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TAL34- Disseminating Truth, One on One Sessions 1-8

1993-09-05-Disseminating Truth, One on One
Tallahassee #34


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Disseminating Truth, One on One
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Machiventa, Mantutia
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin, Nadine
• 3 Session 1 –  o 3.1 Opening – 3.1.1 Sharing – o 3.2 Lesson – 3.2.1 Service – o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening – o 4.2 Lesson – 4.2.1 Objectives – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening – o 5.2 Lesson – 5.2.1 Outreach – o 5.3 Dialogue
 5.3.1 Outreach – 5.3.2 Transmitting –  5.3.3 Experience – o 5.4 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Lesson – 6.2.1 Melchizedek Schools – o 6.3 Closing – o 6.4 Note
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Opening – o 7.2 Lesson – 7.2.1 Faith – o 7.3 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Opening – o 8.2 Lesson – 8.2.1 Teaching Mission – o 8.3 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Opening – o 9.2 Lesson – 9.2.1 Growth – o 9.3 Closing
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Opening – o 10.2 Dialogue – 10.2.1 Acceptance – 10.2.2 Teaching Mission – o 10.3 Closing

Topic: Disseminating Truth, One on One
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will, Machiventa, Mantutia
TR: JoiLin, Nadine

Session 1

WILL: Greetings and good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


WILL:  Those whom you must be about in the course of your daily lives are seldom as spiritually inclined as yourselves. Therefore it is the responsibility for each of you to show, through your words and actions, with these people whom you encounter the gifts of the Father’s love that you are aware of and receive, that they may see in you the promise of a new and better life that can be had. It is not for you to worry over much about whether your sharing of the experiences you currently are having will be of great impact in their lives. It is to be remembered that each have personal Thought Adjusters and that these Thought Adjusters are continually at work in their position in the Father’s plan. Therefore do not feel the burden to be wholly upon yourself, for there are many assistants who will also guide and direct these individuals.

It is both commendable and desirable that you do share your experiences as they have a more direct way of influencing another mortal being who is on the same level as yourself. The sharing of the Father’s love is best done on a one on one level. It can be felt through other activities which are shared with a group but the most direct method of sharing is best. These people and the opportunities that go with them are all around you every day. You would be surprised to learn how many individuals that you have contact with would be open to the sharing of the Father’s love. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest needs obvious on your planet today, that being the need for the personal touch from one human to another.

There are many who find themselves in isolation, cut off from even a basic human relationship. It is not wrong for you to feel the urge to share with others the joy you all feel from knowing the Father’s plan, the relief from daily stress that it provides, the comfort it brings as you face your life on earth. When you look around and see others who are suffering from a myriad of problems and you think, perhaps a word here, a touch there, could bring comfort or peace out of chaos for this person, then by all means, act on that feeling. The Thought Adjuster leads you in just this very way. You should learn to pay more attention to these urgings and promptings that you feel, as they very often are the workings of your personalized (?) Thought Adjuster. Their ministry is very special. They share very closely with you your daily activities, although you may not be aware of them at all.


WILL: My lesson for you tonight, then, is this. Go forth gently and lovingly, each day taking note and acting upon those opportunities that are presented to you. As much as possible, try to be aware of others around you, thinking not of your reactions to how they are but how you can help them achieve a peace within and how you can touch their lives with the Father’s love in a way that is going to be helpful to them. This daily service to your fellow man will help you achieve spiritual growth on a daily basis and in a manner that, although speedier than some other methods, will also be long lasting and true. As you recall, perhaps, the 1-2-3 exercise, remember that this simple way of living may help you accomplish all that you desire in the realm of your spiritual growth.

There has been somewhat of a prolonged absence in my being able to communicate with you. [Our T/Rs have been absent – Editor] It is good to be with you again. This time we share together is a growing time for both you and I. It is my wish to help you along by passing along proven techniques that you may incorporate these into your being and also to be a motivator, to encourage your actions and provide you with positive feedback for doing them. This does not feel like a job or a chore to me. I simply desire to be your friend and teacher.

There is great love to be shared among all. I hope you feel mine towards you and the Father’s toward you so you may turn toward others and share the same. There is no greater command than to love one another. As you can imagine, if love could be accomplished globally and universally, there would be no more of all the things that trouble us. Those things that cause pain or suffering or even just allow it to happen, would be no more. Therefore I urge you to partake of this love freely and share it freely. That is all I have to say. Until we meet again next week, I bid you shalom.


