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TAL43- TR Practice Session 2

1995-01-15-TR Practice Session
Tallahassee #43


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Practice Session
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Mantouba, Alphonso, Aloysius, Zixandria, Will, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lessons
 3.2.1 Transmitting
 3.2.2 Adventure
 3.2.3 Progress
 3.2.4 Correcting Time, Change
 3.2.5 Life
 3.2.6 Growth
o 3.3 Closing
 3.3.1 Blessing

Topic: Practice Session
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Mantoube, Alphonso, Aloysius, Zixandria, Will, Nebadonia
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
MANTOUBE:  Greetings, it is I Mantoube, who come to visit with you once again.


MANTOUBE:  This week as last, the observation deck could be said to be filled to capacity, if that were possible, however, with us that is never a problem. Do not allow this to interfere with your ability to let flow the words of your teachers. They are here to lend support, and here to learn, and to observe as well. You do us a great service when you allow us to partake of these...(TR: looking for the words)….meetings, for want of a better word. You serve not only yourselves, and your brothers and sisters when you allow yourselves to be so used, but you serve those on high as well, because what we learn through your endeavors here, will be put into place on other spheres, in other classrooms, with other students. Continue as you have, allowing us to work through you, and with you. JoiLin has already explained, through her conversation with Ambrose, that this is in fact what happens, there are two levels of communication that develop between teacher and student.

One level is what we may term as pure teachings, these come through when the TR has developed enough confidence and enough ability to allow it to happen, these come through unadulterated by the receiver, they are pure teachings, designed to be given as lessons within your classrooms. You hear them, the others hear them and take them into their beings, incorporate them, if you will, and then as they go about their individual lives, they begin to draw from these teachings, and these teachings then become not just words, but living experiences, that are then projected outward, by you, to your siblings. The other level is a blending of you and your teacher, a true blending, because what happens (TR: wrong) this blending is drawn from both the experiences of your teacher, the knowledge that he or she has attained, as well as from your experiences, and the knowledge that you have attained.

The by-product of this blending is more than either of you could have accomplished by yourselves. And so, two are served, rather than one, and many are served when these ideas or writings, are allowed to reach a broader audience. I will step back now and allow others to speak, but I would leave you with the understanding that the more you open, the more you can conceive of our reality in your life, the more real will we become, until one day, we will indeed, experience if not (TR: can’t find the word) if not physical to physical, you will yet recognize our presence with your more than material eyes, with your more than material ears, as you are in fact, developing your senses, that those who came before you did not have the opportunity to develop until they awoke on the Mansion Worlds. I leave you now with my love and my deepest appreciation for what you are doing. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

ALPHONSO: Greetings, this is Alfonso.


ALPHONSO: Visualize yourselves walking up to a forest, and in this forest there are paths, worn from much use over the years. There is a main path and several that are equally worn, and there are other tributary paths, less worn and yet still well traveled. As you walk through the forest, you’re not sure exactly where it ends, yet you know that there is another side, and those who walk through the forest eventually reach it. Throughout your walk, you see things in the forest, plants, animals, sounds, smells, and you have been content to walk on the beaten paths, now however, you reach a point in the path where you look out into the virgin forest, and you hear a waterfall, or perhaps, you can see a bit of an unusual looking plant, or an animal. So you step off the path a short way, and as you walk toward the scene that drew you off the main path, other interesting forest lore comes into view, and it leads you further and further into the virgin forest.

And as you walk on these untrod paths, you see much that would not have been seen on the main path, and as you continue, you know that although you are off the main path, whatever path you choose through this forest will eventually get you through to the other side, and by taking the path into the virgin forest, you assured yourself of an adventure that is not normally experienced by those staying on the main paths. And your experience in the forest is richer for it.

That is what we challenge you to do. Step off the main path, look at some of the sights and sounds that would not otherwise be available. Walk through experiences that are not the ordinary experiences of people presently on this planet. And yet we’ve asked you to do one other thing as well. Once you have enjoyed the splendor of the forest, we’ve asked you to call out to those on the main path, so that they too may experience the wonders and joys of the forest. They can see it through your “exclamations” and actions that the path holds no fear but only adventure and excitement and view (Ed: lost words).

