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TAL45- Faith & Hope

1995-01-29-Faith & Hope
Tallahassee #45


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Faith & Hope
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham, Mantouba, Alfonso, Ambrose, Aloysius, Elonia, Will, Michael
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin, Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Commitment
 3.1.2 Growth
 3.1.3 Children
 3.1.4 Hope
 3.1.5 Progress
 3.1.6 Connectedness
o 3.2 Closing
 3.2.1 Leadership

Topic: Faith & Hope
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Ham, Mantouba, Alphonso, Ambrose, Aloysius, Elonia, Will, Michael
TR: JoiLin, Rebecca

Michael – The World Is Changing

MANTOUBE:  Greetings, my children, it is I Mantoube. We are so pleased to see guests among us this evening. The light that fills this room, has indeed grown bigger, from your presence here. We welcome you. And we welcome, indeed, those who are among the regular members of this hardy group. As was mentioned, several weeks ago, there are many who come to participate, and observe.

Young Loren wished to have his teacher speak through another. We could easily arrange for that to happen my son, but it would serve no purpose. It is to you she was assigned. And it will be through you, that her greatest blessings and yours will flow. Continue to work towards this end, with a more single pointed effort, and remember always, your Father time is your highest priority. I will step back now and allow others to speak, as there are a number here. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

ALPHNSO:  Greetings to you all, this is Alfonso, and I would also like to extend a welcome to our visitors. It is always beneficial when those on a spiritual path interconnect with their brothers and sisters. We welcome you.


ALPHONSO:   I would like to speak tonight on commitment. It has been said that your children are most impressed, above all, with your loyalty to them. This loyalty arises from your commitment as parents. It is also commitment, which permits the continued progress on a spiritual path. In this material world, it is difficult for people to accept that the spiritual is a reality. While it is true that when you give lip service to the spirit within you, few in their day to day lives, actually are able to perceive the spiritual from the material. And in truth, the outward manifestations of this world tend to focus you on those aspects of your daily lives that are helpful, concrete, and material. The path that leads inward, is often considered to be speculative, and not real, and this is the message being received as they grow up on this planet.

Yet, there comes a time, in most peoples lives on this planet, where they recognize that those material features of their lives to which they’ve given such value, are in fact, fleeting and insubstantial, whereas, those experiential progresses that are attained are eternal and real. It is our intention to assist in moving the time of such enlightenment up, from where it presently exists, later in life, so that younger people will be educated in this truth, and can begin to walk a spiritual path at an earlier age. It does take commitment, however, to go against all things that appear to be real, in your search for the inward truth. It takes a strong belief system and a commitment to attune to speak with the Father in the spiritual realms on a daily basis.

And if this commitment can be realized through actions, we think you will see the material trappings and values fall away, one by one. And it is this process of spiritualization, fueled with faith, buoyed with your commitment to the path, that will lead you to the higher realms. So I will end with this final note, we see each of your commitments to this path, and we believe that we have seen the fruits of that commitment in your lives. This path is not a fantasy, in fact, it is reality. And you, each of you, have shown that through the benefits you derive from this path. Continue with your commitment, continue to shine forth the Father’s light to all you meet. Thank you for your attention to this message tonight. I leave you for others. Shalom.

All: Shalom


AMBROSE: Greetings, it is I Ambrose come to speak with you briefly this evening. I would also like to extend my welcome to our guests, who have traveled far, and we appreciate your stopping by to see us on your way back home.

When you began this journey, all of you, you had no idea what to expect; many of you were perhaps, even frightened a little. And that was to be expected for that day. And now we are into our third year of this journey we take together, all of us growing, reaching, and stretching together. As you look back through the eyes of hindsight, you learn, you can all recognize how far you have come, and yet you can recognize as well, how far yet you have to go. Many of the things that you began to hear, began to learn about in the beginnings were so uncertain here, even perhaps, impossible, and how could it have seemed any other way, when you had no experience or nothing upon which to base your belief in this thing.

Now you are older, you begin as young adolescents in this first leg of your journey, inward toward the Father, and you can recognize that through these eyes of yours that are daily becoming more able to see the reality that your Father would have you to see. You can see at this point, that those things that were given early on, have in fact, born fruit. We puddle jump over those incidents that were not as we said they would be! We refer at the moment, to those spiritual truths that we have given you. You understand them now, much better than when you began. And now, as we reach out into this new day, into what we refer to as the New Dawn, more and more will your vision expand, more and more will you be able to take within your selves these spiritual truths that we give you.

