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TAL41- Healing, Perspective

1994-03-12-Early Transcripts, Part 5
Tallahassee #41


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 5
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ambrose, Will, Mantoube
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson –  3.2.1 Healing –  3.2.2 Moment – o 3.3 Note
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening – o 4.2 Lesson –  4.2.1 Perspective, Progress – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening –  5.1.1 Teacher Contact – o 5.2 Lesson – o 5.3 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Dialogue –  6.2.1 Potential – o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Opening –  7.1.1 Transmitting – o 7.2 Lesson – o 7.3 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Opening – o 8.2 Lesson –  8.2.1 Transmitting – o 8.3 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Opening – o 9.2 Lesson –  9.2.1 Change – o 9.3 Closing
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Opening – o 10.2 Lesson –  10.2.1 Catastrophism – o 10.3 Closing
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Opening – o 11.2 Lesson –  11.2.1 Circuits, Compassion – o 11.3 Closing

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 5
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose, Will, Mantoube
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
 3-12-94
 Anger

AMBROSE: Let us begin. Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Ambrose your teacher who loves you.


AMBROSE:  I would like to speak to you today regarding a person’s ability to overcome emotional trauma or personal disappointment on any level. Emotional trauma, once it is brought to the surface and recognized, may be dealt with in much the same way that everyday personal disappointments may be dealt with. That is, to recognize the disappointment, the part we played in whatever interaction took place, accept as fact our responsibility in either accepting or rejecting the opportunity, and this can apply both to those times when we are the recipient of disappointment from another person, as well as when we are the initiator of disappointment for another.

Recognize your responsibility, accept your free-will decision and forgive either yourself or the other person, and then simply let it go. Do not hug these things close to your heart. Let the wind of spring blow them away. They are no longer necessary; they have no purpose other than to weigh you down in a quagmire of self-pity or feelings of guilt. Neither of which is beneficial to your spiritual growth. They are both spiritual poisons, as you well know by now, and deserve no more fitting place than to be thrown out with the refuse of each day’s living.

This is of course, a learned skill. At first many people learn to hold on to the disappointments of life, as well as the joys of life. We must now go about learning to let go, to discard those things detrimental to our spiritual growth. Once this skill is achieved and is an on-going practice, you will feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders; you will feel physically lighter, and in fact, you will be. Light cannot live where there is darkness. If you allow the Father’s Light, the Father’s Love to fill your being, it will in fact, help in this letting go process. It is a paradox that as light cannot live where there is darkness, neither can darkness live where there is Light. Filling yourself with the Father’s Love, His Light, will in fact cause an expulsion of those things held within your memory that were better left in the past.


You want to accomplish everything at once. You must know dear child, that these new skills with which you are learning to live your life, all take time to become an integral part of your being. It takes time, perseverance, commitment, and above all consistency. All of which is developed and added to with each days living. You will not be perfect child, not in this lifetime. So do not expect yourself to be so. You will forget, you will stumble, and you will make mistakes. All growth has within it some or all of these components. Life on your planet is hard work, but you will one day look back and understand that never again will you know quite the same level of excitement, as you were able to know on your planet of nativity.

Recognizing the uniqueness of your planet now, can add much to your ability to find pleasure and enjoyment in everyday, mundane existence. Each moment, lived within the moment, and shared with the Father, with Michael (Jesus), the Supreme Being, or even shared simply with your personal teacher, or your Seraphic Guardians, can be a moment in time like no other. Each moment lived in such a way enlarges our capacity to share, to give, to be open to our Father and to all of the help He has made available to us.

Think on this child, as you go about your day. Each moment is an individual moment, an innocent moment that you, within your free-will domain, have the choice of opening your heart and sharing with your Father, with your Creator, as well as the choice not to. Each time you choose to do so, enlarges that area within you child that may be filled with His Light.

Do not grieve or chastise yourself over all the many moments you forget to do so, but give yourself credit for each moment that you do open yourself to this. Go now child, remembering always your Father’s love for you as well as that of your teachers who love and guide you. Shalom.

[Once again there were many personal sessions that I have omitted as they dealt with very personal issues that would only have applied to me. Some of what I was going through had to do with my lack of faith in my own ability as a TR and (brat that I was) my lack of faith in my teacher Ambrose. It was so bad, that Will took over my daily lessons for a while. It never ceases to amaze me how much like a child I feel in their presence.]