Session 2
September 12, 1993

Vorondadek Son: Good evening and greetings to you my fellow faith sons and daughters of the realm. I am one who speaks of that which I know, that which is of the Father’s eternal plan for ascending mortals in time and space. It is I who wishes to speak to you tonight, I who am called a Norlatiadek [[[Vorondadek]]] Son.


Vorondadek Son:   You have gathered here tonight at your normally appointed time to share with each other your range of experiences with the others in your group who will learn from what you have to say and also will share with you in their experience, bits of wisdom and inspiration that you may take with you that you can put to use in your life as you strive increasingly to do the Father’s will. This time spent together of a sharing nature is of inestimable worth. There are none present who will not hear something of value to them personally. The spiritual upliftment and enlightenment that you all receive forms the basis for your spiritual family[‘s] means of support which you should draw upon when you are in need. The followers of God have always been strengthened by their coming together in groups with the intent of jointly supporting their fellow man who is also in the service of God.

This group is indeed special, for you share among you the loving familial rapport. Your interactions are devoid of harmful intent or deceit, which is commendable. Would that you could share this feeling with all others you encounter. You would surely feel an experience, the peak of human existence as it is intended by the Father’s will. I have often observed you and have always noted the fondness you have for one another. This is truly the lesson we would have you learn; to see your fellow man as you do your dear friends and loved ones.

To reach the level of understanding and compassion that would be required to live in true peace with all of mankind on this planet. I do not presume to say that we expect that this state of affairs will be attained any time in the near future, but it is the goal of the future that mankind will reach this enlightened state of being. To be at peace with each other. It starts with learning to love your neighbor as yourself and to look outward with humility and compassion to all those you encounter in your daily lives. The Father watches overall. All things are contained within His hands. Yet the task remains to you to work towards the accomplishment of this goal. One small step at a time.

We support your efforts and look for ways to help within the boundaries we are given. It is a continuing process, one that we are yet involved in as an ascending mortal of the realm. The days grow shorter now as you approach the upcoming change of season, but do not assume there is any less time in a day with the Father’s work to be done.


Vorondadek Son:  My peace I leave with you as you go about your daily walk. I ask that you think of the Father in all that you do. Let Him truly be your God, the presence in your life which causes you to be set apart, to act differently when necessary. And now I say, keep up the faith. The road may seem long but the going will be made easy for those who walk in the light. As I take my leave again I say, peace be with you. Shalom.

Session 3
September 19, 1993

WILL:  (Through JoiLin) Greetings to everyone and welcome newcomer. This is Will, your teacher who loves you. Tonight I would like to address the change in the concept of the teaching mission. We have come a long way. You have all been true in your lessons. We acknowledge and appreciate the work that you have done and continue to do. There will continue to be an upsurgeance of change throughout your world. You, if willing, will play a more active role. And now I would like to turn this meeting over to Machiventa Melchizedek.


MACHIVENTA:   Greetings, my children. It is I, Machiventa. I wish to greet you with love and appreciation and to extend the thanks of our/your Creator Son, Michael. He wishes to express his deepest appreciation to all. Each individual has been true to the purpose of the mission. It is now time to upstep our activity. We would ask, as you go about your day, that you interact in a more active manner. This does not mean that you must stand on a soapbox. It simply means that you will not fail to see the opportunities that abound. Many of these opportunities we understand you miss. Become aware of this. You are in the driver’s seat.

You are in control. This new understanding of this goal is to incorporate a widening of the threshold. We understood by your camaraderie and conversation that you now understand the new concept. We believe your ideas were valid [regarding how new people are brought to the meetings – editor]. Those who wish to extend themselves using the teachings of the school as a basis will accomplish much. They will be able to reach the hearts of many. This is our purpose. And now, I leave you, my children, with love and my blessings. And now return this meeting over to Will and Nadine.

WILL: (Through Nadine) The love of the Father upholds us. In His arms are you ever secure. I have spoken these words to you before whereby you recognize me as your teacher, Will, who loves you. In this way He has made Himself known to you and to others who strive to do His will. He is revealed to you within your hearts. You may first know of His will and are then pulled along by a feeling of longing to serve. It is the human longing felt within the soul that signifies to Him your readiness to know more of Him.

