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TAL44- TR Practice Session 1

1995-01-22-TR Practice Session
Tallahassee #44


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: TR Practice Session
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Aloysius, Alfonso, Ambrose, Will, Mantouba
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Service
 3.1.2 Moment
 3.1.3 Growth
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Lesson
 4.1.1 Teaching Mission
o 4.2 Closing

Topic: TR Practice Session
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Aloysius, Alphonso, Ambrose, Will, Mantoube
TR: JoiLin

Session 1

ALOYSIUS:  This is your teacher Aloysius and I would like to talk to you about availability. We are always available whenever you choose to communicate. We are, as they say, ready, willing, and able, and may I add, always pleased when you have time, and you choose to spend your time in communication with us. We do not make judgments when you choose not to communicate with us, we are just happy when you do. Can you now look at the other side of this coin and be available for other people, on their time schedule, not yours?

There are times when people, when others are in need of your attention; they speak out in one way or another. And at these times, it is helpful if you are available to respond to their need. There are other times that this same person doesn’t give you a second thought, and we would like for you to be able to pass that, without holding judgment, or feeling any ill will. The times that you can connect with people is when they are ready, and your job is to be available, and to try and sense those times. It might not always be easy to be sensitive to those times, but we ask you to try. It is a joy for me to be here tonight, as always, and I leave you now. Shalom.

All: Shalom


ALPHONSO: Good evening, this is Alfonso, and I’d like to present a short lesson tonight on living in the present. Many people on this world live everywhere but the present. They spend time reflecting on good times past, or on good times they hope will come in the future. Many people defer any pleasure in the moment, for pleasure they hope will come in the future. And yet, the present is all there is. Today is a good example. It was a gorgeous day. The sky, a deep blue; the sun, shinning brightly, without any clouds to hinder the light. The temperature, a balmy January day. And yet, many people chose to ignore this gift, and stay indoors, or work, or many other activities, which were less enjoyable than walking in the light. It was a day to be spent with those you love. A day for rest. A day for relaxation. A day for joy. Today, the Father’s gifts were evident. Many people recognized this, and put off menial duties, or work related duties, so that they could take their families out into the sun, and play.

They lived in the (?) and the present, they took advantage of the moment. They used the day, the Sunday, for relaxation and rest as it was intended. Tomorrow, they may work, they may do any number of other things, but they lived in the present today, and tonight, they will be happy they did. The Father moves in the present. The opportunities He provides you, the gifts He provides you, all, in the present. Truthfully, there is nothing but the present. The future may yet come, the past is gone. So we ask each of you to stay focused on the present. To look for opportunities as you pass by. The future will be here soon enough, but today is the day you have, make the most of it. I thank you for your attention to this short message and I will take leave of you now. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

AMBROSE: Greetings, it is I Ambrose. It is both a pleasure and a great joy when I have the opportunity to sit among you, and I thank you for the opportunity you give me to share with you some small aspect of those things that I have come by through my life’s journey. I would like to share with you my own twist, if you will, to the lesson Alphonso just delivered.

Each of us, when we find ourselves involved in a conversation with others, others with whom we have a history, and we begin to speak and to share, and a subject comes up that may have been presented in other conversations, or an attitude is projected, we begin, automatically to work from our past history with that person. And this is what Alfonso and the rest of, we who teach you, would have you to recognize, as not being conducive to your walk with the Father. It is the innocent moment that He gives you, wherein both your growth and that of others, may be had.

Your connection with the Father is in this moment. Try to become conscious, ever more clearly, of those times when you allow yourselves to become engaged in those patterns that belong to the past. Recognizing those patterns, becomes your tool in furthering your spiritual growth. We cannot change the complexion of our lives, the growth, direction, we would pursue, until we consciously begin to examine the various patterns within our lives, that we all work with. I bless you mightily for being here, and the services you all continue to give and for the great abundance of love I feel flowing through you, both to each other, and to the Father. Know we are with you always, lending our support, endeavoring to help your angels in any way we may. I leave you now. Stay in His light. Shalom.

All: Shalom

WILL: Greetings, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you dearly. I am speaking through this receiver so that I might address you, you two beloved students who are present as well. I would like to try speaking through one or the other of you, if I may. It is simply a request.

Vincent: I would welcome that.

WILL: : I thank you.

Judi: Do you mean now, or sometime in the future?

WILL: : I mean now, if you are willing.

Judi: Yes.

Vincent: Try me too, I’d be willing as well.

WILL: : And I thank you, as well. I will step back now from this receiver


WILL: : This is the second time I have been able to talk through you, as a receiver. The first time, I was overjoyed (lost words) It was only a small piece of the love I feel for all of you. And if you remember that incident, you remember what it’s like to have love flowing in through a person.

Remember, you are capable of sharing your love with others in lesser amounts. It is time for all of you to push the boundaries of your capabilities. You are capable of much more, and I sense that you are willing. This Mission does not move like a single path, in a linear fashion, down one road, but rather it has spokes in every direction. It is necessary to branch out in all of these different directions, because if one avenue is closed, we can always use another. Besides that, human beings are quite unpredictable sometimes, we have learned. You have your ups and downs, and the many other things that influence your life. We understand that, but the Father’s Mission shall not be stopped. We welcome your commitment and encourage you to step out, yet one more time. We think you will be pleased with the results. I will step back now.