Session 2
 3-27-94
 You Belong To All – the All of Infinity

WILL: Let us begin. The Love of the Father surrounds us. The power of the Father upholds us. The Light of the Father enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is. Good evening, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. We look upon you, our dear students, as more than charges given us by our superiors. We look on you as friends, as family, and as family, we both give and receive love and help from one another.

Perspective, Progress

WILL:  As you advance in your universe career, you will see with a much broader perspective. You will understand that the all, this family to which you belong, encompasses much more than the world you live upon, much more than this local universe, of which your planet is but one small part, it encompasses the all of infinity. All creatures therein are a part of this extended family.

Mortals of Urantia (earth), it seems, have a most difficult time with reaching out to embrace all other mortals of your realm, and embracing them as brother and sister. The expanded understanding of family is one you will continue to struggle with, to work at helping others to enlarge their understanding of family, as you continue on your progressive path. Many of the lessons you learn and incorporate within your being, on this your first world, you will continue to struggle with and expand upon as you move ever inward toward the Father.

The understanding you now have will need to be broadened and much enlarged as you proceed to the Mansion worlds and beyond. You may at any given point believe you have mastered a concept, only to discover you are once again foundering and unsure as you progress on your chosen path. There will come a time in the far distant future, when you will feel more comfortable with these much enlarged concepts of science, math, philosophy, the spiritual hierarchy, and so on, yet even then, you’ll recognize that as you develop, as you progress, so do the concepts you are grappling with expand and need revision. Nothing in the entire universe that you understand is static; everything grows and evolves. And so it is, with our relationship with the Father. All things evolve and encompass progressively larger areas of understanding.

I know that as this mission expands to include more and more of our brothers and sisters, so too, will the teachings within the schools expand to shed greater and greater light upon our Creator’s plan for this His beloved Urantia and it’s peoples. We would have you recognize that all things have within them a natural ebb and flow. Times of enlightenment and times of doubting. Times when we become stronger and times we become less strong. These things when looked at from your perspective are seen to be of little forward movement. Yet when seen from our perspective, the movement is seen as great strides at time and small backward steps at others.

That is all I have to say this evening on this topic. However, I would like to bring to mind those times when you allow yourselves to become conduits through which the Father may make His Love manifest to others. Try over the next week to dare to be bold, to step out of your comfort zone to that next step wherein you feel unsure. Allow the Father to control the situation; that is the area through which the Father works best. That is when you allow Him more control over the situation. So, dear students, when you have the opportunity to step out of that comfort zone, see if you can’t push yourselves to act. You will come away from the encounter feeling charged, excited, better able to do the Father’s work when the next opportunity presents itself.


As always I leave you with my blessing, and remind you once again of the importance of the time you spend with the Father on a daily basis. It is, as you know, from here that the initial love and energy comes from that allows you to begin His work each day. Shalom.

Session 3
 4-20-94
 You Are Gaining The Reputation of a True Agondonter
Teacher Contact

WILL: Good afternoon Joilin. I have missed you child and our time together. It is good to be back. And I thank you for your concern over my feelings. But it is not necessary child. I knew the anxiety you were feeling; the despair, the pulling away were not aimed directly at me. It was a testing time that you needed to get through child. Now that you have, do you not see that the climb was worth it? Can you not sense a more lightened feeling regarding your ability to hear our words? You have been able to see, through re-reading those words that came through you, that they do in fact, have much merit. There is much help to be found for your brothers and sisters and yourself within those pages. Much direction. Much work to be done. If one were to simply take the information found within those pages, one could have a lifetime of work ahead of them.

And so my dear, we have now begun our real relationship, that of student and mentor or spiritual guide. Always and above all child, friend. And now if you would allow, I would like to introduce an associate, one who will soon be taking on a position much like the one I myself have so recently accepted. He would like the opportunity of experiencing this method of communication before he attempts to do so with his earthly partner. Would you allow this, child?
(I said I would be happy to.) I will allow him to introduce himself.