He is then able, through divine power, to acknowledge your request to know of Him. At this time your true awareness of spiritual matters has begun. From this point forward there can really never be a return to a state of ignorance of the things that He has revealed to you. As you progress ever upward on your individual path to greater and greater spiritual awareness, He is ever by your side, always ready with reassurances of His existence and His love for you and for all creation. Without Him there would be nothing.

This knowledge presented to you changes forever your perceptions of what your life’s purpose is about. It is through your longing for knowledge of things beyond the obvious that keeps you on a continuum throughout your life, to continue to strive to accept His will in your life and gain the understanding of the greater good and purpose He has set forth.

You may sense that there are greater truths to be known and, if you seek in spiritual matters to know His will, it will be revealed to you. This is His great promise. To ever support you as you strive through the undertaking of your daily duties to pass through this life that you live on Urantia. It is a life the Father understands well through the experiences of His son, Michael, who came to live among you that he might have greater understanding of the mortal creatures of the realm. There is no substitute for this direct experience. Therefore believe that He does know of the trials and tribulations that you all must face as you struggle and survive and overcome obstacles and situations that are presented to you every day.

The Father sees all, knows all, understands all. Your every sorrow. Your every longing. As it has been said, He knows the number of hairs on each individual’s head. He cares for you beyond what you can possibly understand. The love between mortals is but a faint echo of His love. Therefore, take joy in this message. Let your soul be reassured and filled with the Father’s love which shall bring you great joy. There is a peace that passes all understanding. This peace can be yours. It is a gift already given, there for you to take. Accept it. Open yourselves up to His love and your very life will be made the brighter, the more joyous, to an extent you may have never dreamed existed. Nadine senses a restlessness among the group and has wondered if there are those present who would like to ask questions tonight.


VINCENT: Will, who addressed us last week?

WILL: This was a Son of the order of Vorondadek who had been an observer of our group many times.

JOILIN: Will, this is JoiLin. I had a Melchizedek speak to me whose name I was not quite sure of. I had two different spellings. Can you give me clarification?

WILL: The Melchizedek of which you speak is known by the name of Manovet. [Nadine: I am not sure of that. I am now getting something that sounds a little different, like Manodek, vet? I am not sure I am capable of coming up with a name or hearing a name clearly enough.

JoiLin: My spelling was Moranda.

Nadine: If I hear something different, I will say.]


JUDY: Will, this is Judy. Relative to the school and trying to clarify that in our minds, I realize that we still have free will to do what we want, but could you help us understand if there is something we could do in this group to further the notion of outreach within the context of the school.

WILL: The sharing of the teachings, both from the teaching mission group transcripts and also the lessons contained within the Urantia Book, is encouraged with those individuals whom you feel compelled to share this knowledge with. Again I will say, it is not the end result that you should feel responsible for. The sharing of this message with others is asked of you with the understanding that you will do so using your judgment of the situation and the following of your heart with the feeling you have of being compelled to share it with this person. What happens at that point is merely the exchange of information.

The rest occurs on a personal level within that individual which can either lead them closer to your group into the understanding of the teachings or may simply fade from their memories if they are not truly ready to hear such. The concern should not be over whether the sharing of this material is right or wrong. It must be taken on a case by case basis with your trust, that if you were acting in the Father’s stead that He will work through this through you and through them in the manner you are familiar with – through the indwelling Thought Adjuster. I would not give further advice on this matter yet would advise you to remember that the reaching out to others is indeed what we would have you be doing. You are our workers in the mission. We cannot bring about such change, only you. Are there further questions?


JUDY: We are delighted that there is another receiver that has developed. Are there other people in this group that could receive communication if they spent a little more time at it?

WILL: I have in the past foretold of a time where each member of this group would indeed be in contact with their personal teacher. This is not to imply that each here would welcome the opportunity to be a transmitter for the group. Therefore I make the distinction so that you may understand that each can, indeed, find within themselves that quiet place wherein guidance comes. The extent to which that individual is aware of this process varies greatly, yet each has guidance available through increased efforts made by that individual to become more aware. They will find the ability lies within. They need only find the source, drill the correct well that will tap them into this source. Perhaps after many a dry hole. Is this answer sufficient to you?

