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TAL42- Patience, Microcosm

1994-09-06-Early Transcripts, Part 6
Tallahassee #42


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 6
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ambrose
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson –  3.2.1 Patience – o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Poem
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening – o 5.2 Lesson –  5.2.1 Teacher Contact – o 5.3 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Lesson –  6.2.1 Microcosm – o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Narrative –  7.1.1 Love – o 7.2 Poetry –  o 7.3 Reply
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Opening – o 8.2 Dialogue –  8.2.1 The Teachers – o 8.3 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Lesson –  9.1.1 Change
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Opening – o 10.2 Lesson –  10.2.1 Service – o 10.3 Closing

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 6
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Ambrose
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
 9-06-94
 Learn Patience When Anticipating The Future

AMBROSE:  Good afternoon JoiLin, it is I Ambrose, your teacher who loves you.


AMBROSE:  You have many questions rolling around within your mind. Much of what you question child will not come to light in the near future but will come to light, it is expected, within your lifetime on this planet. Patience is something you would do well to cultivate, as an ability to accept that much of what we want will not come to us until sometime in the future, is an ability that will prove to be most beneficial as you begin your universe career. I should not do this, but I will drop a small seed of information designed to quench your thirst, but may simply whet your appetite, I am afraid.

These things that you are currently wrestling with, you will understand as you have already suspected, that there is in fact a connection between all of these things. There is in fact a connection between all life. I can say no more child on this subject beyond the fact that you know much more than you know you know. You have in fact……(I believe the transmission was interrupted by Ambrose’s superior)…I am sorry child. Trust in our Father who knows what He is about. All will be understood in its proper time.

And now, we would like to bring in a guest who would benefit with some experience in this communication technique. You have indicated in the past your willingness, so let us begin. Greetings Urantian, I come to your world to give my service. I come in peace and love that all men may know that those from Orgone (?) support you. We will be coming in great numbers to help when we are needed. Your help has been noted and appreciated by those like myself who would not otherwise have the opportunity to greet you and make known our agenda of love and service to your planet, and the people thereon.

You will learn in future times that many mistakes were made by your people due in part to a lack of understanding of natural law, and due in part to your planets isolation. We of Orgone, as well as others, will be helping to rectify the damage done to your ecosystems. Much of what has been put in motion cannot at this point be averted, however, much can be done to lessen the impact on your people. This we propose to do with as little disruption to your planet’s normal routine affairs as possible. Those of you who are able to receive our communications may be asked to serve as liaisons between our people. Have no fear child; no harm will come to you or your people. We come only to help.

The day will come when you will want our help and when that day nears, we will be available. In the meantime, we continue to work on a more covert level. Read your book once again, child, read between the lines. There is much between the pages that needs must be updated, but will be only after such time as your people move into the next level of consciousness, or understanding of those things on a cosmic level.


AMBROSE:  I thank you for allowing my words to come through. I will speak with you again, I am sure in time to come. Stay in the shelter of the great Universal Father of us all. I leave you now. I will use your word since it is familiar to you. Shalom.

Session 2

A poem written for Will’s Third Birthday Celebration with Her Students
By Ethel D. Compton, JoiLin’s mother
To Will, the loving teacher
Who teaches us to grow,
To stand on tiptoe, reaching
To learn all we can know
May this birthday celebration
Be the time that you will see
A reflection of your lessons
In what they’ve helped us be
This adventure that we’re living,
Will last our whole lives through,
And for much that we accomplish,
We’ll owe our thanks to you!

Session 3
 11-10-94
 We Are All Here
If you are ready child we will begin.

Teacher Contact

You asked a moment ago, “To whom am I speaking?” You had been asking questions within your own mind and began to receive answers to those questions, so you wondered with whom you were speaking. Your answer, as you well remember, was that you were speaking to Ambrose and that we were all present. You then asked, “Is Will there?” The answer came in the affirmative. LinEl? Again affirmative. Daniel? Once again affirmative. Elonia? Alfonso? Aloysius? Machiventa? All present? And the answer once again was a resounding yes! We are all here indeed.

