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TAL80- Goals

Tallahassee #80


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Goals
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alphonso, LinEl, Will
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Process
 3.1.2 Experience
 3.1.3 Learning
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Stillness, Receptivity
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Goals
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Alphonso, LinEl, Will
TR: JoiLin


ALPHONSO: Greetings to each of you tonight. I have a short story that I would like to tell.


Once in a country, far distant, there lived a young boy. He was raised by loving parents, and was given goals to reach as he progressed in age. And as he reached each goal, there was much celebration and encouragement, and a new goal was established. And the boy worked diligently until he had again, accomplished the goal. And upon his accomplishment, again there was much celebration and encouragement. After the boy left home, being of age, he began his individual spiritual journey.

He pursued a mountain, and as his goal, he knew he was to reach the top. He gathered his hiking equipment and provisions, and took the most direct route to the top, hurrying as he went. He refused any delay, and instead single mindedly headed for the top. And when he reached the summit, he could then see that instead of being at the top, he had merely scaled the first of many foothills. And beyond the foothills, he could see the mountain range, with numerous peaks to be climbed. And he sat down and was discouraged. And he reflected for a time about the nature of his spiritual quest, until eventually, he understood that there was value in the climb itself, and that reaching the peak of any given mountain merely signals a new quest for the next peak. And as he could see the numerous ranges and peaks ahead of him, he began to take his time in his progress, experiencing the sights and sounds all around him as he continued his upward ascent.

Having changed his attitude towards his spiritual path, he was able to more fully experience the climb, and to gain experientially in the opportunities that were presented along the path, when he took the time to look around.

This story of course, has a moral, and one that each of you needs to consider. That patience is often necessary on a spiritual path, and yet when you’re climbing the first foothill, the tendency is to rush to the top. So when you become impatient with your own progress or that of this mission, or this planet, or this universe, stop and consider that the Father has laid before you a tremendous number of opportunities and experiences and He desires for you to learn as you walk on the path. I thank you for your kind attention. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

LinEL: Greetings students, this is LinEl. It is so pleasant to be among you once again, and I am pleased as well with the new faces, and the loving hearts. Thank you Natalya, for having the faith to step out when your teacher did speak with you. You are a bright and shining, beloved child of the Father, we welcome you.


All of us as we struggle with our individual lives, experience times of connectedness, times that seem to fill our minds with crystal-like clarity, we know who we are, where we are going, why we are here, and these are the times that encourage us, inspire us to continue on this path. Yet around the bend, especially on a world such as this, we experience a lessening of that feeling of connectedness, we may feel as if we stand alone, and are as a small sailboat tossed about with no means of maintaining direction, yet each of you here within this room, understand this process. You understand full well that upon this path you walk so bravely, you will all experience times of doubt, adversities that seemingly undermine the progress you have made, and through it all, you also recognize, albeit sometimes dimly, that within your very heart and mind, there resides a part of the Heavenly Father himself. Resident within you always, there for you to draw from His strength and His love, and too, from His direction, for always are His loving words of encouragement pouring forth.

So on this path we recognize there are hills and valleys, ups and downs, good times and times that are not so good, yet in recognizing this, recognize as well, that these challenges are some of the greatest blessings you will ever know. For through these, the adversities and the doubts as well, do you grow stronger, do you become a more grounded son and daughter of the Living God, and will in your future be among those whose light many will follow. I thank you dear friends for allowing me to speak with you this evening, and I will step back, leaving you as always with my love. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

WILL: The love of the Father pours forth from the hearts of mankind in a never ending flow. The beneficence of the Father makes no judgment, does not censor right nor wrong, good nor bad upon these evolutionary worlds of His time/space children. The blessings of the Father pour forth from heaven in the gentle but never ending rain upon His children, blessing all, upon this world. The power of the Father upholds us all through all of life’s adversities and forevermore.

Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings beloveds, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.