JUDY: Yes.


LOREN: Will, I have a question. I was introduced to a new method of visualization in the silence using chakras with the muscle content with each one and it seems to be producing results. Would you recommend it for this general group here? I was advised that it was of limited distribution at this time. It was at the conference [IC93].

WILL: As each individual searches for spiritual truth, they will find many avenues open to them that they may choose from. The plate is full. You are each free to choose the portions that suit you. Not all travel the same path. I would refrain from making a blanket assumption that this method you refer to would further the growth of all within this group. It is always best to share what you have found to be helpful in your life with these others that you care about in the hopes and recognition that what you have found may be spiritually uplifting to your brothers and sisters. We do not seek to stop your searching. As you build your spiritual life you will draw to you many things which you find comforting, strengthening and truth revealing. There is much available. Seek and you shall find. That which pleases you and will please your Father. Is this satisfactory?



WILL:  There are, perhaps, other questions tonight. [pause] Well then, it appears there are none forthcoming, however we will open this opportunity again as I know it is of great reassurance to you all. The Father’s blessing I leave with you tonight. His love shines so brightly and can be experienced by all who seek Him. As you go forth this week, lean on Him. Remember His power and strength will flow through you along with the joy which He wishes you to have. I send my love also. We have grown very close over these months of interaction and I cherish each of you. I bid you all shalom.

Session 4
September 26, 1993

WILL: Good evening. It is I, your teacher, Will, who loves you.

Melchizedek Schools

WILL:  I have much to say to you today regarding the Melchizedek school. You are the heart. You are the feet. You are the arms. We are, if you would, the spirit. In order for this school to develop, it needs many willing, able kingdom workers. You are our foundation. You have weathered, over these many months, in a most acceptable manner. You have all experienced your doubts, your ups, your downs, and through it all have become much stronger, both in your faith in the Father, in Michael, and in the Melchizedek school. You are all able and up to the task. The summer is now beginning to retire. The cool months will soon be upon us and with them will come an upsurging of renewed dedication. We wish to thank you, to acknowledge the hard work, the perseverance you have all shown. And now, I would like to introduce Manutia Melchizedek.

MANTUTIA:   Greetings, my children. It gives me great pleasure and honor to sit among you this evening. We are much pleased with your spiritual growth. Your school is much talked about in many circles by many members of many councils. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for your perseverance. There will be much hard work over many months by many workers to build a strong outreach. Those individuals that champ at the bit may begin to experience an upsurgence of a desire to do service on many levels. This is now the time to begin this outreach. There may be some more controlled. Each individual will step forth as a spirit led kingdom worker in whatever manner they are drawn to exemplify. And now I leave you, my children, with my blessings and love. Stay always in His light. Look always within. And now I return this meeting back to your esteemed teacher.


WILL:  I have much faith in you, my dear students. I have much love as well. I have watched you all individually blossom and grow. It has given me much pleasure to watch this transformation. I would ask you during the coming week to be more acutely aware of those opportunities that are presented to you. Many times I have watched these opportunities be overlooked. I have seen some of you become aware of the missed ones. Be evermore acutely aware. These opportunities are people waiting for your help. These people are being presented to you in order that you may be a conduit for the Father. You know this method well. You all do it quite efficiently. We need now begin to upstep/search for these opportunities. This is my message for you this week. Go in God’s light and know that I love you; that I am always there; that He is always within. Shalom.

WILL:  The Tallahassee group debated whether or not to delete all references to being a “Melchizedek school” because of the concern that those reading this transcript would think that this group was on some elitist trip or was somehow setting itself apart for self aggrandizement purposes. We feel strongly that we are no different than anyone else nor do we possess any special qualities. All along we have known that the lessons presented have purportedly been written by the Melchizedeks but we are uncomfortable with any title as we believe it will misrepresent who we are (ie ordinary people) and could create barriers where we desire to build bridges. We decided that rather than edit this transcript [which we have never, to date, done with any of the transcripts) we would, instead, include this verbose explanation of our concerns.]

Session 5
October 3, 1993

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The light of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is.

Good evening. It is I, Will, your teacher, who loves you.