How could this be so, you asked. And we began to speak of this Teaching Mission as one very large classroom. We gave you a picture within your own mind of you being within a large room, with many people thinking their own thoughts. There might be others speaking with one or two people, and yet others speaking with yet others. And so within this room there might be many on-going conversations. You, as an individual, being free to walk within the confines of that room, could overhear and even participate in one or even many of those conversations. And this is a rather crude analogy of what it is like for we who teach within this classroom called the teaching mission.

And so when we say that we are all available to you, it is in fact true. Now that does not mean that if you were to call for instance, on Daniel, and he was already involved in a discussion with his group or one of his students, that he would respond to your call immediately. If he were busy, one of our number would respond instead, and if our answer was acceptable to you, we would leave it at that.


That is all for now. Shalom

Session 4
 11-12-94
 Stop Worrying – Growth Will Make It Work

We know that you champ at the bit, wanting progress to become a fact before its season of growth has paved the way. It will come in its time. And as we mentioned before, you are one facet on an ever-evolving gem that is both this Teaching Mission and a part of the evolving Supreme.


Your experience, your input, your individual creative acts of both mind and heart, are an integral part of this whole. You and all your group members, and indeed all those being worked with in this Correcting Time, with all of their individual creativity is indeed necessary to the evolution and progress of this mission as a whole. Each group plays its part, its own distinct part. And each individual within each group, play their own unique part. And when put together, it creates a fabric of indescribable beauty and emerging truth, and will eventually change the complexion of life on your planet. Each group my child, is both an individual, working toward its own creative destiny, its own work, if you will, and yet is part of the whole.

And so, we are individuals and we are mosaics within the grand tapestry that is Michael’s creation. It is both the out flowing of His creativity and love for you, as well as your creativity and the out flowing of your love for Him, in combination with love for the Father from you both. It is an interweaving, ever changing symphony of love, whose individual notes, when played by themselves, may at times sound harsh, yet when played together, creates a melody that you cannot even begin to comprehend, and will not understand until such time as you have moved beyond the realm of the physical.

And so you begin to understand that all are needed, in whatever forms their current level of understanding and creativity take. Each of you are growing, evolving, changing, spiritizing facets of the Father’s Light. You are all today, much more than you were when you began this journey. You can look back and see your path and see the distance you have come, and yet we can see where you are going. We understand how much further you will go, how much more growth is yet in store for you while still remaining within the physical forms of this world. And yet with our different perspective of time, it is not out of sync with the overall plan.

We see you both as individuals and the groups as individual conversations within that room we spoke of. We are all working toward a particular point in time within Michael’s plan. Liken it to putting on a play. We have someone to write the lines, someone to direct, someone to handle costuming, lighting, props, and oh, so much more. This is the Teaching Mission. The different groups all have their part, all are working toward a specific task that yet moves toward a unified point. Yet each group moves at its own speed. All efforts are most acceptable, most appreciated, wonderful facets on this ever-evolving fabric, if you will.


I sense that you are worried about your celebration cake that is in the oven; we will close for now child. We can feel you stretching to enlarge the space within in order to accommodate the concepts we strive to give you. Keep working child, you are improving daily. We love you and appreciate your love. Until later, shalom.

Session 5
 01-08-95
 Experience With Music & The Receipt of Poetry

One day just before Christmas in 1994, I had gone to the mall to buy several Christmas presents. I was in a small boutique, and had finished paying for my purchase, when as I was leaving, my arm reached out and took down a CD from a display. It was not anything I would have bought. For one thing, it didn’t even seem to belong on that particular display, as the display had CD’s on it that all had nature sounds in their background, e.g., birdsong, waterfalls, rain, and the like. This CD however, had none of that, it was by an Italian pianist/composer, and one I’d never even heard of. For -some- reason that I couldn’t understand, I went back in line and stood for another forty minutes in order to purchase that CD. When I got home, I just laid it on top of my rack system and basically forgot about it.