Guest: Greetings, I am here on a mission similar to that of your guide and friend, Ambrose. I come from a world far distant from here, and one whose physical make-up differs greatly from your world. I am in constant awe at the beauty I see here. The vibrant, exciting spirit of this world. I can see where others might envy one such as yourself at having the gift of coming from roots such as those fostered on your world. I very much appreciate this opportunity. It will help me to know what the process feels like when done correctly.

You little one are gaining a reputation of being a true Agondonter. You have weathered your storm of doubt and come through much stronger than when you went in. Draw on these memories child when once again the storm descends upon your spirit and you are again consumed with doubt, as will happen again and again. With each time, your spirit becoming stronger and your faith being fed all the more as a result of having come through the experience. I leave you now, thanking you once again for your consideration. I look forward one day to a real embrace, that of spirit to spirit. Shalom.


AMBROSE: That experience has caused your energies to become a bit agitated and so we will close for today child. Stay in His Light my little one. Know always, I am here; you have but to reach out. Shalom.

Session 4
 4-22-94
 Difficult Questions

AMBROSE: Greetings child, it is I Ambrose, your guide and friend come to speak with you once again. Have you any questions to which you would like the answer?


JoiLin: Ambrose, I’d really like to ask you a question about flying saucers! I know the possibility of them is real and I believe that it’s more than a possibility; I believe that it’s a reality. But are the things that we read about, the taking of ovum and sperm, the mutilation of cattle, the human abductions, are those kinds of things really happening? On our world?

AMBROSE: : Oh, my! I expected a small question child, not one encompassing so much ground! I am sorry to tell you I am not at liberty to answer this question at this time. The time will come for those answers, but it is not yet time. Well, so far, I’m batting zero, as you say on your world! Would you care to try again, child?

JoiLin: Do you think I have the ability to paint the kind of pictures that fill my heart?

AMBROSE: : You ask such difficult questions today. I believe you have the ability to do most anything you put your mind to child. If you mean do I think you have artistic ability, then I would have to answer that yes, I believe you do. Whether or not you will develop this ability, I cannot say. Based upon desire, then I would venture to guess that yes, you will develop as an artist in the future. Have you no easy questions? One that I can give you a concrete answer for, a yes, or no, a black or white? I jest child, ask whatever questions are in your heart.

JoiLin: How will we continue to develop a loving, close relationship Ambrose? Will you continue to give me lessons like you did in the past? Or am I simply to come to you when I have a problem? I would hope that our relationship would be more than that.

AMBROSE:: I too, am hoping to develop a loving, close relationship with you child. We will be together for a long time. We are just beginning; we have much ground to cover and many years within which to cover it. As far as a teaching format is concerned, how would you like it to go?

JoiLin: I think I would like to continue to have some lessons as well as direction from you.

AMBROSE:: Then that is the way we will handle it. Would you like a lesson today, my dear?

JoiLin: Yes, I think I would Ambrose, thank you.


AMBROSE:: It is always my pleasure to help in any way that I can, and of course you know that I love teaching. And so, if you are ready, I will give a brief lesson on one’s ability to discern within themselves the seeds, the possibilities for growth, and from whence they come.

We all have within our hearts desires that would lead or pull us in certain directions. You have a desire to help your brothers and sisters, most especially in their understanding of an afterlife. You also have the desire to paint spiritually uplifting pictures. Where do these desires come from? Desires within come from both our ego selves and from our desire to serve our Father, or our spiritual self. It is easy to see where these two particular desires have their root.

If we begin to look within with a more analytical eye, we may focus on a particular desire with the idea of gaining an understanding of the direction from whence theses desire comes. There are times when the root path from which your desire springs will overlap, or that is, it may begin with the ego, and yet spill over into a more spiritually motivated direction. That will be an indication of the indwelling Adjuster making an effort to adjust your thinking and hence your direction.


Begin to look at your desires with an eye to discerning from whence they come. This will help you by gaining personal insight and help you to better understand that by directing your thoughts more toward the Father, you have the ability to change your mind from being ego centered to being Father centered. Think on these things child, and in your moments of musing, see if you can’t discern those times when you have in fact, changed your mind and hence your direction. Shalom.

Session 5
 4-25-94
 Learning To T/R

MANTOUBE: Greetings my children, it is I Mantoube. I would speak to you today regarding your ability to learn this communication technique the like of which is now being utilized by us through this receiver.


