time frame of this change will be relevant to the number of active kingdom workers. This is what we meant by an up stepping of the work within the schools or mission, as you will. There must be an acceleration of kingdom workers in order for change to be accelerated. We do not fear for your world any longer. Time to us is not a real issue. The goal from our standpoint is assured. Time from your standpoint, is always an issue. You have the plan, you understand the mechanism. Change will either come slowly or more quickly, depending upon your activity level.


MANTUTIA:  And now daughter, I leave you with both my love and blessing. Stay in His light each moment. Shalom.

Session 10
 10-19-93

Unknown teacher: Let us begin: Good morning JoiLin, you have wondered how you may help your brothers and sisters as a worker within this school or mission.

Doubt, Perserverance

Unknown teacher:  We would like for you to teach others in much the same manner Michael taught, extending the love of the Father. Teaching the Fatherhood of the one universal Father and that all men are brothers.
Do this one by one as you also teach others how the world will change through their active participation in the Father’s kingdom. Each person you teach that enters the kingdom will then become active workers and teachers themselves. Teach the importance of entering the stillness in communion with the Father within. It is from communion with the Father and seeking His will that our strength comes. Seek always to live in the presence of Him.


Unknown teacher: We look forward to working with you again on a regular basis. (I had gone through a period of very deep doubting and had just decided to give it another try) Perseverance JoiLin is a lesson you will learn. Until tomorrow, we send our love and blessings. Shalom.

Session 11
 10-21-93

WILL:  Let us begin. The love of God surrounds us, the power of God upholds us, the light of God enfolds us. Wherever we are, He is. Good morning, JoiLin. It is I, Will, your teacher who loves you.

Control, Stillness

WILL:   This morning’s lesson will be on control. Control encompasses not just the physical, but the emotional and mental as well. One needs to learn to disengage from the various stimuli surrounding one when entering the stillness. Not only those stimuli from without, be also the stimuli from within, on a mental level. Interruptions such as this (dogs barking loudly) should not be cause for stress. I will wait for you to return. (I left to see what the commotion was about)

This is a perfect example of outside stimuli. One needs to learn to withdraw or not become actively engaged, simply allow them to -be- outside. This process is a learned process, one you will become more adept at as time passes. The inner distractions, such as thoughts, memories, are really the harder to not become engaged with. When you recognize your own thought becoming engaged, or memory surfacing, simply allow it to float away. If you realize you have engaged, clear your mind and allow the thought or memory to pass out. Once again, recognize that this accomplishment comes with experience; it is perfected only after much effort, often after many trials are overcome. Do not expect perfection without trial and effort. You are back on track. Perseverance had its rewards; effort and faith have theirs.


WILL:  I will leave you now with the knowledge that you are much loved and watched over. Until tomorrow, stay in His light. I will look in during the day. Shalom.

Session 12
 10-22-93

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning JoiLin, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek. I have watched you struggle over these past few weeks. You are now coming back into the main flow. We will once again be able to pick up our daily lessons. They will be with either myself, Will, and occasionally with others within the school or mission.


MACHIVENTA:  We have many topics we would like to address in the days to come. We will begin with today’s lesson on stewardship. We believe this lesson will help clear up some misunderstandings among members or potential members. The meaning of stewardship is two fold. On the one hand, it relates to you the worker. It addresses the love, care and concern you have for the individual members of the brotherhood. You learn to extend this love to the individual as a higher priority than care for self. The second part is your understanding of how the Father works through you, to directly access others. You now understand that the extension of your love to the brotherhood is more than simply a loving gesture on your part, it is an active, viable, on going mechanism, whereby your world will change when you work in active partnership with the Father within.

This is the real meaning of stewardship, as it relates to you the kingdom worker. You are all active stewards in this the changing time, the correcting time. It will be through your stewardship that the portals or spiritual pathways are opened. We acknowledge and appreciate the progress that each individual member is making. Sometimes it is difficult when in the midst of change, to recognize the distance one has come. However, there will be a time when you will look back and be able to see and recognize the part you have played in the reclamation of this, your world, to universe participation.


MACHIVENTA:  That is all child, I leave you now with my peace, and a reminder to daily allow the Father to fill you with His love, His light. Shalom.

Session 13
 10-26-93

Unknown teacher: Let us begin.


Unknown teacher:  Today’s lesson will be on strengthening ones connection with the Father. When one begins communion with the Father, through seeking the stillness, there begins to be a connection made. Each time the stillness is sought, the connection is made stronger. Utilizing a hit and miss attitude regarding ones stillness practice, is not conducive to building that strong connection. An analogy might be helpful. Picture if you will, the gas tank of your car. If each time you wanted to drive the vehicle, you simply put in a few cups of gas, just enough to get you where you wanted to go and no more, that would be all the distance you could expect from your vehicle. However, if you kept the tank more full, going further distances would always be available to you. You would not be scraping the bottom of the tank, so to speak. That was a rather rough analogy, but I’m sure you get my point. A full tank is best; a half full tank is certainly better than an empty one.