That is, until the evening that I came home from a teaching mission meeting where I had transmitted our Universe Mother Spirit. Whenever she came through it was always very emotional, and her energy stayed with me for several hours afterward. So, on this particular night, I went into the music room where we had a piano, with the intention of playing, something that always seemed to calm me down. However, my eye caught sight of the CD and I thought to see what it was like, so I put it on the carousel…as soon as the first strands of music filled the air, everything around me changed…the air became filled with an undulating, blue mist, …… I became aware of hearing words and at the same time I understood that I was to take them down…I fell into my meditation chair, picked up the pen and tablet that lay on the side table and took down these words. Every day for the next several weeks, whenever I played that particular piece of music I had a very heightened spiritual experience, not the same as the initial one, but heightened nonetheless.
[This was given during the second week of January, 1995]


This music, to touch your heart, like none other has.
In this music is the reverberation of my love
Made manifest in you.
You have asked to feel my love for you,
So I have given an expression of my love
To you, blessed child.
Know always that I will give to you what you seek, in my name…
Nothing is impossible unto me…
To see my love reflected in your light, gives me great joy!
You have promised to walk wherever I lead….
So come, blessed daughter of light, the dance has begun.
I will lead you to waters never tested,
And show you wonders no man has ever conceived.
Come beloved, be not afraid. I am here.
I hold your hand. Come, let us begin.

And I replied:
My open heart.
My loyalty and faith in you.
The music of my soul – the note that is yours alone.
The love I have for you, unbounded by time or space.
My joy in all your creation.
My selfless love for others.
My deep desire to help mankind and my planet.
My trust that your hand will always lead me where I need to go.
The knowledge at long last, of your love for me!

Music that moves within your heart – it is I!
The colors of a dawn sky or dusk – it is an expression of both hope
And rebirth I give to you.
The glorious sight of a rainbow to rekindle anew,
My promise to you.
Your senses, which you are just now receiving.
The experience of life and the knowledge that
Both before and after the door – I am.
The knowledge that you are my beloved child, unique,
Like no other, irreplaceable in my heart.
Wind chimes, birdsong, the sun on your face,
The smell of lilacs, a summer shower, newly fallen snow,
The crash of thunder, a waterfall, a baby’s sweet breath,
The love of a friend, a mother’s faith, a child’s trust,
The first flower of spring, and autumn’s splendor,
Physical expressions of love,
Your ability to pray, and your ability to communicate with me,
All the gifts manifested through nature,
Your ability to think, to envision, to be….
All these gift to you my beloved child….
Think on what new gifts your eyes will see,
Your ears will hear, your heart will feel,
As we begin this journey into yesterday’s dreams!
Listen my beloved, as I call your name…
Your name that is both joy and light!
My child, you were given a pattern – the unique wonder that you are, at birth.
I would have you uncover this perfect pattern and begin the journey of discovery,
Of recognition, of all that you are, of all that you can be.
Your life’s journey thus far has caused my gift to become hidden.
Look within my child; look with both your mind and your heart.
Seek to recognize the false patterns, those put down by your ego self,
And those pressed upon you by others. Look as well for those you put upon yourself,
In defense, albeit unnecessary, of your original pattern.
Do not think this will be an easy task, for it will not…
It will take a degree of honesty you may yet need to nurture,
And much soul searching.
What I can give you, is my unending love and support along the way,
And the promise that the journey, while it may not be easy, nor
Without obstacles, will engender much growth and joy.
And at the end my beloved child, you will be free to begin your
Life as I intended you to, before your world was torn asunder by
Rebellion and darkness.

Open your hearts, my dear children
To the love that is within.
I am the life and the resurrection,
I am here, I walk beside you!
Look to my light….
And trust in your connection to me.
Where you walk…I am.
Where you dare to explore …I will be!
Open your hearts, my dear children,
For you are the Light of this world.
In me you have your being,
In me you have your strength.
Follow me into the light of this new dawn.
Follow me and watch a New Age begin…
From me…through you…
Love is…creation….
From me…. through you.