My heart is so full with my love for you! You are growing with every breath you take; your lights are becoming as beacons, and many there are, most, unrecognized by you, dear ones, who do follow you, both of this world as well as those not of this world. Your lives, as you live them, become not only patterns of living love for your fellows to emulate, but through your living and struggling with the lessons that impinge upon your individual lives, you provide, for many who are here among you, a means of better understanding how the children of time accept the challenges they are daily faced with. Many there are, who have never experienced a world such as yours, and so we wish to thank you for allowing us to learn through the lives you live, as you live them.

I would gently encourage you to recognize this help that you provide to your unseen helpers and open your hearts to them as you go about your week. You have already long accepted the fact that you are living conduits for the Father’s love and you do daily exhibit your ability to act as such. I now ask you to reach out in the same way to those that are here among you offering their help to this world, for through their understanding of your struggles, they are better able to act as liaisons to others that come here. I would open the floor for questions if there are any.


Loren: Will (unclear words)

WILL: I’m sorry Loren…

Loren: How do I perceive the further development of the (unclear words) as was demonstrated by you people’s visit last week?

WILL: Can you rephrase the question for me?

Stillness, Receptivity

Loren: How do I increase my discernment ability? Because your people last week said that I had so much to learn, in their demonstration of the, those of you who were behind and beside (unclear). I had difficulty perceiving.

WILL: I understand. The ability to perceive spiritual entities on a physical world such as Urantia is extremely difficult. There are so many variables that detract from your ability to do so. You will experience times when it seems relatively clear or easy and other times when you seemingly come up against a brick wall, and perceive nothing. I do not know of a concrete means of helping you with this process. The chemical balances or imbalances in the physical system has much to do with this process. Seeking the Father in the stillness Loren is always primary and through an up stepped amount of time given to the Father you would most likely quiet the physical systems that do counteract this perception you seek. Does this answer?

Loren: Yes that’s sufficient. You realize of course that when you people, work with us that you’re standing there still and fixed instead of flitting around, and this is probably new in even
(unclear word) in the last 5,000 years. I realize that this is opportunity presented in this way, no doubt you agree.

WILL: I would agree, certainly that the coming of the teachers to the planet is relatively new, however, others have been here, the angelic forces have ever been upon this world, and do indeed sometimes stand still. However, I understood your meaning, and I thank you.

Natalya: Will, I have a question.

WILL: Yes, Natalya.

Natalya: Can you help me understand what you asked us to do tonight. It sounds like you would like us to open ourselves up to the teachers and allow them to assist others through us. Have I misunderstood?

WILL: For now my request was simply that you open your hearts in recognition that you are daily surrounded by those who have come here to help with the spiritual upliftment. Your personal teacher is of course one of those that are with you, as are your Seraphim. There are midwayers, of course, he who works with this group, there are Melchizedeks, and there are many others who come from other worlds as a gift to the Father in service to your world. My request is that you open your hearts in recognition. With an open heart you make a connection, the same as you make connections with your siblings, and once the connection is made, then the work will become easier. Is that clearer child?

Natalya: Yes, thank you.

WILL: You are quite welcome.

Vincent: Will, would you describe for us the last teacher meeting with Machiventa and the substance of the discussions…who was present, the type of facility in which you met, the number of people, those sort of details for us?

WILL: Vincent, I would like to answer your question, for I know it comes from a pure heart, however, I may not. I have been asked to desist in answering these kinds of questions for the moment, and when my superiors issue orders, I know you understand that I must obey.

Machiventa did recently answer such a question for you.

Vincent: True. Just doing a little research for the book, you know.

WILL: I understand. I am sorry.

Vincent: I’ll get over it.


WILL: I was certain you would. Are there any other questions? If not, I will close asking you all once again to open your hearts to one another, and to those that come to bless this world with their service. Know always dear ones, how loved and blessed you each are. My love goes with you as does that of your Creator Parents who indeed, walk beside you as well. Shalom.

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