WILL: : This is Will, your teacher who loves you, attempting to come through yet another receiver. Yes, this is a time of much excitement. We have nurtured you, taught you, and now we are ready to see the fruits of our efforts. Although indeed, there have been fruits as we have gone along. You have correctly perceived that we attempt to move to another level, and to upstep our enthusiasm, and commitment. While you cannot see the results of your efforts in many cases, the light and influence of members of this group have dramatically increased over the course of the last several years. And they shall again increase, and we will be there to assist in every effort you make.

What we would like you to do as I said earlier, is to step out one more time, not that this will be the last time, just the next step in a series of steps, on an ever inclining path toward the Father. Do not be concerned that you don’t know what to do, for it will become apparent when the time is right. Suffice it to say, that your primary job is to become a conduit for the Father’s love. And by being such a conduit, to pass it along and light up those with whom you come in contact. It may not seem like much to you, but it is the Father’s work, and it’s impact is far reaching.

I know that each of you look forward to this work, are enthusiastic about this work, but are concerned at times, or perhaps you don’t understand what it is you are to do. I can confidently say that you are doing it, and will continue to do it in ever increasing efforts. And I thank you in advance for your intentions and motivations. We have come a long way since we started this process, and yet we have a long way to go. I thank you again for your time, and for each of your attempts at communicating with me. Continue on the Father’s path, continue to seek him each day in the stillness. We shall talk again in the meeting. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Session 2
Evening group meeting:

WILL: : The love of the Father surrounds you, his power protects you, and He bathes you in his love. Good evening, this is your teacher Will, who loves you.

JoiLin: Good evening.

Teaching Mission

WILL: : Five years ago, you would not have imagined, any of you, much less all together, would be sitting in this room, talking to me, or the numbers of other people, celestials, you have enjoyed communication with. I think if each one of you reviews your own personal history, you will see that you have expanded, grown, and changed and become more tolerant of other viewpoints, and other definitions of spirituality, and spiritual expression. Each of the other Teaching Mission groups have gone in slightly different directions, yet ever expanding.

Wouldn’t you expect that a gathering of Teaching Mission participants would expand your horizons, after all, it seems like, one purpose, for such a gathering. You may be exposed to paths that you have not experienced, which means, once you become conscious of that as a possibility, you may be more open to it in the future. I ask that you approach your gathering with an open mind. We have indeed been working with people from all paths, whoever will listen and open themselves to our message. Dare I say in five years from today, you will again be amazed at your growth! It is good to have a number of people that are willing to communicate with me for you have, even in this forum, become more flexible. I will step back and let another speak. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

WILL: : The love of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the love of God lights your path, and lightens your load. Greetings, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you dearly. I am attempting to speak through several of your newer transmitters in an effort to expand the circle of those who communicate with me. We know that each of you has shown commitment and interest in our Mission, your very presence denotes that. Yet I can see in the growth each of you has experienced, that your motivations and intentions continue to be enthusiastic toward the accomplishment of your own betterment and our ultimate goal of transforming this planet.

When we began this process, each of you was like a tender shoot sticking its head out of the ground. But over time, we have seen you mature. Your bark hardened, as you reached for the sky. You are still saplings, and yet the growth that you have experienced has confirmed that the path that we have encouraged you to seek, shows fruit. Each of you has become brighter and brighter as you permitted the love of the Father to flow through you. Each of you has promoted truth, beauty, and goodness, to the best of your ability as you passed by. We are very proud of this group, and yet we have far to go.

Others will join, others will be influenced by each of you, and we encourage each of you to step out and expand your circle of influence, so that we may progress, not only with your own transformation, but with the fragrance of the spirit to influence those around you, to take up the path of the Father. More and more, we see that your spirituality is not limited to seeking the stillness, or coming to your meetings, but it is beginning to imbue your every waking moment, to the extent you can remember. And so we again encourage you to remember.

You recall earlier I had requested that when you got out of bed, when your feet hit the ground, that you consciously make an effort to project the Father’s love throughout the day. It is not easy in a world so harried, and yet, this simple act will assist you in your day to day activities. There are benefits there for you, as well as those you meet. So I again request that each of you as you awake, think of the Father, project his light into your day, and step out to influence those that you meet. Opportunities will be there for you if you’re but consciously aware. So pay attention, and remember. I thank you for permitting me to speak through another. I encourage you to seek the Father in the stillness daily. And I bid you shalom.

All: Shalom

MANTOUBE:  Greetings, it is I Mantoube, come to say but a few brief words. We are watching and gathering, and yes working with you, and your brothers and sisters, as we begin to step into this, yet another year, of Teaching Mission service to your planet. We have the experience behind us, of the two conferences that were put on last year. We are pleased and excited that you have indeed, followed our lead, and decided to sponsor this one. The winds of change have begun to blow the message of Michael across your world. You have indeed, begun to embark in much that will be new.

We caution you as always, to work from both your minds as well as your hearts, keeping a firm hold on both, and striving to keep them ever in balance. We are indeed working with other groups, who know of our Urantia Book foundations, and have begun to hear the rumors of the Mission taking place on this planet. There will indeed be some of those who will be drawn or led, to this gathering. We humbly request that you continue, as you have in the past, in opening your hearts to your brothers and sisters who have come from a path different from yours.


MANTOUBE:  We acknowledge your willingness to serve the Father and appreciate always, your endeavors on his behalf. We will be continuing to monitor all of the group efforts as well as, will we continue to lead you and offer our assistance on the many different levels that are beginning to open to our input. We embrace this new time, and open our arms and hearts to all of you in love and support, for your part. I leave you now, as always, with my love and my blessing. You -are- the light of this world, through the love of the Father! Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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