I am filled with such love for you my Father,
It seems I cannot bear it!
My old life is passing away, and I am reborn!
The world and all I look on, has filled with your Light.
You have become my sustenance, my strength, my very life!
I know you now, like I never thought to, yet I want to experience more.
My love for you knows no bounds. No limits.
I yearn to be held forever in your embrace!
And I know -that- gift too, will one day be mine,
As I seek ever more to know you…the circles will begin to close,
And we’ll meet heart to heart, will to will, light to light.
You are I, and I am you…together in eternity!

 Part 2 of 2 Parts

You are my brother, you are my sister,
And I love you with such compassion!
I would give you the gift of love,
If you would but let me.
I have come to help open doors,
To show you your heart holds the key.
Look within to the Father, for He is there.
And look without, for He is there as well.
Open your hearts and receive his gifts:
Seek and ye shall find…
Ask and ye shall receive…
Was not said to deceive.
The gifts are yours,
And freely given…
So open your hearts,
And receive!

Oh, my friend, my beloved,
You bring such joy into my life!
You are the pattern I hold within;
My highest expression of love.
For you would I give up my life
If I thought it would give to you yours.
You bring out the best that I have from within,
And inspire me to strive ever higher.
Your light and your love support me,
As none others have before.
My love for you is like none I have known.
It is my Father’s love, reflected back to you,
My brother, my beloved, my friend!
The words “I love you” fall short,
As they try to express what is not of this world.
More apt is this phrase: U vey ah
The upwelling of love, for which there are no words!

I live within the citadel of your heart.
I am here! I live…within you, my beloved children.
Look to me…I am the way…I am the door.
I am the pattern of life everlasting!
You stand at the door…do not be afraid…
Take my hand…I will lead you through.
The gift I would give will fill all your needs,
The gift I would give you is love.
Drink deeply, my children…from the well that’s within…
For I am the water of life!
How long have I yearned to show you the way,
To remove the darkness brought on by the rift!
We walk, you and I, hand in hand through the mist,
As we watch the New World unfold.
Our time is now, our hour has come…
I am Here! Feel my love, experience my tears of joy…
As you open your hearts, and connect…
From me…through you…to all!
This world is beginning to be bathed in the light,
The love from the heavens above.
So too, will my voice that as once so obscure,
Begin to be more fully heard!
A New Day is dawning, the age where enlightenment reigns.
Where hearts will all open and let go of their pain…
No more will I cry out in vain!

Oh, my Father, how blessed is my life!
Why did it take me so long?
To recognize that your touch, your hand,
Has always been there, and it was I that was too blind to see?
How my heart sings, as I begin each new day,
To know I will spend it with you!
You are my life, and all that I want,
Is to pattern myself after you!
Please help me dear Father, as an act of my will,
To make of myself a reflection,
As I know all I am, or ever will be,
Is directly related to you.
Help me to walk through each day of my life,
Accepting each day as a gift…
To be used as a channel for extending your love,
To my brothers and sisters, from you.

Do not weep for me my beloved,
The tears I cry are crystal tears of delight!
To have you come into my life, to learn to know you,
To discover that as the ocean is to the wave, \and the wave is to the individual droplets,
So too, are we to each other….
To give of our light, one to the other…
To draw from, when we are in need…
To blend our individual strengths,
That the emerging Supreme may benefit
From our dance through this new time.
United in love, yet separate,
Each unfolding in unison to the Father’s directed will,
Yet alone, as well. I will praise and bless our Father,
For letting it be so, for the rest of my eternal life,
As we are now, as we will become,
No more meaningful words could be spoken than,
You are my beloved brother, you are my friend,
You are indeed, a part of my heart!

For Mary
Today you gave to me such a wonderful gift!
You cannot know how it moved my heart.
You thanked me for coming into your life.
Yet you could not know how much you have enriched my own!
Our meeting, dear friend, was not by chance alone,
We met dear sister, through divine intervention!
You and I will see each other through storms of sorrows,
As well as showers of bliss. Our journey has just begun.
But already is the pattern becoming evident to me.
We have each come to this place, moving along our individual paths,
That were different, yet the same.
The wonder of it all is that they have brought us
To the crossroads where our two lives have touched,
With the will of our Father, under whose beneficence we all live.
And I thank him for giving me you as well!