Recognize, all of you, you do not stand still, always do you move, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always is there movement. We hesitate to make a projection, but we will take the chance, and do so anyway. We project that all of you will soon discover how much more you do indeed, already know. How much more expanded are your senses, even now, that you are just beginning to get glimmerings of. Be aware. Recognize the differences in your feelings, in the way you hear, in the way you -look- at people, or any aspect of our Father’s glorious world that you live in. Know that these too, will expand even further, as you begin to work with what you have been given. I bless you, all of you, and am so appreciative of this opportunity that you and the Father have given me, to share my life with yours, and to have you share your lives with me! Stay in His light, and know always that we are near. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


ALOYSIUS:  Good evening, this is Aloysius, and my thoughts tonight are prompted by the screeching children outside, and by my students quest to understand how spiritual growth, and spiritual thoughts, and spiritual living can be embraced by even young children. The most powerful tool for learning, for a child of any age, is by the adults around him, in what they choose to share of themselves. What you tell a child may influence their thinking, but how you live is more important. Of course, this may be positive or negative.

Children can be influenced just as you have been, to open their minds and look within, and use their own resources, just as you have been encouraged to do so. How many of you wouldn’t have liked to start your spiritual path in your childhood? Like everything else, this is done person to person, one on one. And one of the challenges of this Teaching Mission, is to find ways to share these insights and possibilities, not only with everyone on the planet, but with children, so they will know that (?) and being assured of their father’s presence, of receiving guidance, is a natural gift to all of us. I add my welcome to the visitors. Those here in this room, and the teachers are pleased that you could join us tonight. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

MANTOUBE:  : Analeise?

Analeise: Yes?

MANTOUBE:  : Your teacher would speak through you child, if you would allow.

Analeise: Well, we’re having a little transmission difficulty!

MANTOUBE:  : I understand.

ELONIA: This is Elonia, the teacher of Analeise. We know you will be patient of Analeise’s present difficulties in transmitting. We are patient as well. We wish also to express our welcome to the visitors; and to Loren, welcome home! We will not attempt a complicated message, or even one of much more than social content. We appreciate your support on this day, and we shall return (missing words), and will be speaking with you soon. That is all for this evening. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

MANTOUBE:  : I congratulate you Analeise, for taking that step forward, for grappling with your doubt, your insecurities; each time you do so, my child, will you become stronger! Will you become more sure, that you do indeed, know what you are about. Know child, that you are always supported and loved, regardless of whether you put forth the effort. We know what is in your heart, child! Never fear, we are always here. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Analeise: Thank you!

MANTOUBE:  : You’re quite welcome. Rebecca? Would you allow your teacher to speak? Or would that be putting you on the spot this evening?

(Ed. Meeting broke up, as members began to talk with one another. Mantoube said that it was not necessary to put the small questions between himself and the students in the printed transcript, but I took it upon myself to include them anyway. I hope that I have not overstepped my bounds).

Regular evening group meeting:

(Ed. We welcome Rebecca and Hal Bynum, visiting from Nashville.)


HAM:  I am Ham, and I am happy that you are all gathered together tonight. We welcome the opportunity and privilege that we share tonight; the gathering together of humans who are faith joined already. Hope and the ability and desire to become faith filled sons of the living God, is your human wellspring which refreshes everyone who chances to come beside you. Hope is a growing attribute or attitude of the God understanding human life. Human beings trust increasingly in faith security, however, hope reaches even beyond this secure foundation. Hope is like a hand hold into future time.

Faith is trust that even the disappointment of hope is alright, indeed, is God’s will, and serves His higher purpose, so that new hope can spring forth, which will become a secure . …. when humans hope for divine love, hope for divine consciousness, it acts as a constant prayer which is answered eventually, through growth of the soul. Hope reaches away from your confines, you hope you will increase in God likeness, you hope that you will grow in God consciousness, the constant awareness of His presence, you hope that you will find your destiny correctly, in life. This is all a prayer to the Father through the Son. This is all I wish to say. Thank you for allowing these words.

Judi: Ham, I would just like to say thank you for those of us that were inspired by you in the early days. And we appreciate you coming and speaking with us tonight.

All: Yes, thank you!

HAM: : I am very grateful to you of course, my love for you all is unceasing. I know you each, and have watched you increase your enlightenment, and I hope and I pray always for you individually. It is my great honor to be endeavoring to help such wonderful, loving beings, that you are. Thank you, indeed, thank you all.

WILL: The beauty of God surrounds us, the wonder of God fills our hearts with delight, the love of God supports us, and enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings, my dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I would like to extend my welcome to our guests and my appreciation at having your participation within my group. You honor us by your presence here. It is good to see you back Loren, safe and sound, and as bright as ever!