Unknown teacher:  I know you are all striving to do the Father’s will. Recognize that it is the Father’s will that you seek communion with Him. He cannot work in you and through you, at an optimum level, unless you actively open and strengthen this connection with Him.

Session 14
 10-27-93

MANTOUBE:  Good morning JoiLin, it is I Mantoube.


MANTOUBE:   Today I would like to talk about ones ability to absorb the negative influences with which all mortals come in contact on a daily basis. If you come into your day with a “full tank of gas”, you’ll remember the analogy, you will not only have the ability to neutralize those negatives you come in contact with, but you will -want- to do so. The Father will be very active in reaching others through you. If on the other hand, you enter your day with nothing but the barest minimum in your tank, not only will you be less able to deal with negatives, you will be closing the door to the Father’s access.

One must be full with the energy gained during ones stillness time with the Father. It is a give and get proposition. You give your time to Him, and He gives back to you the energy, the sustenance you need to carry on His work. And so, you come to recognize that seeking the Father’s will in your life must encompass more than the simple wish to do so. One must become actively engaged with the exercise of seeking His will. The place we seek and find is within. This is what Michael, or Jesus was referring to when He admonished others to seek first, the kingdom within. And so my children, once again, we show you the way, the door is open, the invitation is extended, you have only to walk through and take your place at the table.


MANTOUBE:   I leave you now with my blessing and will meet with you again on the morrow. Shalom

Session 15
 10-28-93

MANTOUBE:  Let us begin. Good morning Joiin.


MANTOUBE:   Today’s lesson concerns a person’s ability to fine tune previously learned skills. This is a by-product of an individual’s daily focus on the will of the Father. In the same sense that a hit and miss attitude toward one’s commitment to enter into the stillness is not conducive to attaining the goal, this same attitude regarding our commitment to the brotherhood is much the same. As always, in order to meet the goal, one must practice. As regards the brotherhood, one must stay in the Father’s light each moment of each day. Doing this will eventually end in forming a new habit of attitude. This new attitude is in keeping with the Father’s will for you. The end result is that it then becomes your will also. Living in the light, opening yourself for guidance, allowing yourself to be a conduit that the Father may access others through you, all these things must be actively sought.

When the woodcarver begins with a block of wood, he starts with a mental image of what he would like this block of wood to become….this is similar to a mortal’s beginning spiritual journey. Each day they step out in faith, doing their best to live the Father’s will. Each conscious effort they put into the living of His will changes their entire being. You can see this happening among your brethren that are on a spiritual path. If you knew them when they began and are able to compare that with where they are now, you can see the new shape being chiseled from the old.

This then is our wish for you, that you stay in mental contact with the Father within as much as you can as you live your daily lives. Each moment of contact with the Father, will help to stabilize and strengthen this new person you are becoming. Today’s lesson will also help you to understand that you alone maintain control. You are the driver of your life vehicle, as it is lived on this planet of your nativity. You, in fact, will always be in control. Nothing of a spiritual nature can commence in your life unless you choose to open yourself to that possibility, and follow through with active participation. A person may –wish- for something with all of their might, but unless they put their actions behind those wishes, naught can come of it all.

It may seem to some of you as if we harp on the same issues over and over again. But you see my children, we have only the deepest love and faith in you, much the same love and faith you have in your own children. We would endeavor to help you step up on your spiritual path to the Father, for an eternity, if that’s what it takes. You –are- our children, and we love you completely. Each time we see you step out in faith our hearts swell with pride. Each time we watch you recognize a mistake or backward step, or a failing to accept an opportunity that was given you, we rejoice in your victories. Keep struggling my children, and know that the rewards of having come through this life of struggle are many. And now I would like to introduce Machiventa Melchizedek, who has spoken to you many times before.

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning JoiLin, it is I Machiventa; I come to bring you a message from our Sovereign, Michael of Nebadon. This message is one He would like you to share with your group. It is as follows:

Greetings my children, it is with much love and pride I speak to you today. I am filled with much fatherly as well as brotherly love for you all as I look out over your world. A world, as you know, that is very close to me. It is with much hope that I view your world today. You are all helping to change your world from one of despair to one of hope. I ask that you continue as you have in the past to meet your brothers and sisters with love and on openness so that change may continue as an on-going product of your love for the Father. We acknowledge and appreciate all your struggles, all your triumphs. I just wanted to take the time to thank you personally, and to let you know you are always in my over care, and in my thoughts. I am always aware of each individual’s struggles and daily triumphs.


MACHIVENTA:  I leave you then with my love and my blessing and remind you to seek always the kingdom within. The Father and I re always accessible to those who seek. Shalom.

MANTOUBE:   And now my children, this ends today’s lesson. I will meet with you again on the morrow. Shalom.

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