Oh, my soul! How wondrous is this adventure we begin!
I stand in awe of how it is that I have been chosen
To participate in this wonder…this gift to our planet!
I am not special…there is nothing about me that would
Help me to understand why I’ve been given such joy,
Such incredible joy! Have I done something of which I am not aware?
I do not believe that I have…I have looked,
And cannot find such a treasure. Why, then, I ask my soul…why?
The exquisite joy and wonder of it is almost unbearable.
What have I ever done, my Father, that you would choose me,
Above others, much more worthy than I?
Why have I chosen you my child? The wonder of it,
Beloved daughter is that it was not I, that chose, but you!
And the heavens rejoiced on that day,
While your song, the unique note that is you,
Reverberated across the sky!
Look to the patterns that flow through your life
To understand your part in the universal melody of eternity.
This is the song of the spheres,
The music that ties us together.
The dance of life is the dance of love,
As it weaves us together through you.
You are the pattern that becomes ever clearer
As we seek our connection with you.


Oh, my Father! I am so blessed! How did I ever come to believe that I was happy before you came into my life? To even try to compare the two feelings seems ludicrous to me! There simply is no comparison…nor the words to describe to another, the joy, with which you have filled my entire life! It begins within as an up flowing of what seems to me, the most joyous, tender, understanding love, I have ever known…and then you move out and beyond this body…to fill every space within my environment…you are everywhere I look…the feeling of being totally cherished, and understood beyond all measure, is so incredible to me.

I feel this moment as if I am a newly created butterfly, just emerging from my chrysalis…wings still folded, and shimmering with the dampness of birth…and as your music, this love, within which I am held, permeates my being…I begin to move my wings…to stretch…to begin to feel such an exuberance for life…for love…for giving myself in your service, in how ever many ways, you will make known to me! I pray Father that I may never move from this space…this place of gentle nourishment within my soul!

Oh, my blessed child! You bring me such delight! How long I have waited for your desire to come to me, to grow, to mature, to reach that point in time, when your desire began to meet mine! Do not cry, my own, we are now, as if we are one…time will only increase the bonds between us. I –feel- your distress beloved…you worry that I will leave…set aside these worries…I will never leave you…I have been with you through all of your past fears and joys…why would I leave you now, when you have given of yourself, in such total commitment to me? You and you alone, blessed child are the only one that could ever break these ties that weave our two selves together! So brush away your tears, my beloved, and be…with me…forever…with love…as we were meant to be…through all eternity!

Dear Father, please help me to be all that I can be. Help me to recognize the gifts I have within, do that I might share them in loving service to you with my brothers and sisters. Loving you, through them, brings me such joy, such filled to over flowing abundance. How can I find the means, the words, to express what you have given, what you mean to me? There are no words in my entire whole world that begin to come near what I feel! I have never felt so inadequate, so at a loss, how can I make these feelings, what you are to me, more clear to you?

Oh, my beloved child, you do! You express it in all that you are, in all that you do in my name. Know always, that you are my beloved daughter in whom I am so proud! Know as well, that what you do in my name will always bear fruit, and one day, my precious own, will these gifts you give come back to you increased beyond measure!

Session 6
 3-30-95
 The Personal World Of Ambrose

AMBROSE: Greetings child, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. Thank you for taking a moment to speak with me. I have missed our sharing time these past few days. Continue to open JoiLin, to all of your teachers. We, all of us here in this side of life, do not have the same level of impatience with time sequences that humans do – we are not in the same frantic hurry! That was an attempted joke! Is there anything that you would like to ask me child?

The Teachers

JoiLin: Well, yes, I’d like to know more about you, about your life as you lived it in your mortal life. I know so little about you, only that you had a mate and two children.