MANTOUBE: As you sit we would suggest that as much as possible you clear the mind of any active thoughts. We would say as much as possible, knowing that this will not be possible all of the time or for much of a prolonged space of time, however, we would ask that you make the attempt. Allow yourselves to sit in a comfortable fashion. Once you have cleared the mental channel or space, when we say speak the words that you hear, this is a misnomer; we do not think you hear the words. We ask you rather to speak the words that you find within your mind. They may be words that are disconnected, or they may perhaps be words of your own. You may suddenly remember that you forgot to buy toothpaste while you were at the grocery, and you say to yourself, “Oh, I forgot to buy toothpaste”. These words are the words my children, we want you to speak; any words you find within your mind during this time of sitting in the hope of allowing your teachers to access this communication process.

A small analogy may be helpful. Liken your mind to a water faucet. Your words, the words that spill forth from your mind, liken to turning on the cold water, not too much, just a little. Now, as this water is running, as the words are coming forth, your teachers may now interject a word or two of their own, or turn on the hot water just a little, mixing hot and cold. We now have warm water. As the flow continues, your teachers are able to add more and more of their own words into the flow, and soon, much sooner than you may think, we have hot water, with all of your teacher’s words spilling forth. Your words are still there, but more below the surface. You can in essence, listen to your teacher’s words and can even comment on them in your own mind. We know this can happen, we see it happen daily with our students, so do not be surprised when you are able to do it yourself.


MANTOUBE:  We hope this small lesson will help in some way those students who want to begin this communication process, that is so vital , so necessary to Michael’s plan for your planet. We thank you and appreciate your allowing us this opportunity to serve. Shalom.

Session 6
 8-12-94
 More on the T/R Struggles

AMBROSE:  Let us begin. Greetings, It is I Ambrose, he who loves you.


AMBROSE:  I would speak to you of what you are now feeling. I cannot promise you that you will ever be able to differentiate (by feeling), the difference between my words and your own. My suggestion to is to not struggle so hard, relax and let the words come through. When you tighten up and begin thinking about the process, it is at cross-purposes to the end of allowing my words to take precedence over your own.

You are now beginning to work with us on a daily basis once again and it will soon become more normal to you. But for now, remember to relax and let go of thought; that will allow my words to begin coming through. Simply speak the words that are there. When you let go, they simply flow with seemingly no effort on your part. When you allow this to happen you are not even aware of seeking for the words; they simply come through. This is the end result we hope for.
And now child, we would like to introduce a new teacher, one who wishes to become a part of the Sunday group.

She will be most helpful in working with students on an individual basis who wish to begin exploring the healing arts. You have spoken with this teacher some time ago when she was first learning this communication technique. It was at first thought that she would be sent to head a group of her own, however, since we are beginning to hear of a desire from some of your group members to begin studying the healing arts, and since this is Marleena’s expertise, we decided that she and you would be best served by bringing her into your group.

I hear you wanting to allow this to evolve through another TR. You continue to desire proof, don’t you child, that it is I who speak to you? I would prefer that you bring this news to your group for it will serve to bring them the information and will also serve to help you little one, increase in your ability to take that faith step within your group. The decision is, of course, yours to make.


AMBROSE:  I leave you now reminding you of how much you are loved, appreciated, and guided. Shalom.

Session 7
 8-14-94
 Never Fear For Your Personal Survival

Let us begin. Greetings, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you.


AMBROSE:  There will be throughout your world changes of the most growth producing kind. These changes, while being cumbersome initially, will serve to pull the people of your world closer together, forming a basis for melding and joining together to work toward a common goal.

You will see these things perhaps initially, in a negative light. Look further my students. As you have been taught, adversity always has within it seeds of spiritual growth and transformation. Do not blind yourselves to these possibilities. Do not be swept along by the negativity expressed by your less enlightened brothers and sisters, rather help them to see these changes in a more positive light. Whenever you become fearful or full of doubt, do not allow these thoughts to grow, but seek then, guidance from your Father who waits with such patience for you to seek His counsel. He is your hope and your light in both this world and those to come.