WILL: You have all come so far, on this journey you began such a few short years ago, in earnest! When we first gave you your exercise of the 1-2-3, along with the suggestion of seeking the silence; that it was within this space of time you give to the Father, that all your blessings flow from. We think that you have at long last, incorporated these things within your own beings, to the point that they are now part of you. Remember back,if you will, when you first began, was it not difficult, did you not have to struggle, each day to -remember- even, to seek the Father? You remembered one day, and forgot possibly for several, until you became aware, and then you pushed yourselves, and remembered for perhaps two, and on it went.

Each time, feeling uncomfortable, much more comfortable, were your old ways, but you continued to push and we as well, continued to push! And now, my blessed dear ones, look where you are! You have learned so much! And you have yourselves, to thank for your successes. We are so very proud of you! I would ask each of you, to ask for more suggestions, ask your angels, your teachers; and any of us, we who serve this Mission, are available to you, not just your personal teachers, all of us are available to you. Begin to question more, within your own minds, the things you are feeling, the thoughts that you are thinking, that you wonder about. These feelings, these thoughts, are being generated my dear ones, by He who lives within you!

When you have a decision to make regarding a particular path, or incident that you struggle with, not knowing which direction to go in, we ask that you begin to evermore seek those answers within. Put forth, in your mind, the opportunity, or the direction that you might go, and then put forth within your mind the other opportunity, the other direction, and see if you cannot discern at this point in your development, that small inner tug, or push, -toward- one or the other of those directions. We think you can tell. We would like for you to work on this in evermore increasing measure, as you go about your days. We have so much, that we want to give you! But can only give what you are ready for. I step back now my beloveds, to let others speak. Know always, how cherished you are, how much we love you, and how proud we are to be a part of this family! Shalom.

All: Shalom.


ALPHONSO: Greetings, this is Alfonso, and I would like to say a short thing or two to you regarding, connected-ness with others. Tonight we celebrate the visit of those from afar, and although they do not live in this vicinity, they have an integral part in the connected-ness with this group, and with the formation of this group. And so it is with this Mission, it is about connecting one person to another, with those around you, and the influence that each of us may have on those we encounter. This connected-ness has begun at such a small level and has expanded its reach a hundred fold, now a thousand fold since its beginnings. And although the spiritual connected-ness between people is nothing new, this Mission that Michael has begun, has connected people throughout this country and world, who otherwise would likely have never known one another. And it has encouraged each of us to go forward and reach out to those who we as yet do not know, and to exhibit to them the Father’s light, as it pours through us.

This is our challenge, this is our goal, to allow ourselves to become conduits for that love, so that we can expand this web of connected-ness between persons, so that we can influence others, because of who we are, what we have become on this path to the Father. So I encourage each of you to take that faith step, and to reach out to those you encounter throughout your week. Your efforts are what make this web continue to grow, until one day, there will be circuits encompassing this world, connected by people who have touched other people, and who in turn have touched other people. This love between people, will eventually re-energize this world and will take it the next step towards Light and Life.

This faith step that I ask each of you to take, is important and is enjoyable, and as you see the love come back to you, you will smile to yourself, and think that you have been one small part of a larger Mission to lift up a planet that has been enveloped in darkness. It is an effort you will long remember! And you and I are both blessed for the opportunity to participate. Thank you for your attention to my message, and I would encourage each of you to dwell on this with the Father and then to step out in faith in the coming week. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


MICHAEL: I am here. It is I, Michael. My beloved children! How you shine! Your light extends so much further than you can begin to imagine! Your Mother and I watch as you stretch, and grow, and spread your wings, with such joy! With such delight! You, who stepped out in faith, when you had nothing upon which to base that faith, are so blessed, will be remembered for your Agondonter-hood. This world, my beloveds, -is- changing, the light is becoming so much stronger, it can be felt, even now, by some of you. The circuitry, of which you are so much a part, is building daily, because of you, and others like you, who opened your hearts to the love I tried to give you. To the love I give all of my children, and so few will accept!

You my beloveds, have been such brave soldiers, and the gifts I would give to you cannot even be measured! As we begin evermore to reclaim this world, and those others that were caught within the rebellion, evermore will you understand, as you continue this path, how beloved you are! You will one day look back, and know yourselves, to be the real light of this world. Your strength comes from me, and the Father, but as you fill yourselves and you extend this light, it is you, my beloveds, who change this world! This year marked the beginning of our strongest wave yet.

You fill that wave with strength and light, and push it forward! Know how cherished you are! Continue my children, in recognizing that I am here. I -do- walk beside you, each and everyone. You can -hear- my words, if you would but listen. Listen, my children! I am here! I want so much to speak with you, to let you know, within your own beings, how -much- I love you! I leave you now with my blessing and my love. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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