WILL:  This evening’s lesson will be a restatement of an individual’s need to take a faith step. We have spoken before on the topic of faith poisons. They include anger, despair, as well as doubt. These poisons have the ability to arrest spiritual progress. One of your greatest strengths on this planet is your ability to believe. It is this trait, this ability, that allows for such strong spiritual growth. It is good to question. It helps to stretch those faith muscles. I would ask, as you go about your daily struggles, that you reaffirm your trust in Michael’s plan, that you reassess your part as an individual kingdom worker.


WILL:  I leave you now with much love and appreciation. Live in His light each hour, each day, and know that we all look in on you during the week. Shalom.

Session 6
October 10, 1993

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The power of God supports us. Wherever we are, He is. Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.

Teaching Mission

WILL:  The process by which decisions can be made is fraught with difficulties inasmuch as there are many individual opinions to be heard and accounted for. The utilization of discussion among the group members is thought to best effectuate the way in which a group decision can be reached. Your concern for each other is apparent. You’re all willing to make compromises which best benefit the entire group. The decision regarding the name “Melchizedek school” or, in the alternative, the “Teaching Mission” is one wherein you must search within yourself to determine what you feel will best represent your group and its outreach in your shared writings. It may seem of greater importance than it is, but we would caution you against getting hung up on terminology. The importance of the mission is still the same.

We prefer not to be offensive to those who, for one reason or another, would take too literally the meaning of the name regarding this mission. Our plan is for you to reach out to others to extend to them love and assistance, as you are best able, to them on their spiritual path. There will come a time when so many seek to hear this news that these early difficulties will be but a distant memory and of no real import.

We never expected the road to be a smooth one, as this method was untried and untested. We have been pleased with the progress made among the various groups where we see, for the most part, greatly accelerated spiritual growth. The dedication to weekly meetings, along with the willingness to truly aspire to do the Father’s will within each of your daily lives has been our best encouragement to continue in this manner. You are indeed my students and I love and admire each of you.

My lesson for you tonight is to take with you the understanding of each of your hearts and show this forth to the world. Those that you encounter when you have made the effort to reach out to them will be touched in a manner not always visible to you. Your sincere efforts to do the Father’s will have far reaching effects. Like the pebble on the pond, they ripple outward and beyond the original contact point. The Father is with you always. You cannot escape His presence and His love showers down freely upon you every moment of every day. Let this sustain you in your moments of doubt or weakness or fear.


And now I send you off with the admonition not to forget about the Father. You may, for periods of time throughout the day, lose your sense of His presence with you, but He is there nevertheless. He longs for your companionship, your turning to Him in need and in joy. Do not forsake the time you spend together. I leave you with His blessings and mine. Remember to walk forth in joy. It is your birthright. Shalom.

Session 7
October 24, 1993

[Unknown teacher]: Greetings. I come to you this evening with much love. In my heart I consider it a privilege to sit among you. My purpose is simply to observe. I gain much from this pleasurable exercise. I would like your permission to experience some of you during the week to come. I would like the opportunity to work with someone. I will try to make my presence known. You will, at that time, accept or reject my help. I thank you for the opportunity to speak with you this evening.

WILL: Good evening. This is your teacher, Will, who loves you.


WILL:  I wish to thank you for the attentiveness shown to our visitor who is here as an observer from the teaching corps. It is an honor to have him among us. He can tell you I take pride in our group, the manner in which you conduct yourselves throughout your daily lives, the willingness you show in your efforts to live by God’s will, not your own. The pride I feel in you is a joy of the kinship we share as we all move along the path of spiritual growth, growing closer every day to the ideal the Father holds in front of us. Therefore do not rest on your pride, it should serve as your motivator, the source of joy – for you are accomplishing much. The work is ongoing and eternal. Therefore you must exert yourselves daily, to not only maintain your connection, but to continue to grow. You all will play your part in the Father’s plan and each is important. Each one’s strengths and weaknesses lie in different areas, therefore the plan incorporates the overlapping of your talents so that the best can be achieved.

My reminder to you this week is to not forsake your time with the Father. The brief amount of time we have asked you to set aside gives both short and long term benefits to aid you in your work. Your day is made up of many small parts. Remember that each small thing that you do fits into the larger mosaic of the day, the week and of the overall plan the Father has in mind. Do not downplay the importance of each small thing that you are able to do. It will not be overlooked. Go forth now into your week, strengthened each day by the Father’s love. Take time each day for this refreshment of yourself. It is imperative.