And if we could get more people to leave the main path, and to take a less traveled path, through a forest which holds good, then more and more people would be calling back to another path, and soon the forest would be full of people experiencing what they had thought impossible. And when they got to the end they would realize they were further along at the end then they would have been if they had just stuck to a main path. And they would be enriched by the experiences that they had while walking through the virgin forest. And they would be excited at the next adventure that awaited them and would be more inclined to walk off of the beaten path.

This short story is of course, an analogy, and we think it apt events. We hope that it is of some use to you in your decisions when you come to the crossroads and decide whether to step out into the virgin forest or to stay on the beaten path. Thank you for your attention tonight. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

MANTOUBE: : Thank you Alfonso, excellent, excellent!

ALOYSIUS:  Good evening, my friends, I will say a brief welcome considering the limitations of my vehicle for communication. (Ed. TR has laryngitis)

MANTOUBE: : We understand, and would have appreciated your lesson, however, it will hold for another day, and we will be richer on that day. We thank you. All: Shalom


AMBROSE:  Greetings, it is I Ambrose who come to speak with you and give you but a small lesson. As you begin to experience more and more of the opening of your heart centers, we believe you will find yourselves, daily, more sensitive to the needs of your brothers and sisters. You will find yourselves more in tune with He who dwells within you. You will begin to experience, on a feeling level, this dance you dance with the divine. You have already experienced perhaps, a dramatic change in your perspective of what this life is all about, and what its lessons really facilitate. We have tried to teach you that life is a school and you are but babes. You are beginning to reach the point where we would no longer consider you babes. We are beginning to look at you, more as developing adolescents.

And yet because of the uncertainty , the fluctuating emotions, that are part and parcel of this territory you are beginning to experience, you need to be aware that there may be times that will be filled almost with ecstasy, and there will be other times, when you believe yourselves to be in the depths of hell itself. We ask you please, hold on when these times come! Do not allow them to impede your journey! You are doing sooo well! We applaud you, we support you. We are so proud of you! We would have you know this in the deepest part of yourselves! (Ed: This is being said with a great deal of emotion) You are not alone. Not only are you surrounded by we, who help you, but you are indwelt by the very Father himself and his son! You cannot ever, be alone! You cannot ever, come to harm! Do you understand this? You are held within the very arms of your Creator Parents!

No matter what terrain you begin to walk, no matter how uncertain it feels to you, as you begin to step out, embrace it! We are here for you! And we will help you to step up……I must….stop, as I cannot go on….I love you all! Shalom.

All: Shalom, thank you!

 Begin evening meeting:

MANTOUBE:: Greetings to you all, and greetings to our guest. It gives us great pleasure to see your shining faces; all of you together again. You will soon become used to this new format you begin tonight, it will in time, become as comfortable as your past format was. We think you will like it, we know that we will. As you are beginning this new leg of your journey, there will be more and more who will wish to speak and who will be given the opportunity through your expanded number of receivers. I will step back now, and allow others to speak, but I leave you with the understanding that this is indeed, a new level we begin. Open your hearts, as well as your minds and allow to be, what will. My peace I leave with you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Correcting Time, Change

ALPHONSO: : Look to the sky, the clouds are beginning to turn colors with the first light of morning. From the trees and shrubs new growths begin to shoot out. All around you, if you look, are signs of the new dawning. All around you, if you look, are the signs of the spiritually hungry, seeking for the truth. All around you, if you look, the Father’s love shines on all, and more and more respond. In every venue, in every experience, the touch of the Father’s love can be found. Open your eyes and see what is about you! And then, become part of it. The dawn is here. The sun begins as it rises over the crest of the earth, the darkness lightens, soon it will be morning. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