AMBROSE:: Yes, I was a laborer in the agricultural fields. No, child, my work was not seen in the same negative light similar work is seen in your world! My work was seen as no less important than the work of a doctor or teacher might be judged on your world. All work is seen as a gift of service to the brotherhood. All is seen as being equally important for the support of the whole. I loved my work and did it with joy. In my spare time, as a hobby, I worked on developing new strains of hardier vegetables and more beautiful flowers. I had always thought I would one day work in the celestial gardens, and one day I may still do so. I have time on my side, you know! This was another attempt at humor! It will take much time on your level before you will understand all of the barely perceptible nuances I try to implant within your mind.

The work you do on the computer with the Urantial list is helping you to become more aware of different levels and ways of processing information when the means of physical togetherness is not possible. My wife’s name was Litruin. Our children’s names were Landon, he was my son, and Lucere, was my daughter’s name. Yes, we thought we were quite clever to name the children with the same initial as Litruin. But in fact, it was a problem in so many small ways. For instance, if we wanted to initial a cup for drinking purposes at a picnic, all three of them had the same initials, as we did not use middle names on my world as you do here, it presented, as I say a small problem.

JoiLin: How old are you Ambrose?

AMBROSE:: 65,000 years give or take a few! This is -not- old child! From a universal perspective, I am but a youngster, not much above yourself! You will see, but do not rush your physical experience; it is one of a kind, a gift from the Father, to be valued later, way beyond your current understanding.


JoiLin: Thank you for sharing those personal details of your life with me. I guess you are beginning to understand how those kinds of things help us to feel more connected with you teachers.

AMBROSE:: Indeed, child, I am! I leave you now with my love as always. Shalom,

Session 7
 4-04-95
 You World Trembles On The Very Edge of Dramatic Change

Beloved child, your world trembles on the very edge of dramatic change…is fearful, yet full of anticipation. You, who are beginning to open to the new spiritual influences that are being impressed upon your world, will soon begin to open to newer and higher levels of understanding; your old paradigms are being supplanted by newer more meaningful ones. A new coin is being minted within your hearts, within your minds -its name is Love – its movement cannot be measured nor can it be contained – it flows from the living source of love within each of you and moves outward with each loving thought, word, or gesture.

You will be seen in ages to come as the path makers – the cutting edge for this new millennium – the turning point wherein the old world began to pass away, to be replaced by the new. Yours is not an easy task – cutting a path through dense brush is never easy and your way is blocked often by a hardened, and cynical mentality, by those accustomed to and open to those things material and less open to the spiritual realm of which you are about. Be not afraid, nor dismayed, as I tell you, your day in the sun will come – your world is changing – through your efforts will it be done.

More and more as you open and begin to see with new sight, as you become accustomed to the light, will you see that in all situations there is evident a spiritual component – your loving energy changing what at first glance seemed negative, to a higher vibration with the Father’s love. As you consistently follow this path, others will be drawn to you – and will in turn be changed by you – moving out and touching other lives, becoming a living wave that moves out over the planet in never ending service to the Father’s will.

Session 8
 4-05-95

If you are ready, let us begin.

AMBROSE: Today I would like to speak to you on the subject of service. Service is the avenue through which the will of the Father is expressed, the medium is love. Love, when it is expressed to others through service, is a joy to both the giver and the receiver. Seeking to know the Father’s will is most easily done when the focus is put on others, rather than ourselves. It is through the gift of loving service that the Father’s will is made manifest. You are His agents…through you will the Light be brought into this world. Know that as you reach out to others, the Father reaches out through you. Remember always, that the Father can speak through you; His love is alive as it flows through you to you siblings; be ever mindful of the connection, in the ministry you are about. You have many opportunities to do this for the Father, many at this point in time go unnoticed by you; be more vigilant in days to come as your work is soon to be up stepped. The spiritual pressure is being increased as the circuits begin to be better established, as more and more connections are being made between people. Seek to make your connections with the Father ever increasingly stronger, as it is through this connection that your guidance will come.


AMBROSE: Enough for this evening child, you are weary. I leave you with my love. Shalom.

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