WILL:  I enjoy being with you again. As always, our time together is special and meaningful. I continue to visit with each of you during the week to observe and aid you, if possible. Go with the Father’s peace and my love in your hearts. Shalom.

Session 8
October 31, 1993

MACHIVENTA:   Greetings, my children, it is I, Machiventa Melchizedek. It gives me great pleasure to be with you this evening [the group’s two year anniversary – editor]. It gives me pleasure to listen as you share with each other. Your laughter and humor are music to me. I appreciate your remembrance of Will and your festivities. I will not take time to address a lesson this evening as I would not take that pleasure from Will. I just wanted you to know of my appreciation and sharing with you. I send you my love and my blessing and I turn this meeting over to your esteemed teacher. Shalom.

WILL:  Good evening, my dear ones. It is I, Will, your teacher, who loves you. I wish to thank you for your kind remembrance of our special day. It has given me much pleasure to witness your growth over these past two years. There have been ups and downs as in any growth process, but the upward movement has always been constant. I wish to thank each of you individually for the many loving thoughts you often send me. My job as teacher has always been a rewarding one, however it is made even more rewarding when working with people such as yourselves.
JoiLin has indicated that there might be some questions you would wish to ask.


JUDY: Will, this is Judy. You have given us lessons over the last two years about service and giving and I’ve been in the position over the last month in having people render service to me and receiving [Judy has snapped an Achilles’ tendon recently playing soccer – editor]. I wonder if you have any thoughts on being able to receive other people’s service gracefully.


WILL: Receiving service is not always easy for some, especially for those who find it more easy to give. It might be helpful for you to understand the acceptance of the gift of service is the other side of the giving coin. You are also working for the Father when you receive with love as well as give with love. For some this may take more effort. For others, not so much. Does this help?

JUDY: Yes. I hadn’t really thought about receiving in love, but that certainly is a factor. Thank you.

WILL: You’re welcome.

HELEN: Will, this is Helen. I have just begun to study the Urantia Book and I was wondering about the absonite level and if you could tell me a little more about the absonite level and if you are on the absonite level.

WILL: I am not of an absonite level as I too, just as you are in a human form, was once human. Those beings of an absonite level are beings who are eventuated into being. They have no beginning nor end, as you know it. They simply are. This may be a little difficult for one so new. It is, it seems, difficult for most, even those who are not so new to the Urantia Book teachings. I would suggest further reading. As you become more familiar with the teachings in the Urantia Book, a broader understanding does evolve. The more times we read these things, the more open, the more broad is our understanding. Is this helpful at all?

HELEN: Yes and I will try to be patient.

Teaching Mission

VINCENT: Well Will we are two years into this. Do you want to give us a status report on what’s going on, how the mission is doing. Any news flashes?

WILL: Do I sense some impatience?

VINCENT: Joke, right?

WILL: That is correct. Each group will move at their own pace. This is all part of the design of Michael’s plan. It is a far reaching plan and needs many, many new kingdom workers in order for your impatience to be satisfied. But whether the work moves forward either quickly or more slowly matters not. The goal we know will be secured.
You have all worked diligently over these past two years. You understand the method, the reaching out to the brotherhood, the use of yourself as a conduit through which the Father may access others. This is the program. Many other groups are coming on line. They are being taught the same as you have been taught. This umbrella or network, if you will, of workers extending across your land will one day culminate in a much more upstepped service to the brotherhood. The key, as I have said, is the number of kingdom workers. The plan is working as it was intended. Slow, sometimes, more quickly others. Does this answer?

VINCENT: Yes, thank you.

WILL: You’re welcome.

LOREN: Will are there groups starting in China or India as yet?

WILL: I am not aware of programs at this time. You may wish to ask again at a later date.

VINCENT: How about Antofagasta, Chile?

WILL: I am not aware at this time of a program such as yours, however we have many new teachers being prepared. It may be that those countries that you speak of will soon be coming on line. I have no knowledge at this time.


WILL:  And now if you have no other questions, I would like to thank you once again for sharing this time with me. Remember as you go about your week to go within and spend that time with the Father. Stay in His light as you go about your week. Open your hearts as you meet your brothers and sisters. In short, continue as you have. Shalom.

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