ZIXANDRIA: It is I Zixandria come to welcome you all to a new change, a time of new change, the correcting time. The corrections are already occurring; as many have chosen to follow our path towards the Father. I am pleased to have been chosen to participate in the capacity of teacher, within this Mission. I am happy to now be able to greet you all as a group, as well. I’m looking forward to working with you all as we begin this new path together, and we feel it will be more productive in the sense that it starts you off on the right foot, of focusing your energies toward your spirituality, in your group meeting, and we feel all will be better served. And the time will come to mean even more to each of you. Thank you for your attentiveness and I step back now to allow others to speak. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


WILL:  Good evening and greetings to you all. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. Your scientists have shown you that within any randomly selected drop of lake water, thousands of creatures thrive. Between those creatures which can only be detected microscopically, and those which you see around you in your daily lives, millions exist in both harmony and disharmony. This earth is teeming with life! You are a part of that life. Life was brought here in accord and harmony with the Father’s plan. Creatures of your order are the pinnacle, not the end product, but for the moment, the pinnacle, and the product of all those life forms, ultimate destiny. If you are alert, to the existences of your fellow creatures, you can clearly see that the Father’s plan, as enacted here, tolerates both harmony and disharmony. You can see that variety is favored. How then should you live your lives and show proper respect for all that is around you?

We suggest that if you reflect on all the things around you, your brothers and sisters, the institutions and groupings of your society, the conduct of creatures both close and distant from you, you will see that both faith and action are necessary. We expect you to pass lightly over the earth, taking what is necessary, and no more, and leaving after you the memory of an example, of a life well lived, incorporating joy and wonder and respect for all. We encourage you to set aside your feelings of righteousness, the world already has a surfeit of judges.

Examples are what is needed now. And what example will you set? We ask that you deal with your fellows as if Jesus of Nazareth were standing by your side, and by your every thought, word and deed, you demonstrate to Him that you understand His teachings. That you demonstrate these things while allowing divine love to flow through you, unhindered, directly with the person with whom you are engaged. And that you do these things without effacement, insincerity, and absent attempts at humor. That is all we ask. We will speak on this again. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


AMBROSE: Greetings, it is I Ambrose, and I would add but a few of my own words. When you were children, you understood as children, you learned as children, you emoted as children, and this was to be expected; you were, but children. And as you moved along your path in the natural progression from childhood to adolescence, you began to experience a new you, a more mature you. You began to realize that you were a thinking creature, and I say began to realize because as you all know, adolescents tend to fluctuate drastically sometimes, between emotion and understanding.

So as you begin to stretch and become more comfortable with this new creature you are becoming, remember to recognize your journey, where you have come from, how you have gotten here, and the many successes you have experienced along your path. Recognize and appreciate yourselves, for having come this far. And now, open your eyes wider, and your hearts as well, and recognize you are but adolescents, there is yet a ways to go. But we are with you, and will be, every step of the way! We applaud you, all of you, for how far you have come, and we look forward, with joy in our hearts, to experience your future growth! Shalom.

All: Shalom.



NEBADONIA: I am here. I would speak with you my beloved children. You are such blessings to your brothers and sisters, to yourselves and each other! And fill my heart with such pride, such joy! To watch you open your wings and begin to fly! Would that I could…let you feel the love that I have for you, the wonder, that you…are…part of me! That you have come -from- me! You are such…beautiful children! You will one day understand the joy you bring, the light that you have within, that is a beacon to so many! You cannot appreciate your worth, where you are, in regard to your brothers and sisters, or how far your light shines, beyond where you are!

But believe me, my beloveds, when I tell you, you are indeed, a light unto this world! And I bless you for letting it be so. Know how much I love you! And how proud I am that you have the courage, and the heart to continue this journey for us, your Father and I, for we love, you beyond measure! I leave you now my little ones, with the understanding that you are never, ever, without our care, without our love, without our reflected energy, to carry you yet beyond where you are! Shalom.

All: Shalom!

NEBADONIA: The love of God surrounds us, the love of God enfolds us, the power of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.

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