Be you ever mindful that this world must be dealt with before the next can be experienced. It is through the lessons that you learn on this world that you are prepared for the next. Remember always, that love is the coin utilized in accomplishing growth in relationships amongst yourselves, both on this world an on all to follow. Never fear for your personal survival, you have already learned that it is assured; but rather work for the survival of your brothers and sisters who have not the knowledge that you have.


AMBROSE:  Go now and embrace the dawn of this new era and all of the challenges therein. Meet them my students with your hearts and minds and eyes on the Paradise destiny. As do all who embrace the Father’s Light. Shalom.

Session 8
 8-15-94
 World Changes Are A Cleansing Means

AMBROSE:  Let us begin. Good evening JoiLin.


AMBROSE:  The changes are indeed upon this world. These changes serve a dual purpose. They are in and of themselves a cleansing mechanism that fosters regeneration of your planet. As a by-product of this cleansing, it will serve as a mechanism to further the outreach of love between individuals, communities, and nations. People will begin opening their hearts to one another from a very basic need level.

Your planet has already witnessed many such events. As in the current fires in California[1], the recent flooding of Southern Georgia, Alabama, and North Florida. You would see, were you to read the papers, or watch the news child, that people are reaching out toward one another and have been during these times of trouble. And when they are doing this they are not aware of the barriers between them. They no longer recognize the differences of color, creed, race, financial status, etc., all those things fall by the way and are replaced by the need of working toward a common goal. Those who seek for the gifts that are hidden within life’s adversities more easily recognize the good that will evolve from these events. Look for the gifts and help others to see them as well. Recognize their value, they are the catalysts of spiritual life changes.

AMBROSE:  I leave you now child with the understanding that all things work toward the higher good, among individuals, peoples, and worlds. Shalom.

Session 9
 8-23-94
 Critical Stage of Planet’s Imbalance Will Be Corrected
MANTOUBE: Greetings my child, it is I Mantoube come to speak with you today.

Circuits, Compassion

MANTOUBE:  You worry overmuch at your perceived inabilities and your perceived level of intellectual understanding. Your abilities child are much higher than you give yourself credit for. You will do well, JoiLin, when you learn to truly let go and simply allow the flow of words to come. This is a time of tremendous growth and change on your planet. Change encompassing all levels of existence. There are levels of existence on your planet as yet unperceived by mortal man, whose very existence has been threatened by man’s exploitation of this planet’s resources. There is much in flux on and in your planet at this present time.

However, these changes, cleansings, if you will, are a normal extension of the energies within what you designate as nature. When there is caused an imbalance within the natural realm, there reaches a certain critical stage wherein these imbalances must be corrected. Your planet has reached this critical stage. This process of cleansing, re-balancing, is not to be seen or understood as retribution for the sins of the earth’s children. It will be so perceived by some, but that is simply due to their lack of understanding of the natural laws that govern your universe.

You have the ability to help us help others. The compassion you feel, you have in fact been aware that it has been much higher of late, is in fact part of the circuitry that has been put in place by your Creative Mother Spirit. She has always worked with you child. And you have always understood this at a level much deeper than the one you experience in your daily life. You are now at a point where you can consciously begin to work at helping to balance the energies on your planet, by extending this compassion/energy to those you recognize as being in need of compassion. You do not have to be in the physical presence of those you wish to reach; you have only to open your heart to allow yourself to become a conduit for you Blessed Mother to utilize in reaching those in need.

You remember back during the Gulf War, when you felt such an uprising of compassion while watching CNN. You were even then utilizing this circuit for our Blessed Mother. We like this name you have given her; we will use it when referring to her through you. Know child that you do serve your Creator Parents well. Continue to work, continue to allow us to help you by stepping aside and silently endeavoring to communicate; it is during occasions such as this that much help may be extended to you. You are surrounded by many who would offer their help and support, but you must open yourself to this possibility. You do this when you consciously acknowledge their presence and your willingness to receive their help. Will you do this child? (I said, “Yes, thank you very much.”(At this time I experienced an incredible surging of energy moving through my entire body.)

Your willingness and appreciation has been registered child. Once again, I tell you daughter, you will one day know your worth. We will continue to work with you on both the conscious and a below conscious level daily. But understand that it will be during those times of conscious exchange that you will find an increase in your understandings are facilitated.


MANTOUBE:  Go now into you day child and know that you are indeed a beloved daughter of light. Shalom.

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